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How to Get More Customers the P U M P Marketing System

How to Get More Customers the P U M P Marketing System

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Published by Hardik Patel

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Published by: Hardik Patel on Oct 17, 2011
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The Customer Catcher™ P.U.M.P. Marketing System


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The Customer Catcher™ P.U.M.P. Marketing System


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Do You Want BIGGER Prospect Lists, More Sales and
Constant Cash Flow?

Martin Wales helps you get customers
“until you beg him to stop!”

If you’ve been looking to attract more traffic and increase your
income using the most effective and affordable strategies and tactics
today, then you have to meet Martin Wales.

You’re sure to benefit from his powerful combination of marketing
and media communications to elevate your credibility and increase
your revenues – both online and off.

Win immediate and impressive profits, whether your have a traditional offline business or a
pure online presence, when you harness the power of Web 2.0 strategies and online media.
Using the right approach, you’re guaranteed to get the income and lifestyle you seek today!

Martin’s company, Customer Catcher Media & Communications, was selected as a Bull
by Seth Godin, well-known author of Permission Marketing, recognizing providers of
unique and outstanding marketing for their clients. Martin’s media & publicity expertise is
featured in The Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars and Guerrilla Marketing
From The Front Lines
, both #1 Best Sellers on Amazon. You’ll also find him in Walking With
The Wise Entrepreneur
along with coauthors Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker,
Harvey Mackay and Donald Trump.

He’s a respected author, columnist, Talk Radio and TV personality. He’s the Executive Producer
of PayPal Radio and hosts Microsoft’s Your Business. He’s an original host of the
Entrepreneur Magazine E-Biz Show too. His expertise has also been featured in Business
and Catching Customers on network television.

Martin’s not just a media personality – he’s well versed in sales and business development and
continues his work as a corporate advisor and consultant. Starting as a salesman, he quickly
became VP Marketing of a $26 million communications technology firm within four short years.
Since then, through his private consulting and coaching practice, he has handled and succeeded
with budgets both large and small.

Martin has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, internet marketers and
independent professionals like you. His expertise is published internationally and in MBA
programs. Media from national newspapers to leading business magazines seek his insights on
today's hottest topics.

The Customer Catcher™ P.U.M.P. Marketing System


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“(If you want) … Personal Positioning that is going to change your career as a professional from
good to phenomenonally good and make you an independent contractor that is going to have

money gushing in, clients that are raving fans and you're going to have a waiting list
. Listen to Martin Wales."

Mark Victor Hansen
Chicken Soup for The Soul coauthor and MEGA Marketing

“Forgive me for doubting you. I raised my price to over 300% from what I originally thought it
should be. Then I made the offer for my product the way you told me to. Out of 40 callers on the
phone, 100% purchased my product. Martin, you are a marketing genius. Thank you so

Rhea Perry

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I never thought that within 48 hours, we could set up my
teleseminar and present the program! Not only that but also to have the web site and shopping
cart ready to go with autoresponders and everything. Your personal touch, along with your
expertise, professionalism and ecommerce system, were all critical for me to successfully
collect over $12,000 in sales from my first introductory teleseminar!


"Martin, we now have the killer sales tactics and mindset we needed. By incorporating your
ideas, I was able to take my pipeline from next to nothing to near $300,000 with 60 days.”

Kim Hines
TELUS Communications Corporation

"Even in the face of limited budgets, your innovative methods were very beneficial to us. As
we grew to become a multi-million dollar technology company with three divisions, I remained
impressed with your skills.

Your strategies were welcomed and multiplied our success with some of the largest computer
distributors in the world. Your varied talents allowed you to lead the development and
production of our marketing communications, trade shows, interactive CD's, Web site and direct
mail campaigns."

Paul Wright, President & Founder
Simplified Telephony Inc.

Martin Wales is one of the brightest minds working on the Internet today...Wildly Creative.
Extraordinary ideas. "

Michael Port
Book Yourself Solid

The Customer Catcher™ P.U.M.P. Marketing System


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"Thanks Martin, please let me know when and where your own tape will be available - I'll be the
first one there! In the mean time, I'll 'make do' with Jay Abraham or Tony Robbins."

Marcia Barhydt
Willowtree Customer Service

"Martin's personal energy and creativity were very beneficial to our company in attacking and
solving many business issues. His marketing efforts were key to our success in major North
American distribution channels
and in our direct relationships with our Value Added Resellers
and dealers. He also contributed to the team in our expansion into international markets.

Martin concentrates his focus and efforts to maximize results. This meant effective sales and
marketing programs, whether it was an advertising campaign, product launch or distribution
event. We were always more than satisfied with the bottom-line results he could achieve with
existing resources and sometimes within challenging budget constraints."

Charles Shong
President, Banksoft Canada Inc

"I attended Martin Wales’ seminar on "Internet Secrets of a Customer Catcher™ - The most
effective methods to build your business
using the Internet" and found it informative and

Martin presented an information-packed seminar in his usual high-energy, humorous style. The
presentation was well organized and covered all the topics that an Internet business needs to

This is an excellent starting point for anybody wanting to grow their business using the
power of the Internet. Definitely, highly recommended!"

Peter Allen
Chairman, ConsultNet

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