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Unit 2 - Keywords Plastics

Unit 2 - Keywords Plastics

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Published by: bemdas on Oct 17, 2011
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Granules Heat conductor To melt Wood Extrusion blow moulding Techniques Cohesion To recycle Stones Cement Silice Oil

Coal Thermosets Cotton Modifiers Injection blow moulding Mechanizing Pasting Mechanic Igneous Granite Slate Marble Clay Ceramics Mouldable Bakelite Proteins Colouring Vacuum forming Compression moulding Refrigerating Welding Energetic Chemical Limestone Dolomites Alumina Monomer Nylon Cellulose Additive Polymer Synthetic fiber Catalyst Calendering Joining Folding Adhesives Quartz Feldspar Mica Thermoplastics Rubber Plastics Building materials Waterproof Elastomers To manufacture Rotational moulding Glue Insulator To identify Density Impermeability Exfoliation

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