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Labor of Love Oct 2011

Labor of Love Oct 2011

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Published by Stephanie Williams
This is the monthly newsletter of a missionary midwife in South Sudan working in a rural medical clinic.
This is the monthly newsletter of a missionary midwife in South Sudan working in a rural medical clinic.

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Published by: Stephanie Williams on Oct 17, 2011
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Labor of Love Delivering the Love of Jesus one baby at a ti



Three prenatal women who attend our church now. Two delivered with us and the third is due any day.

Years ago a friend told me But this is not new. Jesus that ‘the church in Africa was a pointed out the same thing mile wide but an inch deep’. I when he asked his disciples, couldn’t quite grasp what that “Why do call me ‘Lord! Lord!’ meant at the time but I but do not do what I do now. say?” (Luke 6:46) e "He is lik People claim Good question. . who a man .. Christianity here It’s one thing to and dug deep much like they would say ‘Yes, Lord’ on laid the a local sports team. Sunday when we’re on ndation fou They wear a cross all dressed up, Bible the rock.” 8 in hand. It’s another (or a crucifix) like the --Luke 6:4 logo of a popular thing to say it in the mascot and cheer loudly dead of night, on Sundays; but then exhausted after a long day. that’s it. What will our answer be then? I’ve wondered about this lack “Yes, Lord!” or “What is it of depth. Why do so many claim now lord?” But I digress. to believe but then do not do My point is: We are not what He says? Myself included! called to be shallow Christians.

Deeper Still...

Jesus asks us to dig deeper, become less, and serve. We accomplish this by listening when He speaks and doing it. (Read Luke 6). This is the secret of digging deeper; this is the art of becoming less; this is the beauty of complete surrender. And this is what I desire more for my own life and yours. Roots take soil, water, and time. Deeper roots take more soil, more water, and more time. May we be Christians that are both deep and wide... and ever growing still deeper and still wider. Dig deep!

~ SW

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Mary came in mid-morning reporting her water broke two days before. As I asked her about it, tried to hide the concern in her voice. This was her second baby. She was worried because her first baby’s labor started the same way. At the time she lived in Khartoum; and after her contractions failed to come, she went to the hospital and was induced. Apparently her induction was two days of nightmarish pain in a crowded maternity ward. Not pleasant. Was she doomed to repeat it? Here’s the crunch. Leaking fluid puts both mother and child at risk of an ascending infection. I needed to be sure, so I assessed her. But a quick review was all it took to see she was right. Her water was flowing in a steady trickle, and she was dilated to 2 cm. I talked to her about natural ways of getting contractions started and she complied. And for several hours we hoped and waited. A few contractions came and went, but ultimately she needed more of a push. So I started an IV to start an induction. Once set up, she only needed 20 minutes of the medicine before her body took over the labor. The contractions kicked into high gear, and less than an hour later she was holding her little girl in her arms! Afterward she grinned happily thanking me over and over for helping her deliver. What a blessing! Not every induction ends so well. Praise God that hers did!

Praise & Prayer
Fistula Frustration: There is a young girl here named Biyana who needs surgery. She has a fistula but her surgery was postponed or... possibly cancelled. Pray that surgeons can help her soon. Congenital Malformation: There is a two week old boy who has his bladder on the outside of his body. He, too, needs surgery. Pray we might know where to send him for help. Busy Baby Season: There are a record number of babies being born at the clinic. This is a lovely answer to prayer. Please continue to pray for the women of this community to come for prenatal care, hear the gospel, and deliver with us.

Mary and her little gir l.

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My next R&R is coming up next month and I have made plans to return to Europe. Originally I hoped to visit Turkey and trace Paul’s missionary journeys and visit the 7 churches of revelation, but God closed that door. So Instead I’ll return to Western Europe to see family and friends. My plan is to sleep on trains and visit friends in France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. I can’t wait, as it’s been many years since I’ve seen them. Please pray for traveling mercies and rest. I’ll need it!

A new mom and her baby.

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