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Google - GO - top quality search service with rankings based on site significance. Google's relevancy paradigms have significantly improved the precision & reliability of searching the net. Yahoo - GO - best quality hand crafted search index with high relevancy. Teoma - GO - sharp new search engine with unique relevancy categories (includes rankings based on site popularity). Wayback Machine - GO - Internet archive of 10 billion web pages dating from 1996 to present. AltaVista - GO - one of the oldest search engines on the web. AOL - GO - high quality search index & US portal. Query Server - GO - excellent meta search engine. ZWorks - GO - top quality meta engine. Vivisimo - GO - cool meta search engine. SearchIQ - GO - lists & reviews all the major search engines, indexes & tools. Open Directory - GO - the largest "human edited" directory on the web. - GO - spiffy meta engine with quality rankings. HotBot - GO - large good quality search engine. Lycos - GO - established search service. Netcraft - GO - find out what servers are used at any specific website. Librarians' Resource Centre - GO - great toolbox of free databases, technical resources & knowledge management tools. Reference.Com - GO - search newsgroups, mailing lists & web forums. EuroSeek - GO - quality European search engine. Search Engines Portal - GO - more good quality search links. > Web Surf Tips

Berkeley Library - GO - tutorial on how to locate information on the Internet.

Links to some of the best boating & marine web sites.
> Top Boating & Marine Sites Southern Cross III - GO - luxury superyacht. Image Marine - GO - art of aquatic opulence. - GO - boating news, articles, dealer search & shop. - GO - boat brokerage, large selection of product listings, boat services & US marina links. Regal Boats - GO - among the best boatbuilders in the world - quality, high performance & style. BoatScape - GO - power boating store, articles & feature stories, buying guides & discussion forums. YachtWorld - GO - largest photo database of boats for sale on the web, boat buying essentials, boating articles, library & forums. iWaterways - GO - boat guide, boating superstore, resource center & communities for water lovers. Project Boats - GO - build a boat, visit the boat shop or buy a submarine. Boat Design - GO - boat plans, design awards, boat design directory & project boats. Fairline - GO - quality power boats & accessories. Aboard - GO - UK website for the leisure boating industry including boat market & large boating links index.

Boating Store - GO - world's largest online marine store & dealer center. - GO - UK boat shop, with nautical news, articles & features. - GO - links to yacht brokers & manufactures. - GO - links to superyacht builders & equipment. Gibbs Aquada - GO - why use a boat when you can take to the water in this sporty aqua car. > Yacht Racing America's Cup - GO - official site of the America's Cup - super high tech boats pushing the limits on the high sea. The Cup - GO - America's Cup news, photos & race history. Sydney to Hobart - GO - more on the "Everest of Yachting" - the famous Sydney to Hobart Race. BT Global Challenge - GO - up to date news & reports direct from Yachts. Volvo Ocean Race - GO - famous Whitbead global race. The Race - GO - 65 days of grueling global racing. London Grand Prix Championships - GO - Honda Formula 4 stroke championship. Tall Ships 2000 - GO - transatlantic tall ships race of the millennium. Canal Boating in the U.K. & Europe - GO - comprehensive resources for canal boating fans. > Boating Resources Boating News - GO - boating news, articles & links. RainBoat - GO - vertical portal for the marine industry, boating news, marine links & resources. Best Boating Resources - GO - large collection of boating resources. Boat Owners World - GO - lists thousands of water related recreational activity web sites. Sailing Page - GO - large collection of links & resources from a sailing fan. Cruiser News Online - GO - cruising news & resources. Essential Boating - GO - Salty Seas collection of online boating resources.

Marina Info - GO - listing marinas around the world. Best Commercial Boating Web Sites - GO - a selection of top commercial boating sites. International Nautical Library - GO - research center, boat designer & naval architect listings. > Safe Boating BoatSafe - GO - learn about boat safety, complete an online boating course, test your boating knowledge or visit the ship's store. US Coast Guard Navigation Center - GO - online navigation information & resources. Office of Boating Safety - GO - promoting safe boating practices. US Safe Boating Council - GO - forum promoting boat safety & education in safe boating principles. ANZSBERG - GO - Australian & New Zealand safe boating education group. Boating Safety - GO - safe boating tips, boat owners checklist & boating links. Commander Bob - GO - safe boating notebook. Nautical Safety Tips - GO - a couple of good safe boating tips, a float plan & predeparture checklist. USPS - GO - US Power Squadrons, non profit boating educational group dedicated to making boating safer. > Marine Art & Photography Marine Art Information Center - GO - listing marine art galleries, museums, libraries & research. Virtual Whales - GO - 3D animation & sound of Pacific Humpback Whales. Sea & Sky - GO - nicely presented resources taking a deep look at the oceans & skies - information provided in different levels to best match audience needs. ANMM - GO - Australian National Maritime Museum.

Links to some of the best quality e-commerce websites, market analysis & consumer support groups.
> E-Commerce Basics E-Business Portal - GO - informative website from the National Association of Manufacturers. Electronic Commerce Guide - GO - advice for businesses running online ecommerce sites. E-Commerce Info Center - GO - collation of useful e-commerce resources. Electronic Commerce Interest Group - GO E-Commerce FAQ - GO - overview of electronic marketplace & it's impact on market processes, pricing & product choice strategies. E-Commerce & The Internet - GO - advice from the US Federal Trade Commission on keeping e-commerce transactions safe, secure & private. World Trade Organization - GO - global group managing the rules of trade between nations. US National Venture Capital Association - GO - industry research, news & resources for venture capitalists & entrepreneurs. The Economist Intelligence Unit - GO - analysis & forecasts for global companies, exploring best practice in e-commerce. E-Business Network - GO - web broadcast business network from Oracle - with interactive broadband e-business shows. Electronic Commerce & Intellectual Property - GO - primers & information kits from WIPO.

Pay Pal - GO - accept online payments & credit card transactions through your website with Pay Pal - easy, reliable & trustworthy. > Market Analysis Forrester Research - GO - strategic research & market forecasts. NUA Internet Surveys - GO - excellent statistics & information on Internet trends. Atlas of Cyberspaces - GO - maps of cyberspace to help visualize the new electronic territories of the Internet. Neilson Net Ratings - GO - Internet audience & market analysis. WebCriteria - GO - top site analysis benchmarks. The Customer Respect Group - GO - clarifying & reviewing best practices in customer respect from the top 1000 websites. Pew Internet Project - GO - quality research & reports on the growth of the Internet & it's social impact. KeyNote - GO - e-commerce benchmarks & ratings. BtoB - GO - ranking the best business-to-business websites, top web advertisers list & resource guide. NetValue - GO - Internet usage measurements. Traffick - GO - the guide to portals. AdRelevance - GO - online advertising research & measurements. Internet Advertising Bureau - GO - devoted to maximizing the use & effectiveness of advertising on the Internet - includes ad revenue & web branding research. Executive Planet - GO - enhance your cultural awareness with this guide to international business etiquette - providing information on appropriate conduct, negotiating & other business tips in 27 countries.

Links to some of the best humor, fun & games web sites.
> Fun Stuff & Popular Websites Laugh Lab - GO - get your giggle glands over to the laugh lab where you can submit & rate the world's funniest jokes with your smileometer. Get Your Name on Mars - GO - NASA did rocket express 3.5 mill names to Mars & pulled off an amazing scientific achievement. If you registered your name - you can now collect your personal Mars Landing Certificate. Disney - GO - lots of top entertainment & online fun. GeoCaching - GO - popular GPS treasure hunt - WAP enabled. Rememory - GO - share your memories & become a part of history. Cybertown - GO - good collection of virtual games. Blogger - GO - photo blogging is a fun & easy way to get a personal web presence. BrainPOP - GO - animated educational resources, clever multimedia, good fun & excellent quizzes. Rumpus - GO - cool kids stuff. - GO - interactive amusement park from Macromedia - fun stuff. Questacon - GO - great fun zones. MediaTrip - GO - fun animation, comedy & movies on demand. BrainBashers - GO - brain teasers, illusions & puzzles for all puzzlanics. Funology - GO - explore the science of fun at this innovative site full of puzzles, games & illusions. SandLot Science - GO - interactive guide to optical illusions. Fun Trivia - GO - quicksand for the mind - start thinking about all this stuff & you may never get out of this site. Tons of well organized trivia. A Gadzillion Things to Think About - GO - over 5000 provocative questions designed to make you think. Lots of insightful & funny contradictions in here. Berit's Best - GO - 1000 top sites for kids to explore. The Mensa Workout - GO - nourish your neurons.

Two Thought Screamers - GO - our irreverent guide to dealing with idiots. Urban Legends - GO - myths & yarns, legends, rumors & hoaxes. JK Rowling - GO - author of the outstanding Harry Potter story - Harry Potter news, rumours, fan sites & extra material not included in the books. > Comics & Animated Cartoons Looney Tunes Teach the Internet - GO - learn Internet basics & get web tips from your favorite Looney Tunes characters. Captain Chewing - GO - rough up some penguins & win a top Flash award with the cute Captain Chewing. IceBox - GO - top quality original animated entertainment. Mondo Media - GO - clever animated "minishows". Cartoon Network - GO - watch web cartoons & movies, learn about the classics or draw your own cartoons, studio tours & more. Atomic Cartoons - GO - cool cartoons from this premier Canadian animation studio. Londons Times - GO - over 2,500 funny cartoons & contributions from some top illustrators. Bulbo - GO - join Bulbo on adventures, watch toons & movies or join the fan club. - GO - over 60 different comic strips including Snoopy, Dilbert & others. Peanuts - GO - daily cartoon & archives of the adventures of Charlie Brown, Snoopy & the gang. JoeCartoon - GO - cool web animation. Salon Comics - GO - daily strips include Bizarro World. Smashing Ideas - GO - leading edge web animators - check out the games case studies. Toonland - GO - hundreds of mini animations. YukYuk - GO - interactive cartoons. OTWIC - GO - illustrations, animations, comics & cartoons from Austria. A Perfect World - GO - laugh at human nature with this goofy comic strip archives are worth it.

Animation Artist Magazine - GO - digital media community with daily animation news, screening room, features & tutorials. > Top Game Sites Happy Puppy - GO - keep up to date with the top games including Nintendo, Dreamcast & web games. GameSpot - GO - top gaming site from ZDNet with news, reviews, game guide, hints & much more. GameCenter - GO - ground zero for hard core gamers. Lucas Arts - GO - developers of Star Wars, Armed & Dangerous, Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom etc. EA Games - GO - Electronic Arts - GO - developers behind Medal of Honor (MOH) see also Medal of Honor UK - MOH cheats for PC & MAC - other Allied Assult tips. Game-Land - GO - astonishing array of shockwave games. GameScene - GO - wide variety of cool games to keep the neurons firing. Gamasutra - GO - top hub for game designers, artists, developers & producers. Gamers Central - GO - explore the world of gaming. GameSpy - GO - fun fun fun. - GO - gamers resources, news & boards. SGRL - GO - good PC gaming site for GameBoy, Sega, Playstation resources & gaming gear. SGI - GO - freeware games from SGI. FlipSide - GO - movie games, card games, party games, board games & more - in four languages. > Magic & Magic Tricks - GO - online magic store with a great collection of magic tricks & special effects for magicians at all levels. Magic guide, magic museum & library. Trendy Magic - GO - world magicians, web magic, magic store & more. > Humor & Jokes Comedy Central - GO - comedy, BattleBots, movies, downloads, comedy radio & more.

HardyHarHar - GO - joke search with adult filter, humor site of the week. Laughter - GO - jokes for public speakers, social climbers, party hosts & comedians. Family Humor Archive - GO - good clean fun. Starting Page - GO - list of best humor & joke sites on the web. Just Joking - GO - hundreds of ha ha's. FanoFunny - GO - international festival of humor & satire. Joke Of The Day - GO - daily email jokes. Another-Joke-of-the-day - GO - enough to make you cry. Chuckle - GO - designed to offend everyone. Comedy Zone - GO - big collection of comedy. Legal Humor - GO - lawyer bashing & other legal idiocies. BBspot - GO - world's best tech humor site according to the funny people at The Reg. Random Joke - GO - jokes & funny stories. Joke O Rama - GO - humorous lists, funny quotes, animation, funny pictures, cartoons & more - viewer discretion advised. The Jokes Barn - GO - making the world funnier - one joke at a time. Giggles - GO - funny photos, humor, quotes, links. Amused - GO - the center for the easily amused. Joke Warehouse - GO - short Friendship . . . , jokes, long jokes. Joke Post - GO - thousands of posted jokes. Searchable Humor Archive - GO - more than 4,000 jokes.

Here are some of the best mind, brain, AI & psychology links - to help keep your neurons in top shape.
> Brain & Neuroscience Links The Brain Portal The New Brain Whole Brain Atlas NeuroQuest NeuroScience Links Brain Facts & Figures NeuroScience Tutorial Neuropsychology Central Cognition & Consciousness Neurosciences Institute - Research Activities Gerald Edelman & Neural Darwinism Edelman Review - "On the Matter of the Mind"

Neurosciences On the Internet Nature Neuroscience Neuroscience at Neurons with Self Control Images Of Brain In Action As It's Learning Computational Neurobiology Laboratory Growing New Spinal Cells The Physiology of Perception Fear of Pain in the Brain Depression May Shrink Key Brain Structure Debunking the Digital Brain Koch Laboratory CIT Institute of Neuroinformatics Area of Brain Allows Multitasking Retraining Your Brain Brain Repair Tool Kit Brain Surgery Information Neural Networks Newsgroup Bibliography of Brain Atlases A Revolution in Brain Evolution Music Lovers Have Fish to Thank My Love is Chemical Watching the Brain Smell Key Discovery in Nerve Repair > Mixed Psychology Links Psychology.Com CogLab

Psych Web American Psychological Association Lycos Top 10 Psychology Sites Empowerment Resources Intelligence Links Intelligence Considered Cross National Differences in Cognitive Style Context & Perceptions The Perception Laboratory Popular Books on Psychology Thinking & Typing Epistemology, Consciousness & the Mind Music, Relaxation Can Complement Pain Medicine Learning Disabilities Information & Resources Attention Deficit Disorder Words, Numbers No Different in Mind

Smart Foods Best Education Links > Learning & Memory

How does our memory work? High Stress Hormone Levels Impair Memory Computer Vs Human Learning Systems BrainDance - Meta Learning Handbook > Artificial Intelligence International Joint Conferences on AI Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT Biological Computer Born

Mind Uploading Home Page Chaos-Based Computer "Evolves" Answers > Emotional Intelligence – EQ The EQ Factor Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Consortium for Research on EQ in Organizations Emotional Intelligence at Work - Training Programs Ignoring Stress has a Price Being a Bad Boss Emotional Intelligence in Schools Emotions & Emotional Intelligence Controlling Anger - Before It Controls You AmoebaWeb Psychology Resources Six Seconds - Emotional Intelligence

> Emotional Life Educational Articles on Interpersonal Relations the Anxiety Panic internet resource (tAPir) Treatment of Panic Disorder The Terror of Sleep Paralysis Addictions - Creatures of Habit Addictions - Who is Vulnerable? Best Self-Improvement Links

Links to some of the best movie sites, awards, film festivals, animation & movie resources.
> Top Movie & Film Sites Internet Movie Database - GO - huge movie database, photo galleries & movie news. CineMedia - GO - comprehensive film & media directory with over 25,000 links. Guardian Unlimited Film - GO - film news, awards updates, new releases, reviews & cyber cinema. - GO - movie mega-site. Cinescape - GO - fresh updates about movies, comics, DVD, television, music & audio. Dark Horizons - GO - good Australian movie site. Atom Films - GO - exclusive collection of over 1,000 film, animation & digital media titles. - GO - reviews, clips, news & box office statistics, user friendly shopping facilities. Movie Directory - GO - from the open directory project. ScreenTalk - GO - quality screenwriters resources. - GO - free independent short films, cartoons & Internet film community. - GO - movie news, trailers, reviews, promos & celebrity info. Premiere - GO - online site of Premiere magazine. Greatest Films - GO - specializing in US film, greatest movie lists. MovieLine - GO - over a 1000 movie reviews, features, magazine & forum.

Drews Script-O-Rama - GO - over 600 movie scripts to explore. - GO - the place for Internet film. - GO - the art & showbiz of film making. IMAX Movies - GO - official IMAX website. 15/70 Film Site - GO - information about the IMAX format, IMAX films, production & distributors. Unknown Movies - GO - obscure, unknown & little shown. Grading the Movies - GO - helping families find entertainment with values. Rotten Tomatoes - GO - over 350,000 movie review links & 100,000 movie titles. DVD Review - GO - inside info about movies on DVD. DVD Verdict - GO - DVD reviews. Another Guide to the Best Movies - GO - from the Edmonton Public Library. Nothing But Movies - GO - big selection of movie resources & links. Jabootu - GO - funny reviews of stupid movies. AICN - GO - movie related rumors, news & semi-lucid opinions. Film Tracks - GO - modern movie soundtrack reviews. Filmmakers Against War - GO - seeking to raise awareness of international law & bring an end to war - free movie downloads. > Top Movie Studios Dreamworks SKG - GO - outstanding movies setting the standard for cinematic excellence. Lucas Film - GO - dazzling special effects from the group behind Star Wars, Indiana Jones & more. Pixar Studios - GO - currently the world's best animation studio producing Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Finding Nemo & more. Warner Bros - GO - movies, music, games & the entertaindom. MGM - GO - latest releases, movie reviews, links to official movie sites, DVD's, clips, soundtracks & more. Universal Studios - GO - movies, music, games, themeparks & shop.

Disney - GO - entertaining the planet for generations. > Top Movie Awards Academy Awards - GO - Official website of the Oscar Awards. Internet Movie Database - Road to the Oscars - GO - news about the Oscars from the IMDB. Golden Globe Awards - GO - Hollywood Foreign Press Association awards to honor achievements in film & television. BAFTA Awards - GO - British Academy of Film & Television Arts. SAG Awards - GO - Screen Actors Guild Awards. Genie Awards - GO - & Gemini Awards - GO - from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television - GO > Top Film Festivals & Awards Yahoo Film Festival Listings - GO Cannes Film Festival - GO - official site. Edinburgh International Film Festival - GO Moscow Film Festival - GO - also in Russian. Melbourne Film Festival - GO - great city to visit. - GO - good hub for film festivals. Film Festivals & Awards - GO - courtesy of the All Movie Guide. Awards Watch - GO - courtesy of Movie City News. Inside Film Magazine - GO - film festival directory. Screen Digest - GO - listing of General Film Festivals & industry events. Sundance Film Festival - GO Sundance Online Film Festival - GO Shadows Film Festival - GO - covering most international & local film festivals. > Our Picks for Top Modern Movie Directors Steven Speilberg - Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones Trilogy, The Color Purple, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws, E.T., Schindlers List, AI,

Minority Report, Poltergeist. Peter Jackson - Lord of the Rings, Heavenly Creatures, The Frighteners. James Cameron - Terminator, T2 Judgement Day, Aliens, The Abyss, True Lies, Titanic. Robert Zemeckis - Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, Contact, Cast Away. George Lucas - Star Wars, American Graffiti. Michael Bay - Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbour. Bryan Singer - X-Men, The Usual Suspects. Peter Weir - Dead Poets Society, Master & Commander. Terrence Malick - The Thin Red Line. Ridley Scott - Gladiator, Alien, Hannibal, Black Hawk Down. Stanley Kubrick - 2001 A Space Odessy, Full Metal Jacket, Clockwork Orange. Tim Burton - Batman, Beetle Juice, Edward Scissor Hands, Sleepy Hollow. Fancis Ford Coppola - Godfather Trilogy, Apocalypse Now, The Outsiders. Ron Howard - Appollo 13, Cocoon, Ranson, A Beautiful Mind, Kevin Costner - Dances with Wolves. Martin Scorcese - Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Gangs of New York, Mean Streets, Raging Bull, The Last Temptation of Christ, Cape Fear. Quentin Tarantino - Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill. Chuck Jones - Bugs Bunny, One Froggy Evening, Duck Amuck, The Dot & the Line. Oliver Stone - Midnight Express, Platoon, Wall Street. Sam Mendes - American Beauty, The Glass Managerie. John Lasseter - Toy Story I & II. Luc Besson - The Fifth Element, La Femme Nikita, The Professional, The Big Blue. Werner Herzog - The Enigma of Kasper Hauser, Aguire the Wrath of God. Michael Moore - Fahrenheit 9/11, The Awful Truth, Bowling for Columbine. Roland Emmerich - Independence Day. Randall Wallace - We Were Soldiers.

John Carpenter - Starman. Mel Gibson - Braveheart. > Our Picks for the Best Animations Pixar Studios - GO - animated genius behind Toy Story, A Bugs Life & Finding Nemo. The Prince of Egypt - GO - stunning animation from Dreamworks SKG. Shrek - GO - more Dreamworks SKG animagic. The Simpsons - GO - life without watching Homer watch television would not be the same. Allegro Non Troppo - GO - punchy & entertaining 80's animation from Maurizio Nichetti - no official website. Akira - GO - classic anime - review.

> Best Independent & Alternative News Sites
CounterPunch - GO - political insights & high quality independent journalism from the progressive front. Znet - GO - community of advocates, alternative thinkers & independent writers. Project Censored - GO - revealing the Top 10 most censored stories in the mainstream media. Sensational stuff & essential reading from Sonoma University. Global Issues - GO - exploring the causes of social dysfunction in the world. - GO - alternative news & views on social progress in the world. - GO - devoted to fairness & accuracy in reporting. MediaLens - GO - independent news service correcting the distorted views of mainstream media. Media Watch - GO - media literacy through education & action. - GO - broader views on the news from this group educating the public on the relationship between media & society. - GO - examining the status quo of the US news media. Pew Research Center - GO - public opinion research investigating global trends in social attitudes. MediaChannel .org - GO - the global network for Democratic media. CommonDreams - GO - news & views for the progressive commmunity. - GO - features some of the best progressive writers in Canada. > Best Internet News & Magazine Sites Wired - GO - excellent coverage of web news, culture & inside happenings. The Register - GO - biting the hand that feeds IT. Google News Search - GO - search current news headlines or explore Google's news resources. News - GO - high quality IT news service from CNET. Yahoo News - GO - good quality online news service. Slashdot - GO - news for Nerds & stuff that matters. MacSurfer's Headline News - GO - comprehensive news & tips for the legions of Apple fans. OJR - GO - evaluating the quality of journalism in cyberspace. > Top Activism & Advocacy Sites truthout - GO - insights & social analysis of current political & world events. - GO - grassroots community devoted to democracy in action. Democracy Now! - GO - political commentary & news. The Crisis Papers - GO - anthology of political opinion from the progressive internet.

Occupation Watch - GO - reporting events & news following the unlawful invasion & misfortunate destruction of Iraq. Intervention Magazine - GO - war, politics, culture. Electronic Iraq - GO - news portal examining the current crisis in Iraq. CorpWatch - GO - using education to expose unethical actions from corporations seeking global control. Business Leaders For Sensible Priorities - GO - GO - laugh until you cry. Bring Them Home Now - GO - campaign by US military families & vets to end the misguided military disaster in Iraq. Environmentalists Against War - GO - stop the war against the planet & all its peoples. Gore Vidal Index - GO - anyone seeking to understand current world events should become familiar with the works of Gore Vidal. More info can be found on the Gore Vidal pages. Here is an interview of this highly respected author & here's another interview. > Top Political Sites The Center for Public Integrity - GO - public service journalism producing investigative studies into US government accountability & ethics. Power & Interest News Report - GO - independent insights into global conflicts seeking to inform rather than persuade. The Center for Responsive Politics - GO - tracking all the money in US politics. - GO - independent non profit commited to social justice through investigative reporting. - GO - public interest journal featuring ideas & analysis overlooked by mainstream media. WhiteHouseForSale.Org - GO - tracking the influence of private monies in presidential campaigns. Reflections on Democracy - GO - where are we at ?. United Nations - GO - the free world gave a whole generation of lives to create this global institution to ensure world peace. Now it is our generations turn to give the UN our support. > Best Mainstream News & Media Sites

Guardian Unlimited - GO - one of the best online UK daily papers. The Onion - GO - humorous look at current news, audiovisual club & more. ENS News - GO - great environmental news service. Reason - GO - different views on the news. JournalismNet - GO - alternative news, top sites & global media focus. Refdesk - GO - comprehensive news & search links. > Best Business News Sites E-Commerce Times - GO - keep up to date with the latest events in the world of ecommerce. The Street - GO - irreverent financial news. Red Herring - GO - tech market investment & e-biz news. HBS Working Knowledge - GO - high quality special reports & business insghts from the Harvard Business School. - GO - original business reports & reviews. > International News Links Kindon Media - GO - European & global news links. World News - GO - best quality Australian TV news service. Arab News - GO - perspectives from the Arab world. Samachar - GO - Indian & Asian news links. The Toronto Star - GO - Canadian news service. Daily Times - GO - News from Pakistan.

Best Quality & Best Practice Resources

Links to world best quality resources & top best practice management web sites. > Quality Management
International Standardization Organization - GO ISO Member Bodies - GO - a member body is the single national body "most representative of standardization in its country". American Society for Quality - GO - certification is formal recognition by ASQ that individuals have demonstrated a proficiency within a specified body of knowledge. National Standards System Network - GO - US National Resource for Global Standards serves as a central point to search for standards information. Internet Resources for Best Practice Information - GO - best practice resources & links compiled by the University of South Australia. NASA Quality Pages - GO - quality technologies for competitive advantage. A range of informative articles on techniques & models of quality enhancement. Quality Function Deployment - GO - NASA quality management. Best Practices in Deploying Enterprise Portals - GO - Gartner Research Group criteria for best practices in developing enterprise portals. International Quality Systems Directory - GO Quality Assurance in Health Care - GO - measuring the quality of America's health care. Quality Best Practices - GO - international conference on quality technologies for business processes. Best Practices - E-Business - GO - best practice analyses & worst e-commerce practices from ZDnet.

Australian Quality Certification - GO - Quality Assurance Standards, providing worldwide certification to Australian & International Standards. Located in Australia, with branches in Asia, QAS is a member of the International Certification Network. American National Standards Institute - GO - ANSI is a private, nonprofit organization, administrating the US private sector voluntary standardization system. Standards Australia - GO - 1,200 ISO quality standards online. Registrar Accreditation Program - GO - providing accreditation services for providers of ISO 9000 AND ISO 14000 Quality Management Systems Registrars. In conjunction with ANSI, has established the National Accreditation Program. W. Edwards Deming Institute - GO - founded to promote the principles proposed by W. Edwards Deming, regarded as the founder of the 'quality movement' in modern industrial life. Site promotes the philosophical underpinnings of Deming's work, in particular his focus on 'The System of Profound Knowledge'. World Standard Services Network - GO - network of providers of standards organizations around the world. National Members of ISO & IEC - GO - World Standards Services Network page providing links to 80 national standards organizations. Standards Resources on the Net - GO - University of California, Santa Barbara Library web site supporting educational & research needs of university community, specifically in the area of Quality Accreditation & Standards. Information Quality - GO - list of quality related redources. Human Resources Learning Center - GO - information on human resources & employee services, addressing issues such as benchmarking & best practices. Best Practices in Education - GO - US non-profit organization helping American teachers find innovative & effective educational practices from many countries to adapt for application in US schools. Best Practice Network - GO - Australian National Training Authority - best practices in vocational education & training. Best Practices in Health Care & Nursing - GO - Best Practice Network is a nonprofit body established by thirteen nursing organizations in the United States to provide mechanisms for sharing innovative solutions & best practices among nurses & other healthcare practitioners. The Benchmarking Exchange - GO - site provides an information system for individuals & organizations involved in benchmarking & process improvement. Human Settlements - Best Practice Database - GO - database containing information about social, economic & environmental problems, with an emphasis on developing practical solutions. Explores ways in which communities, governments & the private sector can collaborate to address issues of poverty, shelter & the

environment. European Business Best Practice Network - GO - part of the European Business Best Practice Network - designed to introduce small to medium sized enterprises to the concepts of "Business Best Practice". Best Practice Benchmarking - GO - site of Best Practices, LLC which is a research & advisory service that provides members with on-going access to benchmarking studies & research about best business practices. Best Practices in US States - GO - links to best practices in each state of the US. Standard format with very basic information focusing on information technology. Quality Management Products - GO - Canadian based company providing a range of software products for companies contemplating a quality system such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, QS 9000 or TQM. Quality Online - GO -a service of Quality Magazine, serving engineers & managers responsible for test, inspection, measurement, evaluation, & documentation in manufacturing companies. Quality Today - GO - source of information, news, & reference materials for the quality industry. Provides an event calendar & a section on U.S. jobs in the quality industry. Quality in South Africa - GO - site focusing on latest developments in the quality field in South Africa & other countries. Swiss Quality Club - GO - promoting a range of Swiss quality products, including watches, jewellery, food, technology & art. Well recognized companies such as Roche, Leica, Raymond Weil, Swatch are listed as providers of products or services. Quality Assurance Links - GO - quality assurance links from Automated Testing Specialists. The Quality Portal - GO - lots of quality resources & tools. World Best Websites - GO - World Best Web Site Awards are granted to exemplary websites pursuing "best practices" in website design & Internet communications

Links to some of the best science & technology web sites. > Science & Technology
Scirus - GO - speciality search engine for scientific literature. Science & Technology News Network - GO - fascinating science news & in-depth articles on general science, the environment, genetics, space, health & technology. UNESCO/ICSU Conference on Science - GO - official World Conference on Science Web site. Astrobiology at NASA - GO - searching for the origins, distribution & future of life in the universe. EurekaAlert - GO - recent postings by research institutions & scientific organizations. Science Magazine - GO - highly respected scientific journal. Science Daily - GO - breaking news & the latest in scientific research. Nature - GO - international weekly journal of science, includes science update. How Things Work - GO - useful science site built around intriguing questions. Popular Science - GO - fuel for the curious mind. Scientific American - GO - science news, resources & reviews. New Scientist - GO - good quality science news, articles & reports. NICEM - GO - national information center for educational & training media - films, audio, DVD, kits & more.

Closer To Truth - GO - wonderful minds deliberating the deeper issues of life & our times. Beyond 2000 - GO - window on the future. Great Thinkers & Visionaries - GO - big bunch of troublemakers. K2K - GO - explore the amazing world of "mysterious mutli-flavored neutrinos" at the Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment. The Neurosciences Institute - GO - shedding light on the most complex "self organizing" system in the known universe - your brain. PhysicsWeb - GO - latest physics news & information. Technology Review - GO - MIT's magazine of innovation. Mad Scientist Network - GO - get your questions answered by the collective cranium of a bunch of mad scientists, run some crazy experiments or browse the collection of oddities. The Why Files - GO - learn the science behind the news. AAAS - GO - American Association for the Advancement of Science. Discovery Online - GO - rich site full of news & articles about human behavior, history, planet earth, space, tech issues & much more. Smithsonian Magazine - GO - read the magazine, explore art, science & history vsee the image gallery & visit the kid's castle. Discover Magazine - GO - science news, web picks, feature stories & NeuroQuest mini lessons on how the mind & brain work. The Invention Dimension - GO - MIT's invention resources include The Inventor's Handbook, video library, Inventor of the Week, awards program & a tons of toys for gadget fanatics. The Science Museum - GO - rich entertaining & educational exhibits from the London Science Museum. Significant Event Imagery - GO - stunning satellite images of the world's big events. Exploratorium - GO - museum of science, art & human perception. Scanning Electron Microscope - GO - take a unique microscopic look at the world or browse the archive of magnificent magnifications. Explore Science - GO - great demonstration of the usefulness of interactivity in science education. Try Science- GO - fun science experiments for kids, in six languages.

Public Library of Science - GO - promoting free access to the world's scientific & medical literature. > Space NASA - GO - simply breathtaking accomplishments from this group - they can (& do) take your browser where "no browser has gone before" - & they do it nearly every day. The real time active tracking & video links with current spaceflights should not be missed. Chandra X-Ray Observatory - GO - gateway to the hot universe of black holes, exploding stars & Galaxy clusters - untangling some of the deepest mysteries in the universe. Great education resources & quality galleries. Hubble Space Telescope - GO - beautiful images of our universe being born, multimedia, interactive fun & games, Hubble facts & figures. Imagine the Universe - GO - get the lowdown about our universe in a clear & concise format. Ask your burning cosmic questions, or just sit back & view the great videos of the heavens. - GO - reflect on heavenly news, play games, watch videos, track missions & launches, join a community search for extraterrestrial lifeforms. Solar System Simulator - GO - view the universe from any point of view with this spyglass on the cosmos. Windows to the Universe - GO - fun & different site about earth & space presented at three levels catering for beginning space cadet, intermediate solar system captain & advanced deep space commander types. Astronomy Picture of the Day - GO - simple site with daily "pin up photos" for astronomers - with picture bios & links for further research. Archives of specific subjects such as black holes & spiral galaxies. Ask Dr Universe - GO - the world's most curious cat answers kid's questions about the universe. Dr. Universe answers some of life's most confounding questions. Bad Astronomy - GO - correcting science myths & solving some puzzling science questions. The Nine Planets - GO - multimedia tour of the solar system. Solar System Live - GO - view the universe from any time point or position with this interactive tool - also an earth & moon viewer. Home Planet Tracking Software - GO - astronomy & satellite tracking package. EarthRise - GO - large database of photos of the earth from the past 15 years. Non-Messier Objects Database - GO - images of deep space objects.

> Planet Earth eNature - GO - bringing nature to life. The Living Edens - GO - derived from the PBS series of the same name, this site transports you to the pristine undisturbed corners of the world - full of geographical information & wildlife profiles. Environment News Network - GO - global environment issues, legislative & judicial decisions, demonstrations, conferences. Also tips on becoming an EarthSmart consumer & making businesses more sustainable. Ocean Planet - GO - An underwater tour of the Pacific Ocean - based on real data created by NASA scientists for the Ocean Planet Exhibit. Sea & Sky - GO - nicely presented resources taking a deep look at the oceans & skies - information provided in different levels to best match audience needs. Exploring the Environment- GO - Earth Science modules that use satellite imagery & solution-based learning methodology as tools for students to investigate environmental problems. Transcendent Nature - GO - exquisite photography & nature imagery. EcoWorld - GO - global environmental community. Wildlife Photography - GO - nature & landscape photography. Learn about our natural world through the inner vision of nature photographer Gary D.Tonhouse. Encylopedia of the Atmospheric Environment - GO - good source of information on a range of atmospheric issues, including weather, climate, pollution, acid rain, global warming & ozone depletion. Co2 Science Magazine - GO - center for the study of carbon dioxide & global change. > Fractal Art Mandelbrot Set Explorer - GO - create your own fractal art. Fractal Movie Archive - GO - big fractal collection. Basin Pictures - GO - more art of chaos. Freeware Fractal Generator - GO - from the Stone Soup team.

> Search Engine Ranking Resources & Tools
Search Engine Watch - GO - excellent resource providing great insight into search engine issues & ranking strategies. Rank Write Roundtable - GO - search engine ranking & optimization discussion forum. Meta-Medic - GO - check your websites meta-tags with this top tool. - GO - web marketing tips, info & tutorials to help optimise your site & improve your search engine rankings. Keyword Counter - GO - useful keyword frequency analyzer. Search Engine Features - GO - excellent summary from Search Engine Watch. Grantastic Designs - GO - copywriting for top search engine placement & other optimization strategies. Search Engine Guide - GO - large search engine knowledge base, search engine news & articles, top search terms & over 3,650 search engines to explore. Search Engine Forums - GO - community forums covering all the top search engines. Tips to improve search engine rankings. > Webmasters Resources Pay Pal - GO - accept online payments & credit card transactions through your website with Pay Pal - easy, reliable & trustworthy. Internet Content Rating System - GO - web content code of practice. NUA Internet Surveys - GO - excellent statistics & information on Internet trends. Atlas of Cyberspaces - GO - maps of cyberspace to help visualize the new electronic territories of the Internet.

Internet Traffic Report - GO - monitor global data flows & net traffic. NetFactual - GO - Internet facts & stats concerning domain names, e-commerce, advertising & web tech. DeepMetrix - GO - leading edge network monitoring & statistics services with outstanding technical support & customer service. Site Evaluation Techniques - GO - assessment questions & links to evaluation techniques for the TRIO Think Quest competition - an initiative of the US Dept. of Education & Washington University. - GO - top Mecklermedia site devoted to webmastery. Helpful Resources for writing HTML - GO - intro to the basics of web site building. Web Developer's Virtual Library - GO - original encyclopedia of web technology. GeekTools - GO - cool tools for Geeks & those aspiring to Geekdom. W3Schools - GO - top tutorial resources for webmasters & programmers. WebMonkey - GO - web developers resources. WebDeveloper - GO - developer news & analysis. Web Style Guide - GO - comprehensive website development guide. Website Testing Guidelines - GO - information & resources to assist you to test your website quality & useablity. Web Design Resources - GO - web design resource links. Web Techniques - GO - design & development news, insight & community. TUCOWS - GO - huge collection of Winsock software for download. DaveCentral - GO - review a massive selection of Windows & Linux software. Tech Republic - GO - IT community network. Webmaster World - GO - forums about the top search engines & webmaster resources. CNET - GO - comprehensive web development resources. Net Mechanic - GO - power tools for your website. ZDNET - GO - quality array of IT resources, tools, news & Top 100 site selections. PC Pitstop - GO - diagnostics & tips on keeping your PC at it's optimum

performance. AnandTech - GO - hardware analysis, news & community. Babelfish Language Translator - GO - international language translation service from Alta Vista. Universal Currency Converter - GO Google Language Tools - GO > Domain Name Resources & Tools Domain Registration - GO - register your own Domain Name at this quality registrar. BetterWhois - GO - a comprehensive & current domain name WHOIS service. SWhois - GO - global domain name WHOIS - includes country domains. Sam Spade - GO - lots of cool tools & utilities. Domainator - GO - cross reference domain name searches with trademark search & other useful naming tools. > Email Support Services Spam Cop - GO - fight unwanted spam. The SpamCon Foundation - GO - Internet industry coalition seeking to establish anti-spam best practices. The Spamhaus Project - GO - tracks low standard ISP's who profit from spam & exposes major spammers. Network Abuse - GO - report spammers, network abuse & abusive behavior to this clearinghouse. > Security Resources SANS Institute - GO - practical guide to eliminating the top ten Internet security risks - a must read for systems administrators. CERT - GO - top quality service highlighting Internet security vulnerabilities. Problems with E-Commerce Security - GO - revealing article on the realities of online security. Server Security - GO - scary summary of web server security survey. Cracker Diaries - GO - inside look at the lives of the cyber crims.

TakeDown - GO - detail in story of the infamous cracker Kevin Mitnick & the high tech drama of his stunning detection & capture by the brilliant Tsutomu Shimomura. Hacker Hotel - GO - report from a fun filled hacker confest - eFawlty Towers. TCP Protocol Fault - GO - fatal flaws in TCP initial sequence numbers. It's a doosy. SNMP Fault - GO - the trillions of hours of human life wasted in updating faulty software code (see below) is nothing compared to what could happen with this one. Critical Microsoft Flaw - GO - a very serious fault in MS Java Virtual machine - and a worrying XP vulnerability. Windows Security Flaw - GO - yet another serious Microsoft security problem for the world to deal with. File Sharing Vulnerabilities - GO - HP labs initial research reveals Kazaa file sharing on the web is risky business. How Hackers Escape - GO - reasons to be most careful about who to trust with your private details. Security Faults in Web Mail - GO - more good reasons to protect your privacy & use only top quality e-mail providers. AVERT - GO - excellent service of the anti virus emergency response team. Trend Micro - GO - virus identification & management resources. Fight Back - GO - AntiOnline tool kit & tips to enhance online security. Security Focus - GO - Internet security news, vulnerabilities & resources. Help Net Security - GO - fresh security news, vulnerabilities & alerts, bookstore, articles & tips. Internet Security Systems - GO - Internet security news, vulnerabilities & events. About Network Sniffers - GO - introductory article & information about network sniffers. > Privacy Resources Epic - GO - electronic privacy information center. - GO - extensive information, test tools & privacy resources. Electronic Frontier Foundation - GO - defending digital privacy, civil liberties & free expression on the Internet. Anonymizer - GO - surf the web anonymously. The Cloak - GO - surf the web with encrypted connection & remote cookies.

HushMail - GO - private email with end to end security.

Links to some of the best quality shopping websites, luxury, fashion & consumer support groups.
> Quality Reviews & Consumer Services Consumer Reports - GO - webzine of the Consumers Union - dedicated "to test, inform & protect" consumers. Ethical Consumer - GO - reporting on the social & environmental records of the companies behind the brand names. Consumer Guide - GO - expert product reviews, information & tools. Gomez - GO - quality scorecards & e-commerce ratings. - GO - monitoring the online customer experience. Better Business Bureau - GO - US consumer guidance & dispute resolution service. - GO - consortium of government agencies assisting consumers with cross-border ecommerce complaints. Top Ten Dot Cons - GO - exposing the worst Internet scams & cons.

Internet Fraud Watch - GO - US national fraud information center. > Shopping & Retail Services MySimon - GO - shopping bot compares product & prices from around the web. Auction Watch - GO - fully integrated auction solution. BizRate - GO - store ratings from e-commerce customers, product, price & quality comparisons. Consumer Search - GO - product reviews & reports. > Web Retailers & Online Shopping - GO - amazing success by this group is inspirational to retailers worldwide. Ebay - GO - best online auction site - changing conventional retail wisdom & enjoying high popularity. Apple - GO - the amazing 64 bit G5 Power Mac is currently the world's best personal computing technology. Nordstrom - GO - clothing & fashion retailer with "top customer experience" ranking from Forrestor Research. Toys R Us - GO - top online toy retailer in association with Amazon. Barnes & Noble - GO - huge online bookshop. CDNow - GO - buy from a massive collection of CD's, make your own custom CD, or read the latest music news. - GO - highly rated Internet superstore. Borders - GO - top quality online bookstore. Baby Center - GO - comprehensive baby resources. OverStock - GO - pick up a bargain from this clearing house for failed online merchants. > Luxury Brands & Quality Retailers LVMH - GO - one of the world's leading luxury product groups - top quality brands, elegance, & product excellence. Richemont - GO - Swiss luxury goods, top brands including Cartier, MontBlanc, Piaget & more.

Cartier - GO - Famous French watchmakers & Jewwlers. Dior - GO - prestige perfumery, fashion & accessories. Gucci - GO - fashion, accessories & luxury goods. Tiffany & Co. - GO - respected New York house of style for fine jewelry & precious gems. Saks Inc. - GO - luxury goods from quality brands. Neiman Marcus - GO - quality giftware from prestigious labels. Birks & Sons - GO - Canada's premier designer & wholesaler of fine jewellery, silverware & gifts. Ashford - GO - watches, jewels & gifts. Eluxury - GO - mixed luxury goods. Blue Nile - GO - diamonds & jewels. Ice - GO - jewels for every budget. Sharper Image - GO - accessories & fine giftware. The Body Shop - GO - setting new standards in ethical business practices. Barneys - GO - New York style. Perry Ellis International - GO - quality lifestyle & clothing brands - see also Munsingwear & Ping Collection. > Top Fashion Sites CFDA - GO - council of fashion designers of America - top fashion awards. Giorgio Armani - GO - top fashion stylists with beautiful website. Yigal-Azrouel - GO - fashion style & refined website elegance. First View - GO - reports from the latest shows in Milan, Paris, London & New York. World Media Fashion - GO - global fashion news. hint - GO - hint fashion magazine. Show Studio - GO - live fashion broadcasts. FashionUK - GO - designer interviews, fashion shoots, trend reports & tips on street style.

Fashion File - GO - browse the portfolios of thousands of models & photographers. London Fashion Week - GO - latest UK collections. Paul Smith - GO - fashion designer & retailer - cool commercial site. LookOnline - GO - New York fashion industry coverage - who's who in fashion. - GO - view a range of top fashion collections, keep up with the fashion biz, the people & the latest trends. Bruno Versaci - GO - online portfolio of fashion & model photography.

Here are some of the best sports portals & top sporting web sites >> for your surfing pleasure.
Olympic Games - GO - official site of the world's premier sporting event - the Olympic Games. World Sports Award - GO - highly prestigious Laureus World Sports Awards - 2003 winners list. Rugby World Cup 2003 - GO - official website of the Rugby World Cup 2003.

Rugby World Cup 2003 - GO - World Cup website from Australia. NZ Rugby - GO - official site of the All Blacks, featuring downloadable clips of the famous haka, the Maori wardance performed at the beginning of every match. FIFA World Cup - GO - official FIFA World Cup website. ESPN - GO - fast sports portal - comprehensive news, latest scores, fantasy games & more. FoxSports - GO - sports news, links, articles & scores. CBS SportsLine - GO - sport articles, news & results. Sporting News - GO - quality sports portal & community for sports fans. Rivals - GO - sports portal with news, latest scores & more. Sports Jones - GO - sports news, humor, books & more. - GO - hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer & extreme sports. Runner's World - GO - for devotees of track & field. CricInfo - GO - for lovers of cricket. Cricket Woman - GO - devoted to woman's cricket - includes links & resources. - GO - sports database with calendars, community features, training tools, shop & online registration for events and activities. Tiger Woods - GO - Tiger Woods' incredible ability, youth & background make the Tiger Woods story one of the most inspiring golf stories of recent years. Ian Thorpe - GO - an outstanding swimming champion - living proof that humans evolved from the sea. Golden Bear - GO - Jack Nicklau is one of the greatest golfers of the modern era. Chicago Bulls - GO - official website of the Chicage Bulls with video & audio clips. Manchester United - GO - one of the most famous soccer clubs in the world. Official site with a 'virtual reality tour' of the Manchester United home ground. A C Milan - GO - official web site of another of the world's most famous soccer clubs. NBA - GO - National Basketball Association of America, the world's preeminent basketball league. NHL - GO - hockey in the USA refers to ice hockey, not the game played on grass or synthetic surfaces in much of Europe, Asia & Australia. The NHL incorporates teams from Canada, as well as the US.

NFL - GO - National Football League - site features all the major teams playing the sport known to the rest of the world as 'gridiron'. - GO - check out all the US major league baseball teams from the one site.

> Best Travel Sites Travelocity - GO - buy airline tickets, book hotels, vacations & cruises. Sierra Club - GO - explore, enjoy & protect the planet. Lonely Planet - GO - World Guide to destinations across the planet, travel advisory & warniwngs, - in English, French, Spanish & Italian. - GO - over 5000 city guides, useful travel tools, web directories in over 70 languages, cruise bookings with 80+ cruise lines. igougo - GO - guide to top destinations & popular activities, travel reviews & community. fodors - GO - online travel site by the world's most popular travel book company tips & features, bargain travel deals, forums & travel resources. Frommers - GO - budget travel to over 200 cities & islands, guidebooks & online travel community. Yahoo Travel Directory - GO - large travel guide, listings by country. National Geographic Traveller - GO - top travel magazine. Planet Rider - GO - selection of the best travel sites on the web - with a quality rating system. Travel Guides & Directories - GO - from the open directory project. Guardian Unlimited Travel - GO - travel news & recommendations from this top UK publication. > Best Cruises & Luxury Holidays National Geographic Cruise Guide - GO - tips on choosing and organizing a cruise. Cunard Cruise Lines - GO - luxury cruises from the "Golden Age of Travel".

Cruise Professionals - GO - luxury cruises from some of the world's best luxury cruiselines. Seabourn Cruise Lines - GO - cruise the seas in ultimate luxury. Seven Seas Cruises - GO - customize a personalized luxury vacation. Great - GO - independent UK travel site drawing on 300+ tour operators. Cruise Web - GO - take a cruise to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world - book online with most major cruiselines. Cruise Direct - GO - independent UK travel agency with an eye on luxury travel. Cruising.Org - GO - Cruise Line International Association - tips on planning your cruise, cruise finder, cruise news. Canal Boating in the U.K. & Europe - GO - comprehensive resources for canal boating fans. The Ghan - GO - take a luxury train trip through the heart of Australia. Whitsundays Yatch Hire - GO - crew your own yatch through the fabulous Whitsunday islands. Luxury Link - GO - luxury holidays & accomodation, luxury cruises. > Working Holidays Yacht Crew - GO - work your way around the world in style as crew for the megayacht industry. Cruise Ship Job - GO - info on most major luxury cruise lines, plus a cruise work employment guide. > Top Destinations Ibiza - GO - take a holiday in paradise & chill out to the enchanting sounds from Cafe Del Mar. New Zealand - GO - see the pristine beauty of the coastline & visit the celestial landscapes of Lord of the Rings territory. Bali - GO - the beautiful island of Bali is back in business delighting surfers, sunseekers & tourists with economy holidays & friendly people - more Bali info. Visit Britain - GO - official travel guide to Britain. > Best EcoTourism Sites

Eco Volunteer - GO - travel to exotic locations not accessible to tourists & assist with local conservation projects. Earth Routes - GO - reservations & resources for green travel. Ecotoursim Resource Center - GO - ecotourism index, ecotourism associations, resource centre. Never Never Safaris - GO - Australian Outback & Rainforest tours. - GO - ecotourism in Australia. > Travel Tools Universal Currency Converter - GO Babelfish Language Translator - GO - international language translation service from Alta Vista. Google Language Tools - GO Smart Traveller - GO - travel advice for Australians travelling overseas. Vacation Idea - GO - vacation ideas, luxury resorts & getaways, luxury cruise lines & travel deals. Mapquest - GO - online maps covering most countries, navigation directions & yellow pages. Travelogues - GO - over 1600 travelogues. World Fact Book - GO - country profiles & intelligence published by the CIA. > Luxury Motorhomes Gulf Stream Coach - GO - luxury Class A motorhomes. Tiffin Motorhomes - GO - more top quality motorhomes. Alan B Denning - GO - top class Australian Motorhome manufacturer. Country Coach - GO - world class motorcoaches. Winnebago RV - GO - Australian manufacturer of these famous motorhomes. Monaco Coach Corporation - GO - luxury Recreational Vehicles. More links to Class A Motorhome builders - GO - Canadian news service. Newmar - GO - more luxury coaches.

Amphibious Motorcoach - GO - if you're bored - you can take a Bus ride across the English Channel or just cruise across a lake in high style. . >Adventure Holidays Incredible Adventures - GO - a large range of exciting adventures to get the adrenalin flowing. Aussie Adventure Holidays - GO - explore the beauty of Australias Kakadu National Park.

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