Gender Sensitivity

• Sex vs. Gender
– sex is biologically determined, whereas gender is culturally determined.

Gender Sensitivity: Definition
• Gender sensitivity is the awareness and insight into the state of the other sex, with reference to historical roots of sexist stereotyping, discrimination and violence. • Men and women are different, therefore their experiences, needs, issues and priorities are different

• To reduce barriers in developing personal and economic success created by sexism • To generate respect regardless of sex. for individuals

• Sexism creates bias • It exists both among men and among women. • It does not respect individuals according to their aspirations, potentials or abilities.


Issues of Gender Sensitivity

Gender Roles

Gender Roles
• 1. Productive – comprises the work done by both women and men for payment in cash or kind • 2. Reproductive – comprises the childbearing responsibilities and domestic tasks required to guarantee the maintenance and wellbeing of household members. It includes not only biological reproduction but also the care and maintenance of the persons who comprise the household.

Gender Roles
• 3. Community management role – comprises activities undertaken at the community level to contribute to the development or political organization of the community. It is usually voluntary, unpaid work.

The Filipina
• Society Preference for Boys  • The female sex has traditionally been percieved as inferior to men. • In several areas of the world, new boys are a cause of celebration but girls are considered as a financial burden.

The Filipina
• Women have the traditional role as mothers and housekeepers, helpers, onlookers, care providers and carriers… While Men are depicted as decision-makers, businessmen and doctors.

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