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Choose the correct form of the verb or adverb from the choices given.
1. They sell (live, lived, alive, lives) animals in that store.
2. David feels (strong, strongly) again after his illness but he still cannot work
(hard, hardly).
3. Those two brothers look very much (like, alike, likely, likeable).
4. “How do you like Mary?”
“I feel so (close, closely, closer, closed) to her.”
5. Most students do their work (with hurry, hurringly, hurrying, hurriedly).
6. The mother looked (angry, angrily, anger, angered) at her naughty child.
7. (Surprise, Surprised, Surprising, Surprisingly), she did not remember what
she has just said.
8. This soup smells (good, well, best, goodly).
9. She went (to swim, swimming, swim, to be swimming) in spite of the rain.
10.I had hoped (see, to see, seeing, to have been) you at the party when I got
11.I have never heard him (pronounce, pronouncing, to pronounce,
pronounced) that word correctly.
12.She happened (to find, finding, found, in finding) an empty seat.
13.Did you find the film (amuse, amused, amusing, amusingly)?
14.In spite of the heat, she felt (cold, cool, coldly, a cold).
15.People are mot what they appear (being, to be, be, to being).
16.She got so (exciting, excited, excitedly, excitingly) whole watching the
game that she often screamed.
17.The food she prepared smells (delicious, deliciously, to be delicious, with
18.Paul was (surprising, surprisingly, surprised, surprisely) to see Gloria (to sit,
sit, sitting, sat) there alone.
19.I feel (jealous, jealously, jealousily, jealousy) of his being able to buy a new
20.It is difficult to understand him because he speaks (very rapidly, in a rapid
manner, fastly, with great speed).
21.His job became increasingly (complicate, complication, complicated,
22.Though scolded, he remained (calm, calmly, calmed, calming).
23.The result of the election made us (nerve, nervous, nervously, nervousness).
24.If you feel (asleep, sleepy, sleepily, sleeping), why don’t you get some
25.The dress looked so (expensive, expensiveness, expensively) that we
couldn’t afford it.