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BABC Risk Analysis Model

BABC Risk Analysis Model

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Published by: Wayne Ariola on Oct 18, 2011
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Bel-Air Bay Club Risk Analysis Model

Purpose The purpose of Bel-Air Bay Club Risk Analysis and this document is to provide the Bel-Air Bay Club Board of Directors and Management a central location for documenting and managing identified risks to the Club. 2. its property. 4. Club Management and Staff. Confidentiality Bel-Air Bay Club Board and Committee Members sign a Confidentiality Agreement in order to protect the Club and its Members. 3. staff and membership. This risk analysis is designed to be complementary to the Bel-Air Bay Club Five Year Financial Plan for the purpose of proactively identifying potential risks. actively managing risks identified and providing continuity of critical information for transitioning Board Members. Identification Prioritization Research Recommendation . This tool can be modified at anytime in order to enhance the Club ability to proactively identify risks. The Bel-Air Bay Club Risk Assessment Model The Bel-Air Bay Club Risk Assessment Model is tool to assist committee members and staff to proactively identify potential risks to the Club. staff and membership. its property. Risks identified as a result of this analysis require a significant degree of discretion as the risk is researched and the impact of the risk understood in context of our Club. The Bel-Air Bay Club Risk Management Process The Bel-Air Bay Club risk management process is broken down into five primary activities: 1.

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