The Paragraph as Structure


A A

unit of thought

cluster of sentences that center around a key idea

Eating chicharon with vinegar is stimulating experience

 Mouth

water  Sour scent of vinegar hits your nostrils  Diffuses in your lungs  High-pitched crunch  Tingling & clinging  Mouth watery drooling for another taste

The Developer Paragraph


cluster of sentences that center around one key idea

The Topic Sentence

 The  The

central idea

subject of the topic sentence is the subject focus expressed in the predicate

Two Kinds of Topic Sentence

 Explicit  Implicit

topic sentence topic sentence

The Structure
 Introducer  Developer  Extender  Modulators  Restater  Terminators


 Brings

to the attention of the reader the topic of the paragraph  Provides a background, such as time or place setting in descriptive and narrative paragraphs  Poses a question


 Expands

and develops the key idea  Describes details  Provides examples  Brings in evidence


 Contributes,

not directly to the central idea, but rather directly to the developer sentence or enlarges the developer

 Clarifies


 Marks  Brings

transitions or shifts

out side comments on the writer’s attitude earlier claim

 Retrieves


 Rephrases

the idea

 emphasizes  Reformulates

earlier sentences



conclusion  A generalization  An emphatic affirmation of the key idea  A narration of the last step

“Mode” or “Pattern” of Paragraph Development
They include such moves as:
 Describing  Defining  Classifying  Illustrating  Comparing  Making

an Analogy

 Contrasting  Narrating  Explaining

a Process  Analyzing Cause and Effect  Listing

Form & Structure of a Paragraph Expositions & Essays


Reporting Narrating Describing Specifying Reaffirming Exemplifying

developer extender

modulator terminator

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