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Online Shopping Mall

A Project Report On

Guided By : BY:


YOGESH PATEL (CE-0972) (Lecturer)


B.E. 6th sem



Department of computer engineering,



CE-0972, ce-

Online Shopping Mall

Saffrony Institute of Technology, Linch - 384435

Linch – 384435

TO WHOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that Miss.Thaker Mitali v students of B.E. Semester VI (COMPUTER ENGINEERING) have completed their one full semester project work titled “Online Shopping Mall” satisfactorily in partial fulfillment of requirement of Bachelor of Engineering degree of COMPUTER ENGINEERING in GUJARAT TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, Ahmadabad. Mr. Yogesh Patel Project Guide Saffrony, Linch. Prof. Shweta shah H.O.D. (CE) Saffrony, Linch.



CE-0972, ce-

Online Shopping Mall

Linch – 384435

TO WHOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that Miss.Dave Urvashi I students of B.E. Semester VI (COMPUTER ENGINEERING) have completed their one full semester project work titled “Online Shopping Mall” satisfactorily in partial fulfillment of requirement of Bachelor of Engineering degree of COMPUTER ENGINEERING in GUJARAT TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, Ahmadabad.

Mr. Yogesh Patel Project Guide Saffrony, Linch.

Prof. Shweta shah H.O.D. (CE) Saffrony, Linch.
CE-0972, ce-

Online Shopping Mall


The feeling of gratefulness to any one’s help directly arises from the bottom of heart. A small but an important and timely help can prove to be a milestone in one’s life. Even human being has such kind of experience. Being human being, we also have, the same feeling of gratefulness of today we have achieved an important milestone in my life. This project is dedicated to all the people, whom we met, took guidance, talked, interviewed and learned something from them. At this occasion we sincerely thank all of them while submitting this project report. We would like to heartily thank Mr. Yogesh Patel who have provided us necessary information and guidance for the success of this project. Last, we would like to extend thanks to all our classmates also. On this occasion we would like to thank Mrs. shweta Patel (HOD, CE Department) without whom this would have not been possible. We are thankful to him for giving time-totime and valuable guidance during the project period and giving us guidance in taking our curriculum decision and choosing, initiating and getting on with the project. We always have feel the invisible help from the almighty, without the blessing almighty, we could not have succeed.



CE-0972, ce-

Online Shopping Mall

I took “Online Jewelry Shopping System” as my 6 th sem Project work for the partial fulfillment of B.E. CE Engineering at Saffrony Institute of Technology of Gujarat Techanical University, Ahmedabad. It gives me great pleasure in placing in the hands of my esteemed Faculties this individual report which, I believe, will go through the documentation of the project work done by me. The objective of this report is to provide both a conceptual understanding of the system as well as working guide. Surely no other technology as Information Technology is proven as the driving force of the Nation. I.T. not only decides the present but also the future. The need for software development site today is a competence in a G.U.I. based frontend tool as far as the database programming is concerned. A typical scenario today involves an application consisting of a visual front end for presenting data and reporting options to the enterprise users, and a connection to a database for piping data to control such as text boxes, tables, and list boxes. These applications typically feature reporting functions to provide documentation to users and administrative. As a student of B.E. when I acquire all the theoretical knowledge, it is both necessary and advisable to acquaint the students with the real situation through, well-planned project in relevant fields. Using all the theoretical knowledge and applying into real application the student learns to develop efficient real world application at the time of project training. So, the project training is very important for the student for self-development and self-confident. Also student learns organizational structure, rules and regulations and management in a real sense, which helps student to get discipline in life. Aimed for providing the reader with easier and in depth knowledge of all the basic as well as important aspects related to the systems having the functionality’s of there respective fields in form of report. The report contains the S.P.B.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 5 CE-0972, ce-

3) Searching 3. which I have gone through from the point of view of any system development life cycle.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 6 CE-0972.P.1> Data Flow Diagram 1) Context level Flow Diagram 2) First level data Flow Diagram 3) Second level Flow Diagram 3.2) Transaction 3.12 Project Profile…………………………………………………………….3> Operating Environment Requirement CH-4 System Design……………………………………………………………….1) User management 3.B.Online Shopping Mall literature of almost all the things.2> Proposed System 3.15 4. ce- .8 Platform & Tools…………………………………………………………9 3. INDEX PART-1 CH-1 CH-2 PART-2 CH-3 SRS (System Requirement Specification)……………………….1> Existing System 3.4) Uploading & downloading S.

13> Mobile Page PART-5 S.10> Flower Page 6.1> Product 5.4> Forgot Password Page 6.B.42 5. ………………………….PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 7 CE-0972.2> Shopping Cart 6.3> Login Page 6.2> sub product 5.1> Home Page 6.28 6.6> Help Page 6.. ce- .Online Shopping Mall 4)E-R Diagram PART-3 CH-5 Data Dictionary……………………………………………………………….7> Contact Page 6.P.3> price PART-4 CH-6 Screen Layout………………………………….11> Computer & Peripherals Page 6.12> Watches Page 6.5> New Registration Page 6.9> Electronics & Durables Page 6.8> Appeal & Accessories Page 6.

MODULES : Online Shopping Mall FRONT – END : Visual Studio 2005 BACK .LINCH : S.END S.47 CH.1> 7.P.Online Shopping Mall CH-7 Tools & Technology …………………………………………………….43 7.P.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 : SQL server 8 CE-0972.B.9 Bibliography……………………… ……………………………………………48 CH-1.B. Project Profile PROJECT TITLE : Online Shopping Mall DEVELOPED AT COLLEGE. ce- .2> Front End Tools Back End Tools CH-8 Conclusion……………………………………………………………………….PATEL ENGINEERING OBJECTIVES : The application is aimed for less drudgery & to provide batter facility to customer.

NET Framework can integrate with any operating systems running on any device.NET Framework technologies used for building Web applications and XML Web Services.P.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 9 CE-0972. Web application built within the . Developers conversant in . S.NET pages execute on the server and generation markup such as HTML.B.NET ASP .Saffrony.NET is a set of Microsoft . using standard protocols like HTTP and XML. WML or XML that is sent to a desktop or mobile browser.NET Framework and Active Server Pages. Platform &Tools Platform: Visual studio 2005 Introduction to the ASP .Online Shopping Mall PROJECT GUIDE : Mr. The Microsoft .NET) allow developers to create world-class Web applications and Web Services quickly and easily. ASP . ce- .NET can now deliver more dynamic applications to market more quickly. Web services are reusable component applications that enable distributed computing on the Internet.NET (ASP. : Computer Engineering CH-2.Yogesh Patel DEVELOPED BY : Mitali thaker & Urvashi Dave SUBMITTED TO Department.

versioning and integrated security. ASP.NET pages use a complied.Online Shopping Mall ASP . inheritance. Microsoft SQL 2005 was developed and defined by Microsoft Corporation. C# . event-driven programming model that improves performance and enables the separation of application logic and user interface. such as type safely.NET pages and ASP.Net Web Forms & Web Services Built on .NET compatible language. ce- .P.NET Framework Simple programming model Maintains page state Multi browser support XCOPY deployment XML configuration Complete object model MSSQL2005: Microsoft SQL is the most widely used databases in the world. SOAP.NET. language interoperability. Both ASP . VC#.NET.B. Microsoft SQL is a relational database. This concept is an extremely simple way of thinking about and managing data used in a business.NET XMP Web Services files contain server-side logic (as opposed to client side logic) written in Visual Basic . and more Standard toolset Modernized languages like VB. Web applications and XML Web Services take advantage of the features of the common language runtime.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 10 CE-0972. or J# .Net . SQL us a nonprocedural language because it S.NET 2.0 Provides These Benefits • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Support for various programming languages Cross-language development Content and application logic separation Secure user authentication New server processing architecture Standards integration: XML.

Compatible with other Microsoft Technologies used in Project like MS Visual Studio . updating. SQL provides statements for a variety of tasks including • • • • Querying data Inserting. All SQL statements accept sets as input and all SQL statements to be used as input to other SQL statements. Centralized Control Reduction Of Redundancies Shared Data among users as well as applications S. The most common form of a set of record is a table.Online Shopping Mall • Processes sets of records rather than just one at a time. Fits in current Infrastructure Compatible with most OS (Win 9x) used in Organization. • Provides automatic navigation to the data. modifying and deleting database objects Controlling access to the database and database objects • Guaranteeing database consistency Benefits of Using MS SQL Sever 2005 • • • • • • • • Handles large amount of data efficiently.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 11 CE-0972.net The data in the future might be made available on Internet.B.P. deleting database objects Creating. Rather than manipulating single records. you can mange sets of records. ce- .

P. ce- .B.Online Shopping Mall S.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 12 CE-0972.

All the calculation was done manually. S. • Existing System is available only limited area.Online Shopping Mall Part-2 CH-3 Requirement Analysis:-SRS 3. ce- . In manual system of DMN jewelers when the customer is arrived all record done on registers & give bill & order to the customer. • More manpower required to update information.1> Existing System • • • All the transactions were recorded manually on paper.B.P.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 13 CE-0972.

• Different files and tables instead of registers. • Data maintained in the database.2> Proposed System:- • This website is very useful for customers to easily select their favorite jewelry item. 3. • The system will provide security thought login with username S. • Company can reach to the global market through the internet.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 14 CE-0972. and was time consuming and unreliable.P.Online Shopping Mall • In Existing system immediately response of the queries were difficult.B. • There is no need to go to any shop for selecting items. ce- .

It is easy to operate and use.P.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 .Any hard disk with minimum 500 MB Free space • Software:FRONT END: . ce- S.65MB HARD DISK: .NET 15 CE-0972. 3.ASP.Online Shopping Mall and password only.3> Operating Environment Requirement:- • Hardware:PROCESSOR: .B.Core 2 Duos RAM: .

0 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE: .Online Shopping Mall BACK END: .Net OPERATING SYSTEM: .Window 7 CH-4 SYSTEM DESIGN 16 CE-0972. ce- S.C#.SQL Server 2005 Express TECHNOLOGY: .Net Framework 2.B.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 ..P.

PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE ng Mall 0967 Supplier 17 CE-0972.Online Shopping Mall 4.1> DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Context Level Data Flow Diagram:Administrator Upload Material download Material Product Transaction Customer Credit Product Member Issue Product member. ce- .P. Supplier Search Product Credit Add to cart Card Generated Report Update Online Shoppi S.B.

Online Shopping Mall 1) First Level Login Diagram:Supplier 1.P. User Manage ment Supply Products Credit Card Issued-Product Product Custom er Search Transacti on 2.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 18 CE-0972. ce- .B. Forgot Password Login Administrat or Buy Return Product S.

Download Material Upload Material Uploading & Downloadi ng SECOND LEVEL DFD: 1. ce- .PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 19 CE-0972. Searchin g Search S 4.Online Shopping Mall Product Detail Request earch Result Search Result Search Request 3.B.USER MANAGEMENT: S.P.

B.1 S. ce- se .Online Shopping Mall 2.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE Purcha 0967 20 CE-0972.P.TRANSACTION: Customer-Detail Issue-Return 2.

2 Request for Renewing Product Renew Customer Administrat or Issue-Return Details Product 2.3 Credit Card to be returned Return Product Find by Customer Product Details 3.B. ce- .SEARCHING: S.Online Shopping Mall Credit Card Issued Request Issued Product Get Data Product Details 2.P.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 21 CE-0972.

P.B.2 3. ce- .1 Searc h Proces s Search Result Search Request Search Results SubSearch Category Details Details Sub-Category Details Product Administrat S.Online Shopping Mall Custom er Request Result Sub Search Result Sub Search Request issue Return 3.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 22 CE-0972.

ce- .UPLOADING & DOWNLOADING: E-R DIAGRAM: Customer S.P.Online Shopping Mall 4.B.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 23 CE-0972.

Online Shopping Mall Issu e Retu rn Sear ch By Downlo ad Products Item s Suppli es Mana ges Uplo ad Manage s S.B. ce- .P.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 24 CE-0972.

Online Shopping Mall Part-3 Ch-5  Data Dictionary This is a database of categories.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 25 CE-0972. ce- .P.B. S.

B. ce- .Online Shopping Mall  This is a database of subcategories. S.P.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 26 CE-0972.

S.P. ce- .PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 27 CE-0972.B.Online Shopping Mall  This is a database of products.

PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 28 CE-0972.Online Shopping Mall  This is a database of price of each product.P. S.B. ce- .

 This is a database of User account.P. S.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 29 CE-0972.B. ce- .Online Shopping Mall  This is a database of those people who are registered.


B.P. ce- .PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 31 CE-0972.Online Shopping Mall Ch-6 SCREEN LAYOUT S.

ce- .Online Shopping Mall 6.1 HOMEPAGE.B.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 32 CE-0972. S.P.

Online Shopping Mall 6.2 SHOPPING CART PAGE.B.P. S.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 33 CE-0972. ce- .

B.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 34 CE-0972.P.3 LOGIN PAGE.Online Shopping Mall 6. S. ce- .

PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 35 CE-0972.P.B. ce- .Online Shopping Mall S.


37 CE-0972.Online Shopping Mall 6. ce- S.6 HELP PAGE.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 .B.P.

B.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 .Online Shopping Mall 6.P.7 CONTACT US PAGE. ce- S. 38 CE-0972.

P.B. ce- .Online Shopping Mall S.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 39 CE-0972.


PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 41 CE-0972. ce- . S.B.Online Shopping Mall 6.10 FLOWERS PAGE.P.

PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 42 CE-0972.B.Online Shopping Mall 6. S.11 COMPUTER & PERIPHERLS PAGE. ce- .P.

B.Online Shopping Mall S.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 43 CE-0972.P. ce- .

P.12 WATCHES PAGE.B. S.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 44 CE-0972.Online Shopping Mall 6. ce- .

13 MOBILE PAGE.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 45 CE-0972. S.B.P.Online Shopping Mall 6. ce- .

PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 46 CE-0972.2> Back End Tool:SQL Server 2005 7.1> Front End Tool:Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 7.1 Front-End S.Online Shopping Mall Part-5 Ch-7 TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY 7.P.B. ce- .

C#.NET. type safety.Online Shopping Mall What is Asp.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 47 CE-0972. Net-based environment.Net application.NET compatible language. Asp. Developers can easily access the benefits of these technologies. you can author application in any . Net is a compiled. including visual Basic . it also provides a new programming model and infrastructure for more secure. Additionally. You can feel free to augment your existing Asp applications by incrementally adding ASP. the entire . ce- .B. which include the managed common language runtime environment. and Jscript .NET. Web based Application:- S. and so on. it is a unified Wed development platform that provides services necessary for developers to build enterprise-class Web applications.NET Framework is available to any ASP.Net is more then the next version of Active Server Pages (ASP).Net is largely syntax compatible with Asp. scalable.P. While Asp. inheritance.Net? Asp.Net functionality to them. and stable applications.

We can Alps cut. Microsoft PowerPoint-2007:Microsoft PowerPoint-2007 is useful to write text and make presentation of the project. copy. We can cut.P. and paste a design and text from one page to another page and to Microsoft word. ce- . paste data from any web based application to and from mysql.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 48 CE-0972. We can cut. We can also write a text on the design. You can cut. copy and paste a design and text one page to another page. copy. S. Microsoft Visio:Microsoft Visio is latest software for draw DFD & HEIRARCHICALCHART Easily. Microsoft Word-2007:Microsoft word-2007 is useful to write text and make documentation of the project. copy and paste a design and text one page to another page.Online Shopping Mall This is web based application and therefore has an interface similar to Windows NT. We can Alps cut. and paste a design. copy.B.

ce- . but can be installed on any server 1 gigabyte (GB) addressable RAM 4 GB maximum database size CH-8. CONCLUSION S.B.Online Shopping Mall 7.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 49 CE-0972.2 Back-End SQL Server 2005 Express Edition:Easy To Install:• Fast download • Simplified setup user interface • Silent install for embedded usage • Integrated deployment through click once Easy To Use And Manage:• New lightweight management and query editing tool(SQLServer 2005 Management Studio Express) • Advanced query optimizer that automatically optimizes queries • Automated tuning • Wizards for common tasks • Computer manager for starting and stopping services • Automated servicing and patching(part of Microsoft Update) Scalability and Performance:• • • Supports one CPU.P.

ce- .PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 50 CE-0972. It provides the Feedback facility. Finally to conclude I would like to say that we have made this project keeping in mind a user’s needs. I have taken enough care to make the project user-friendly and more interactive.P. I have tried our level best to make the service useful and to provide maximum facility. The main conclude of the “ComputerWorld. S.Online Shopping Mall Any work may not be always prefect. User can complain about the problem & get solution. There may be some error or some defect in the work. I am confident that I have kept almost all things in mind while implementing the same.B. Since the site is expandable it can be made to use as per needs.com” is that it selling the branded computers & it’s components.

PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 51 CE-0972. ce- .P.B.Online Shopping Mall Ch-9 BIBLIOGRAPHY S.

There are many books and many web sites that can help us in different ways to implement the project and give us proper guidance to implement our system in the right direction.w3school. ce- . Books:1. The Complete Reference Asp.com S. which web sites we gone through and which book we have referred or which magazines we have seen to implement this project. System Analysis and Design Methods by Gary B.net Matthew MacDonald 2.com www. Cash man Harry J. Thomas J.P.Google. Rosenblatt Websites:www.PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 52 CE-0972.B.Online Shopping Mall Bibliography Summary of work means that we have referred while doing project like. Shelly.

PATEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE 0967 53 CE-0972. ce- .Online Shopping Mall THANK YOU S.B.P.

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