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Nokia Sony Ericsson

Nokia E90 Communicator Rs.35000 Sony Ericsson W950i Rs.28300
Nokia 8800 Rs.35000 Sony Ericsson P1 Rs.22900
Nokia N95 Rs.27500 Sony Ericsson P990i Rs.19000
Nokia 9500 Rs.21500 Sony Ericsson W880i Rs.17250
Nokia 9300 Rs.21000 Sony Ericsson K810i Rs.17000
Nokia N91 8GB Music Edition Rs.20000 Sony Ericsson W830i Rs.15800
Nokia N93i Rs.20000 Sony Ericsson M600i Rs.15100
Nokia E70 Rs.18000 Sony Ericsson K790i Rs.14700
Nokia E61i Rs.17750 Sony Ericsson Z610i Rs.13500
Nokia N76 Rs.17500 Sony Ericsson W610i Rs.13500
Nokia 9300i Rs.17000 Sony Ericsson K610i Rs.11500
Nokia N73 Music Edition Rs.16500 Sony Ericsson W810i Rs.11000
Nokia 6708 Rs.16500 Sony Ericsson S500 Rs.10750
Nokia E61 Rs.16000 Sony Ericsson Z710i Rs.10300
Nokia E65 Rs.15800 Sony Ericsson W710i Rs.10000
Nokia N73 Rs.15500 Sony Ericsson W550i Rs.9900
Nokia E60 Rs.15000 Sony Ericsson W700i Rs.9200
Nokia 3250 Rs.14000 Sony Ericsson K550i Rs.8700
Nokia N80 Rs.13500 Sony Ericsson K750i Rs.8200
Nokia 6270 Rs.13100 Sony Ericsson Z558i Rs.7500
Nokia 6280 Rs.13000 Sony Ericsson W300i Rs.7300
Nokia 5500-Sport Rs.12850 Sony Ericsson Z550i Rs.6400
Nokia 6680 Rs.12500 Sony Ericsson W200i Rs.5900
Nokia 5700 Rs.12250 Sony Ericsson Z530i Rs.5250
Nokia N70 Music Edition Rs.12000 Sony Ericsson K510i Rs.4800
Nokia 6630 Rs.12000 Sony Ericsson K320i Rs.4200
Nokia N91 Music Edition Rs.11500 Sony Ericsson K220i Rs.4000
Nokia E62 Rs.11000 Sony Ericsson K310i Rs.3800
Nokia N70 Rs.11000 Sony Ericsson K200i Rs.3750
Nokia 6125 Rs.10500 Sony Ericsson J230i Rs.2800
Nokia 6111 Rs.10250 Sony Ericsson J220i Rs.2500
Nokia N72 Rs.9750 Sony Ericsson J120i Rs.2300
Nokia 6681 Rs.9500
Nokia 6151 Rs.9200
Nokia E50 Rs.8900
Nokia 6300 Rs.8800
Nokia 6233 Rs.8300
Nokia 6101 Rs.7500
Nokia 5300 Rs.7400
Nokia 7610 Rs.7300
Nokia 3230 Rs.6800
Nokia 5140i Rs.6200
Nokia 3110 classic Rs.5800
Nokia 6085 Rs.5700
Nokia 5200 Rs.5600
Nokia 6060 Rs.4300
Nokia 6080 Rs.4200
Nokia 5070 Rs.4000
Nokia 6070 Rs.4000
Nokia 6020 Rs.3800
Nokia 6030 Rs.3000
Nokia 2626 Rs.3000
Nokia 2610 Rs.3000
Nokia 2310 Rs.2500
Nokia 1600 Rs.2000
Nokia 1112 Rs.1900
Nokia 1110i Rs.1700
Nokia 1110 Rs.1600

These prices are sourced from various mobile dealers in india.

Prices indicated are with bill and warranty.
Taxes are not included as they vary from state to state.
Disclaimer:We do not claim any guarantee for the prices. It might not be correct at all times although we try our best
Model Price Model Price

Samsung Motorola
Samsung D900 Rs.20000 Motorola RAZR maxx V6 Rs.23000
Samsung i600 Rs.18500 Motorola ROKR E6 Rs.14000
Samsung i710 Rs.16300 Motorola A1200 Rs.12500
Samsung F300 Rs.15500 Motorola RAZR V3i GOLD Rs.11500
Samsung D600 Rs.15500 Motorola ROKR Z6 Rs.11500
Samsung U600 Rs.15000 Motorola PEBL U6 Rs.9500
Samsung D820 Rs.14000 Motorola KRZR K1 Rs.8900
Samsung P310 Rs.14000 Motorola SLVR L9 Rs.8900
Samsung D900i Rs.13000 Motorola RIZR Z3 Rs.8700
Samsung D840 Rs.12000 Motorola RAZR V3i MAROON Rs.8000
Samsung E840 Rs.10500 Motorola RAZR-V3i Rs.7800
Samsung X820 Rs.10000 Motorola RAZR V3 PINK Rs.7600
Samsung E740 Rs.9100 Motorola L7i Rs.7400
Samsung E880 Rs.9000 Motorola RAZR V3 BLACK Rs.7000
Samsung X700 Rs.9000 Motorola RAZR V3 BLUE Rs.6800
Samsung E760 Rs.9000 Motorola RAZR V3 SILVER Rs.6500
Samsung E730 Rs.8500 Motorola SLVR-L7 Rs.6000
Samsung E490 Rs.8000 Motorola L6 black Rs.5200
Samsung E690 Rs.7300 Motorola L6 Rs.4900
Samsung X630 Rs.6700 Motorola L6i Rs.4700
Samsung J600 Rs.6600 Motorola W375 Rs.4500
Samsung E250 Rs.6250 Motorola W375 black Rs.4500
Samsung X640 Rs.6200 Motorola C261 Rs.3800
Samsung X660 Rs.6000 Motorola L2 Rs.3800
Samsung X650 Rs.5600 Motorola W215 Rs.3700
Samsung X530 Rs.5500 Motorola W220 BLACK Rs.3000
Samsung X510 Rs.4700 Motorola W220 Rs.3000
Samsung X510 Rs.4700 Motorola W220 SILVER Rs.2900
Samsung X520 Rs.4500 Motorola W209 Rs.2700
Samsung X300 Rs.4500 Motorola C168 Rs.2650
Samsung X620 Rs.4500 Motorola C257 Rs.2000
Samsung X200 Rs.4000 Motorola C139 Rs.1999
Samsung C300 Rs.3800 Motorola W205 Rs.1900
Samsung X160 Rs.3200 Motorola MOTOFONE F3 Rs.1600
Samsung C170 Rs.3000
Samsung X210 Rs.3000
Samsung C130 Rs.2700
Samsung C230 Rs.2500
Samsung C140 Rs.2400
Samsung C160 Rs.2300
Samsung C160 Rs.2300
Samsung N710 Rs.2000
Samsung C210 Rs.2000
rrect at all times although we try our best to do the same
Model Price Model Price

LG Panasonic
LG KG920 Rs.20000 Panasonic X800 Rs.17000
LG KE820 Rs.13000 Panasonic VS6 Rs.13200
LG M6100 Rs.11000 Panasonic SA6 Rs.11200
LG S5200 Rs.9990 Panasonic MX6 Rs.10100
LG KG800 Rs.8900 Panasonic VS2 Rs.9100
LG KG300 Rs.7900 Panasonic VS3 Rs.9000
LG S5000 Rs.7000 Panasonic SC3 Rs.5600
LG C3380 Rs.6500 Panasonic A210 Rs.3000
LG KG200 Rs.6000
LG C2600 Rs.4500
LG C2500 Rs.4000 O2
LG B2070 Rs.3000 O2 Xda Zinc Rs.38000
LG KG110 Rs.2400 O2 XDA Atom Exec Rs.36000
LG B2060 Rs.2300 O2 XDA Atom Life Rs.34000
LG B2050 Rs.1900 O2 XDA Stealth Rs.27500
O2 XDA Atom Rs.26500
Blackberry 8800 Rs.31000 I-Mate
Blackberry Pearl 8100 Rs.24000 i-mate JASJAR Rs.42000
Blackberry Curve 8300 Rs.24000 i-mate JASJAM Rs.37900
Blackberry 8700g Rs.21500 i-mate K JAM Rs.28000
Blackberry 7290 Rs.18500 i-mate JAM Rs.24000
Blackberry 7130g Rs.15000 i-mate JAMin Rs.23500
Blackberry 7100g Rs.11000 i-mate Smartflip Rs.23500
i-mate JAQ3 Rs.21000
Palm i-mate JAM BLACK Rs.20000
Palm Treo 680 Rs.26500 i-mate SP5 Rs.17500
Palm Treo-650 Rs.26000 i-mate PDAL Rs.17000
i-mate JAM A Rs.14750
i-mate SPL Rs.14500
i-mate JAQ Rs.12500
i-mate SP5m Rs.11000

Dopod U1000 Rs.50000
Dopod C800 Rs.35000
Dopod 818 Pro Rs.23000
Dopod C720W Rs.20000
Dopod D600 Rs.16000

Spice S1000 Rs.28500
Spice S909 Rs.10000
Spice S920 Rs.9750
Spice S900 Rs.9750
Spice S8 Rs.7500
Spice S800 Rs.7000
Spice S808 Rs.5750
Spice S640 Rs.5000
Spice S600 Rs.4000
Spice S450 Rs.3200
Spice S555 Rs.3000
Spice S5 Rs.2750
Spice S530 Rs.2500
Spice S404n Rs.2300
Spice S540 Rs.2250
Spice S404 Rs.1900
Spice S500 Rs.1850
Spice S400 Rs.1800
Spice S410 Rs.1700