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Office #: 847-b3Z-oZoo
EmoiI: Sfeven.WoIIoceÇ
Websife: hffp://

"PeopIe who do nof undersfond fhemseIves hove o croving for undersfonding."
~WiIheIm SfekeI

Welcome to Psychology! This course is designed Ior students with a desire to
investigate the intricacies oI human behavior. Due to the complicated theoretical
basis oI the science oI psychology, it is expected that students who elect to pursue
this course will demonstrate high levels oI reading, writing, verbal, and cognitive
skills. SelI-motivated students with the eagerness to succeed in a challenging class
will attain the greatest beneIit Irom psychology. It is a valuable college preparatory
class and most importantly is Ior students to better understand themselves and the
world around them.

ssigned fexfbook
3-Ping 8inder
Poper for binder
Pen & PenciI

Student E×pectutions:
I. Once in fhe room be prepored fo Ieorn wifh proper moferioIs ond posifive offifudel

Z. 8e seofed ond working on fhe ossignmenf on fhe boord when fhe beII rings

3. FoIIow bosic ruIes of Respect: Others¸ SeIf¸ Property¸ und Leurning
^Mo CeII Phones or MP3 pIoyersl ^OnIy sfudenf wifh DD/DHD ond o nofe from fheir offending
physicion for DD/DHD wiII be oIIowed fo Iisfen fo MP3 pIoyers during individuoI ocfivifies.

4. Toke chorge of your Ieorning by ocfiveIy porficipofing ond compIefing oII ossignmenfs

b. bide by SchooI PoIicy of oII fimes - Pefer fo Sfudenf Hondbook

SeneruI Consequences (Pefer fo Hondbook for more specifics):
I. Worning
Z. Defenfion ond CoII Home
3. PeferroI


Purticipution: Leorning is on ocfive sporfl There wiII be doiIy ocfivifies.
Off-fosk behovior wiII resuIf in o Iowering or ;ero for fhose grodes. 3õ% of Srude

inder: II nofes, hondoufs, ond homework shouId be orgoni;ed info o 3-
ring binder chronoIogicoIIy. The gooI is fo improve orgoni;ofion skiIIs ond
your obiIify fo sfudy. If wiII be groded periodicoIIy ond wiII be used os o
sfudy guide.
omework: Due of fhe beginning of cIoss for fuII credif. CompIefion is
necessory fo poss fhe cIoss. Cheofing wiII eorn o ;erol

Muke Up Work: If you ore obsenf, if is your responsibiIify fo find ouf
whof wos missed ond fo obfoin ony cIoss work ond homework.
You hove Z schooI doys fo moke up ossignmenfs.

Lute PoIicy: II work is due of fhe beginning of cIoss. Lofe work wiII be
occepfed of fhe binder check for hoIf credif

Tests und Quizzes: Tesfs ond qui;;es wiII require sfudenfs fo sfudy fheir nofes ond
fo be obIe fo undersfond ond oppIy fhe confenf. Use fhe onIine sfudy guide.
4õ% of Srude*

FinuI E×um: FinoI wiII be o comprehensive exom of everyfhing covered in fhe cIoss
Z0% of Srude

Une×used Absences: II work for fhof doy wiII be counfed os o ;ero.

A ÷ 100-90.00, B ÷ 89.99-80.00, C ÷ 79.99-70.00, D ÷ 69.99-60.00, F ÷ 59.99-0