Why consider the Environment

Environmental Impact Analysis Biophysical •Flora • fauna Pollution •Water •Air •Soil •Noise Potential impact & Mitigating measures Others •Decommissioning Social •Recreation •Heritage •Risk .

Major Hazards associated with our process Methanol (Raw Material) Sodium Hydroxide (Catalyst) Biodiesel (Main Product) Glycerol (By-Product) Health Hazard Operational Hazard .

Sustainability Analysis Resource Utilization Economical Aspect Social Aspect Environmental Aspect .

Effluent Disposal Method • Waste Water(mainly from glycerol distillation column and <20mg/L.0kmol/hr) . • Solid Waste disposal(extracted from gravity separator) • Waste Methanol(from biodiesel and glycerin distillation column and <1.

alarm system Less Distillation column T300 and T400 None Less flow of H3PO4 of Faulty valve or valve Incomplete product from T200 blockage reaction No flow from T200 Valve blockage or no No distillation liquid to pump No flow from X200 Valve blockage No distillation None . Install level control Alert operator.Hazop Unit operation CSTR(R100) Guide word Less None Deviation Less flow from mixer or flow of Triolein No flow of the mixture out of the reactor No flow from R100 More than required column pressure No flow from T100 or flow of H20 More than required temperature Flow of a mixture of H3PO4 with other compounds Cause(s) -Blockage in pump -Control failure -Flow valve is closed -Blockage in Valve -Valve blockage Pressure controller failure -Valve blockage Faulty heat xchanger temperature contrler -Contamination of H3PO4 stream -Not correctly supplied Consequences Incomplete reaction -Over flow of product -reactor burst No distillation Action(s) Install flow control or flow meter Check Valve or Install level control or install alarm system Check valve or install a flow meter Distillation column 1(T100) None More Extractor None Liq-liq (T200) More Conversion reactor (CRV100) Other than Column rupture Check pressure controller No extraction Install flow controller Excess or under extraction Reaction won’t go on as required or preferred Install temperature controller Plant procedures to double check before charging to reactor Check valve. install flow control Install flow control.

Contingency plan • Flammability issues • Spillage issues .

Start-up and Shut down procedures .

Conclusion .

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