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To study the critical need for ensuring Information Security in Organizations OBJECTIVES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. UNIT 1 To understand the basics of Information Security To know the legal, ethical and professional issues in Information Security To know the aspects of risk management To become aware of various standards in this area To know the technological aspects of Information Security INTRODUCTION 9

History, What is Information Security?, Critical Characteristics of Information, NSTISSC Security Model, Components of an Information System, Securing the Components, Balancing Security and Access, The SDLC, The Security SDLC UNIT II SECURITY INVESTIGATION Need for Security, Business Needs, Threats, Attacks, Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues UNIT III SECURITY ANALYSIS 9 9

Risk Management: Identifying and Assessing Risk, Assessing and Controlling Risk UNIT IV LOGICAL DESIGN 9

Blueprint for Security, Information Security Poicy, Standards and Practices, ISO 17799/BS 7799, NIST Models, VISA International Security Model, Design of Security Architecture, Planning for Continuity UNIT V PHYSICAL DESIGN 9

Security Technology, IDS, Scanning and Analysis Tools, Cryptography, Access Control Devices, Physical Security, Security and Personnel TOTAL : 45 TEXT BOOK 1. Michael E Whitman and Herbert J Mattord, “Principles of Information Security”, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, 2003 REFERENCES 1. 2. 3. Micki Krause, Harold F. Tipton, “ Handbook of Information Security Management”, Vol 1-3 CRC Press LLC, 2004. Stuart Mc Clure, Joel Scrambray, George Kurtz, “Hacking Exposed”, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2003 Matt Bishop, “ Computer Security Art and Science”, Pearson/PHI, 2002.

KCG College of Technology. 19) Differentiate linking loader and linage editor and explain the merits of each. 24) Explain the data structures used (NAMTAB. 8) What is program relocation? Explain the need for relocation with an example. 25) What is conditional macro expansion? Explain with an example. Explain in detail different addressing modes. 28) Explain the overview of editing process.and ARGTAB) and their roles in detail. 16) What is Bootstrap loader? Explain with an example. b) Explain the algorithm for pass 2 of SIC assembler. 12) What is the need for multi-pass assemblers? Exlplain with example the functioning of multpass assemblers. 18) Explain the machine independent loader features. 10) Explain control sections and program linking concepts with suitable example. Explain with examples a) Simple arithmetic operations b)Looping and Indexing operations for SIC/SIC/XE What are basic assembler functions? Explain the functions of a SIC assembler with an example. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) a) Explain the algorithm for pass 1 of SIC aseembler. 17) Explain the algorithm and data structures used for a linking loader. 21) Write short notes on a) MS-DOS Linker b) Loader options c) Automatic library search 22) What are basic macro processor functions? Explain with an example. 9) Explain with examples the machine independent features of an assembler. 11) What are laod-and-go assemblers? Explain the functioning of One pass assembler.PART-B Explain in detail the SIC Machine Architecture. 29) Explain the implementation of text editors in detail. 20) What is dynamic linking? Give an example. Also explain the role of Location counter(LOCCTR) in the assembly process.DEFTAB. Explain its advantages . 30) Explain the salient features of an Interactive Debugging system in detail. 26) Write short notes on a) MASM macro processor b) ANSI C Macro Language 27) What are different machine independent macroprocessor features? Explain. 23) Write the algorithm for a macro processor function. Explain various features of SIC/XE Machine Architecture. 7) Explain the data structures used in a SIC assembler and their functions.Chennai-96 Computer Science and Engineering CS 1203 System Software III Sem CSE QUESTION BANK . 13) Write short notes on a) MASM Assembler b) Symbol table(SYMTAB) c) Operation code table(OPTAB) d) Location counter(LOCCTR) 14) What is the function of a loader? What are different types of loaders available? 15) Explain the algorithm for an absolute loader. .

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