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Published by: Scarlett Kao on Oct 18, 2011
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Mollify: After Nell's parents were trampled by stampeding rhinoceroses, Molly felt she should mollify her and

assure her that everything would be okay.

Professor McFeely fell into disrepute among his colleagues when he was seen dating one of his former students Marla didn't understand what her daughter saw in the stodgy, uninteresting oaf that she was currently dating. 1. The truth was indubitable: Sidney's pants were cut so low that they were more obscene than
stylish. 2. Licentious in his advances toward all of the girls in school, Nathan was voted "biggest creep" by the senior class.

3. The esoteric writings in the book that Bethany found in her grandmother's closet were
undecipherable and written in coded language, causing her to think her grandmother belonged to a cult.

4. Because the mug was pellucid, Karl's mother could tell that he was drinking beer and not
Coke. I was told that Dean was truculent when it came to defending his sister's honor, but challenging the entire football team to a fight was simply reckless

The kids June had to baby sit were like truculent dogs; if she left them alone for a minute they were at each others' throats.
The senator informed his senate buddies of his decision to sponsor the bill. In my driveway, there is a mysterious van and a creepy pick-up truck parked.

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