2011 New Member Info Sheet

Name: __________________________________ Instrument or section:____________________ List other instruments played: ____________________________

Home Phone: ( Cell Phone: (

) _____________________ ) ______________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________
Street Apt.#

____________________________ ____________________________

City Zip code

Email: ________________________________

High School Attended: ________________________

Are you planning to participate in this year’s Tournament of Roses Honor Band?



Please list here or on the back side of this sheet any other organizations you have marched.

Please mail this first page to: Kyle Luck, Band Director C-121 Pasadena City College Band 1570 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91106-2003

com Tad Carpenter. Must purchase appropriate black marching shoes (if not already owned) Long wristed black gloves ($4 per pair) – horn line only Band Instrument Rental for marching brass and any wind instruments that students do not already own. dance shoes. August 26 (9am-4pm) *Band Camp is mandatory for participation in the marching band. Director & Percussion Director (626) 585-7587 cmcarpenter@pasadena.com 2011 Season Information Music 61 – Lancer Marching Band (2 units) *BAND CAMP DATES (held on PCC campus) Monday. Director of Bands (626) 585-7024 pccbanddirector@yahoo. hair and make-up supplies and a rifle (details given during camp) Contact Information Kyle Luck. August 22 through Friday.edu . Some minor allowances can be accommodated for class conflicts but all requests must be submitted in writing to the director before the start of camp. Asst.www.pccBand. FALL REHEARSAL SCHEDULE Winds & Percussion Tuesdays & Thursdays (8am-10:15am) Thursdays (7pm-9:40pm) Color Guard Tuesdays & Thursdays (6:30pm-9:40pm) PERFORMANCES 5 Saturday Home Football Games (dates and times TBD) Two Field Show Exhibition Performances in November (dates and times TBD) COST TO MEMBERS 2 units tuition plus any other mandated school fees. ($40 per semester) Color Guard will need to purchase specific gloves.

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