Energizing Engineering: SWE Region C Conference 2009 Programs Committee October 17, 2008

Agenda: 1. Weekly/Bi-weekly Meetings: a. Proposed Dates b. Decide on a Set Day & Time 2. What a. b. c. d. e. f. we have now: Set Schedule for the conference (Friday 2/6, Saturday 2/7, Sunday 2/8) List of proposed tours List of proposed session topics + speakers List of proposed activities Career Fair

3. Create Sub-committees a. Tours Committee b. Sessions Committee c. Activities Committee (divide among activities) d. Career Fair Committee 4. Next Steps 5. Next Meeting

Month October October November November December January January January

Possible Dates (Fri/Sat) 17/18 24/25 7/8 21/22 12/13 9/10 16/17 23/24 Best Days/Time from Doodle survey: □ Friday @ 4pm □ Saturday @ 1pm

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