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LITMUS BUILDING NOTTINGHAM LITMUS BUILDING - NOTTINGHAM LITMUS BUILDING "The Litem Building forms Phase I of the Inger Litmus Project which will be the Ingest residential new-build project of ite type to be builtin Nottingham. “The Linaus comple is being built oa 4 key site within Nottinghan’s Eastide mgenerition zone and isthe laggest new build pactment complex of ts kind ia the Midlands, The Litmus Building features 296 one and to bedroom apartments all with balconies or traces, with multi-level basement exe packing, a gymmssiue, a pool, sauna, steam sooms and a 24 hous a day cconciosge. “The pariculaw am for Maatation oaly. We open a polzy of continuows improvement aod individual leahaea uch ae Kc andl ‘asizoom inyous, doors, windows, garages and elevational reataents may Vary fom ume ote. Consequendy these parscuie should ‘be ueated as general guidance only and cannot be relied upon as accurately descbing any ofthe Specified Mattes preacibed Uy any order made under the Property Misdescrptions Act 1981. Nor do they constinte a contract, part ofa contract aa warranty LITMUS BUILDING - NOTTINGHAM ABOUT NOTTINGHAM Nottingham, the gional capital ofthe East Midland, is famous around the world for many things - from Robin Hood and the Sherif to houschold names sch as the Boots Company tnd Raleigh Industses.Itis a cosmopolitan city with a diversity of cultures, and counteyside close at hand, It's grat place inwhich to live sad work ~and to those who know Nottingham it camo as no surprise that ita recent national survey it was voted the bert ety i the country in ‘whi to live ‘The city combines the bestof old and new, Shoppers ave excellent modeen shopping centres tnd tedltional maskets. Cuual life theives, witha superb modeen concert hall ateacting well know names from the cssial, pop and rock wold, snd two theatres - including the loving restored Theatre Royal “These provide repertory productions and touring oper, drama and ballet fsom major national companies. Film butts have varied viewings at mult-semeen and arts cinemas and there is lively rock scene, sport more to your taste, there i also awide choice of first ches cick, top level soceer, horse racing, tennis, watersports, golfand motor sport. Although Nottingham is « modem sity it leo proud afte history and hevitage ‘There area variety of excellent and wausual museums fearusing natuel bistory, science, costume and textes, cxnsh and loel history. ‘Many fine ol buildings renin inthe ct, including the 1Sth cenmuy church of St ‘Mary on High Pavement, Geocgian tn uses ane aeverl petacesque pubs, Some have mesieval origins: The Trp to Jenssalem atthe foot of Caste Roc ‘epotedly the oldest pub in Ragland, the Bell Ina, the Royal Childeen and the Salutation Ina. A formes Uaitaian church oa the Binge ofthe city’s Lace Market area is now converted into « Lace Hall, usteating the history of Nottingham's most famous product, arly October brings Goose Fue the county’ lasget theee-day fi, believed to date back more that 1,000 yeas, The modsen faic, packed with huadeeds of amusements, beeoues a ght spectacnlteeacpet of lights ‘Nottingham and the surrounding county offer the chance to explore literary associations, Contemporary writer Alaa Silitoe {grew up inthe industrial outskirts of Nottingham, enjoying hie feequentcoaming ofthe nearby Univecsity Pack and lake. D-H. [Lawrence aude fimots the mining town of Bxstwood aad the surrounding Nofingimsbice countryside, “The pariculaw a for Muatation oaly. We opente a polcy of continuous inprovemcat and individual fahues auch ee Kishen aad tthsoom layouts, daoss, windows, garages, an elevational seatmen's may Vary fat tne to tine Consequently ese partes shoal ‘be ueate ay genera guidance only and cannot be reed upon as accurately desblag any ofthe Specified Matters prescibed by any order made under the Property Misdescrptions Act 1981. Nor do they constinte a contract, part ofa contract aa warranty