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BUS475 W4 Google Research Project Team C

BUS475 W4 Google Research Project Team C

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Published by: Gary Bell on Oct 17, 2011
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Google Research Project Google Research Project Team C: Gary Bell, Irby Burnett, Jamila Davis, Wanda Lewis

, John Schlichting University of Phoenix MGT 475 Ralph Apuan, MBA, PHR October 12, 2011


web page translation. For example. music. Google. what are the challenges for the companies in this industry. This paper will include the number of employees Google has and the characteristics of the labor force. profit levels. and “themes” in the industry.d. this research paper will point out who are the major players. and accessed. In these years Google has built an amazing portfolio of products and services. n. the focal point of the conclusion will describe how have the changes happening affected this industry. the company’s experiences with globalization. the contents of this paper will comprise of Google technological changes. and what sets them and their ideas apart? In addition.com offers Google Web Search such as advanced search functionality.Google Research Project Google Research Project Introduction Google was found by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997. and what management skills will be needed to guide the companies in this industry to success? Google – Over Time Google has only been in existence for 14 years. structures. and changes in major product groups. Over these years. researched. Moreover. and . competition. the companies in it. this company has transformed how information is collected. Also.). and management policies. movies. Furthermore. Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” (Form 10-K. and what is the likely scenario for the major companies in this industry? 2 Finally. how are they being addressed. Google became the leader in global technology by focusing on the way people connect with information and owns no less than 65% market shares of online search. Google sales volume.

Google engineers are encouraged to allocate as much as 20% of their time to work on own their individual projects. Google Calendar.Google Research Project weather information. Google employees are encouraged to address complex technical challenges and embrace individual thinking and creativity. advertisers.768. These products include Google Docs. Google Maps. and Blogger.). view. and participating merchants. and communities. Google employees are innovative. Google Group. and Google Sketchup and Sketchup Pro. Google Mobile allows users to search the mobile web. The uniqueness of Google employees are the envy of many.d. n.). Google Employees and Characteristics of Its Labor Force Google employs 28. In 2011. Google Maps. Google Maps for Mobile is a free downloadable Java application that lets users view maps and satellite imagery. collaboration. Gmail. n. Google Pack. 3 Google Book Search. which makes online shopping faster and more convenient. and Google Scholar. Google checkout is a service for users. Google offers free downloadable applications such as Google Desktop. and share videos worldwide. Google mini targets small and medium size businesses who want to let employees and customers to search designated documents. Google AdWords are for advertisers looking to market their products and services to customers and business users throughout the internet. Google news. For example. upload. Google GEO is comprised of Google Earth. Google owns Video and You Tube. and web sites (Form 10-K. Google Reader. These services are free to users. intranets. highly . Google Finance. Google play’s a major role. Google Toolbar. a 9% increase from 2009.d. In the field of communication. competitive. which allows user to find. Google Image Search. Google acquired Motorola Mobility (Google History. and Picasa.

the most common languages that Google is available in is English. 2011). U. 2007). Teamwork is at the core of this company with meaningful communication among employees at all levels.S. resulting in highly motivated employees (Form 10-Km n. Over the past two years both the U. Of these.S. Experience with Globalization Currently the Google suite of web applications is available in over 117 different languages on global domains.Google Research Project talented. German. dollar monetary exchange rate. Inc. Individual accomplishments are rewarded for the overall success of the company.S. French and Japanese. Google search engines support localized results in over 55 countries across the globe and 35 different languages (Yunker. and UK have on average experienced market growth rates of 26% (Atkins-Kruger. Sales Volume Profit Levels 4 On the heels of a rather disappointing fiscal first quarter of 2011. Google rebounded with the announcement of a 32% sales revenue increase in the second quarter as compared to the sales figures from 2010.). has grown at a faster rate than forecasted and has allowed Google. Additionally another driver of the sales volume increase is the rate of headcount growth which according to Google CEO Larry Page. and serious about technology.d. Spanish. over the past few business quarters was partly related to the sterling silver vs. . The international business model has been growing at a more accelerated speed that the U. All Google employees are equity holders with major joint employee ownership. to capture a larger recruitment market share in 2011. Much of the increase was attributed to the rise of international ad revenue growth which was well above the annual growth rate of 41%.

Additionally there have been changes to quantity of available images that appear upon item search. Other major product changes include product availability. Of these changes the following categories have been targeted to make the online experience increasingly user friendly (www. availability and accurate product descriptions. revenues generated from the international arms of Google’s organization accounted for nearly 49% of overall revenue from the 2010 fiscal year. where users are able to locate desired products even in the event that items may be out of stock or on back order. has implemented both subtle and significant changes to their online browser. (Google. 2011). your query is sent to Google machines and compared with all the documents stored in their index to identify the most relevant . (Header?) Co-founder Larry Page once described the “perfect search engine” as something that understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want”. 2011).Google. Google. apparel choices for both male and female clothes. Changes in Major Product Groups In an attempt to improve upon the end user experience. Google has software programs called crawlers or “Googlebots” that are continuously traversing the web in real time searching for information. Google’s product category is another example of positive changes which uses a high level search tool that contains the categories of items in Google’s taxonomy. which is a list of all the words on those pages and where they’re located as well as information about the links from the pages. data freshness which continually checks feeds for pricing accuracy. Google then processes these pages and creates an index. When you type a query into the Google search box. Inc.Google Research Project 5 Also.com.

At Google three people make the major decisions their . all of this is done in a split second.Google Research Project matches. Technological Changes. With cloud computing users are no longer tied to a single computer. and specialty search engines that dive deep into a specific category. depending on the nature of the data. with real time data and an average speed of one-fourth of a second. For business this technology saves money and time by removing the need to purchase and maintain software for each client machine. such as Kayak for travel and health inquiry site WebMD. The theme prevalent for management style in the search engine industry was is relaxed easy going unconventional management system that is more focused on creativity and entrepreneurship than rigid structures. Google is also a leader in cloud computing. which meant that the information you found on Google was out of date. and Yelp. since the information is stored in the cloud a user is able to access his documents from anywhere using any device with a browser. Today they crawl continuously ensuring that researchers can find the latest news. this technology allows users to free up space on their PC because needed programs. Data is also stored in the cloud where it can be shared or secured. and Evidence on Management Policies Google is not just the search engine company they are always looking for new 6 innovations. and status updates minutes or even seconds after they are posted. but they are also competing against social sites such as Facebook. blogs. such as e-mail and word processing are now stored on the “cloud” and not on desktop. Competition. Google’s technology enables searches to be relevant. comprehensive. while at the same time enabling employees to be more productive. In the early days Googlebots crawled the web every three or four months. Twitter. Google faces competition from Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing.

The third player is Ask. and the most important place to be listed because they all generate so much traffic. (Google.com that initially gained fame in 1998 and 1999 as being the “natural language” search engine that lets a person search by asking questions and responded with what seemed to be the right answer to everything. which was launched in 1994 and is the web’s oldest directory. well used. such as cached links that allow a person to “resurrect” dead pages or see older versions of recently changed ones. According to the article title Major Search Engines and Directories by Sew Staff state that the major players of internet searching are Google. Google provides the option to find more than web pages. It is known as the first stop in a hunt for whatever a person is looking for.com.Google Research Project CEO Eric Smidt Executive Chairman. What makes each search engine distinctive about them and their ideas is that each company thinks differently and delivers in a different manner. The Distinctive Ideas. Yahoo. The top search box on Google’s home page allows an individual seek out images from across the web. and Ask. This style works well at Google. Larry Page. they continue to thrive. The second major player is Yahoo. and Sergey Bren Google’s Co-founders. easy access to dictionary definitions. and integration of stocks . and Major Challenges? 7 The major players are considered well known. Who are The Major Players. 2011). discussions that are taking place on Usenet groups. The search engine provides both comprehensive coverage of the web along with great relevancy. Google has a well-deserved reputation as the top choice for those searching the web. and locate news information or perform product searching. Google is also known for the wide range of features it offers. Google offers excellent spell checking. grow and maintain a vast market share in this industry.

What ultimately helps to make the site so distinctive is the hands on experience that they build its global popularity on. However. employment. as a shopping search engine unlike Google the site is a bit inadequate when it comes to its ideas. Yahoo is known for its excellence. the company at one point had about 100 editors who monitored search logs. government regulations can be a major challenge for any company. . The site offers similar features like Google such as seeking images and telephone numbers.com is distinctive when it comes to innovation and how people are using the Internet. Staying ahead of time and looking toward the future can be a challenge due to what resources are available at the time. Yahoo is somewhat similar to Google but not as innovative as the major search engine. being innovative. The major challenges for the companies in this particular industry is staying ahead of time. street maps. and keeping up with what people are looking for in a sight. External and Internal factors can have major challenges for the companies. For instance.Google Research Project 8 quotes. In 2001. The site is inadequate in technology due to its non popularity in technology. the company acquired Teoma’s unique index and search relevancy technology that created an idea. telephone numbers and more and Google. slow economy. They then went out onto the web and located what seemed to be the best sites to match the most popular queries. Ask Jeeves is a type of search engine that responds to particular questions an individual may have. being able to hire individuals with bright minds and new ideas can be a challenge with any company whether it’s on the technology side or not. External factors such as. For instance.

The company offers many different perks along with a great atmosphere which makes it easy for them to find the right person for the job. Google has a extensive hiring strategy this keeps Google with the best personnel the technology field could ask for. is a difficult one. The economy plays a large role with everything being done in the world today. Scenario For Companies In This Industry A likely scenario for companies in this industry is to become much stronger in strategy. right now.Google Research Project In any event major players in the search engine have something distinctive about them and their ideas and face many challenges in the industry. Not too many companies in this industry make it easy for the user. How The Challenges Being Addressed Challenges will always be faced in an industry such as this. . None of these companies are going anywhere anytime soon so all of these companies will continue helping each other grow in a competitive manner. All of the companies in this industry learn from one another and allow each of them to grow because this is a competitive market. The more innovative and strategic a company becomes in this industry keeps them ahead of the industry. Not only is it difficult to get a job for Google but they make people want to work for them. The difference between 9 Google and all the other players is. By having the right person in the right position it is much easier for a company to be innovative and make good strategic decisions. Any industry. Keeping up with the newest of ideas allows Google to remain competitive in this industry. Google offers a one-stop-shop which allows there users to continue to use their programs and system to complete all of their work.

and what management skills will be needed to guide the companies in this industry to success? 10 .Google Research Project Conclusion How have the changes underway affected this industry. the companies in it.

Retrieved from http://www.com/about/corporate/company/history/html.Google. www. October 10. 2011.com/blog/2007/11/05/a-look-inside-google-globalization/ www. Google history-Company. Retrieval date October 10. Retrieval Date. WebCertain. Retrieved from 11 http://investor. (n.google. J. 2011.com/about/corporate/company/tech.com/google-41-growth-in-international-ad-sales-powersq2-financial-results/15/07/2011/ Yunker.com.d. Retrieved from http://www.com.d.globalbydesign. Retrieved from http://www. Everything Google.).google.multilingual-search. Google.com/documents/2007_google_annual_report. A.Google Research Project References Form 10-K.com/support /merchants/bin/answer.html Atkins-Kruger. Corporate Information Company Management retrieved on 9 Oct from www.google.html.globalbydesign.).py?answer=1346661 .google. (2011). (2007). Retrieved from http://www.com.com. (n. (2011).

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