October 17, 2011

Mrs. Leary October 17, 2011

Do  Now:  Read  your  SSR  book   silently.

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AGENDA Reader Response "Quiet Riot" Study Guide Question Finish Freak the Mighty together

Reader Response: "Determine Importance"- Is there a specific word, phrase, passage, or chapter that seems especially significant in your SSR book so far?

Preparing for our "Quiet Riot" assembly...

Reflect in the Reader Response section of your binder: Have you ever been teased or ridiculed only to have the person brush it off with, "Just kidding"? Have you ever done this to someone else?

October 17, 2011
Bully behavior: Physical bullying: causes harm to another’s body or possessions e.g. hitting, shoving, kicking, stealing or breaking possessions Emotional bullying: causes harm to another’s self worth (hurt feelings) e.g. putdowns, threatening, criticizing, name calling, teasing. Social bullying: like emotional bullying except done in a public forum, it causes harm to the target’s group acceptance, publicly humiliating, gossiping, threatening to reveal personal information.

Bully proofing: Stand up straight, make eye contact, walk with purpose Find your strengths and develop your own interests Set goals and strive for them Make sure your “self talk” is always positive Have a positive attitude coming to school Hold in your mind: I will not be bullied anymore Make friends to build support for yourself Be with people who will protect you on the bus or the walk to & from school Act like a friend to the Bully—set a good example If a gang is bothering you, speak later to the gang members individually

ByStander’s Steps to Courage Adapted from Suellen Fried & Paula Fried 1. Don’t Support The Bully 2. Choose Not To Repeat The Gossip 3. Support The Victim In Private 4. Alert An Adult 5. Talk To The Bully Privately 6. Support The Victim In Front Of Bully 7. Confront The Bully

October 17, 2011

Study Guide Question; Chapters 23-24
5. What evidence revealed that Freak was not feeling well at his birthday party?

Read Aloud/Think Aloud of Chapter 25

October 17, 2011

Reflect in the Literature section of your binder: How did Kevin save Max's life?

Upcoming Due Dates: · · Tuesday, 10/18- "Heroes in the News" article. · Tuesday, 10/18- Vocabulary Lesson 5 is due. · Wednesday, 10/19- Shield due.