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Basic Environmental Engineering (2009) - Malestrom

Basic Environmental Engineering (2009) - Malestrom

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Published by: Melvin Soldia on Oct 17, 2011
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The rainwater that gets infiltered and percolated inside the earth to form a uniform
water surface is known as the ground water. This water is comparatively pure because
of the natural filtration as it passes through the soil. Many impurities are retained by
the soil through the actions like screening, sedimentation, adsorption etc. But it dissolves
many soluble salts as it passes through the soil containing those salts. So the total
dissolved solids of the underground water are much more than the surface water. The
flow of rain water from surface of earth to the underground depends upon the porosity
of the soil, the rate of water loss by evaporation, seepage to surface sources and
withdrawal by us.

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