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Bags . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4, 12, 22 Baths & Washes . . . . . . . . 8, 10, 42 Books . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Candles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7, 38-39 Candy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Colognes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Crystal Power . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Dolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Gem-Mojo Bracelets . . . . . . . 28-29 Health & Beauty Aids . . . . . . . 42, 52 Herbs & Roots . . . . . . . . . . . . 43-48 Horseshoes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Incense . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13, 60-61 Jewelry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-6, 40, 55 Kits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36-37, 54 Lotions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Monkey Paw Items . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 New Products . . . . . . . 2, 3, 62, BC Oils . . . . . . . . . . 9, 15-21, 41, 58-59 Order Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Perfumes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Powders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Prosperity Trees . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Religious Necklaces . . . . . . . . . . 55 Rev. Moses Jewelry . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Rev. Moses 10-Ton Kits . . . . . . . . 34 Rev. Moses Pray List . . . . . . . . . . 33 Rev. Moses Blessed Goods. . 27, 52 Rev. Moses Help Page. . . . . . . . . 32 Salts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Seals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31, 35 Sex/Nature Items . . . . . . . . . . 56-57 Soaps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Sprays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14, 50 Wallets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Waters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49

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New Orleans “Triple Strength” ROOT OF LIFE OIL
No. X1826 …. $12.95 (2oz. bottle)
Used by Spiritualists, Ministers, Reverends, High Priests and Medicine Men all over the world – this ALL PURPOSE POWERFUL OIL when Anointed on your Body, Sprinkled on your Money, or Put on your Doorstep – Is believed to Drive away evil spirits, AND Bring Fast luck, Success and Money Blessings to you. Many claim that this oil has the Secret Power to Attract the Opposite Sex, also.

“Super-Charged” HERBAL POWER OIL
No. X1827…. $12.95 (2oz. bottle)
• With Roots and Magnetic Lodestone Inside • To “Pull and Draw” Whatever You Need & Want Use this Oil (instructions included) to Achieve all of your desires and to finally give you Fast Luck & Success in All matters – It’s the Most Powerful Drawing Oil you will find. Make your wish and focus on your desires. Ask and You Shall Receive. Get what you deserve – and Quick!

Protects you from THE dEvIL and all his evil demons and spirits. Stops the devil cold – in his tracks!

Order No. A1642 $24.95 each
Feel Healthy and Happy once again!
Combine the Power of Seven Holy Herb Baths Into One Bottle and Watch your Body be Cleansed and All Evil Spirits washed away from you. Moves Bad Luck, Jinxes, Hexes and Curses out of your body and Makes the Devil run far and fast! Fixes Conditions — Solves Problems — Eases Pain & Suffering. Seven Bottles (4oz.) are Included; One each for Protection, Fast Luck, Turn Back Evil, Jinx Remover, Love Power, Money Drawing and Power & Control. An empty Mixing bottle is also included for your convenience.

Destroys bad problems such as: Constant fighting and arguing, drug and alcohol addiction, cheating and running around, lying, financial problems, pain and health issues And just plain old bad luck. Cleanse your home and Remove evil, wherever it is. Satan and his evil demons can creep inside your home like an invisible fog. But, this will make the devil run far and fast – for good! Destroys any demons lurking in, near or around you.

Order No. K1522 …. Only $25.00

CHURCH GOODS CO.® • P.O. Box 718 • Glenview, IL 60025-0718 • www.

Rev. Moses Jewelry Collection
Lucky “ 4” Conquer All Necklace
No. J4310 Only $9.99 each
Four Lucky Symbols all on one Necklace; The Holy Hand for turning back evil and protection from harm, the Horseshoe for Luck in all things, the Dove for peace, wisdom, knowl edge and understanding and the Amethyst Crystal for Almighty Power in all matters. Comes w/21” Gold Chain. Wear, Carry or Hang in your house for Supreme Luck. Supplies Are Limited! Order Today!

Run Devil Run Bracelet
Wear this Powerful Black Agate Bracelet to Destroy All Evil, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Hoodoo, and All Spells or Curses on you. Removes all Jinx and Cross Conditions – Gets it out of you and your home, car, or workplace. Haven’t you suffered enough? Conquer & Control the Evil forces holding you down!

No. B4096 Only $9.95 each

The Lucky Amulet
(Luck In A Bottle)
No. J4311 Only $12.95 each
This Amulet is made with lucky seeds from the Amazon region of Brazil – this rare seed is known as the Luckiest Seed – Red to Draw Good Luck and Black to Drive Away Evil. The natives said it is to bring you good luck and fortune. Comes with a black cord.

“ Diamond” Crystal Dream Necklace (In a Bottle)
No. J4312 Clear Quartz (for Cleansing & Protection) No. J4313 Emerald (for Fast Luck/Money Drawing)

Only $24.95 each
These Herkimer Diamonds are natural DoubleTerminated Quartz crystals. They are Powerful Dream Crystals and help make hopes, plans and dreams come true! Keep them close to you, while you sleep – To Have Lucky Dreams and a Peaceful Sleep. Available in Clear Quartz OR Emerald stones.

“ Lucky 9” Wealthy Way Bracelet
No. B4097 Only $9.95 each
Wear, Hang in Car, House or Bedroom – To Draw Money, Wealth & Prosperity to you Quick. These 9 Lucky Powerful “Queen’s Coins” are known to Loosen Up and Un-Block Your Money problems so you can Receive a Financial Blessing soon!

Money Pull Elephant Necklace
No. J2319 $10.95 each (2 for $19.00)
Carry or wear this symbol of Good Luck and Money Pulling Power. Get what you want, fast! Comes with gold-plated chain. Let this necklace, a symbol of strength, power, and luck fight for you. Also used by lucky people to win win win!

7 POWERS CHAKRAS Wand / Pendant
No. J4314 Only $16.95 each
Feel Better Now! Banish all misery, pain & suffering. These 7 gemstones work with the Spiritual Pulse Points in your body to Relieve Tension & Anxiety, Give you Energy, Keep you calm and emotionally balanced, Keep you clear-headed and able to sleep without aches or confusion. Intensifies your Psychic and Mental Powers as well, so you feel good again!

Lucky Horseshoe / Reversible Necklace
No. J4315 Only $12.95 each

This Lucky Natural (2-Color) Seed is found in the Amazon jungle and its Red color Draws Good Luck and Fortune & Prosperity. Its Black color is also Powerful in Turning Back all Evil and Spells and Any Negative forces coming from those who wish to harm you. It sends it right back! For Extra Luck, a Gold Horseshoe is mounted on the seed.

***Draws Good Luck / Turns Back Evil*** 3

Dept. 211

Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312.332.1634

call me. I did no harm to anyone. K4008 – COURT CASE BAG I want to win this case and have the judge rule in my favor or throw the case out. Kills all jinx and bad luck.00 BONUS: FREE GIFT WITH EACH BAG!! 4 CHURCH GOODS CO. please make it so that I am the most important person – no one else! K4007 – CONTROLLING I want control. Amen K4065 – TURN BACK A CURSE Your enemies should beware. now. Box 718 • Glenview. K4015 – GAMBLING BAG The roots and charms in this bag are combined to give the holder a money power “pull” to hit that jackpot and win big! You deserve to be a winner at lottery. now! K4005 – BREAK-UP BAG O Lord. and desire me – only. Haven’t you suffered enough? K4050 – MONEY DRAWING BAG It is within your power to have more money than you can imagine. Pray to God so that he can help you. I know it can and must be done. Superstitious people believe and swear by the power they feel with this green master power bag.® • P. too. Probably the devil itself. You just want to send and turn back that evil curse from wherever it came. The items combined in this master power bag have been used successfully for this purpose. slots. Be rich and draw money like a magnet.00 BONUS: FREE GIFT WITH EACH BAG!! K4003 – BINGO BAG It’s my turn to hit that jackpot. Lord knows that I haven’t won in a long time. stay with me. Grant me my wish and get me what I want. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY EACH BAG IS ONLY $15. IL 60025-0718 • www. K4027 – JINX REMOVING BAG I want to get rid of this jinx. Hit that winning number. may the right combination come to me. It is alleged that this bag with faith in God can turn my luck around and have things go my way. You have the ability to be a millionaire. move now. family or church member. cards. turn back all evil and keep all enemies away from me. the person you truly love can respond to you and come back to you. Crossed? Jinxed? Why live with it? Pray to God for this jinx to go away for good. K4045 – MAKE SOMEONE MOVE It’s time to get rid of that evil person. and stay out of my life. It’s just not right that they’re together. It’s time to make them move. I need this person or group of people to do as I say and obey me – whether it be a loved one. for any situation. Keep evil away for good. bad. • Here is what you get with each kit: 1) 2) 3) 4) Your Master Power Bag The Oil You Need Hand-Picked Herb Your Own Root 5) 6) 7) 8) Your Personal Lucky Stone Special Power Seal Your Own Sachet Powder EASY DIRECTIONS EACH BAG IS ONLY $15. My luck is down and everything is blocked – I have bad luck anywhere I turn. protect yourself. Conquer with power. I need to BREAK-UP these two people. dice or any numbers game. Lord. I need this jinx removed and I need fast luck. K4010 – DOUBLE FAST LUCK Get Luck in a Hurry. my house and my family. K4055 – NO MORE DRINK or DRUGS Do you or any of your loved ones have a problem with drinking or drugs? It’s time to destroy this addiction and the evil that comes along with it. power and respect. The time is now for you to say to those people – leave. LUCKSHOP. Feel jinxed or crossed? Protect yourself now. With faith in God. K4040 – LOTTERY BAG Grant me the power to hit that winning number. Brings Quick Money. wherever evil lurks. nor is it fair. Act now. I am NOT GUILTY. now! K4020 – GET WHAT I WANT O Lord.Alleged MASTER POWER BAGS • Receive a different color bag for each condition. K4006 – COME TO ME/ LOVE ME ONLY BAG I want and need my loved one to come close to me. • Each bag is made with your special purpose in mind. I need to break out and win big money.O. As I hold the bag in my right hand. friend or neighbor. K4060 – PROTECTION BAG Beat the devil. when combined with prayer can fix or improve your job situation. Very Lucky in all gambling games. Protect me from all harm and make the devil run away from me. truly. K4035 – KEEP the LOVE TRUE Never be alone again. This bag can help you battle all odds and possess your most wanted desires. K4025 – HI JOHN THE CONQUEROR Your search can be over. . K4063 – STOP EVIL BAG O Lord. Love and be loved always by the one you most desire – and make it lasting and true. Do you need a raise? Do have trouble getting a job? Holding a job? Or getting along with co-workers or your boss? It is thought that this bag. I need this very badly. You did no harm and want to do no harm. now! I’m tired of missing by one number all the time. K4070 – UNCROSSING BAG Does bad luck follow you? Get rid of evil spirits. fast. K4030 – JOB BAG This bag is good for any job related problem. I need to be lucky and win big.

Let me know every time the Genie Lamp brings you an Instant Miracle! I Want to Hear Your Good Luck Story. Do Not Hesitate to write me—at once. 211 Only $10. • Be Satisfied and Order Now! Put to every test.00 5 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. or even if you won that court case or lawsuit. now? Could you use an instant money miracle? 2) Do you want to “rub” away bad luck and jinxes for good? And be lucky all the time? 3) Are you tired of the devil keeping you down and out. Silver Lamp with Silver Chain for Wearing.95 or 2 for $19. • You are the only one who will be allowed to ever use it. or Finally getting the home or car you’ve always wanted. Bingo or the Lottery. Also. 5) Do you always get real close to hitting that winning number—but you still always lose? 6) Do you wish that your sons.1634 . Send for Your Genie Lamp at Once -. such as Winning a Contest. we will offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee ( less shipping costs).Rub the Genie Lamp for Instant Miracles! Grants up to 7 Wishes. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Send me a story and I will send you two surprise free gifts. It is yours and yours only! • We honestly believe this Blessed Genie Lamp can work Instant Miracles for you. Write Me as soon as you receive any kind of Instant Miracle—whether it be an Unexpected Job promotion or raise. daughters. grandchildren or any of your loved ones to be successful and to stay out of trouble with the law & not drink or do drugs? 7) Do you have a wish—any old kind—that you would like to see come true? Just rub the Genie Lamp. troubled. • To prove that we mean it.Without Risk! 100% Guaranteed! • We will send your Genie Lamp Necklace with complete “rubbing” instructions. Gambling winnings.332. sick and tired? 4) Is your love life mixed-up. J4230 Dept. Order No. 1) Do you need lots of cash right. non-existent or in need of a quick fix? Do you need control over your love situation? Enlarged to show detail.

Las Vegas.00) CASINO JACKPOT NECKLACE DON’T GIVE UP. .00 each $4. . . then you need this necklace so you can bust through that block on your money. It’s real good at drawing out the Hot Slot Ma chines so you can Hit the Big Jackpot! Turn your luck around. Get the money you’ve been desiring for so long so you can buy the things you want and Get Out of Debt! Enlarged to Show Detail The Special All-Seeing Eye helps see the Numbers. lucky” necklace while playing any casino game. J4235 Only $10. This is a Risk Free offer—60 Day Money Back Guarantee—double the length of our normal guarantee. IL 60025-0718 • www. X1070 No. Wear or Carry this “hot. It will never lose its power. Give Luck a chance and order your necklace today.95 Get 2 for $19.95 each (2 for $19. then you need the luck of this Amazing New Magical Necklace to Help You Win the Big Jackpot! This Secret Necklace has been out of circulation for many. Only $10. A1317 Casino Jackpot Oil Casino Jackpot Soap $5. LUCKSHOP. ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST.O. It SEES the Hot Numbers! the Right Numbers! For You to Win Big Money! If you play the street numbers.® • P. 3-Digit. THIS NEW AND POWERFUL NECKLACE CAN HELP YOU TO HIT THE JACKPOT. to Win Big. .LUCKY LOTTERY HANd NECKLACE Helps you Hit the Winning Number With the “Magical” All. Big Lotto or Power ball. Now is your chance to take advantage of this Special Offer. Atlantic City. or if you have a Casino in or near your hometown. H H H H H Order No.Seeing Eye The Hand – with its special Drawing Powers – helps Pull Out the Winning Numbers. this necklace can help you WIN! WIN! WIN! Although it was created with Casinos in . J4270 . If you keep missing by one number all the time or just don’t have any old kind of luck. 4-Digit. H H H H TH E H IT P OT! K JAC H H H LU OT! N E CK C K Y! LA CE ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY B IG WI N W! NO H MORE CASINO PRODUCTS JUST FOR YOU! No. Order No.98 each H H H 6 CHURCH GOODS CO. You deserve to be a Winner at any game you play. many years and is only available once in a great while. quick and fill your pockets with money.00 Whether you go to a Casino Boat. Box 718 • Glenview. Little Lotto. the Bingo Player or Lottery Player—actually any type of gambler. due to its legendary powers. it can also help the Card Player. Postage & Handling is not refunded. Use it every time you play. It’s your turn to Bust Out and Start Winning Again and get on a Hot Streak.

.Pink C1152 . TRIPLE LUCK BAYBERRY CANDLE Bayberry Candles Burned to the Socket. good when praying or performing rituals and spells. the proper writing tool for your request. and deserve and need a raise. or if you are playing any games of chance. 4) And Easy Directions for you! Order No. .Gray C1160 .50 each You will get: 1) A Scented Candle that will last almost 7 days! and one that’s been BLESSED by Rev. . Turn your bad luck around and get some luck in a hurry. Only $14.Brown C1158 . This powerful new kit was designed especially to draw you some money. Moses. . .Purple C1153 . Fast! INCLUDED IN THIS KIT ARE: * 7 Day Triple Strength Quick Money Dressed and Blessed Candle * Reverend Moses Extra Strong Money Drawing Oil * Blessed Parchment Paper * Dove’s Blood Ink Pen Use this Kit and watch the Money come rolling in – QUICKER and FASTER than you have ever seen before!!! 3-DAY QUICK MONEY Order No.1634 7 . Moses Triple Strength (3-Day) Quick Money Candle Kit ® Need Money Quick? This New Triple Power Candle Kit.80 per Dozen M1015 Candle Holder – Use this Star-Shaped. can help make it happen. family or love problems. . 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. . Fast! • • Draw Luck and Money • • Win at Any Numbers Game • • If Your Luck is Jinxed • • If Your Money is Blocked • Start to See Results in 7 Days ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY C1201 MONEY DRAWING Burn to DRAW MONEY from any source. 3) A Dove’s Blood Ink Pen.Orange C1151 .Black C1156 . 2) Two pieces of Parchment Paper.Green C1161 .95 each Dept. C4002 .95 each LUCKY NUMBER CANDLES C1200 FAST LUCK Burn to give you fast luck in anything – money. And Gold to the Pocket.Blue C1157 . . Bring Luck to the Home. Whether you need some Quick Money from someone who owes you.Red C1154 . .K3001 Only $22.Gold C1159 . Also. Gold Tin Holder for your Household Candles. or if you work hard. NOW! Even If it seems like your Money sources are all blocked. job. . Burn This Candle! Now! • Change Your Luck. or you just can’t seem to hold on to your money. Only $2. to write any request to God that you might have. .Yellow Only 99¢ each or $10.White C1155 . any way – for bills or for a nice car or home. Get money from Any Source.50 each HOUSEHOLD STICK CANDLES Burn these 6” tall candles to create GOOD VIBRATIONS in your home. specially designed by Rev. Moses. . . and put some cash in your wallet. Un-block you money. C1150 .332. Comes with Lucky Numbers Each Candle Burns for 48 Hours Straight $6.POWERFUL CANDLES Rev.

7 Holy Spirit Hyssop Bath Oil
• Sweet Smelling Herbal Bath • Easy Instructions Included • CLEANS Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit • Large 4 oz. Bottle

Order No. A1077
$8.95 each
Fights Nasty, Evil Odors. Use in your home, car, church or workplace. Removes and gets rid of evil, jinx, curses, jealousy caused by your enemies. Brings Fast Luck and Money Blessings to you. Stops and destroys all evil. Good on most household surfaces. For Triple Strength, pour the whole bottle (16oz.) in a gallon of water.

No. A1050 . . . . . Only $7.98 (3 for $19.95)

Mr. Money Bubble Bath
Powerul and Quick Acting! Large 16oz. Bottle No. A1131 Only $8.95
Used to Draw Lots of Money, Success and Jackpot Winnings. Will bring you Fast Luck in all types of Casino-type games of chance and the Lottery. Just add about 4oz. to your Bath every time you bathe and you should see quick results.

Pour 1/2 bottle in bath and we believe you will come into some BIG MONEY – any old way! Said to cause LUCKY DREAMS and LUCK IN EVERYTHING – especially to DRAW MONEY!

Order No. A1062
$6.95 each (3 for $15.00)

No. A1111 $8.95 each
Large 16 oz. bottle with Instructions Cast off and Drive away any and all evil spirits that have come inside your home, body, car, or workplace. Wash away that evil mess. Bathe yourself and be cleansed of all voodoo, witchcraft, spells, jinx or curses on you. Make satan be gone—for good!

The Absolute Best You Can Buy to Cleanse Your Body

Order No. A1065 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Only $19.95
Removes Evil and Bad Odors from body. Gets rid of unwanted evil demons and spirits. You will feel good again! With no more jinx or bad luck on you, or in you. Instructions included.


Rev. Moses Cleansing / Uncrossing Spiritual Bath & Soak
No. A1090 Only $9.95 each


This Bath Oil is: • Two Colors — to drive away evil and jinx and to draw luck & money, fast. • Super Charged — blessed and dressed for extra power. • Easy to Use — 1/2 Bottle in Bath. Say Lord’s Prayer, before the bath.

Order No. A1061
$6.95 each (3 for $15.00)

Use this Bath/Foot Soak to Remove any evil or crossed condition on you. It keeps away enemies and gets the devil out of you. It gets rid of unwanted conditions inside your body and makes it pass. Also removes any evil mess that you might have stepped on. This is a Secret Formula of three very special powerful products that has been a successful recipe with reverends and ministers here in Chicago, brought up from Louisiana, in the Deep South. Instructions Included.


CHURCH GOODS CO.® • P.O. Box 718 • Glenview, IL 60025-0718 • www.




These oils created by Rev. Moses are packed with SUPER POWER and MAXIMUM TRIPLE STRENGTH!

$9.95 each
Comes with easy directions.

They can work real fast for you and help you conquer any problem you may have and help you get what you need and want – right now! Only the finest herbs and roots are used in these oils – the good, strong kind. Each bottle is blessed by Rev. Moses to achieve the Most Effective Pulling and Drawing Power Possible!!! Order now.

X3301 – All Purpose/Luck in a Hurry
Good for any condition, problem or worry. Use to get good luck fast. If your luck is down and you need a quick turn around, then get this oil so you could stop suffering and feel good again.

X3307 – Jinx Removing Run Devil Run
Get that evil jinx to go away – for good! Stop that bad luck now and reverse it so you have good luck all the time, from now on. Wear this if the devil is keeping you down. Satan and all his evil works will slide right off you. Run the devil away and have peace of mind.

X3313 – Lucky Lottery/Lucky Hand
Hit that jackpot and be a winner today! If you need luck in the lottery or fast luck in any casino gambling game then you need this oil. Change your luck and get on a hot streak today. Helps you hit that winning number – even if you miss by one number all the time.

X3302 – Break-up
Use this oil to break-up any two people (a man and a woman, two women, two men) or a group of people. It will help separate these people and cause so much confusion for them that they won’t know what is happening to them. Try it and see for yourself.

X3314 – Pay Me/Give Me Money
If anyone you know owes you money or should give you money because you deserve it, then use this oil to draw it to you. You know the money should be yours, so get it, fast.

X3308 – Healing/Peace
Use this oil to get and feel healthy again – and stop those nagging aches and pains. Stop your misery and suffering. Also, have peace of mind and spirit so you can relax and stop being nervous all the time. Let God answer your troubles. Get fast Relief, now!

X3315 – Protection from Evil – Enemies – Harm
Wear this oil and be protected from any danger, evil or nasty mean ,nosy, jealous, people – neighbors, family members or socalled friends. If people are bothering you, worry no more! You will be protected.

X3303 – Come to Me/Love Me Only
Wear this and have that special drawing power you’ve always wanted. Draw your lover, special friend, husband, wife, boy friend or girlfriend close to you and hold them. Keep him/her from wandering and running around. You will be the only one.

X3309 – Hi John the Conqueror/ Power
A very powerful oil used by reverends and ministers with great success. This old-time formula has been tested and found to be one of thee best oils to conquer and master any problem, situation or bad condition you may have. Success and power are yours to solve your problems and ease your worries.

X3310 – Job/Steady Work
Are you having problems on the job? or with your boss or co-workers? Are you being harassed and being treated unfairly? Do you want a raise or promotion that you deserve? Do you want more hours, more work or more money? Whatever your situation,this oil will help you get what you want from your job or career. Success will be yours.

X3304 – Controlling/Do As I Say
You will have the power and control when you wear this oil – no one else. Make others (your mate, lover, children, co-workers, friends, etc.) obey you and do as you say. Make anyone listen to you.

X3316 – Stop Evil/Turn Back Evil
Helps keep all evil and enemies away and turns and sends it back quick so that you’re safe. Stops all evil and turns back any witchcraft, voodoo, curses, hexes, jinxes or plots against you. It uncrosses you, your home and children.

X3311 – King Solomon/ Block Buster
Let the wisdom and power of King Solomon help you Unblock all problems and obstacles in your life – money, love, health or anything else. If someone or something evil is blocking good luck from coming your way or keeping you down, then you need this oil. It is also good for improving memory, concentration and for passing any test or exam.

X3305 – Court Case/ Law Stay Away
Use this oil so you can win that big case. Make the judge rule in your favor so you can win, get the case thrown out, get the money you’re asking for or getting shortened jail time or no jail time. Keep the law and lawyers off your back. Rev. Moses knows you didn’t do it. Good for you or any family member.

X3317 – Success for Children/Family
Answer any wish or desire you have to make you, your children and family successful in school and life including staying out of trouble or being with bad kids or people. Hold your head high and be proud of your good, loving family.

X3312 – Love Potion/Desire Me
Try this very potent oil… the best oil to strengthen your love or draw someone closer to you. It is believed to make your loved one bow and bend over to your needs and want you and only you, real bad! Your lover’s desire for you will be so strong that you will be the only one on his/her mind.

X3318 – Will Power/ Stop Addictions
Are you or a loved one trying to lose weight, stop smoking, drinking or doing drugs? To stop any bad habits use this oil. You will beat this problem. Use this for yourself or any family member. Set yourself free and have peace of mind.


X3306 – Fast Money/Fast Luck
Be lucky in life and draw that money that you want and need – so you can pay off all of your bills, buy that new house or car or new clothes for you and your family. Get luck and money any old way. Hit that winning number and be the big jackpot winner soon!

Dept. 211

Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312.332.1634


$4 .95 each
NEW WASHES - 50 in all, now - 35 plus 15 new ones.
Large 8 oz. Bottles. Instructions are on the bottle – Use for Sprinkling, too!
All Wash Titles are Available in 1/2 Gallon Size Upon Request. Just Ask!

3 for
$12 .96

A1000 - Adam & Eve - Makes love close and true. A1001 - All Purpose - Good Luck for everything. A1002 - Black Cat - Luck in Gambling. A1003 - Break-up - Any 2 People, any situation. A1043 - Cast Off Evil - Removes jinx, spells and all evil. A1004 - Come to Me - Draws lover to you, fast. A1005 - Court Case - Win that case or throw it out! A1044 - Crossing - Confuse and cross up your enemies. A1006 - Do As I Say - Get respect, others will obey you. A1007 - Domination - Total Control - love, family, job. A1008 - Devil’s Shoe String - Makes the devil run. A1034 - Dragon Blood - Destroys evil and kills all jinx. A1045 - Drawing - Super drawing power for what you need and want. A1046 - Drive Away Evil - Keeps evil, enemies and spells away, forever. A1009 - Fast Luck - Get lucky, now! A1010 - Gambler’s Luck - Win and get rich quick! A1035 - Go Away Evil - All evil go away, fast & forever. A1011 - Helping Hand - Jesus’ hand sets you free. A1012 - High John the Conqueror - Conquer your worst problems. A1013 - High Power - Have Power over any situation. A1014 - Jinx Removing - Kill all jinx and bad luck. A1015 - Keep Away Hate - from you and your family. A1016 - Keep Away Enemies - Be safe from enemies. A1017 - Lady Luck - Lucky in love and gambling. A1018 - Love Me Only - Strong Love with the one you desire. A1056 - Lucky Dream Numbers - Helps to hit that winning number with lucky dreams. A1019 - Lucky Mojo - Gets you that winning number.

A1020 - Money Drawing - Draws money, quick! A1039 - Pay Me Now - Get money quick from those who owe you. A1021 - Peaceful Home - Brings Peace and Happiness to home. A1022 - Protection - Be Safe from Jealousy, harm, evil. A1023 - Reversible - Turns bad luck to good luck. A1024 - Road Opener - Unblocks conditions; opens roads. A1057 - Run Devil Run - Moves out satan, evil demons and the devil, fast. A1025 - 7 African Powers - Control and solve all problems. A1037 - St. Anthony - Wonder worker of finances; helps return lost/stolen items. A1026 - St. Jude - For hopeless, desperate cases. A1027 - St. Michael - Protects and fights enemies for you. A1058 - Showers of Gold - Brings riches, wealth and gambling winnings for an easy life. A1066 - Shut Your Mouth - Stop neighbors & friends from gossiping about you. A1059 - Special Favor - Ask God’s blessing and your wish will be granted. A1028 - Steady Work - Gets and keeps job for you. A1029 - Stop Evil - Destroys evil everywhere - for good! A1030 - Success - In life, school, love, job or business. A1041 - Sure Luck - Sure to give you luck in a hurry. A1042 - Sure to Win - Sure to Help you Hit the jackpot! A1031 - Tame - Makes lover stay close to home. A1038 - Turn Back Evil - Sends evil back to where it cam from, back to your enemies. A1032 - Uncrossing - Casts off evil spells and cross conditions. A1033 - Van Van - Gets rid of evil condition, spell or curse.

Highest Quality Bath and Floor Washes

LARGE 1/2 GALLON SIZE – Now Available!

Only $14.95 for each 1/2 Gallon
A1409 - Fast Luck A1412 - High John the Conqueror A1414 - Jinx Removing A1418 - Love Me Only

$14.95 for each 1/2 Gallon

A1420 - Money Drawing A1422 - Protection A1424 - Road Opener A1429 - Stop Evil


CHURCH GOODS CO.® • P.O. Box 718 • Glenview, IL 60025-0718 • www.

or at your workplace. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Protection Against All Evil & Harm.95 MP121 – BATH & SPRINKLING SALT 4oz . . . . . 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. . . . on your loved ones. . . . . . $6.95 MP106 – BATH & FLOOR WASH 8oz .REV. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 MP118 – SOAP (Large 7oz Bar).98 MP112 – LOTION (Hand/Body) 4oz . . . . . . . . . . . . $12. . . $9. .98 MP136 – INCENSE POWDER 1.95 MP127 – HIGH CONQUERING SPRAY 2oz . . . MP139 – SACHET POWDER 1oz. . . . . . . MORE POWERFUL MONKEY PAW PRODUCTS TO TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND! I GOT LUCKY!! — I GOT THE MONKEY’S PAW!! MP103 – OIL 1oz . $7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 Your Monkey Paw comes with FREE Rubbing Oil and Instructions. . . . . . . . . ALSO. . To Destroy All Jinx and Curses in or around you. . . . . . . . . .1634 11 . . . . . . MOSES ® Monkey Paw Lucky Hand ® — I Got Lucky! — I Got the Monkey’s Paw!! — NOTE: (So-Called Monkey’s Paw)** Not of Primate origin—pseudo TURN YOU LUCK and YOUR LIFE AROUND! Use For: Fast Luck. . . $7. . . . . .95 MP133 – HEALING LINIMENT 1oz Gel. . . . $15. .5oz Tube . . . . . . . . . . .98 ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Instructions Included. . . $9. .95 MP130 – HEALING LINIMENT 4oz . . . . $7.98 MP142 – CANDLE (Glass) Fixed .95 MP124 – WISHING DUST SAND 2oz . $9. $7. . $7. . . . . . . . $12. . . MONKEY PAW (Very Rare & Powerful) No. . your home. . $9. . . . . . . .00 ** LARGER QUANTITIES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST ** INQUIRE FOR PRICING!! Dept. . . . . . . . . .98 MP115 – BUBBLE BATH/LIQUID SOAP 4oz. A Very Effective Quick-Money Puller—from Any source—Including Winning at Any and All Casino & Gambling Games. . . MP100 …… $79. .98 MP109 – FLOOR WASH Only 8oz.332. . . . $7. . . . . . . . . . .

get a raise or promotion. M1310 – FAST LUCK/QUICK CASH Draws luck and money to you the fastest way.95 each 3 for $15. No more confusion or misery. M1325 – PROTECTION FROM ALL Be protected against evil.® • P. M1312 – FIND-WIN-KEEP A FEMALE Get and Hold onto the woman you desire.O. M1335 – UNCROSSING Get rid of all evil. M1319 – KEEP AWAY ENEMIES-TROUBLE-HATE Make all evil people. Remove and Destroy all jinx in and around you. $6. Track. Lottery. M1306 – COMPELLING/COMMANDING/CONTROLLING POWER You will get what you want. M1331 – STOP ADDICTIONS/BAD HABITS Stop Smoking. All Bags come with Free Oil and Easy Directions. witchcraft. M1315 – HEAL ALL ACHES AND PAINS Stop Suffering. M1308 – DO AS I SAY/DOMINATION Make others do as you say and want. Feel good again. Keep him close and faithful to you. M1304 – BRING BACK MY MAN NOW Return your man to you. M1323 – MAKE LOVED ONE STAY CLOSE/TAME Stop your man from running the streets. M1330 – SPIRITUAL & BODY CLEANSING Cleanse your body and mind inside and and out to be free of evil. Luck – whatever.00 M1320 – LAW STAY AWAY/JUSTICE/WIN IN COURT Make the judge rule in your favor. MOSES TRIPLE STRENGTH XXX BLESSED BAGS Gives You the Power to Conquer and Control all Negative Conditions. M1317 – HOT FOOT/MOVING/GO AWAY Get the devil or evil person to move and get away quick. Lose Weight and stop all bad habits. M1316 – HIGH CONQUERING/HIGH POWER Conquer and control any problem or enemy. Problems and Situations. fast! M1305 – COME TO ME/DESIRE ME/LOVE ME ONLY Draws lover to you. Keep the law off your back. M1334 – SUPER MAGNET DRAWING POWER Draw whatever you desire and fast – Money. Stops trouble from boss or other workers. money and an easy life. luck. M1326 – REVERSIBLE/TURN BACK Change bad luck to good. Love. M1332 – STOP EVIL/RUN DEVIL RUN Drive away all . Drinking & Drugs. IL 60025-0718 • www. M1327 – ROAD OPENER Open roads to success. harm and jealousy. Send away and turn back all evil. M1324 – PEACE OF MIND/STOP CONFUSION Bring Peace to you and your family and home. M1302 – ATTRACT/HOLD A MAN FRIEND Get and Hold the man you love. LUCKSHOP. the devil and any evil spirits causing you pain and suffering.00 M1301 – ALL PURPOSE/LUCK IN A HURRY Brings Fast Luck to any situation. M1307 – CONQUER ANY JOB/WORK PROBLEMS Use for steady work. M1329 – SHUT YOUR MOUTH/STOP GOSSIP Make people stop talking nasty about you and getting you in trouble. 12 CHURCH GOODS CO. with power. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY $6. quick. M1321 – LUCKY LOTTERY/WIN-A-LOT Hit that winning number again and again. M1309 – EXTRA STRONG LOVE Gives you what you need and want in your love situation. M1303 – BREAK-UP/SEPARATION Break up and move apart any two people. Box 718 • Glenview. M1318 – JINX KILLER-REMOVER-DESTROYER Kill. M1328 – SEXUAL PASSION/SPARK NATURE Arouse passion and sexual excitement in your partner now. Cards. and voodoo/witchcraft in or around you. M1333 – SUCCESS & PROTECTION FOR CHILDREN Gain financial and school success for children and protect them against all danger. Wealth and Winnings will come your way soon. Dice or Slots. jinx. M1311 – FAST MONEY BLESSING/WEALTHY WAY Prosperity. M1322 – LUCKY HAND/LUCKY GAMBLERS Win Big at any game of chance – Bingo.95 each 3 for $15. cussing or fighting. now. problems and spirits go away for good. M1313 – GIVE ME MONEY/PAY ME NOW Get paid the money you deserve and are owed. M1314 – HAPPY MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP Be Happy in your love situation – no more fussing.REV.

$3. Conquers your enemies. nosey. D1610 – FAST MONEY – Draw luck and quick money in a hurry. fast. D1630 – STRONG LOVE – Make love stronger. D1410 – HEALING – Be free of pain. bad luck & jinx. closer and better. lottery or any casino game. jinx or evil. D1406 – CASINO JACKPOT – Hit the Winning Number at slots or any casino game. D1603 – BREAK-UP – Splits or separates any two people in your way. D1608 – DRAWING POWER – Draws like a magnet. . Bag of Cones for Only $12. good vibrations D1400 – ADAM & EVE – Desire me only.95 (20 cones per package) D1622 – QUICK MONEY – Draw money fast and now. D1607 – DRAGON’S BLOOD – Destroys all evil and jinx.INCENSE STICKS Burn once a day to create positive.95 INCENSE CONES Burn and Stop Worrying! Burn every day at a quiet time to achieve your desires. . D1435 – PROTECTION – Be Protected against Harm. D1625 – STOP EVIL/ENEMIES – Make the devil and your enemies run. Draw fast luck! D1437 – QUICK MONEY – Helps draw fast money from lottery. now. spells and curses. Become wealthy & happy.95 About 170 Cones Dept. jealous people stay away. Feel good again. Achieve your goals. love or family matters. now! D1412 – HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR – Conquer & Control Any Situation with Power. D1617 – LAW STAY AWAY – Keep the police or courts or lawyers off your back. enemies. Change your luck. fast – any old way. Kill that jinx. D1620 – POWER & CONTROL – Have others do as you say and want. Listen and do as you say. Make the devil run. Be faithful. Stop Your Suffering. D1445 – WINNING NUMBER – Be Lucky in any gambling game. D1430 – MONEY DRAWING – Pull money. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Get 1/2 lb. D1401 – BLOCK BUSTER – Busts thru Blocks or anything holding you down. D1624 – ROAD OPENER – Unblock all problems. Be Free from Jail. No more fighting/confusion.00 per package or 5 packages for $12. D1601 – ALL PURPOSE – Brings Gook Luck in anything you desire. D1609 – FAST LUCK/SUCCESS – Brings fast luck. Spiritual Cleansing. . success in school or job. D1421 – KING SOLOMON – Gain Wisdom & Knowledge. Strong Love. Hit the Jackpot! D1441 – SUCCESS – Pass tests. harm or jealousy. finances. whatever you desire. D1621 – PROTECTION – Be protected against evil. love. Voodoo and Witchcraft. D1443 – UNCROSSING – Reverses Evil Spells. Breaks up relationships. D1408 – ALL PURPOSE – Brings good luck for everything/all situations. D1615 – JINX REMOVING – Kill that jinx and bad luck . easy money. to be rich and pay all bills. D1436 – REVERSIBLE – Turn back evil. Send it back. D1415 – JINX REMOVING – Kill that Jinx and Stop Bad Luck. D1425 – LOVERS – Draw lover close. D1432 – PEACEFUL HOME – Have a Happy Home. D1420 – KEEP AWAY ENEMIES – Make evil.98 each or 3 pkgs for $10. Feel and Sleep better. D1404 – COURT CASE – Win Court Case/ Lawsuit.slots & gambling. D1402 – BREAK-UP – Separates any two people. makes you Irresistible. D1604 – CASINO JACKPOT – Win that big jackpot. D1434 – POWER & CONTROL – Control and Conquer all problems with power. D1631 – SURE TO WIN – Hit the winning number in slots. .50 (save $2.1634 13 . D1403 – COME TO ME – Attract and Draw close whatever you desire.50) BEST DEAL! 100 sticks Only $9. D1407 – DO AS I SAY – Make others Obey. D1605 – COME TO ME – Draw close and keep hold of that person you want. D1440 – STOP EVIL – Drive away all evil spirits. Turn your luck around. D1623 – REVERSIBLE – Turn back all evil. D1438 – ROAD OPENER – Unblock all problems. BIGGER SIZE 20 sticks per package NEW PRICES Only $3. Pray and concentrate and you will succeed. Curses. D1602 – BLOCK BUSTER – Busts thru any Blocks or forces holding you down. Peace & Prosperity. D1616 – JOB/STEADY WORK – Get a job/keep a job/get raise/promotion. D1612 – HI JOHN THE CONQUEROR – Conquer/Control all situation with power. Money. Jealousy. D1405 – FAST LUCK – Be Lucky & Successful in Everything You Do. job. Get fast. D1626 – SEX/NATURE – Put the flame & passion and sex drive back in your life. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. D1416 – JOB/STEADY WORK – Get and Hold the job that you want. also.332. D1611 – FRANK & MYRRH – Receive many blessings. D1618 – LUCK IN A HURRY – Fast Luck in gambling. D1606 – COURT CASE – Win your case or have the judge rule in your favor. or Enemies. D1442 – RUN DEVIL RUN – Moves out all Evil and Makes the Devil Run! D1439 – SEX/NATURE BACK – Feel that sex drive again with vigor and energy.

. Refill bottles are available. . . . .00 D4311. Refill Bottle . . . . . . .2oz. . . . . ..8oz. . . Spray . . $5. . . .2oz. Make them stop running around and love you only. Spray . . . $5. . . by your enemies. . Draw your lover. . .2oz. . . .2oz. . . .95 LUCKY GAMBLERS/JACKPOT Hit that Jackpot and be a Winner today! Get on a Hot Streak real soon — in any gambling or casino game. boyfriend or girlfriend close to you and hold them. . . . . . . . CLEANSING/UNCROSSING Helps you get rid of any un-wanted conditions inside your body. Pay off your bills and Finally — Buy what you need and want! D4306. . Use in your Home.8oz. . . Spray . . Refill Bottle . . $12. . . . . or anyone) obey you and do as you say.95 JINX REMOVING/RUN DEVIL RUN Are you jinxed or crossed at every turn? Stop that bad luck now for good and turn your luck around. . . . . .00 D4301. . . Refill Bottles Are Available for Only $12. 8oz. . Refill Bottle . . . . .com . .00 D4309. . . . . Pump Spray. . Sends back evil to whoever sent it to you! Protect yourself now and reverse that voodoo and black magic so your jealous enemies leave you alone. . .8oz. Refill Bottle . . . . . . . . . jinx. $12. Refill Bottle .® • P. . . . . . . . . . . . Use as a Scented Air Freshener also. . . . .95 FAST LUCK/MONEY DRAWING Is your luck bad? Is your money blocked or tight? Use this spray to Get Good Luck in a Hurry! And to Draw Money to you Quick — from any source.95 • Highly Concentrated! Comes with Directions. D4316. . Make the devil run far. . . Refill Bottle . . . . by dead relatives or enemies. . . . Refill Bottle . special friend. . . quickly! D4314. .95 SPELL & CURSE BREAKER This spray Breaks Any Spell or Curse placed on you by “so-called” friends or loved ones. . . . . $12. Amen! D4308. .2oz. . $12. . D4302. . . Car.00 D4317. $5. . $5. . Spray . . . . . D4300. D4312. Spray . Spray . $12.00 D4313. . . $12. $12. . . . Kills & Destroys All evil.00 D4315. . . . . . . . lonely or confused any more. . Comes in Convenient 2 oz. . soon! D4310. . . . . . . . . . . $12. . Get justice now. . . . . . .8oz. Spray . • Kills Any and All (evil) Odors Fast! • Just Mix with Water as it – Cleans – Odorizes – • • • • Disinfects. . .8oz. . . . So You will be Able to Fix Any Problem. witchcraft or any evil spell. . . . . . . .00 D4305. . . . . . Cleans body and soul and Clears the mind.00 D4307. .8oz. . Condition or Situation that you are in. . . friends.2oz. $5. $5. .2oz. .8oz. . . . any old way. . . . . IL 60025-0718 • www. . . . . You will not be down. . . lover. .95 TURN BACK/REVERSE EVIL Stops. Spray . .95 ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY CONTROLLING/DO AS I SAY You will have the power and control after using this spray — no one else. . . so he leaves you alone for good. wife. . Influence others as you see fit to do. . . Moses High Conquering Brand ** Only $5. . . . .2oz.95 14 CHURCH GOODS CO. These delightful smelling sprays will surround your environment with the Positive Spiritual Energy that is Needed to Break Down whatever Forces are holding you down.8oz.95 LAW STAY AWAY Too much trouble with police and the courts? Lawyers harassing you? You need a Break Through to get these annoying people off your back. .00 each ** 8oz. $5. Moves Out evil forces surrounding you or inside you. Hit that Winning Number in the Lottery and Get Rich Quick! – even if miss by one number or play on the wrong days. $12. . . Make others (your mate. husband. $5. by neighbors or co-workers — anyone! Kills voodoo. . . . .. . or Workplace. Spray . . . .SPIRITUAL SPRAYS/CLEANERS ** Rev. . . D4304. . Protects you from all evil and enemies. . . . . children.O.8oz. . . .2oz. . . .00 D4303. LUCKSHOP. . Refill Bottle .95 COME TO ME/LOVE ME ONLY You can have that Special Drawing Power that you’ve always wanted. $5. . . Keep the Law away from you and Stop them from bothering you for good. or cross conditions on or near you. . Refill Bottle . . . . Box 718 • Glenview. . . . . . . . . . . co-workers. . . .

If you want to order an oil not listed. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Dept. People anoint themselves on their pulse areas for maximum results. $12. Just bust through any problem. X1016 – ALTAR This oil is believed to purify your holy items and altar. to send back any evil.SPIRITUAL OILS STRONGER FORMULA! ® CHURCH GOODS CO. to purify and $4 . Health. NECK. Just anoint yourself on your pulse areas. SPECIAL OILS NOT LISTED $6. X1036 – BINGO Anoint hands and lucky items before playing. X1044 – BLACK CAT This oil is believed to bring you the luck you were looking for.. X1020 – ANOINTING Use this oil to anoint candles.00 cleanse any room in your house. Many of our oils require that you put them on your PULSE AREAS – the WRIST. your amulets & charms and those hard to reach areas in your home.Only $2. X1028 – BAYBERRY This oil is believed to bring riches and gold to you and your household. Keep some on your altar and anoint your holy items once a week. X1056 – BREAK UP Place seven drops of oil on a black candle with the names of the two people you wish to separate. We have over 2.. to dress your candles. Extra Strong GIVE ME MONEY CHURCH GOODS CO. X1012 – ALL SPICE A very special oil for those who feel tired all the time. Sprinkle a few drops in your purse or wallet and around your home. And you will be the one screaming “BINGO” most of the time. OILS are known to be 100% PURE and of the HIGHEST QUALITY.50 each 3 for $12. to put in your bath water.332. Anoint all personal charms.50 each Use this helpful dropper to bless yourself. M1023 …. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. to bless your altar or anything in your home. X1052 – BOSS FIX Rub on your bosses or supervisors chair or sprinkle where they are most likely to walk. EYE DROPPER Order No.95 each 1/2 oz. and many other purposes. Happiness. Pray and concen trate on what you want. X1008 – ALL PURPOSE Love. your candles. Money. anything. X1004 – ADAM AND EVE To be worn by either sex. It will bring heartache & pain where ever they go. please! Use the POWER OF OILS to anoint your body. seals and candles. Anoint your neckline and just feel the boost. X1032 – BEND OVER This oil is believed to make anyone bend to your will & do as you say. palms and feet. HEART.95 – for 2 oz.. or 3 for $12. Soon you will be the object of desire. It is to strengthen your love for each other. Sprinkle a few drops around your home. Fits on our 2 ounce bottles. So.00 LOWER PRICES $8. This oil is believed to DRAW special spiritual POWERS.1634 15 . X1024 – ATTRACTION Searching for Money & Love? Pour a few drops in your bath water for money or wear as a perfume for love.50 – for 1/2 oz. and we’ll ship it to you. X1040 – BLACK ART Used for crossing one’s enemies by sprinkling it in their path. and charms. just send $6. This oil is believed to get you a promotion or raise. ANKLES. It should be worn as a perfume. car or on the job. X1048 – BLOCK BUSTER Are there obstacles or enemies in your way? Anoint your temples.95 for each 1/2 ounce bottle you desire.95 – for 4 oz. and behind the KNEES. talismans and seals.000 oils – we can’t list them all. seals. Please specify by name. PRICE LIST FOR OILS $4.

This oil is believed to bring you “SURE LUCK” and fast! X1156 – FAST MONEY Looking for that fast money? Anoint your fingertips and money and it will be rolling in faster than you can spend it. Rub its belly for lots of money and rub its heart for love. X1112 – CONQUERING LOVE Working on a special love ritual and about to give up? DON’T! Anoint your self with this special conquering oil and your love mate will surely find you irresistible. X1100 – CONCENTRATION Don’t have a straight mind? Are you confused? Anoint your temples and forehead. children – anyone! – listen to you and obey you. You will have them feeling terrible.S. Love and Luck will be drawn to you. Sprinkle a few drops of oil in her path and watch her come running!! X1076 – CHINESE LUCK Anoint your forehead and palms. X1132 – DESIRE ME This oil is worn on your private areas. X1144 – DRAWING This is to be worn as a perfume. X1150 – DRIVE AWAY EVIL Use on body or in bath to keep evil. too. X1124 – COURT CASE Does your case look bad? If worn on wrists and bottom of feet this oil is believed to help you WIN YOUR CASE! Wear this oil to court. Love you. This oil is believed to help you have lucky dreams. sprinkle in corners of rooms or anoint your forehead and eyebrows. X1084 – CLEOPATRA Is your boyfriend or husband always distracted by friends. X1140 – DRAGON BLOOD To be used to drive away evil.00 X1060 – BRIGHT FUTURE Do you want a successful future? This oil is believed to brighten your life and keep it happy. Anoint hands and feet. X1080 – CLEO MAY This oil is believed to create an alluring physical appeal which will compel a man to fall deeply in love with you. like you felt. X1108 – CONQUERING GLORY Conquer any situation. Whatever you need.O. X1152 – FAST LUCK Anoint yourself with this special oil. Anoint a purple candle or wear as a perfume. “come to you. jinx. now. IL 60025-0718 • www. X1068 – BUSINESS and SUCCESS (B. go ask for that big raise or ask that special person to marry you.50 each 3 for $12. X1120 – COURAGE This oil is believed to give you the confi dence you are looking . X1104 – CONFUSION If this oil is sprinkled in your enemies path it is believed to confuse them. X1136 – DOVE’S BLOOD Wear around your neck to influence others and to help you get what you want from them. Prosperity and Good Luck. Now. only! X1135 – DOMINATION Wear as a perfume whenever you are near the person you wish to control. X1064 – BUDDHA It is believed if you rub a Buddha on its head you will receive fast luck. X1128 – CROSSING Do you want your enemies to suffer. Wear all the time for power and control over situations. and the devil. love or happiness? Before going out into the world anoint your neck and earlobes. TV. Glorify your lifestyle. Use this oil on your Buddha.® • P. or work? Pour a few drops of oil in your bath.” X1092 – COMMANDING Command that person to do what you want them to do. X1088 – COME TO ME Need money. and the devil away from you. X1148 – DREAM Having problems remembering your special dreams? Before getting into bed anoint temples and forehead. real bad! X1134 – DO AS I SAY Use this oil to make lovers. To stop confusion. Money. Watch everything you’ve been trying to attract. Wealth. This is believed to give you just the right touch so he can pay more attention to you.) Want your business to boom? Pour a few drops near your cash register and near your doorways at your place of business. Peace. Anoint your forehead before leaving your home. Give you money. SPIRITUAL OILS X1096 – COMPELLING Your mate is not giving you enough love or money? Pour a few drops in their path or rub on them. It is believed to make your loved one bow to your needs and want you and only you. LUCKSHOP. X1072 – CATCH YOUR GIRL Problems catching that one special girl? This oil is believed to draw her to you. Satan. Box 718 • Glenview. Anoint your temples and wrists. children or mate? Pour a few drops in your bath water or mop water and see how you will be in control. Soon you will be rewarded five great blessings – Happiness. friends. And their attitude will change. This oil is believed to help you concentrate better. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY 16 CHURCH GOODS CO. like you have? Dab a few drops on their socks or sprinkle in their path. and turn the case in your favor.$4 . X1116 – CONTROLLING Having problems controlling your loved ones.

YOU CAN’T Do you want to beat out someone else? Anoint your wrists and ankles and go out into that big world. to get him. X1244 – I CAN. chest and wrists. X1162 – FIVE FINGER GRASS Wear a few drops or take bath in this oil to be lucky and win big at any game. forehead or wrists to receive blessings from God – when you need a “miracle” in your life. anoint your forehead. X1204 – HEALING This oil is believed to heal any person in their time of pain. X1198 – GRAVEYARD Wear on you for protection from all evil – especially dead people who may have you cursed or hexed. X1180 – FORGET ME NOT Is your mate always pushing you off to the side forgetting about you? Rub this oil on yourself or in your bath. Your vibrations will make him irresistible to you. X1182 – FRANK & MYRRH Put on feet. and they can’t. neigh-bors or family to get away from you. put some on a letter and send it to them. This oil is believed to help you get over him. X1216 – HOLD YOUR MAN Having trouble holding on to him? Pour a few drops in his bath or rub the oil on his clothes and you will have him forever. bad vibes? Pour a few drops in your mop water or sprinkle around your home or place of business. X1194 – GO DEVIL Sprinkle wherever you feel the devil is working. X1164 – FLYING DEVIL Hexes. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. Do this 5 days in a row and say bye to the devil! X1196 – GOOD LUCK Rub this oil on your elbows for good luck in anything: job.332. X1228 – HOLY BIBLE Are there a lot of people touching your bible? Use this oil to anoint the four corners of your bible. show them that you can. now! X1190 – GIVE ME MONEY Rub some in your hands and then touch the person who you want the money from. $4 . X1232 – HOT FOOT Problems with people standing on your property? Are you wishing this person would leave your home? Sprin kle some oil in their path. X1186 – GET AWAY/GO AWAY Sprinkle near your door to get evil spirits X1224 – HOLY To bless yourself and personal items… Pour a few drops in your hands and touch your items. Pour a few drops in your bath. love. And see all those evil-doers fly away. Hold them in your left hand and pray and concentrate. X1184 – GAMBLERS Big gamblers. and on your breasts. X1220 – HOLD YOUR WOMAN Are you always catching her with someone else? On this special lady. This oil is believed to run all evil and evil doers away. small gamblers – does not matter.50 each 3 for $12. they will never come back to bother you. And watch your love really heat up.00 X1212 – HIGH JOHN the CONQUEROR Situations are hard to handle? Mix this oil with any other oil. X1168 – FOLLOW ME BOY Special man trying to escape? Anoint your pulse areas and just watch him follow. temples and palms.SPIRITUAL OILS X1160 – FIRE OF LOVE Has the flame gone low in your special relationship? Anoint behind your ears. and no-good friends. Never fails! X1192 – GO AWAY EVIL Bad people. X1188 – GET YOUR MAN Tired of losing him to someone else? Pour a few drops in his path. bad vibes? Pour a few drops near your front and back door. Relax and read Psalm 23. sex. This will make her never want to leave you. X1210 – HIGH CONQUERING Put a few drops on your temples or forehead to be powerful and con quer all problems. X1200 – HAVE NO HANNA Is your purse or wallet always empty? Money flows out of your hands? Pour a few drops in your purse or wallet and you will never run out again. rub this oil on her or something she will touch. evil spirits. If someone far owes you. This is to protect yourself and your bible. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Dept.1634 17 . X1176 – FORGET HER Did she leave you? Did you leave her? It don’t matter… Anoint your temples and forehead before falling asleep and the next morning this oil is believed to make you forget about her. and family or church problems. gambling. Faith works miracles! X1208 – HELPING HAND To lift spirits and give you strength and help you feel the power of the Lord. This oil is believed to conquer and master any condition. Anoint all your gambling items such as your money and lucky items and watch your winnings roll right in. Rub the oil on the pain area and say Psalm 86. X1172 – FORGET HIM Just came out of a terrible relationship? Still thinking about him? Anoint your temples and forehead before falling asleep. X1236 – HOT LOVE Is your mate cold to you? Pour a few drops in your bath or around your bedroom and watch your mate get REAL HOT! X1240 – HYSSOP This oil is used to clean your body and soul.

now. This oil is believed to draw money.® • P. Gets rid of that evil. wipe your woodwork or wear as a perfume. X1252 – JEZEBEL Is your husband or boyfriend not paying enough attention to you? Pour a few drops in your bath. Stop them from doing evil and harm to you. This mixture has a tendency to magnetize what ever you are in search for. Its secret potion will give you calm nerves and peace. Wear as perfume. Known to give good results. X1250 – JESUS With the oil on your fingertips make the sign of the cross on your chest – say the Lord’s Prayer – and you will have your prayers answered by God. X1306 – LUCKY GAMBLERS Wear on body before playing any game to WIN BIG! and hit that winning number! X1307 – LUCKY HAND Rub on hands to give you that “special” luck to win the jackpot! X1260 – JOB Looking for a job? Want your boss to give you a raise? Promotion? Anoint wrists and forehead and soon you will have the job you want or the raise you deserve.50 each 3 for $12. X1324 – LUCKY SUCCESS Success and luck in anything you do – on job or games of chance. X1300 – LOVE POTION Very potent oil… Best oil to strength en your love or to attract someone closer to you. Anoint wrists and ankles. This oil is believed to bond your love together so no one can come in between. hands and money. X1312 – LUCKY NINE Pour nine drops of oil in your bath or on your body for nine consecutive days. SPIRITUAL OILS X1272 – KING SOLOMON This oil is believed to give you wis dom and understanding in all matters of life. even if you miss by one number all the time. and students. Meditate. is your luck down in the gutter? Before playing any gambling games. close to you and no one else. This oil is believed to draw your love. rub oil on your neck. This oil is believed to be very effective for luck in gambling games. X1284 – LODESTONE Carry this potent oil with your lucky magnetic lodestone. On the ninth day this oil is believed to give you the wealth. See your winnings and luck come . Very good for children. health and love to you. X1256 – JINX REMOVING Tired of being down on your luck? This oil is believed to remove any jinx or hex. They will never leave. This oil can also help you concentrate better and do better at school or on any test. IL 60025-0718 • www. X1308 – LUCKY LOTTERY Need luck in the lottery? Anoint your money before buying your tickets. Mop your floors. fast. X1298 – LOVE ME ONLY Use behind ears and on chest area while repeating your lover’s name three times. Box 718 • Glenview. X1270 – KEEP AWAY ENEMIES Keep those no good people and socalled friends away from you and make them stay away. Anoint temples and forehead morning and night. X1304 – LOVERS To be worn by both partners. love and happiness you were promised. X1280 – LAW STAY AWAY Always getting stopped by the law? Or do you just want the law to stay away? This oil is believed to keep them away. Try now! X1328 – MAGNET Pour a few drops of this potent oil in your mop water or on your arms. Helps you hit that winning number. X1268 – JUST JUDGE Big court date? Looks bad? Mix this oil with Hi John the Conqueror oil (X1212) and wear as perfume so that the judge will change his mind in your favor and have justice be done. X1316 – LUCKY PLANET To be worn with your astrological oil. X1278 – LAVENDER Use this sweet-smelling oil as a perfume. And watch them do as you say. X1276 – LADY LUCK Ladies. X1292 – LOVE DROPS Don’t want your lover to ever leave? Sprinkle a few drops around your home. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY X1296 – LOVE ME Do you want to be loved by some one? Pour a few drops of this special oil in your bath and just watch your mate fall deeper in love with you. Do this 7 Days in a row. X1271 – KEEP AWAY EVIL Use this spritual oil to keep evil spirits and the devil away from you.O.00 X1248 – IRRESISTIBLE Want to be irresistible? Pour a few drops of this potent oil in your bath and watch your mate be all over you. LUCKSHOP. To give you a more powerful feeling of wisdom and luck. X1264 – JOCKEY CLUB Anoint your mojo bags and special good luck charms.$4 . X1288 – LOVE BREAKER Wish to break-up that person you love? Pour a few drops in their path. 18 CHURCH GOODS CO. Anoint temples and forehead. X1320 – LUCKY PROPHET Special message you want to release to the spirit world? This oil is believed to give you powers of the prophets. and anoint your tickets after you’ve bought them.

or get your loved one to marry you. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Dept. X1364 – MONEY DRAWING Tired of skimping? This oil is believed to DRAW MONEY your way. Anoint forehead and temples and behind your neck. candles and rooms. X1424 – PROTECTION FROM ENEMIES Are people hassling or bothering you? Are enemies working on you or staring you down? Pour a few drops of oil in your bath water or on your body and be protected against any evil or enemies. This oil is believed to chase all evil away and to attract friends and money. $4 . X1392 – NINE MYSTERY Need some information that someone else is with holding? Put some oil in their bath and they will soon have a loose tongue.50 each 3 for $12. To obtain some one else’s power. Used for blessing altars. Moses this oil has been known to give the user relief from confusion. Anoint near private areas. X1380 – MUSK Can be used for self-confidence. Anoint yourself and your money daily to get money from any source. Love. Protection etc… Anoint your pulse areas or pour a few drops in your mop water. X1408 – PEACEFUL HOME Is your home a mad house? Sprinkle a few drops of oil on your front and back X1432 – RACE TRACK Are you missing by one number all the time? Just not hitting? Anoint your money and tickets. Anoint your wrists. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. This oil is believed to protect you from any harm. in anything. Sprinkle a few drops on your front and back door to obtain more money. now! X1340 – MASTER Very powerful oil. X1434 – REV. assur ance. Are you looking for all these good things? Anoint your pulse areas and soon all these wonderful things will come your way. and give financial rewards. Anoint temples and forehead. Put in his path or on his clothes. X1352 – MIRACLE Faith works miracles! And so can you! Three drops on each palm and watch miracles come true! X1356 – MOJO Do you have your special Mojo Bag? Anoint it with this popular oil. And hit that winning number. This oil will bring you peace and tranquility and stop any fussing or confusion. Anoint temples and forehead. Anoint your pulse areas. X1396 – ORANGE BLOSSOM This oil should be worn by a bride on her special day. X1372 – MOSES This is a holy oil. MOSES BLESSED Personally put together by Rev. This oil is believed to attract wealth or love to you. Anoint chest and earlobes. X1388 – NEW ORLEANS A very potent oil worn as a perfume. This oil is also believed to strengthen your marriage. This oil will make your lover irresistible to you. break spells or curses. (Whatever the mojo bag is for) X1360 – MONEY BLESSING Use in your home or business. Let nature take its course. enemies or bad people. X1368 – MOROCCO Believed to be used for power and luck in all matters.00 door. like it was. evil or jealousy. Pour a few drops in your bath or mop water. Health. to bring you luck and success in anything and FAST! X1390 – NINE LUCK MIXTURE A powerful blend of lucky oils to bring good luck to your life and drive away evil and jinx. X1376 – MOVING Move out evil-doers. X1428 – QUEEN OF TIBET Believed to give you everything out of life.1634 19 . It is believed to insure a long and happy marriage. X1344 – MEDITATION Do you need help meditating? This oil is to be used by mediums and spiritual people who wish to get that extra help. X1430 – QUICK MONEY Never enough money? A little bit on hands and on your money Helps Draw Money to you — fast! Un-blocks your money — quick! X1400 – PATCHOULY This secret lovers oil is to be worn as a perfume. Sprinkle in your house (all rooms) to run the devil out. Money. X1404 – PEACE Pour a few drops in your bath or on your body. Finance. This oil is believed to move evil out of your home. and feet. X1384 – NATURE For those men that have problems being aroused. X1416 – PROSPERITY Money.332. Put this where they step or touch. and strength. used to cleanse and purify your body and soul. or shoes to make him stay. X1336 – MARRIAGE Is your loved one undecided? Afraid? Hesitant? Anoint behind your ears. It is also a love oil to arouse ones passion. sprinkle a few drops of oil in their path. Love and Happiness. X1420 – PROTECTION Wear on neck and wrists. Love and Happiness. X1412 – POWER To obtain power. X1348 – MERCURY This oil is believed to help you foresee the future.SPIRITUAL OILS X1332 – MANTRAP That special man getting away? Make a trap so you can get him to settle down. neck.

) X1476 – SHOWERS OF GOLD Anoint your door knobs and woodwork around your home and business. X1470 – SEX/NATURE BACK Can be used for you or your lover. X1437 – ROAD OPENER Are you blocked? Jinxed? Bust through bad luck and “open roads” to a luckier. Anoint your belly and thighs. “Ask and you shall receive. be irresistible to her. now! At a quiet time. Watch her follow. MICHAEL Alleged to bring great powers in scaring away the devil. Also many of us use it for a money drawing oil. X1480 – SIETE MACHO For men only! Men. Read psalm 23.00 X1435 – REV. use . X1448 – ST. Get rid of bad luck with this oil. For your lover. forehead and wrists. Rub some on top of your head and bottom of your feet. X1474 – SEVEN HOLY SPIRITS A very. Anoint on head and feet. X1440 – RUN DEVIL RUN Sprinkle it at all doorways and on window sills so that no evil spirits can gain entry to the home. Praise God! That the devil will run! X1444 – ST.$4 . clothes and shoes. Box 718 • Glenview. 20 CHURCH GOODS CO. Only He can answer your prayers. X1486 – SPECIAL CONDITION Use on forehead and wrists to get what you want – for any condition. LUCKSHOP. X1504 – SQUINT DROPS Tired of your mate wandering? Anoint the bottom of their soles. It will rain riches and gold. Conquer your worst conditions and enemies. and influ ence people. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY X1500 – SPIRIT To be worn by spiritual people when trying to contact the spirit world.) Our own powerful money drawing per fume. too.O. X1494 – SPECIAL 20 A powerful oil which is used to keep lovers close and faithful. Anthony. Feel all that wonderful money roll in. Known to surround wearer with good vibrations. Good for court. just put several drops of oil on your fingertips and say Psalm 64 while point ing to the ground with your right hand. Renew once a week. JUDE The “Saint of the Impossible. holy oil. enemies. MOSES SPECIAL A special mixture to give the wearer anything they desire! Rub in hands and say your wish and Rev. more prosperous life. Anoint wrists and feet. IL 60025-0718 • www. only $11. Anoint yourself and a picture or candle of St. we sug gest SPANISH FLY on p. too. pray in front of the candle or picture of St. X1484 – SNAKE Get rid of those bad vibrations. Put some in bath water or on body and ease your pain & suffering. Stop Drinking or Drugs. X1468 – SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS For Power and Control in all matters. Moses will be praying with you! X1436 – REVERSIBLE Send that evil back where it came from. ANTHONY For a financially blessed life. Anoint fore head and temples. anoint on chest and say your lover’s name 7 times – while lying down. SPIRITUAL OILS X1456 – SAN CIPRIANO This oil is believed to bring back that special mate that left. Change your luck. bring success and bust through obstacles. Jude. For you. spirits stay away – or any unwanted person stay away. This oil is believed to make them forget about everything else. And they will stay faithful to you and only you! X1508 – STAY AT HOME Is your mate always out? Never home enough? Running the streets? Pour a few drops in their bath. Anoint your temples and forehead.119.R. where every thing should come in your favor. X1511 – STOP ADDICTION Use to STOP ANY BAD HABITS! Put on your forehead. A1060 – 7 Holy Spirits Bath Oils. draw upon the powers of the Seven African Gods. Try this old-fashioned blessed tonic. Feel sexually young and alive again.” Use for hopeless and desperate cases – when all else has failed. except you! X1510 – STAY AWAY Sprinkle outside front and back door to make evil people. X1438 – ROSEMARY Good for healing the body.95) X1472 – 7-11 HOLY This holy oil is just like God’s blessing coming down upon you.95 for extra comfort.” X1488 – SPECIAL DICE People who want to win all the time… Rub on hands before playing any gam bling games – especially dice. neck and finger tips and concentrate on your desire – such as Losing Weight. Said to bring luck in all number games. Keep some open in the room where trouble normally occurs or wear on neck to keep the devil away. Anoint your palms and wrists.® • P. (To ADD to FOOD and DRINK. $11. Can break any evil spell or love spell. Use on forehead and wrists and ask God for what you truly need and want. Rub on hands or head. Anoint temples. This is a truly blessed oil which can drive away evil. X1464 – SATAN BE GONE This oil is believed to remove evil spirits and evil thoughts. lie down and rub around your belly button while thinking loving thoughts. X1496 – SPELL BREAKER Pour a few drops in your bath or on your body three times a week to protect yourself from hexes and harm. X1452 – ST. Anoint ear lobes and wrists. X1460 – SANDALWOOD Powerful healing oil. mind and soul.50 each 3 for $12. (Also. X1492 – SPECIAL RELEASE (S.

etc.SPIRITUAL OILS Stop Smoking. Also. To strengthen your voodoo power. It is said that your lover will stay close and be true to you.50 each ® Large 4 oz. Apply to both bodies. For EXTRA POWER. Soon. X1560 – WINNING NUMBER Be Lucky in any Gambling game! Hit the Jackpot and Keep Winning.1634 21 . put about seven drops on your heart. A1202 All Purpose – Help for All Problems. A1206 Come To Me – Draw my lover closer. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. X1542 – VERBENA This fresh-smelling oil drives away evil spirits and all jinx. in closets. X1540 – VENUS This oil is believed to draw friends and loved ones closer to you. X1518 – SUCCESS FOR CHILDREN Put on children’s body. Psychic Power to know the truth in all matters! X1568 – ZODIAC Brings Luck.50 each 3 for $12. Helps you gain Control in Everything! X1526 – TRUE LOVE Put behind ears and on chest area while saying your lovers name three times. or put three drops on your heart (smoking & drugs) everyday and say Psalm 86 TO BEAT THIS PROBLEM. too. X1544 – VIBRATION This is a very potent love oil for one seeking to capture a particular partner. etc. And say Psalm 54. with power! A1216 Jinx Removing – Gets rid of all bad luck. Leaves your spirit and surroundings feeling clean and pure. clothes or in bath to improve your child’s chances of being successful in school. bingo. dice. wrists and hands. Keeps enemies and evil doers away from you. X1516 – SUCCESS Anoint yourself. You will feel that evil just leave you alone. Protects you from evil people and spirits. Sprin kle around home or wear as perfume. lottery. Love Me. $4 . combine with Vibration Oil (X1544). A1208 Commanding Pepper – Makes others obey. Get the moon and stars lined up just for you! REV. Happiness.332. A1226 Steady Work – Helps get or keep job.95 each A1224 Run Devil Run – Moves out evil and makes the devil stay away. RUN DEVIL RUN Can be used in bath and mop water. If you are doing this for someone else. X1520 – SURE TO WIN Believed to help you WIN! WIN! WIN! Races. A1218 Love Me Only – Gets rid of others. Only! A1220 Lucky Gamblers – Hit that lucky number and win big. feet or clothes for any of the addictions. and Success to your birth sign. seals and lucky charms to increase the power of yourself and the power of all your special items. X1512 – STOP EVIL Sprinkle around your home or place of business. put about three drops above your nose and between your eyes. Bring in wealth that has long been coming to you. or get raise or promotion. Jar SPRINKLING & BATH SALTS 1 pound Bags $11. in drawers. X1552 – WEALTHY WAY HIT IT BIG! Anoint your hands. money and any lucky items. numbers. A1200 Adam & Eve – Make love strong & true. Pour a few drops of oil daily on your neck and feet until all conditions are gone. around your home or place of business.00 X1548 – VOODOO To destroy an enemies power and all voodoo. MOSES BATH & SPRINKLING SALTS Sprinkle in your house — in corners of every room. For someone else. to help you win! A1212 Fast Luck – Helps bring good luck. Known to move evil conditions away – for good. respect and do as you say. money and gambling items. fast! A1214 Hi John the Conqueror – Conquer your problems now. A1222 Money Drawing – Helps draw and get money – quick! ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Dept. A1228 Stop Evil/Protection – Turns back all evil. X1556 – WILL POWER Are you trying to lose weight? Or trying to stop drinking? Smoking? or Drugs? Put three drops on your belly (for weight and drinking) everyday. Sweet smelling. sprinkle on their clothes or in their bedroom. Before playing any gam bling game anoint temples. cards. A1210 Court Case – Brings luck in court. or under furniture. Sprinkle a few drops of oil on your body. It is believed to set up intense waves of sensual currents between the two lovers. Only $5. A1204 Angel Sand – Keeps away enemies and jealous people. job or love life. and Understanding. X1536 – VAN VAN To be worn on body or on candles. X1524 – TEMPLE For SUPREME POWER and MASTER SHIP. A1229 Uncrossing – Removes cross/hex conditions on you. This oil is believed to keep all jinx and evil away from you and loved ones. anoint the top of your head. you will be able to find all the success you were looking for. hex or jinx. put on their head. X1532 – UNCROSSING This oil is believed to remove all hexes and cross conditions. Wisdom. only! X1528 – TURN BACK EVIL Turn back a curse that was sent by an enemy. X1564 – WISDOM Gives you Knowledge.

Use one bath ball each time you bathe or use all 5 at one time for extra power. . Luck in a Hurry A1085 – ORANGE – Controlling. $12. Comes with Two Lucky Dice. Num bers.Double Power . Herbs or Roots etc. . . . . Do As I Say A1086 – PINK – Attraction. $50. Moses BLESSEd CARRYING BAGS • For Any Condition • To carry all your lucky items • Add Oils or Powders. . $25. . . $12.Triple Strength . GREEN – Money Drawing.Extra Strong .00 XXX Triple Power WIN COURT CASE/LAWSUIT BAG Lucky dice SURE TO WIN BAG Good For Winning at Any Casino Type Games! Stop the Courts and Lawyers from bothering you. Turn back evil. . . Hold your Man A1089 – YELLOW – Uncossing. . . LUCKSHOP. . . or Any Casino Games). . . Stop missing by one number. or Casinos. Success. . . .Triple Strength . When carried into the Courtroom can help you have a favorable outcome. . . .50 each ••• Only $4.95 M2002 .K4075 . . . Law Stay Away. . Races. Keep Away Enemies and Be Lucky at any gambling or casino game. . . . May repeat. . Remove Jinx. $9. Drawing A1087 – PURPLE – Conquers with Power. . Have Power. . Win your Case! Are you being falsely accused? Always bothered by the Law? This Special Triple Power bag.O. .95 each No.Double Power . Lottery. Conquer and Control all situations. . Do you want your case Thrown out for good? If so. Bingo. .K4080 . . a Lucky in Court Stone. . It’s your turn to Hit That Winning Num ber. . You also get a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot and a mini Good Luck Horseshoe for even more Luck. $25. Court Case Oil. Get the Judge to rule in your behalf. and a Blue carrying bag. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Only $2. . . . . then you need this bag now! Instructions Included It is said that when carrying this lucky bag while playing any game of chance. . $50.® • P.95 each Rev. . . . . Lottery.00 FREE!!! Extra Strong “Money Drawing” Brand Perfume M1001 . Destroys Evil A1088 – RED – Strong Love.Extra Strong . You get an Ocote Cross. . Commanding. Stop Evil. . if necessary. . $19. . . .50 for package of 5 bath balls ••• A1082 – BLUE – Win Court Cases. . . a Lodestone with Magnetic Sand. herbs and gemstones to help you bring Good Luck in anything you want! Helping you to Draw Money.00 M3003 . to these bags for EXTRA POWER! M1051 – Black – Destroy Evil M1052 – Blue – Win in court/lawsuits M1053 – Orange – Controlling M1054 – Purple – Conquers all w/power M1055 – White – Uncrossing/Protection M1056 – Yellow – Luck in a Hurry M1057 – Pink – Attraction/Success M1058 – Chamois – Good Health/Peace M1060 – Green – Draw Money/Casino Jackpots M1061 – Red – Drawing/Strong Love Rev. today! FREE!!! Extra Strong Money Drawing Perfume Said to release all kinds of money blessings. Good Luck to you. . M1000 .95 M2000 . Hit that jackpot and be a WINNER. Moses BLESSEd BATH BALLS EXTRA STRONG LUCKY for ALL CONDITIONS Each colored bath ball has its own special fragrance suited exactly for its intended spiritual purpose. . . IL 60025-0718 • www. Be Lucky in Las Vegas or on any Casino Boat. Say psalm 23 while bathing. Cards. (Dice. . . . too. Box 718 • Glenview. Cleansing 22 CHURCH GOODS CO. green carrying bag and a bottle of Sure to Win . a Chew John Root. . Just Judge A1083 – GREEN – Win Jackpots. No. Hit Winning Number for any Casino game A1084 – LT. . You also get a Special Seal Blessed by Reverend Moses and a Dove’s Blood Ink Pen.Alleged LUCKY MOJO BAGS N GREE AG B with ER POW LL! PU This blessed bag is packed with Triple Strength Roots.00 M3000 . LUCKY GAMBLERS MOJO BAGS All bags are packed with secret power and super strong mojo roots to give you FAST LUCK when playing any numbers game — Bingo. you’ll be sure to WIN BIG!! Hit that Jackpot.

When using Dolls for Magical Purposes. It is said that if you follow the instructions and truly believe. Parchment Paper and a Dove’s Blood Ink Pen to write your wish or desire. in life and at work.DOLL MAGIC! EXTRA STRONG DOLLS FOR ANY CONDITION OR PURPOSE The Legend and Superstitions connected with Dolls has varied over the years. the better your results. write down the purpose you wish to use it for and we will send you the correct one. Conquer all your problems. D3219 – GOOD HEALTH/PEACE Be Healthy. Stops any spells. Make your enemies leave you alone for good. Cards-any game at all. Harm. Make them stay apart for good. Love. hex or jinx placed on you.95 each or 2 for $15. the harder you concentrate. all your wishes or desires will come true. A Successful Family is a Happy Family. D3213 – BREAK-UP/GO AWAY Don’t ever be bothered again. Good for any games of chance. those who have felt the effects of Doll Magic can vouch for it’s power. but one thing is certain. If you are unsure of which Doll to use. friends. D3225 – WIN THAT COURT CASE/ GET OUT OF JAIL ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Use this Doll to quickly be successful in all aspects of Life. Casino or Casino Boat. by anyone. your powers of suggestion will aid the Mystical Forces and help bring success to your work. Good Health makes you strong.1634 23 . Job or School.332. any Jinx or Hex. D3220 – INSTANT CASH/MONEY DRAWING Use this one for Good Luck in anything and everything.00 Dept. Money. Danger or Jealousy. Get that Luck in a hurry.95 each or 2 for $15. Lottery. children or family members. plenty of pins. D3221 – LEAVE ME ALONE/ KEEP AWAY ENEMIES Use this Doll if you have any obstacles keeping you from getting what you deserve or desire. D3223 – POWER AND CONTROL/ CONQUER ALL Use this Doll to get rid of all Evil Forces. make everyone obey you – your lover. Each one of these Dolls comes with full instructions. Dice. D3224 – SUCCESS FOR CHILDREN/ FAMILY HAPPINESS Be in Control. We have gathered together some of these secrets and are now making them available to you. In the past the uses of Dolls were closely guarded secrets known only to a few. D3215 – CAST OFF EVIL/JINX BE GONE Find that special person who can make all your love desires a reality and make it last forever. D3222 – LOVER COME TO ME/ EVERLASTING LOVE Break up those who shouldn’t be together. D3212 – BLOCKBUSTER/ROAD OPENER This Doll can bring you instant money from any source. D3214 – CASINO/JACKPOT WIn BIG when you gamble.00 D3210 – ALL PROTECTION D3218 – FIRE OF LOVE/FLAMING PASSION Protect you or your Loved ones from all Evil. Draws it to you fast. Also. no more nervousness or suffering. Use this Doll to win your Court Case or to help someone you love get out of jail. D3211 – ALL PURPOSE/LUCK IN A HURRY Keep the Fires of Love burning strong. Bring passion back into your Love Life. Only $8. Open the Road to Wealth and Happiness. Only $8. D3216 – CONTROLLING/OBEY ME NOW Have Power and Control over any situation. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. D3217 – FAST LUCK/SUCCESS Help your children or grandchildren be successful in school.

Perfumed Oil comes in Large 1 oz. P5101 Only $7. Box 718 • Glenview. Win big and get out of debt to be rich and happy. HAPPIER.98 Only $6. Moses Special Release Perfume Rev. fast. Job.95) 24 CHURCH GOODS CO. We believe you’ll be RICHER. P5100 Only $7. MOSES BLESSED PERFUMES Get these Powerful Perfumes for Only $5. whenever you use this oil or rabbit’s foot. in the bath.95) ALL POWERFUL JERUSALEM CROSS FROM THE HOLYLAND. P5017 Only $7. Only $5.O.98 (3 for $19. Moses has been giving this special blessing to church-going people in Chicago for over 50 years with Great Success! This Special Formula releases Blessings like Money and Luck and Happiness and Good Health and UN-Blocks any and all Evil forces that are keeping and holding you down! Suffer No More! Only $5. Moses Extra Strong Money Drawing Perfume Men or Women can wear this powerful smelling Quick Money Pulling perfume. BEAUTIFUL WOODEN CRUCIFIX No. in mop water or just sprinkle around the house to Trap the Devil! and make him go away for good! • Stops Enemies & Confusion almost immediately. bottle. LUCKY ELEPHANT PERFUME No. Love.00 each P5025 – Rev. The Luck of the Rabbit’s Foot is Yours. LUCKSHOP.95 each HOLY PERFUME with JERUSALEM CROSS HOLY PERFUME • Use this perfume on the body.REV. Wear this oil and put some on your lucky rabbit’s foot.98 each (3 for $19.® • P. This wellknown powerful lucky charm is also said to help you hit that big jackpot at any gambling or casino game. Pay your bills and buy what you need and want. Draws Money from any old way—so you can live the easy life. Money. BLESSED PERFUMES P5019 High John the Conqueror Powerful and Strong to Conquer your worst conditions and Turn Back All Evil and Bring Good Luck. etc. • Carry the cross with you or put near your bed to Turn Back All Evil! ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY LUCKY RABBIT’S FOOT and Perfumed Oil FREE Lucky Numbers Inside! Use for FAST LUCK in everything especially games of chance. and LUCKIER than you have ever been before.00 each ® LUCKY ELEPHANT PERFUME Brings luck in a hurry and quick money at all times. Order No. Very Good for Luck at the Casino or any Gambling game. Comes with Root in Bottle. IL 60025-0718 • . Pull It Now and Fast! Comes with Mag netic Lodestone Inside—for pulling power. P5020 Lodestone Draws like a magnet—whatever you want… Luck.00 each P5018 – Rev.

Love. Can it work miracles. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. Health… Anything You Want!! “Good Luck” Crystal For millions of years. 2) Making loved ones obey you (give you money). 3) Uniting two people in marriage. luck and health? Carry it with you and see! People tell us that these stones set up a powerful force field that WILL DRIVE AWAY EVIL FORCES AROUND YOU! WORKS FAST! HERE IS WHAT YOU GET: • A Good Luck Crystal • Good Luck Pouch • “Good Luck” Crystal Oil • Good Luck Seal • Easy Directions “ Love Power” Crystals It is believed that the owner of this pair of love crystals will have the Power to Draw Loved Ones Closer. J4202 00 each Only $ 15 FREE!! “Good Luck” Crystal Keychain $10. bring you money. • • HERE IS WHAT YOU GET: • A pair of Love Power Crystals • Love Power Pouch • “Good Luck” Crystal Oil • Love Power Seal • Easy Directions Order No. 4) Bringing back a lost love. Money. 5) Finding and holding a love one. J4201 00 each Only $ 15 Order No.332. Other alleged Powers include: 1) Making loved ones faithful to you only.00 VALUE with every order Or Order Both Sets for $ 2500 (SAVE $500) Use Crystals to: • BANISH ALL EVIL and NEGATIVITY • CONTACT “GOOD” SPIRITS • ACHIEVE PEACE OF MIND and INNER BALANCE 25 ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Dept.CRYSTAL POWER FOR HELP WITH ALL PROBLEMS!!! Use Crystal Power to Help Bring You Luck. many people (ministers and spiritualists included) have believed that crystals have MAGICAL POWERS.1634 .

Brings fast luck. . . corners of rooms. harm or jealousy.” No man or woman will be able to resist you. . Spells. Helps make the devil and your enemies run.50) DUST AWAY YOUR TROUBLES D2501 – GOLD DUST Sprinkle in corner of rooms to DRAW FAST LUCK in all things and to DRAW MONEY — from any source — for any reason.50 TRIPLE (XXX) STRENGTH TRIPLE (XXX) STRENGTH TRIPLE (XXX) STRENGTH CHASING POWDER LOVE ME ALWAYS POWDER LUCKY GAMBLERS POWDER P1311 . . . .LUCKY GAMBLERS POWDER Wear on days when playing Any Game of Chance—including Lottery. . . Triple Strength PROTECTION POWDER No. Harmful Plots against You. . . Cards. . . .MONEY DRAWING POWDER Use on body. now! Extra Strong.50 each (2 for $11. . Stops jinx on your gambling luck. P1137 . P1325 . shoes. . P1138 .1/2 pound bag .Triple Strength (XXX) Powders Only $6. . Bad Gossip.98 each 26 Sprinkle in corners of rooms or outside your door to PULL (like a magnet) anything you desire or wish for. or purse to Draw Money. . . . Jinxes. . . . . to stop evil inside. . . . Triple Strength GO AWAY/STAY AWAY POWDER House/Yard Dressing Make Evil and Enemies Go Away — for good— And never come back. . Sprinkle outside near doors. Curses. • Sprinkle in closets. .00 / 3 for $13. . . . . too. curses and spells. Not only does this powder keep evil and danger away. . Worries & Troubles. . Removes and Kills all jinx in and around you. . and be gone forever. Make those unwanted people Move. . . . . Works powerful and quick! CHURCH GOODS CO. • Sprinkle in your yard or all around the outside of your house to remove all cross conditions and jinx on your family and home. . . . Only $5. Box 718 • Glenview.$9. . .CHASING POWDER CHASE AWAY : Evil & Enemies. Helps Draw. . Nosey or Jealous People. . . . Slot Machines. your home and car. . .50 each 2 for $11. . Kills all voodoo and witchcraft hexes.® • P. evil or danger from enemies.1 ounce jar . P1370 . . Hexes & Witchcraft P1340 . . . . . . wealthier and happier.95 per pound No. . Protects you from being crossed up or jinxed. so you can win and win again! P1365 . .O. Fast— any way. all around the house or in front or backyard. Blackjack. . now. if needed. . • Put on neck and wrists daily to move out and keep evil off of you. Sprinkle inside in corners of . Be healthier. Say your wish and prayer before putting on your body. .LOVE ME ALWAYS POWDER Use this irresistible sweet-smelling body powder after bathing or seeing your “special person. . . . . .95 each Use this powder to Destroy and Remove all evil. LUCKSHOP.JINX REMOVING POWDER Destroys. . . P1371 . . . . . . Hold and Keep Your Lover! P1357 . D2502 – SILVER DUST Sprinkle in ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY corners of rooms to GET RID OF EVIL and JINXED CONDITIONS. The wearer will suffer no more bad luck. at a quiet time or after showering. . drawers. Protects you from all enemies now and from your past. . . Hit that jackpot or get that money that’s owed to you. $14. . .00 each No. Bad Influences & Bad “Friends”. but it gives you the power to send evil back to where it came from! D2503 – STEEL (Magnet) DUST Only $3. . Fast! XXX STOP EVIL POWDER for Body or Sprinkling • Moves out all evil and enemies. Problems with the Law/Courts. Only $6. . . . . now! P1350 . for good! No. Any Casino games. .$5. so it can work fast. IL 60025-0718 • www.50 No. • Makes the devil run and Satan be gone.

so the only luck you’ll have is Good Luck and Quick! Reverses all Evil. . . car or on the job. Bad Vibrations or Evil Influences from your surroundings.50) Burn to make the Devil Run Far and Fast! Kills all Spells. BRINGS GOOD FORTUNE No.95 each (2 for $19. Turns back all Curses. . Prosperity and the Winning Numbers. Reverses Bad Luck. J4502 .00) Gives Strength and Power to your particular love situation! Attract or Draw who you want. $10. J1613F . jinx and demons which come your way. . .REV.95 each Carry or wear for good luck in lotteries.98 each 1 oz. . Quick! Brings Success. ex-wives or husbands! Anyone who bothers you! You will be Set Free From All Evil. Quickly Removes All Negative Influences. J4503 .95 each Brings Fast Luck for All Gambling Games—Helps you Hit that Jackpot. .98 each (3 for $19. Make your love or sex life stronger—Whatever desire you have—Cleopatra can help! BLACK SNAKE (VIVORA) CANDLE No. Un-blocks all Evil.332. Sends back and Reverses all evil. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312.00) This Powerful ArrowHead Gemstone necklace will Turn your Luck Around and get rid of bad luck. C7057 . $10. . 30 day money back guarantee DRIVE AWAY EVIL SPRAY No. Use in home. C3115 Candle . J1602 Gold $12.00) Carry or wear to destroy all evil. . .95 each (2 for $19. D4011 . P1380 . CLEOPATRA LOVE NECKLACE No. $7.95 each (2 for $19.95 each No.95) Sends any nasty evil sent to you by neighbors. Stop others from seeing each other. XXX STRENGTH STOP EVIL! — Protection for You and Your Home — No. 7 INDIAN TOBACCO CANDLE No. numbers. . . $10. J1601 Silver $10.50 each (3 for $22. family— dead or alive—co-workers. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Dept.1634 27 . Vial Burn to Drive Away all Evil from your house. . . Use the oil for Double Protection. . . $11. games and business affairs. “Super Charged” VESTA (Chasing) Powder No. . . MOSES ® 10-TON ( X ) STRENGTH ® BLESSED GOODS FOR YOUR EVERY NEED REVERSIBLE GEMSTONE NECKLACE No. $5. . $8. Comes with 24” Chain and FREE Bottle of Turn Back Evil Oil. .

Feel like your old self again. With the combination of these stones. Children. These crystals will lure His unconditional Love and He will ask you to be his Girlfriend. It keeps away bad Spirits and negative energy that may cause you harm. It will also keep away any Evil plots against you. attract Money and get rid of all Negative energy. Dominate your Lover. It can become your Protective Shield. You can have this Power! G312B EVIL EYE – Be Protected against all Evil. It can defend you from Witchcraft.O. It can help you to feel and look Younger. Don’t Let Jealous People Rule your Life anymore!!! G305B AGAINST STRESS AND DEPRESSION – This Bracelet can help you to achieve Harmony and Peace.GEMSTONE “MOJO” POWER TALISMAN BRACELETS These Bracelets can be worn or carried to achieve desired results. It can also help to rid you of fearful thoughts and protect against stress and depression. Win that Case. It is believed these two Gemstones can act as purifiers of your blood for proper circulation and control of your blood sugar. IL 60025-0718 • www. Have Good Health. G309B COURT CASE and LEGAL PROBLEMS – Stop the fear of Losing your case. LUCKSHOP. G302B AGAINST BAD LUCK – Turn back your bad luck! This Bracelet can be your Shield of Protection.95 Each or 2 for $22. Do Not take it off and they will do as you wish. It gives comfort by calming your anxieties. better Love relationships. G314B FERTILITY – This Charm can help those Couples who have not been able to conceive a baby yet. G307B ALL PROTECTION – Be protected from All Harmful Forces. Danger and Jealousy. Keep away Stress and Depression. Evil Forces. G304B AGAINST JEALOUSY AND ENVY – These three stones together act as a Shield against Jealousy and Envy. Make the Judge rule in Your favor. and Lots of Faith. Misfortune and can also protect you from Harm. It will Keep all Witchcraft from you. G316B GET A BOYFRIEND – Wear this Bracelet and you will Attract the Man that you have been seeking. The Power in these stones is multiplied when it receives warmth from your fingertips. Be happy with the man of your Dreams. They can get rid of any sexual problems you may have. G315B FOREVER YOUNG – This Charm is said to have Restoring Power. have your man under your control! Men. Higher Self-Esteem. you can be Blessed with the baby you want. have your woman under your control! Make others come before you. Box 718 • Glenview. Have the Power to Give and Receive the Passion and Love you deserve. It is also said that it can help maintain Good Health. you will be protected from the Evil Eye. When you wear it or carry it. $12. Wear or carry it with Faith. Friends or your Boss. then the combination of these two gemstones. It can also protect you from Bad Luck and Illness. Have the Last word and they will Do As You Say!!! G311B DOMINATION – Do you want Power over Others? Women. Spells and Witchery. Harm. Get some Fast Luck now!! G303B AGAINST DIABETES – This Charm can help you eliminate your Diabetes.® • P.00 G301B AGAINST ARTHRITIS – Always wear or carry this Bracelet for your Arthritis or Rheumatism to disappear. G313B FAST LUCK – Do you want more Luck than ever before? Is your Luck down and do you want to change it Fast? By wearing or carrying this Bracelet it is believed you can have the best of Luck Faster than you ever had before. G306B AGAINST WITCHCRAFT – This talisman is charged with Positive Energies. It can help to eliminate Bad Luck. Have everything Positive in your life!! G308B APHRODISIAC/SEX POWER – These Heart shaped Gemstones are charged with Sexual energy. Keeps away bad influences from your . G318B GET RID OF A CURSE – This Bracelet was made to get rid of a Curse placed on you by someone. Always wear or carry it. your Home. will open up the path so that you can get applications that will be approved and soon you will have several credit cards. your Family and your Possessions. They can also make you irresistible to your lover. It will help give your joints the strength you need to perform any task. G317B GET A CREDIT CARD – If until now it has been difficult for you to get a credit card. See Good Results!!! G310B DO AS I SAY – With this Bracelet you get Absolute Control over the person you want. Have the strength you had when you were Younger. Fresh skin and can give you back Vitality. No one can Harm You!! ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY 28 CHURCH GOODS CO. eliminating negative energy.

G321B GOOD LUCK – Attract Good Luck and Keep away the Bad. Gets rid of impossible obstacles. This beautiful Bracelet acts like a magnet in Drawing Good Luck your way.” G326B PROTECT YOUR MARRIAGE – This Charm can protect Your Marriage.1634 29 . G322B GOOD STUDENT – With the continuous use of this Bracelet. develops psychic abilities. bring out Your Good Luck and give you the Power to WIN!! G332B TO GET AN INCREASE IN SALARY – With this Bracelet you can reach any Goals. G327B RETAIN (HOLD) MONEY – This Bracelet has a Magical Effect. MONEY & LOVE – By using this Bracelet. Wear it and receive the Power to solve any Family Conflicts. Don’t allow me to Lose. touch it and say “Power Charm. Keep away Bad influences. Make Me Win. Green: Draw money and success. Red: Passion and Strength.95 Each or 2 for $22. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. Money will come like Magic. Soothes and Calms your Mind. You or your Children can become #1 in class. a Clean Spirit and a Happy Soul. It also Heals and intensifies Psychic Powers. It can also serve as a shield to reject people with Bad influences. G336B TO WIN THE LOTTO – Use this Magnificent Charm to Win the Lottery. You can have Everything in Life You have always wanted. Heart. Black: Rids you of negative energy and evil. G335B TO UNITE THE FAMILY – This Bracelet can spread Love. G324B LOVE – This Crystal is perfect when You desire to Give and Receive Love. You will get the Raise You’ve been looking for. G328B 7 COLORS – “Wear this bracelet to improve all aspects of your life. Clear Crystals: Combines the Powers of all colors to make this a Super Powerful All Purpose bracelet. Friendship and Health. Orange: Courage and Controlling. Class can become fun and easy to learn. helps meditation. G320B GOOD HEALTH – This Bracelet can aid you in the treatment of any and all Health Problems. Create Peace and Harmony among Family members. relax your nerves. gives courage to whomever wears it. By wearing or carrying this special bracelet it will give you the opportunities to get handfuls of Money to pay your bills and live a comfortable life. love. bring Me the Luck and help my Mind concentrate with strength and Great Power. The 2 Powerful stones in this Charm will help you find Serenity and Peace. You or your Children can become Excellent Students. It can get you Lots of Money. This bracelet gives you the strength and power to become a better person. It can also protect you against squandering your Money without Control. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Dept. protection and health. It will give you trust in Yourself and nothing will be denied you.332. tranquilizing. Feel Good about the way You Look. It also Turns away Bad Luck.00 G319B GOOD BUSINESS – Get Dynamite results and Success in all Business ventures. and Gives emotional balance.GEMSTONE “MOJO” POWER TALISMAN BRACELETS $12. Envy and Evil. connect You with the Spiritual world. channels the Ying energy-sedative. Always have Money to buy the things You need. Pink: Love drawing and Unite family. It will help You to Keep Money in your hands. attracts Love. If you wear it daily. Make the Love between You and your Mate stronger. It is also known as a Healing stone and can Protect Your Health. Making Love and Integral Unity. Play to Win!! G337B TRANQUILITY – This Charm can make your life more soothing. No matter how different their Points of View are. Make your Goals reachable! G323B HEALTH. Every time you play. It can also Protect your Home. Opens your Heart. Release Anxiety. Blue: Gives you wisdom and luck. attract Money. Purple: Power. channels the Yang energybrings Prosperity and success. G338B YING-YANG – This Bracelet keeps perfect balance between the Ying and the Yang. These two beautiful stones can be quite useful in Disorders of the Nervous System. It can help you get the Winning numbers and make you Win Lots of Money. It can also Calm your Nervous eating Habits. YANG: Positive – Projective – Masculine. Stimulates energy. This combination of Gemstones can help you Win in Las Vegas. Improve Your Cash Flow. Improve your money. G331B TO BE LUCKY IN LAS VEGAS – This Bracelet can make a Big change in your Luck. G330B 7 QUARTZ – These assorted Quartz Gemstones in this Bracelet can enhance your Memory. Earn what You are Worth! G333B TO LOSE WEIGHT – This Bracelet can help stop your Fat intake. Keep your Spouse faithful. Go on. It can make you more Aware and gives you well being. Have Love. YING: Negative – Receptive – Feminine. Helps you Sleep. Stomach. It will drastically reduce Your appetite. Act as a Purifier and gives You Self-Esteem to help express Love and gives you a sense of Self-Worth. luck and health situations. G334B TO OBTAIN (GET) MONEY – Have the money you need. gives you Peace of Mind. Skin and can help cure Insomnia and Headaches. It fulfills expressions of affection and tenderness. Be Financially Successful. G329B 7 POWERS CHAKRAS – These assorted Gemstones work with the Spiritual Pulse Points in your Body to relieve Tension and Anxiety. You deserve it. Have the Luck You need. Starting a new Business? Having this Bracelet can give you the Power to be a Complete Success. G325B PLAY TO WIN – This Charm will bring you Luck in any Game of Chance.

family or business. near the front or back door. .com .95 each! Put anywhere where you want GOOD LUCK! — in your M5295 Gold – Fast Luck. this authentic Horseshoe was worn by a real horse – the Lucky Horse that won. No. LUCKY HORSESHOE has been blessed and prayed over by Rev. $5. This genuine 4-leaf clover keeps the money rolling in and lady luck on your side. Rub the Buddha’s belly and rub your money worries away. . friends. . Moses “Special Release” perfume (Order No.50 • Horseshoes for Only $12. D4000 . etc. This spray sends those evil odors away and helps remove anything blocking your money. .95 30 CHURCH GOODS CO. Once a month it should be blessed with Rev. . . .® • P. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY GENUINE LUCKY HORSESHOE Blessed by Rev. . $7. * TURNS BAD LUCK INTO GOOD LUCK * This powerful. bedroom. Prosperity & Power suggested in your package. . Make him/her desire you.O.95 each This little Buddha can sit anywhere in your home to Draw Lots of Money to you. hold onto money. And we offer these used Horseshoes to you so you can be Lucky and Surround your house with Lucky Vibrations.. can’t win at numbers anymore — then GET SOME FAST LUCK NOW! Your Lucky Hand Root comes with a FREE! Lucky Mojo Perfume and a FREE! Green Mojo Bag. your home. P5018 – $5.. M1177 Carry in purse. ex-wives or husbands.. M1142 $9. church Success.95 Need money fast? Spray in your house in every room to draw money from any source – lottery. .. people who owe you.95 each • Choose One. Lucky Gamblers. Only $8. . Directions Included. church. M5299 .95 each LUCKY HORSESHOE D GOO K LUC r fo ! YOU PRO TECT ION — MONEY — PEACE — — AMS DRE CK AWA E — LU Y BAD — LOVE LUC — HEALT K! H — PR OSP ERIT Y CHA S Pocket piece GOOD LUCK Horseshoe For fast luck – carry this miniature horseshoe with you. government.00 each GET 3 for $13. LUCKSHOP. Many other uses are also Wealth. . .. Moses for the New Millennium. . only M5298 Silver – Jinx Removing.00/bottle). pocket or wallet to win at any gambling game. you need this root package to TURN YOUR LUCK AROUND.98 each Is your luck down? Are you jinxed? If so. Moses — for extra power! It comes neatly packaged and nails are enclosed for hanging. . LUCKY HAND ROOT PACKAGE Order No. . . Bring Fast Luck to you. or place of business. Turn back evil and enemies No.. If you’re in a rut and can’t get a job.98 each 3 for $19. it is believed. in your car. so you’re never broke and so you always have money for bills and the good things in life! Legend says this Buddha has Money Power & Pulls like a Magnet! GOOD LUCK 4-LEAF CLOVER Order No. . Only $6. for better results.MONEY BUDDHA Rub the Buddha Today for a Real Money Miracle! FAST MONEY SPRAY No. H0565 Only $7. Good Health. bingo. Win Big M5297 Red – Keep/Hold/ Draw lover close. Only $12. . Great pocketpiece! J2560 .. .. Box 718 • Glenview. M5296 Green – Quick Money Drawing. IL 60025-0718 • www. . lovers..

Carry in purse. when you order this purse – today! FREE! Lucky Gambler’s Oil No. the correct seal can be found to influence one’s special situation and achieve one’s objective.95 each WIN BIG with LAS VEGAS GAMBLER’S PURSE.1634 31 . Get on a roll and feel that hot streak. SNAKE OIL No. are designed and consecrated to the angels which rule the various planets (Sun. Jupiter. M7002 … $14.STOP EVIL/RUN DEVIL RUN Conquering Purse Comes with: “Conquering” Indian Arrowhead Helps You: • Stop All Evil • Make the Devil Run • Turn Back Evil • Removing Bad Luck • Make Enemies Go Away • Overcomes Plots Against You • Breaks Spells & Jinxes • Stops Nasty Jealous Talk • Destroying VooDoo and Witchcraft • Protects You From All Harm “LAS VEGAS” GAMBLER’S PURSE GOOD FOR: • • • • • • • • • • Bingo Black Jack Dice Roulette Wheels Cards Slot Machines Lottery Casinos Numbers Races Carry this purse with you as much as possible or keep near your bedside for maximum effectiveness. . which are found in the book “Secrets of Magical Seals”.95 per set These Holy Pentacles. Evil Spirits & Demons and Enemies from your path. M7001 . Be cleansed now! ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Dept. Bingo.98 Triple Fast Acting Formula Destroys and Removes All Evil. For Extra Power & Luck. Conquer all evil and make the devil run. Mercury. Moon. for good. Don’t be miserable — Haven’t you suffered enough? Destroys Any curses. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. Venus). Don’t suffer or be jinxed or crossed anymore. FREE: RUN DEVIL RUN OIL plus Instructions Order No. Makes the devil run far and fast and Satan be gone. X1821… Only $7. Good for using at the Casino. . For More Lucky Magical Seals on Parchment – See Page 35 Super Strength MONEY GROWING WALLET For Men or Women No. .332.95 per set According to Legend and Tradition. Only $9. M7000 $9.95 Comes with Special Surprise Gift plus Xtra Strong Money Growing Oil Carry with you whenever you go out — To Increase your Spending power and Grow your Money! Special forces will also help you to Hold Onto Your Money with this amazing wallet. and thousands of believers carry them having faith in their effectiveness to bring results by magical means. pocket. For More Lucky Magical Seals on Parchment – See Page 35 No. You have all the power with this “LUCKY” Purse. Seals have magnificent powers. . Comes with Power Prayers and Suggestions for the Use and Care of these holy talismanic seals.95 each Seal Set from the 6th & 7th Book of Moses Complete Set of 52 Seals on Parchment Paper Comes with FREE Velvet Carrying Pouch KING SOLOMON Pentacles Seal Set Complete Set of 44 Seals on Parchment Paper Comes with FREE Velvet Carrying Pouch No. J3002 $15. J3001 $15. wallet or keep in pillow case to get what you want. Order your GAMBLER’S PURSE today and laugh all the way to the bank. Each set comes with a list of all seals and their uses. . Mars. Since each planet rules in certain and specific matters. Lottery or Any gambling game—to help you Hit that Winning Number OR get on Hot Streak and Win Big! Instructions Included. voodoo or any witchcraft spells you think you might have. Moves nogood people Out and Away from your life.

ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY 3) Prepares a combination of goods that will help achieve the desired results. .00 Ten-Ton Strength . . LUCKSHOP. . .® • P. Choose from the following services: No. Please.00 Triple Strength . . . $200. Limit One Page.00 * Please Add $8. $100. . . Moses Special Services: 1) State your problem or problems on space provided above. Moses about 10 –14 days (from the time we receive your letter) to send your package. . $50. 2) State Your Desired Result. 4) Mails your package to you — with easy directions. . (Limit 3) Please number them. . . “REVDP” No. . . or $200) according to your financial situation. .95 Postage & Handling* or *$11. “REVTT” Extra Strong . Moses Problem Solver Package! How to Receive Rev. . . . . 2) Analyzes and examines your problem(s) and prays for the best solution. Box 718 • Glenview. GET HEL P NO W! Try Rev. .Do You Need Help? P HEL ET G W! NO You’ve Suffered Long Enough! Get Help in a Hurry! If You Need Help. . “REVES” No. Please Read: Please allow Rev. . . write your problem(s) and other necessary information on a separate sheet of paper.00 Double Power . . If you need more room. .50 for RUSH * (See Order Form for Details) WHAT REV. . He gets many requests and wants to take his time and DO IT RIGHT — THE FIRST TIME! 32 CHURCH GOODS CO. write your troubles or problems below. 3) SEND the CORRECT AMOUNT of MONEY ($25.O. $50. $25. MOSES WILL DO FOR YOU! 1) Automatically puts you on his Prayer List for one month. “REVTS” No. $100. . IL 60025-0718 • .

We will add it to the Wall of Prayer! JOIN OUR WALL OF PRAYER Cut Out & Return with Order Form Make My Children Do As I Say Draw Big Money to Me Draw My Man Closer to Me Keep Away Enemies AND Protect Me From My Enemies.00 & FREE SHIPPING $50. I will receive 3 votive candles for my condition(s) with a candle holder. If you don’t see your condition. Plus an Extra Strong Lucky Mojo Bag. I will receive a special votive candle for my condition(s) with a candle holder. Order No. and Harm Make My Man Stay Home Win Big in Numbers or Dice or Lottery Win Big at Bingo Get a Good-Paying Job Gain Power & Mastery Over All Things Draw My Woman Close to Me Unite Two People in Marriage Bring Me Luck & Success in All Things Drug and Alcohol Problems/Bad Habits Drive Devil Out of Me Ease My Pain & Suffering Get Ex-Lover or Ex-Husband Out of My Life Get Money from My Man Friend Get People Out of Lawsuits. PRAY1 I want Rev. Rev.332. PRAY6 I want Rev. Moses Special Release Perfume and Seal of protection and Good Fortune. Please. Moses to pray for me for One Month. Moses to pray for me for One Year. Rev.00 & FREE SHIPPING $100. PRAY7 ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY $15. Plus a Triple Strength Lucky Mojo Bag.00 & FREE SHIPPING Dept. Mark the box(es) below. If you need help in more than 3 areas. Order No. Moses Special Release Perfume and Seal of protection and Good Fortune. Moses to pray for me for Six Months. MOSES PRAY LIST SIGN UP NOW! Pick the condition that fits you. I will receive 12 votive candles for my condition(s) with a candle holder. Plus a Double Power Lucky Mojo Bag.REV.00 & FREE SHIPPING $30. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. Court and Prison Make People Stop Gossip (Talk) Stop Neighbors from Hassling Me Drive Devil Out of House Bring Me Fast Money & Success Remove All Jinx & Cross Conditions Give Success and Protection to My Family Give Me Power and Control Hit Jackpots & Win Big at Gambling Sex and Nature Problems You can sign up today for one month or for the whole year! Choose the right prayer package for you! NAME ________________________________________________________________________________________ BIRTHDAY___________________________________________________________________________________ I want Rev. PRAY3 I want Rev. Moses and tell him what you want! Feel free to send in a picture of whom you wish us to pray for. Rev. Order No. Order No. Evil.1634 33 . I will receive 6 votive candles for my condition(s) with a candle holder. just write Rev. Moses Special Release Perfume and Seal of protection and Good Fortune. Moses to pray for me for Three Months. Limit 3. Moses Special Release Perfume and Seal of protection and Good Fortune. please write for more information. Rev.

. . . . . . Moses is able to Make Any 10 Ton Kit for you for Whatever Specific Condition or Desire you may have — which is not shown above. . . $100. . . So if you’re tired of just missing by one number or losing all the time — then you need this kit.00 K7001 . MOSES TEN-TON STRENGTH KITS SUPER POWER I II III IV V IX X TEN TON POWERFUL KITS FOR YOU! LOVE/COME TO ME This kit can help you with any love problems. . Or if your children or grandchildren are in bad marriages or relationships. . . . . It’s your turn to hit that winning number and get those big bucks. Also used to make your loved one treat you right and give you money. . . . . .. you need to use this kit to turn your luck — and your life — around. . Bingo. the government (S. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY JINX REMOVING RUN DEVIL RUN Are you jinxed. If you’re looking for that “special love” in your life and haven’t found it. Be rid of evil forever and feel good again. get this kit. . . games of chance. . . . . . . . because you know it’s no good! This kit has all the right things to cause a split and get the person you care about to do what you want them to do. . crossed up or just plain unlucky? If so. . this kit can be used to get a man or woman to love you and you only! COM THE T E MA NDM N ENT VI S VII VII I MAXIMUM STRENGTH! FAST LUCK FAST MONEY DRAWING K7000 . Use this now — and win. now! To turn back the devil and kill that jinx— for good! K7002 . . Cards.UP This kit can help you break-up any two people — fast! To stop you lover from seeing someone else or having an affair. . Lottery. use this kit to break them up.S. . . K7004 . .TEN TON REV.00 LUCKY GAMBLERS This kit is packed with power to help you win and win big! — most of the time. . . . . your home.® • P. your loved ones. . boyfriends. 34 CHURCH GOODS CO. . . STOP EVIL/PROTECTION Are enemies or evil spirits keeping you down? Move them away and keep them away from you — for good! This kit will drive away evil and make the devil run from you. . It also protects you against evildoers. . .00 K7006 . Slots or any Casino Games. . Moses will prepare a Special Kit for your purpose in mind. .O. . workmates or anybody who’s working against you. . . . . . . Numbers. . Dice. Box 718 • Glenview. K7003 . . this kit can also help you find and keep your true love. Gets rid of evil spirits. you may have. and witchcraft because you will be chasing the devil away… Away from you. So. . . . . . your work place or your home. etc. . . .com . .00 Rev. . . . . . . use this kit.I. $100. IL 60025-0718 • www. . . $100. and your loved ones. . . enemies. . girlfriends. Remember. $100. neighbors. . . . that you deserve. Get this money from ex-husbands or wives. Use this kit to solve any money problem that you have. then you need to use this kit to turn your luck around and draw some money fast! — any way that you can.00 Is your luck down? Is your money blocked? Can’t hold on to any money for bills and other things? If so. . a raise on the job. . No one should come between you and your true love.00 BREAK. . LUCKSHOP. .) or from people that owe you money. . Races. . . . . Just tell us your special request and Rev. . . $100. stay with you and treat you with kindness and respect. . . . so-called friends or ex-lovers. . . . Get your loved one to come to you. Please allow an extra 3 or 4 days for delivery. $100.

Elevation Spiritual Redemption Peace to You and Your Home Seal of Jesus of God Protection. Power. .$1. • Use seals along with Anna Riva’s 15 “POWER PRAYERS” to get what you want in life – health. MASTER KEY TO GOOD FORTUNE KING SOLOMON’S LUCK CHARM z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z SEAL LIST . . Only $7. Assures Prosperity SECRETS OF MAGICAL SEALS “We sell” any seal in ”this book!” Please call and ask for prices! ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY J327A J311X J312X J313X J314X J315X J316X J317X • J330X J331X Tells how to use seals and put their power to work for you.1634 35 .332. Blocks All Evil Seal of Merbeulis Special Attraction Seal of Azielis Command and Obey Seal of Arielis Conquers Any Situation Seal of Marbuelis Control Others with Your Hidden Powers J335X J324X J336X J337X J338X Get Rich Quick Rab Caleb Health and Medical Assistance Seal of Air Bring money relief and employment to you Seal of Fire Others Will Obey You Seal of Water Bring Great Fortune and Wealth Seal of Earth Attract Friends and Good Spirits Seal of Saturn Good Luck in All Number Games Seal of Jupiter Win in Courts or With The Law Seal of Mars Good Luck in Disputes Seal of Sun Make People Respect You J327B J328X J329X J326B Seal of Mephistophilis Conquers One’s Enemies and Protects You Seal of Barbuelis Master All Things so you may Dominate Seal of Aziabelis Achieve Great Power Over Others Seal of Antiquelis Promotes Health Seal of Treasure. Knowledge – All Matters Breastplate of Aaron Protection from Sudden or Violent Death Breastplate of Moses Protection from All Harm Seal of Treasure Find Lost or Stolen Items High Seal of Good Fortune Personal. . when thousands of people carry them with faith – to BRING RESULTS BY MAGICAL MEANS – FOR ANY CONDITION: Money. Power. A seal should be a SECRET POSSESSION and is to be: 1) Carried or worn on the person (in purse. God’s Richest Blessing Balaam’s Sorcery Seal Get Even with Your Enemies Power and Success Seal All-Seeing Eye of the Lord Conquers All and Brings Luck J301B J302X J303X J304X J305X J306X J307X J308X J309X J310X Seal of Great Generation Wealth. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. Strength Seal of Witnesses Brings Owner. . Achieves Desires Crowned Serpent Seal Protection from Black Magic. . . .50 each J300X J301X J301A Master Key To Good Fortune Fast Help in All Problems King Solomon’s Luck Charm Wisdom. these seals (magical pieces of paper) have many magnificent powers. happiness. • Over 400 Seals are pictured and explained in an easy to use way. . . . Business Seal of Love Gain & Hold Love Seal of Long Life Run Devil Run Seal of Power & Influence Seal of Knowledge Dreams and Visions Seal of Treasures J325A J325B J326A J318X J319X J320X J321X J322X J323A J323B Seal of Secrets Revealed in Dreams to You Seal of Mercury Seal of Good Luck Seal of Spirits Seal of Orion Wealth In Everything J334X For Quick Action Wishes Come True J332X J333X Schemhamphoras #1 Seal Success in Finance and Business Schemhaphoras #2 Seal Highest Religious Seal for Divine Guidance & Great Mystical Power Candalabra Seal Seal of Golden Candlestick – Gives Strength and Safety. B1570 .z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z\z “LUCKY” MAGICAL SEALS As contained in the 6th & 7th Books of Moses According to tradition. Honor. etc. Job Promotions Great Pentagram Seal 5 Pointed Star of Moses: Gives You Clear Mind and Confidence. Victory Over Evil Schemhamphoras Holy Seal Contact Dead Spirits. 3) Placed underneath a burning candle 4) Placed in a mojo bag or doll you are working with. they have been passed down through the ages – until today. Taken from ancient Hebrew Holy Books.00 Dept. . Health. . . . . Love. For more information on SEALS – PLEASE BUY: “Secrets of Magical Seals” by Anna Riva. prosperity and much more. (see below). pocket or coat) 2) Placed underneath your mattress.

. . . . . use this kit to help improve business. . . Success and Happiness RITUALS AND SPELLS ARE USED TO GET WHAT YOU WANT There are those who have achieved THEIR EVERY DESIRE Always remember IT CAN BE DONE -. . . . . . . . . . . Powders and Incenses c Significance of Cards c Horoscope with Lucky Days and Lucky Numbers Guide to Spiritualists. .00 K2007 – LADY WHO HAS AN EMPTY HOUSE – If you are lonely because your house is empty – use this kit to bring happiness to your life. . . . . . . . . . . . of course. . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 K2008 PERSON WHOSE BUSINESS IS IN BAD SHAPE – If your business is bad. . this kit will help you get him to come back to you. . . . . . . . . . . . .00 K2012 LADY WHO CANNOT KEEP MEN FRIENDS Can’t keep a man friend? Use this kit to hold them. . .50 K2023 – TO GET RID OF EVIL SPIRITS – Don’t let evil spirits keep you nervous and upset. . . . . . .® • P. . . . . . . . . .00 K2002 – GOING ON TRIAL – If you are going to court. . . worth it for WINNING! . $24. $20. . . . . . .00 K2005 – LADY WHO LOST HER LOVER – If your lover has left you. . .00 K2026 – MAN OR WOMAN IN BAD LUCK – If your luck is bad and everything seems to go wrong. . . . . $16. . . . . $42. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $26. .00 K2004 LADY WHO WISHES TO CROSS HER ENEMIES If someone had done you wrong. . . . . . . . . . . . $20. . .50 K2027 – THE PERSON WHO WISHES TO GET A JOB – Need a job and can’t seem to find one? Use this kit. .00 K2021 – CONTROL TROUBLESOME NEIGHBORS! – Get control of the neighbor problem with this kit. . .00 K2015 – LUCKY HAND – This one is for gambling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . no matter how hard you try? This kit will help. . . . . .50 K2025 – TO GAIN SPIRITUAL STRENGTH – Get spiritual help and strength with this kit. . . . . . $37. .50 K2035 – TO DRESS HOMES. . . . $26. . . . . . ORIGINAL BLACK AND WHITE MAGIC c Marie Laveau c Burning of Candles. . . . . . . $26. . . . . . $20. . .Everyone wants Love. . . . . . . . $43. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 K2020 – MAN WHOSE BUSINESS IS POOR – Improve business with this kit. . . . . . . . . Use of Roots and Oils.00 K2017 – MAN WHO LOST HIS SWEET HEART – Lose your sweetheart and want her back? Use this kit. . .50 K2013 – LADY OR MAN IN LAWSUIT – This kit contains items to help you win in court. . . . . . . . . . . . . .00 K2014 – GAMBLING HAND – If you need help to WIN. Power. . . . . . . GET RID OF THEM with this kit. . .50 K2018 – TO OBTAIN SUCCESS – Be successful in whatever you try to do by using this kit. . . . .98 Value FREE with order of any of above kits. . . . . also. . use this kit. . . . use this kit to change your luck from bad to GOOD. Money. . . . . . . . . . . . . .com . .50 K2010 – HOW TO PROMOTE PEACE IN THE HOME – If things are bad in your home. . . $26. $40. .50 K2019 – MAN WHO CANNOT GET A SWEETHEART – Can’t get a sweetheart. . . . If you have never had spiritual help. . .$23. . . $29. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $31.$27.00 FREE!!! Book of Black and White Magic A $7.50 K2033 – HOW TO ATTRACT ATTENTION – Learn how to draw others to you. . . . . $19. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .00 K2016 – MAN WHOSE WIFE LEFT HIM – Sad and lonely because she’s gone? Use this kit to get her back! .00 K2030 – ADVICE TO SPIRITUALISTS AND MEDIUMS – Sometimes even those who are strong in the spiritual and/or psychic world need help. . . . $20. $26. . use this kit to help change your luck. . . . . . $29. .00 K2009 – TO STOP GOSSIP – If folks are talking bad about you. . . .00 K2029 – HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CONDITION – Improve your situation and things around you by using this kit. but is a little stronger than Kit K2014. . . . . . . . . . . . . LUCKSHOP. . $33. . . . . . . . . . $23. . . . . . . . . . . .$22. . . . . . . . . . . . just as others do by using this kit. . . . . . . . PLACES OF BUSINESS & CHURCHES – Use this kit for extra blessings. . . . . . $36. Box 718 • Glenview. .50 K2034 – THE BEST GAMBLING HAND – The most expensive. . . . $31. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . this kit should help. . $19. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $19. . . . $25. . . . . and Readers ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY 36 CHURCH GOODS CO. Use this kit to help you. but. . .00 K2003 – PERSON WHO WISHES TO BE UNCROSSED – Crossed Up? This kit can help you! . . . . .50 K2022 – TO DEVELOP HAPPINESS – Un happy? Have trouble figuring out what’s wrong? This kit should help. .00 K2024 TO CONQUER THOSE WHO HAVE MADE YOU SUFFER If folks have cause you to suffer. . . . .50 K2011 LADY WHO CANNOT GET FRIENDS If you’re having trouble getting and keeping friends. . . . . . . . . . .50 K2032 – HOW TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE – Learn how to influence others in you favor with this kit. . . . $20.00 K2006 – LADY WHOSE HUSBAND OR MAN FRIEND LEFT HOME – If your man has left you. . . . . $30. . . . $22. . . . . . . . .if you believe. . . this kit can help get him back! . . $23. . . this may be the one to help you get back at the people who have wronged you. . .50 K2028 – THE PERSON WHO WISHES TO HOLD A JOB – Afraid you’re going to lose your job? Use this kit. . . . . . . . . . . . . Mediums. IL 60025-0718 • www. . . . $22. use this kit to conquer the problem.00 K2031 – FOR PROSPERITY – Prosper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THE MAGIC POWER OF SPELLS HAS BEEN KNOWN TO ACCOMPLISH ALL! K2001 – HELPING HAND – For Person Who Has Never Had Spiritual Help. . . . . . use this kit to stop the bad talk. this is the kit for you and you should try it soon. . . . . .. . . . . . . $39. . . . . . . . . . . . you may find help to WIN with this kit. . . .O. . . . . . . . . .

. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. You get 7 Powerful Items plus a FREE Good Luck Gemstone Power Ring. • Easy Instructions are included. hex or spell that is on you. . Attract and Get the things you desire and need. Instruc tions are Included.. Order No. but. Only $24. jinx. • The most expensive. Harm. Bring Peace and Good Health to you. K1507 .95 CHANGE YOUR LUCK NOW! DON’T BE MISERABLE. .95 Turn Back. The Magic Power of Spells Has Been Known to Accomplish All. Lottery. . . THESE ITEMS HAVE BEEN POWERFULLY BLESSED TO: Help you Draw Money from any source or from anyone who owes you. Send Back All Evil and Harm to whoever sent it to you. with passion.332. Jealousy or Enemies. .50 REVERSIBLE SNAKE KIT Order No. Remove any curse. It is Very Good and Very Strong and can be used for All Situations. BLACK AND WHITE MAGIC * Marie Laveau * Burning of Candles. GET FAST LUCK TO BE HAPPY.ALL PURPOSE GOOD LUCK KIT BRINGS FAST LUCK AND CONQUERING POWER TO ALL SITUATIONS. . worth it for WINNING! Hit that jackpot! • COMES WITH 11 ITEMS – Highly Spiritual and Supremely Blessed. or Casino Games. . Suffer no more and Feel Good again and get Rid of Any Un-Natural Bad Feelings so you feel right and healthy once again. If you are down on your luck and you feel or know that you are Jinxed or Blocked then this kit Will Work Wonders for you! Even if you are hopeless or desperate. with power. K8569…. JINXED OR BLOCKED ANYMORE. Only $42. ORIGINAL FREE!!! Book of Spells A $7. Win big at any Casino or Gambling game. Powders and Incenses * Significance of Cards and more. Draw your lover close and make your love stronger. . Conquer and Control any situation or problem. of course. Only $21. Use of Roots and Oils. Effective and Powerful! ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Dept. . . K2034 .98 Value FREE with order of this kit only. Order No.1634 37 . Stop all confusion. Use this Specially Blessed Kit to fight any and every problem you are having. This Kills and Destroys any evil sent your way by voodoo. . . PROTECT YOURSELF NOW! Return all this evil so you can be free from it and all your enemies. withcraft. Cards. Races. DRAWS GOOD LUCK TO ANY PROBLEM YOU ARE HAVING. .HAVE GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING. Bingo. black magic or any other evil way. Protect you against any Evil. This Kit is Safe. HEALTHY AND WEALTHY! BEST GAMBLING HAND KIT ! WI N ! WI N ! WI N HI THAT JAC T KPO T! • Use this when you need to WIN – and WIN BIG! • Hit that winning number for any game – Numbers.

Get it thrown out. We believe the divine power of candles can bring good luck to you.® • P. Command. K3110 – Alleged CHASE AWAY EVIL. Lady Luck C7205 GRAY – Stop Gossip. The knowledge and wisdom of past generations are with you when you use these candle kits and candles are known to work fast. Luck. Do As I Say C7208 PINK – Attract Love and Happiness C7209 PURPLE – High . K3120 – Alleged DRAW FAST LUCK Pull that luck your way and be successful. LUCKSHOP. Make him come back.98 each 3 for $19. IL 60025-0718 • www. Draw money to you. sleeping around or drinking. Blessings C7212 YELLOW – Fast Luck. K3135 – Alleged MAKE MAN STAY CLOSE Is your man running around all night.98) and place paper under candle. fast. Run Devil Run C7204 GOLD – Lucky Gamblers. Success. Joy * Your candle comes in a glass jar * * Burns a total of 120 hrs * 38 For EXTRA STRENGTH. dress your candles with our oils. Again. light your candle at a quiet time. Wealth C7207 ORANGE – Controlling. so you can win. We believe this kit can help you. Box 718 • Glenview. It’s best that the judge see it your way. Leave Me Alone C7206 GREEN – Draw Money. See “OILS” in this catalog. 7 DAY BLESSED CANDLES C7200 7 COLORS – Help for all purposes and conditions C7201 BLACK – Stop and Turn Back Evil/Enemies C7202 BLUE – Uncrossing.O. Be lucky at any game. job. Be lucky in anything you do. They can’t live without them. K3140 – Alleged QUICK MONEY DRAW You need money from any source – a friend.98 each K3105 – Alleged BRING BACK NATURE/SEX Bring back that youthful pep. We all need a little help sometimes. K3125 – Alleged GAMBLING HAND Down on your luck? Call the spirits to hit that winning number and get rich. Stop Confusion C7203 BROWN – Jinx Removing. HEX OR JINX Send that evil back to your enemies and break that jinx or hex on you. enemy. Feel Sexy.CANDLE KITS – CHANGE YOUR LUCK!!! YOU GET: • • • • • • • • • Jumbo Candle 7 Blessed Candles Jumbo Candle Holder Blessed Candle Holder Blessed Oil Parchment Paper Dove’s Blood Ink Pen Easy Directions Surprise Free Gift PEOPLE SAY: “My candles work great!” ONLY CANDLE POWER! Now is the time – Don’t wait! Candles have been of great use in prayer and meditation for centuries. Remove any bad luck on you or your family. or family. ex-husband or friend who won’t leave you alone? We believe this kit will help them move away and stay away for good. Don’t be miserable anymore. Sex Strength C7211 WHITE – Good Health. K3130 – Alleged GET AWAY Ever have a bad neighbor. For EXTRA FAST RESULTS. K3115 – Alleged COURT & LAWSUIT Win that case. $14.00) using a Dove’s Blood Ink Pen (M1005 – $3. All priests and reverends use candles. Compel ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Plain Color No Writing on Glass Jar $7. fast – with the power of candles. write your desire on Parchment Paper (M1001A – $1. Peace. Hold him with candle power. quick.95 C7210 RED – Have True Love. numbers. Hit the Jackpot. CHURCH GOODS CO. Additional postage & handling will be added for more than 3 candles.

Have peace of mind. C7362 – LUCKY INDIAN SPIRIT Break chain of bad luck. sick. prosperity. Stay close. MARTIN CABALLERO Removes bad luck and brings good luck. Win big. dress your candles with our oils. Desire me. love to the hopeless/ suffering. JOSEPH Comforts sick and suffering. C7315 – FAST LUCK/ MONEY DRAWING Draw big money to live easy. Protection and Good dreams come true. C7350 – ST. C7348 – ST. Be safe from danger. Makes problems disappear. Mother Mary.1634 39 . C7349 – ST. C7312 – DRIVE AWAY EVIL Move out the devil and all evil spirits. Win big and often. home or family. C7317 – GARLIC Protects you from evil enemies. for anything. ^z^z^z^z^z^z *Your candles come in Glass Jar s* ** Burns a total of 120 hours * $8. C7353 – VIRGIN GUADALUPE Gives comfort. and Saints Jude. Protects from evil. steady work and money. conquers all. C7322 – LUCKY DREAM Makes your lucky dreams come true. now. C7324 – LUCKY PROPHET See and hear all things. JOHN THE BAPTIST Supreme saint grants all favors and requests. and Peter Help protect you and provide for your needs. C7337 – ST. reduce jail time and rule in your favor… so You Win! C7321 – LUCK IN A HURRY Get good luck and fast. Happiness. C7303 – BUDDHA Good Luck. Pay off bills. Protects you from harm.00) using a Dove’s Blood Ink Pen (M1005 – $3.50 SAINTS/HOLY TITLES C7334 – GUARDIAN ANGEL Protects you. Fertility. See “OILS” in this catalog. Know the truth. PETER Holds the Master Key to success and all good things. C7352 – 7 SAINTS Jesus.CANDLE BURNING MAGIC ^z^z^z^z^z^z 58 Titles to Choose From For EXTRA STRENGTH. Success and Luck in all things. C7320 – JUST JUDGE Get case dropped. C7361 – CONGO Chase evil away! Power. C7340 – ST. C7336 – SACRED HEART OF JESUS Receive God’s holy blessing. CHRISTOPHER Protects all travelers. C7345 – ST. C7314 – FAITH & HOPE Achieve Prosperity. C7327 – PAY ME NOW Get paid from those who owe you.50 ^z^z^z^z^z^z^z^z^z^z^z^ C7301 – BETTER BUSINESS Increase business. Power. C7310 – DO AS I SAY Have control! Make others obey you. C7311 – DRAGON BLOOD Kills all witchcraft. Unblocks your money. Love. help. C7341 – ST. For EXTRA FAST RESULTS. danger and jealousy. C7347 – ST. fast! C7364 – PROTECTION AGAINST EVIL & HARM Protection against evil. and children. demons and harm. C7333 – WINNING NUMBER/BINGO Be lucky and hit that winning number.50 each / 3 for $22. BARBARA Keeps away wicked people. C7319 – JINX BREAKER Be free from curses. enemies.332. suffering and misery. C7309 – CONFUSION Stop confusion and suffering. Live easier/ better life. C7316 – FAST SUCCESS Have success at school. EXPEDITO Good fortune. Draw money/customers. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. C7328 – QUICK MONEY Win big. O Holy Virgin Mary. THERESA Little flower of Jesus helps you reach heaven. CLARA Ask and you shall receive. hate. LAZARUS Grants favors. and witches near you. Makes it stay away. C7313 – ELEGGUA Keeps home safe from evil. MARTHA Protects and provides for family. Anthony. C7346 – ST. C7338 – ST. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY $8. C7306 – CHUPARROSA Make my love true and strong. C7326 – MONEY RELEASE Draws money and releases it to you quick.98) and place paper under candle. RAMON Helps stop all pain. C7318 – HAS NO HOLD Bust through any block that’s holding you down. gives peace of mind. voodoo and satan. love and protection desires. Get what you desire. be protected from enemies. good health. light your candle at a quiet time. C7323 – LUCKY NUMBER Hit the Jackpot with your numbers. Dept. C7332 – SPIRITUAL POWER Overcome all problems with power. satan. ALEX Removes evil. Michael. C7325 – MAKE YOUR WISH See your wishes and desires come true. C7342 – ST. helps poor. Brings relief. jinx or plots against you. C7335 – INFANT JESUS Helps poor. C7304 – CAST OFF EVIL Chase away evil. C7351 – 7 ARCHANGELS These angels will protect and watch over you always. C7329 – SHUT YOUR MOUTH Stop all gossip/bad talk about you. C7339 – ST. in love – in anything. C7363 – MOROCCO Wishing candle for finance. C7307 – COME TO ME Love me. Gives your family the necessities of life. C7302 – BLACK CAT Fast Luck in Gambling. Additional postage & handling will be added for more than 3 candles. soon. MARTIN DE PORRES Gives powerful relief and justice to the poor and needy. C7305 – CHANGO MACHO Draw Money. C7354 – MIRACULOUS MOTHER Bless us with a miracle. write your desire on Parchment Paper (M1001A – $1. C7330 – SPECIAL ALL PURPOSE Brings good luck for everything. C7344 – ST. C7308 – COMPELLING POWER Have power and control over anything. Martin. Joseph. work. C7343 – ST. C7331 – SPELL BREAKER Breaks all evil spells on you.50 each / 3 for $22.

$10.95 Gives Knowledge Obtain wisdom.95 talisman. It’s believed to give the wearer domination over all situations.95 [except Pentagram] Brings Good Fortune Carry or wear for good luck in lotteries.$10.$10.95 J1619 Silver .$10. profound knowledge and great understanding in all J1623 Silver .95 FOR MEN ONLY ! Win the Female Make the woman you love or desire want you and get close to you.95 J1704.$12.$12.95 all harm. Silver .$12. J1612 Gold .95 J1604 Gold .95 Gold .95 J1628 Gold .$10.$10. Destroys Evil Wear to destroy all evil. jinx and demons which come your J1613 Silver .95 SMALL LARGE Achievement of Goals Helps you get where you want to be in school. job. Wear to “bust through” whatever is keeping you down. Gold . IL 60025-0718 • .95 The Pentagram is said to contain all the mysteries of magic and POWER of unseen forces. Controls Evil Spirits Protect your health and well-being. J1610 Gold .95 J1602 Gold .$12. games and business affairs. • All necklaces are blessed by Rev. • All necklaces are silver or gold colored and are of high quality.95 J1618 Gold . Gold .95 of this special J1626 Gold .$12.95 J1622 Gold . J1607 Silver .95 J1701.95 way.$12. simply carry in your pocket or purse or store in a secret place and let this “magical” charm work for you.$10.$10.95 done.$15.95 J1630 Gold .$12. Opens Locks Unlock the key to your future.$12.$10.$10.$12.O.$10.$10.95 J1702. Be safe from J1615 Silver . Discovers Treasures Helps find money or treasures that are lost and that could be yours. J1617 Silver . It was worn by the greatest prophets! TRY IT. or personal J1611 Silver . • If you don’t want to wear the chain around your neck. Helps Read Others’ Thoughts Read other people’s minds so you may protect yourself.95 matters.95 Protects the Traveler Fear no more! Keep danger away and let nothing harm you — not near home.95 ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Gives Healing Powers Gives wearer help in healing people and knowledge of potions and medicines.$12.95 J1616 Gold . NOW! 40 CHURCH GOODS CO. Wear or carry this talisman.95 J1608 Gold .95 J1620 Gold .$12.$12.95 desire.95 Discovers Hidden Secrets Wear this to find out what others have been saying and doing to you. J1624 Gold . in a car. church. numbers. J1601 Silver .95 J1627 Silver .$12. or anywhere! J1629 Silver .95 J1606 Gold . • It was believed that all magical powers would come to the one who wore this jewelry. You will be amazed at the charm and confidence you will have with the help J1625 Silver .95 PENTAGRAM Ancient Symbol of POWER! PROTECTION! PROPHECY! Power of Truth Make your enemies speak the truth and reveal the bad things they’ve J1609 Silver .$10.95 J1703. LUCKSHOP. Protection from Accidents Protect yourself from unwelcome forces or unnatural acts. Moses and come with a sturdy 24" chain. Silver . All MINISTERS and SPIRITUAL people should have this.$12.95 Win the Male or Female Gives you the love you need and want — from that special person you J1603 Silver .$12.$10. Control the evil forces around you.® • P.$12.$12.$10.95 matters. J1614 Gold .$10. Box 718 • Glenview.95 J1605 Silver .Blessed Jewelry for Every Need Silver . J1621 Silver .$12.$10.

. your home or your car. [ 1/2 oz. Also. glass bottle] ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY X1808 . . gambling and court matters. . $5. or on wrists and chest. You will be protected against any harm. . . It’s the best and it works! [ 1 oz. the place where the Love God dess Cleopatra once ruled. [ Large 2 oz. will uncross you. .332. MOSES HORN OF PLENTY OIL This Special Money Drawing Oil comes with real blessed Drawing Power Money Roots to give you plenty of cash that you so desper ately need. X1806 . Use with these oils for even faster results! Get Oil No. Gets rid of unwanted conditions inside your body. Moves out anything in your body and gets it to pass . $7.1634 . Wear as a perfume or apply on neck and chest to get whatever you desire in your love situation. .98 each RUSH OIL Speed things up and get luck in a hurry for your situation. [ 1/2 oz. . now! Good for drawing people to your business or church. . . family. .98 each (3 for $15) No. Use on candles. Order No.95 each (3 for $15) No. . X1803 . . X1804 . X1808 for quick drawing power on money. . glass bottle] REV.95 each SPIRITS of AMMONIA Use as an Indoor House Cleansing and Blessing to Remove all evil spirits. X1809 for quick drawing power on love. .X XX POWERFUL OILS & SPIRITS B LE SS ED HIGH JOHN ROOTS in OIL This super power oil does it all! Rever ends and ministers swear by its powers to: Draw Luck and Money. $7. . . Also can be used on the body for daily blessings and removing evil spirits and jinxes. . jealousy or nasty talk. $7. . Put a capful or two in mop or bath water or sprinkle in corners of rooms in your home. . Safe. . . . bottle] EGYPTIAN MUSK OIL Powerful and Strong Love Drawing Oil from Egypt. glass bottle] SPIRITS of TURPENTINE Use as an Outdoor yard or house dressing to Remove all evil spirits and spells and demons that surround you. . Give Power and Protection. [ 2 oz. The best product! For external use only. Be prosperous and live the easy life. X1811 . Helps you win money if you’ve got the jinx or are on a losing streak. X1802 . glass bottle] No. also. . . fast! [ 2 oz. $6. . A1063 . seals. . glass bottle] No. 211 X1809 . toilets or put in mop water. . . effective and powerful. . $6. .98 each MONEY GROWING ROOT OF LIFE OIL Use this oil to help you Draw Big Money and make it increase and multiply. . . . . in bath. . or con trol situations. . X1805 .98 each 41 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. . .98 each No. . [ 1 oz.95 No. $6. A1064 . glass bottle] No. [ 1 oz.95 Dept. Powerful roots will work to get all the money you need and want. glass bottle] ROSE OIL with Buds This powerful mix of rosebuds and oil is known to have Amazing Drawing Powers and also Spiritual Cleansing Powers. your family. [ 1 oz. bottle] CAMPHOR OIL Use this oil to destroy any evil & jinx and gain victory over any enemies working against you. Espe cially good for making all love situations better and stronger. . . Conquer all Condi tions and Situations with Success and Bless those who have faith. $6. .95 each (3 for $15) No. or use in car or workplace. . . . . .one of the best body cleansers you can take internally. . . . Drive Away Evil & Jinx. . [ 1 oz. and spells coming from inside your home. . $12. . $7. . . Sprinkle a capful or two wherever the devil is and make him move. Gives peace and stops confusion. Pour down sinks. . . . a capful or two on your chest area kills all jinx and evil on or inside of you. $6. . X1807 . . . .95 each (3 for $15) CASTOR OIL This Blessed Oil helps clean body and soul. bottle] No.

. . $5. .® • P. $5. . . . . . $5. . $5. . . . .98 E2110 – HIGH JOHN the CONQUEROR Use all over your body daily to conquer your worst problems with power. . . . . . Contains wonder drug ZX-94 that stimulates sluggish hair follicles to grow 10 times faster. . or hex or curse that’s on you. Use once a day. . $5. only. . . .00 each Any 3 for $15. . . . . . . . Have peace of mind. .50 savings ) MAKES SHORT HAIR GROW LONGER IN 30 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK Men – Women… If hair is short. . . dry hair takes on new life and lustre. fast.00 each (3 for $12. . . .96) Use as a Soap. Bath or Shower Gel. . . A1118 – Stop Evil/Protection Gets rid of evil inside you or around you — for good! Be safe from all harm. . .98 E2112 – JINX REMOVING/UNCROSSING Use after bathing on your neck. LUCKSHOP. . . . .00 ( $3. . . kinky. and feet to protect yourself from all evil and to give you peace of mind and a peaceful home. . A1119 – Strong Love Attracts. . hands. . . . . or money matters. . . get PATE HAIR MEDICINE. etc. . Bingo. . . . . . . . to achieve your desires! A1112 – All Purpose/Good Luck For Luck in a Hurry in everything you try to do. . . . . Only $ 5. . or love. $5.XXX Strength Lotions Try these Triple Strength Lotions to get results. . voodoo. . hands. job. . . dissolves dandruff. stubby and grows so slow you can’t dress it to look long and fashionable. . . . . To get a job. . $5. . No one except you will know the Spiritual Power you will be receiving. . . witchcraft. .98 E2108 – LUCKY GAMBLERS Use on hands and arms everyday to be lucky at any game – so you can win big and hit that jackpot. . $5. enemies. . . .50 each E1001 . . Turns back voodoo. draws and holds the one you want. . . . and feet to make others obey you and do as you want them to do. . . A1114 – Health/Healing/Peace Have Good Health. witchcraft. . . .98 E2114 – JOB/STEADY WORK Use on hands and arms before going to work or applying for a job. Good for Lottery. . . . to keep those evil people away from you – for good – so they bother you no more. . . .98 Any 3 for $15. Casinos. . .98 E2122 – STOP EVIL/RUN DEVIL RUN Wear this lotion all over your body to stop all evil. Relaxing Bubble Bath. . . . right now! HAIR PRODUCTS FOREVER Wonder Drug for Hair and Scalp E1000 . . A1115 – Hi John the Conqueror Have power over anything. . . . . . XXX Triple Strength “2 in 1” Bubble Bath/Liquid Soap 4 oz. All lotions come with directions. A1117 – Spell/Curse Breaker Unblocks any conditions. . . . Bottle – $5.98 for each 4 oz. . . Get what you want. . . wrists.98 E2102 – COME TO ME/LOVE DRAWING Use on chest area and thighs to draw your lover close to you and make them desire you.50 savings ) 42 CHURCH GOODS CO. . and legs. . . .00 each E1002 . PATE relieves scalp itch. . .PATE DANDRUFF REMOVER SHAMPOO – $6. . . fast. and feet to get rid of any jinx or crossed condition that’s on you. $5. . $5. or Use in the Bathtub as you take a Soothing. . desire. . Heal aches and pains. . IL 60025-0718 • www. . . . . So don’t mess around with grease and oils but get PATE HAIR MEDICINE today.00 ( $3. . $5.O. Conquer Evil & Enemies. . $5. .PATE HAIR MEDICINE – $6. . . . E2120 – PEACE/PROTECTION Use on forehead. . . . .PATE MEDICATED SHAMPOO – $6.98 ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Conquer your worst problems. . . stimulates natural scalp oils. . . . hold a job. .98 E2104 – DO AS I SAY/CONTROLLING Use on neck. .com . Makes the devil run. . Short. . . . . . . arms. . . A1117 – Jinx Removing/Run Devil Run Destroys all evil & Kills jinx/bad luck.98 E2106 – FAST LUCK/SUCCESS Use after bathing or showering all over your body to be lucky and successful in love. . Box 718 • Glenview. . . . . . get a raise or to stop people from bothering you on the job. . Bottle E2100 – ALL PURPOSE Use all over your body to bring GOOD LUCK to you in all areas of your life. . Power and Control can be yours. . A1113 – Fast Money Drawing Pull Money quick to pay bills and buy what you want. .98 E2118 – MONEY DRAWING (QUICK 3–DAY) Use on hands and arms daily to PULL MONEY your way – from anyone or any source – even gambling games.98 E2116 – KEEP AWAY ENEMIES Use on neck. . .

H0018 – AGUE Carry this with you to confuse the enemy. For more ideas on Herbs and Roots you may want to order a book on the subject: B1456 Modern Herbal Spellbook H0036 – ALOES To attract love.95 $7. for protection against the evil eye. Use herbs and roots. just write and tell us — we’ll get it for you. Sprinkle under furniture to DRAW MONEY into your home. No.95. H0027 – ALKANET To be carried with you. H0009 – ADAM AND EVE ROOT Carry with you to draw your loved one closer and stay close. Bags also protect the herbs and magnetize their powers.00 or B1188 Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs $16. Many herbs and roots work faster and last longer (up to 6 months) when carried in BAGS . harm. (Needs charcoal to burn. H0015 – AGRIMONY Burn to reverse spells. We are always adding to our stock. Just read below for the many uses! Their uses are derived from our 75 years of experi ence and have been found to be H0003 – AARON’S ROD Soak in court oil or rub on a court case candle for a favorable outcome. H0075 – ASH LEAVES Carry to attract a loved one closer to you. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY H0078 – BALM To be used to save any marriage or relationship.Herbs & Roots MONEY • LOVE • PROTECTION • LUCK HEALTH • HELP WITH ANYTHING YOU NEED $5 . H0066 – ARROW ROOT POWDER Sprinkle around the one you want to make “come to you. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. TRIED and TRUE! According to the testi - SPECIAL BULK PRICES 1/4 POUND — $8. mony of our satisfied customers. H0030 – ALL HEAL Burn and keep around home in an open jar or bowl to cure all illness. and jealousy.00) and stop any harm that comes to you or your family.00 each (3 for $12. H0033 – ALL SPICE Boil and pour over an enemies pictures to cause them grief and pain. Stops hexes and curses. H0045 – ANGELICA ROOT Sprinkle in the corners of your house and near doorways to purify your home and stop evil forces. It will be done. H0021 – ALDER Put in mojo bag and carry with you for luck in any gambling game. H0081 – BALMONY Sprinkle in your enemies path. BLESSED CARRYING BAGS come in MANY COLORS. H0006 – ACACIA FLOWERS To be burned for power and blessings.” H0069 – ARTHRITIS ROOT Sprinkle around your enemies path. and never forget. H0051 – ANISE Sprinkle near front and back door and call the names of the two people you want to BREAKUP. H0063 – ARNICA FLOWERS Sprinkle around doors to keep burglars and drug dealers away. Choose bag color which suits your purpose. If you would like an herb not listed below. — IMPORTANT! — These Herbs & Roots are not to be taken internally . H0039 – ALTHEA To be burned with peaceful home incense. H0072 – ASOFOETIDA This is burned to gain spiritual power and make someone leave you alone. H0012 – AFRICAN GINGER ROOT To be sprinkled. For peace and protection. This is to cross them. H0042 – ALUM To be rubbed or sprinkled close to the person you want to attract.50) H0060 – ARCHANGEL Pour in bath water. sprinkle around your bedroom. now! It is believed by many people (we get letters telling us so) that herbs and roots can do special things when used in certain situations and when used in certain ways.1634 43 . They are offered as curios only! and not to be consumed! H0057 – ARABIC GUM Burn as incense.96) HOW TO USE HERBS AND ROOTS Use the legendary POWER of HERBS and ROOTS to help yourself and be TRULY BLESSED. H0084 – BASIL Sprinkle in four corners of home for protection from evil. This will bring your lost love back.95 1/2 POUND — $14. H0054 – ANNATTO SEEDS Mix with war water (A1623 – $6. Dept. WE HAVE OVER 300 HERBS and ROOTS . We feel that your body and soul can benefit by using OUR HERBS – FRESH and PURE. it is said. We offer these herbs and roots as curios and make no supernatural claims.They are not sold as medicine. M1020 – $2. You can also put in your bath to drive away evil.332. H0024 – ALFALFA Burn to keep poverty away. Very powerful in love. Carry for sure love. Your package will vary in size and weight according to the cost of the herb or root ordered. This will give them a pain they can not stand. Place in purse or wallet and carry with you. H0048 – ANGELS TURNIP Used for good luck. To bring lots of money to your home or business.

H0342 – FENNEL SEED Sprinkle near back door to calm nerves and rest easy. H0348 – FIVE FINGER GRASS Sprinkle in bath water for nine consecutive days to get rid of bad luck and DRAW FAST MONEY. Destroys and Conquers All Jinx & Evil. No one will ever know you have a secret weapon. H0300 – DEVIL’S SHOE STRING To be used for that extra power in fighting off enemies. IL 60025-0718 • www. H0303 – DILL SEED Carry in pocket or purse and you will be able to pass that exam or get that promotion. H0345 – FENUGREEK To be used to stop stomach pains. H0189 – CANADA SNAKE ROOT To restore a males vigor and nature. No. Success can be yours. Pour in bath once a week. This will bring good luck. and evil spirits run away. and watch your enemies. H0186 – CALENDULA Place under mattress for good dreams and visions. NOW! H0351 – FLAX SEEDS Carry to get CONTROL and POWER! At job. H0198 – CASCARA SAGRADA Sprinkle in bedroom to REMOVE ALL JINX on . H0213 – CELANDINE Sprinkle under any sink in the house. H0315 – DRAGON’S BLOOD ROCK Place under mattress to cure impotency and improve your man’s nature. whoever you desire. H0090 – BAY LEAVES Place them near the property you desire and soon it will be yours. H0204 – CATNIP Sprinkle in bath water for courage in anything you do. H0216 – CHAMOMILE Put in mojo bag or put some in your shoes for BIG WINNINGS! and FAST LUCK! H0117 – BITTER BUTTONS Carry in purse or pocket to increase wisdom and understanding.00 each 3 for $12. to calm nerves and rest easy. H0180 – BURDOCK Put in pillow to improve your mind and have good health. H0360 – GALANGAL ROOT Carry on you to court. H0210 – CAYENNE Sprinkle in persons room.Herbs & Roots H0087 – BATH HERB Sprinkle in bath to feel calm and to help you meditate. H0276 – CUMIN SEEDS Sprinkle outside your house or back door to make evil go away and stay away! H0285 – DAMIANA Pour in bath to draw love closer to you. LUCKSHOP.O. H0366 – GET AWAY ROOT Sprinkle around your property and in your house to make those unwanted people leave and go fast! H0369 – GINGER ROOT Carry to have an easy life and lots of money. or church. home. H0138 – BLADDER WRACK Traveling? Carry with you for protection. Very powerful. M1020 – $2. H0228 – CLEAVERS HERB Sprinkle around business or home to draw money. H0093 – BAYBERRY LEAVES Sprinkle in wallet or purse to WIN BIG MONEY! H0096 – BEARS WEED Rub on the soles of shoes to help find your true love. money or family problems. too. H0102 – BENZOIN Burn as incense to bless your home and keep the devil away. scatter in their path to break them up. H0159 – BONESET To return a curse. H0333 – EUCALYPTUS Sprinkle under mattress to protect you from harm. H0171 – BUCKEYE Carry in green bag to cure arthritis or to win big jackpots! H0174 – BUCKTHORNE Sprinkle all around house to help you sell it. H0135 – BLACK MUSTARD SEED Sprinkle some outside your front door three days in a row. H0142 – BLUE BALLS Carry or add to bath to cleanse body. and it is said you will increase your psychic ability. to WIN! H0153 – BLUE VERVAIN Pour in bath water. Box 718 • Glenview.50) H0108 – BETONY To be burned with uncrossing incense to defeat any form of witchcraft. Helps get it out of you. H0126 – BLACKBERRY HERB To cause two lovers problems. job.® • P. the devil. H0234 – CLOVES Burn while performing a ritual or seance. H0312 – DRAGON’S BLOOD POWDER Sprinkle in kitchen to reverse evil spells. 44 CHURCH GOODS CO. H0099 – BETH ROOT Carry with you for POWER and CONTROL.96 H0255 – CORIANDER Sprinkle in bedroom for a romantic night with your mate. H0219 – CHEW JOHN ROOT Carry for FAST LUCK in anything – Lottery or Gambling games. whomever you want to move out of your home. Carry or sprinkle. kill jinx. for extra power. H0225 – CINQUEFOIL Add to bath to remove any jinx or evil that’s inside you. Sprinkle in bathroom. H0261 – CORN FLOWERS Sprinkle in closet to make that person STOP DRINKING or DRUGS. (Needs charcoal to burn. H0147 – BLOW BALL Put some in a red flannel bag and carry on you at BINGO. quick. This will make the court’s decision be in your favor. H0222 – CINNAMON Burn in bedroom to “DRAW LOVE” to you. If praying for someone else. keep in your left side pocket at the time of the court appointment. burn as incense. H0249 – COLT’S FOOT Sprinkle in purse or wallet for a fast money blessing. and get evil out of you. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY $5 . H0231 – CLOVER Carry for good luck and to turn bad luck around.

Sprinkle in closet. Known to Draw Money & Good Luck and Drive Away Evil & Jinx.$2. H0510 – KHUS KHUS Pour in bath water. with the help of Jesus. H0453 – ICELAND MOSS Sprinkle in enemies pathway. Free! Red Flannel Carrying Bag. H0471 – JABORANDI Sprinkle near doorway to keep evil neighbors away.98 (not $3. You will be liked and respected. H0507 – KING FERN To be sprinkled in the doorway of anyone who’s withholding information. H0414 – HENNA Place in pillow for the relief of headaches.50) H0492 – JOB PIE To be carried to become popular and gain friends. Helps put you in control. H0477 – JAMAICA GINGER Carry while doing any gambling. H0435 – HOPS To fall asleep better. H0441 – HORSE CHESTNUT Sprinkle in bath to stop pain of arthritis or rheumatism. H0504 – KING SOLOMON ROOT Carry to school to help you make wise decisions and pass exams. to bless it. H0516 – LADIES THUMB To be sprinkled in your home to attract success in anything – FOR WOMEN ONLY! Dept. This Root is $7. H0489 – JOB’S TEARS Carry in purse. H0417 – HERB OF THE CROSS Sprinkle around home to make everything happy and peaceful. H0483 – JAVA PEPPER To make someone MOVE FAST.332. H0429 – HOLY THISTLE Carry this to keep all evil liars and witches away from you. H0513 – KNOT WEED Drives away evil people who influence your loved one. H0390 – GRAINS OF PARADISE Pour in bath water to have lucky dreams. H0495 – JUNIPER BERRIES Carry to increase your sexual potency. H0393 – GRAVEL ROOT Carry with you to make sure you get the job you’re looking for. H0426 – HOLY HERB Add to bath water. H0387 – GOTU KOLA Carry to attract love and to get your lover excited. For good luck in the LOTTERY. it is said.00 each 3 for $12. H0474 – JAMAICA PEPPER Is something blocking you all the time? Carry this with you and watch your jinx be removed. H0396 – GUINEA PEPPER Sprinkle in person’s bed room to break them up with someone. H0421 – HIGH JOHN the CONQUEROR ROOT Conquer your worst problems – with power. This loosens their tongue. H0408 – HELONIAS Sprinkle around home to keep peace among fighting children. $5 . M1061 . H0438 – HOREHOUND Keep around front and back door to keep any evil spirits away. especially. place in their path. H0447 – HUCKLEBERRY FOR WOMEN ONLY! Sprinkle around home to keep no-good friends from influencing your man. H0486 – JEZEBEL ROOT Place in bowl of water for nine hours. wallet or pocket for fast luck. H0459 – INDIAN POSY Sprinkle in home if you want to sell your home quickly. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. H0399 – HAWTHORNE Sprinkle on altar and leave over night to bless it. and protection from all harm. H0501 – KELP Sprinkle in car for safety from accidents. H0465 – IRISH BROOM Sprinkle in your purse to get the house or apartment you want.96 H0468 – IRISH MOSS Keep under furniture to bring good luck and lots of money to your home. H0411 – HELPING HAND Carry or place on altar to help you and your loved one’s overcome all problems. to heal your aches and pains and sprinkle in corners of your home. H0462 – INDIAN TOBACCO Burn in home to calm you and your family members down.98) H0450 – HYSSOP To be put in bath water to purify and cleanse the body and soul. (Red carrying bags No. H0498 – KAVA KAVA ROOT To be sprinkled around home to protect from any enemy and harm. H0384 – GOLDEN SEAL Sprinkle in home and car to keep money rolling in. place under mattress. H0456 – INDIAN HEMP Sprinkle in bath to see any visions. To give you PEP and ENERGY! ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY H0402 – HEALING HERB Add to bath to bring back good health and nature. H0420 – HIBISCUS Sprinkle in your shoes. or carry for luck in a hurry. Carry around in purse or wallet. Think of two people to BREAK-UP their love.Herbs & Roots H0372 – GOATS PEPPER Sprinkle around home to stop a curse or hex from affecting you. money. H0444 – HORSETAIL Sprinkle around home to stop any evil forces and stop bad dreams. Say their name three times before doing so. H0480 – JASMINE To be burned with love incense. H0405 – HEARTS EASE To be sprinkled in bedroom to bring back your mate. H0432 – HOLLYHOCK To command any situation and make people do as you say. Then wipe it off the next morning and say Psalm 54. Luck and Money will come your way.1634 45 . to return any harm they want to send to you.

H0600 – MATE LEAVES Sprinkle in your home for a better marriage and more money. No. for a special miracle to get what you want. and money. and they will LOSE WEIGHT. LUCKSHOP.50). For money. H0639 – NETTLE Carry or put under your pillow to DRAW MONEY that people owe . H0687 – PINE Sprinkle in purse or wallet before playing the lottery.Herbs & Roots H0519 – LAUREL To be carried seven days in a row by a bride.50). H0699 – PRINCES PINE Carry to court. sprinkle under furniture to win in court. H0591 – MARRUBIUM Stop all harmful addictions (drinking. H0522 – LAVENDER BUDS To be burned with a red candle. to bring back your lost love or to make LOVE STRONGER. H0618 – MISTLETOE Place in a Red Bag (No. H0561 – LOVE HERBS Sprinkle in bedroom. H0645 – OLIBANUM To burn as incense.O. H0723 – RIPPLE GRASS For ladies or men involved in a law suit.00). or to return lost or stolen items. This is to make your loved one come closer to you. Keep with you when ever gambling. love. H0681 – PERIWINKLE Burn with love incense in bedroom. dice. put under your mattress or pillow case. or at the race track. to make your lover come and stay around. to calm any ache or pain. health. This will help move out anything in your body and get it to pass – it will uncross you.00 each 3 for $12. H0585 – MARIGOLD Add to bath water and folks say you will hit the WINNING NUMBER! – In any game of chance – lottery. H0708 – QUASSIA CHIPS Carry when you go to work to have good luck and protection from other co-workers on the job.® • P. H0660 – PASSION FLOWER Sprinkle around doorways to keep jealousy away. H0564 – LOW JOHN the CONQUEROR ROOT Bury in your back yard or in the basement of your home. H0717 – RED CLOVER All purpose herb. luck and the good things in life. to you and your loved one. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY $5 . H0540 – LINDEN Sprinkle around home to make your lover faithful and irresistible to you. Box 718 • Glenview. H0630 – MULLEIN Carry in green bag to WIN BIG—when gambling. H0705 – PUMPKIN SEED Write the name of your enemy on parchment paper (M1001A – $1. protection… when you need it. to intensify your sexual relations. bingo. to find true love — forever! H0678 – PEPPERMINT To be burned before falling asleep so that the next day you can hit your WINNING NUMBER. This will bring you peace. H0633 – MUSTARD SEED “Never go broke” with Mustard Seed. M1061 . for a long and happy marriage. Sprinkle under rugs. This will bring you lucky dreams and peace of mind. once a week. H0537 – LIME TREE FLOWERS Sprinkle near bedroom window and watch your lover follow close. Bury it with these seeds and you will never see this person again. M1020 – $2. cards. H0711 – QUEEN of the MEADOW For fast luck. In your lovers path. IL 60025-0718 • www. H0729 – ROSE BUDS Carry in red bag. for protection against voodoo and witchcraft. (Needs charcoal to burn. H0654 – ORRIS ROOT POWDER Sprinkle on clothes of the opposite sex. smoking & drugs) by placing this herb under addict’s bed. to help the judge decide in your favor. This will bring them closer to you and keep them close. too. H0693 – POKE ROOT Boil and add to bath water. H0525 – LEMON VERBENA Carry in left pocket for three days and people will stop talking about you and leave you alone. H0720 – RED ROOT Sprinkle in front of home or business. H0597 – MASTER OF THE WOODS Master and control people and situations by carrying with you.$2. H0690 – PIPSISSWA For protection and to stop confusion. Very powerful. H0714 – RATTLE SNAKE ROOT Carry for protection against any hex or evil. H0696 – POPPY SEED Can’t sleep? Pour a few seeds in your pillow. The tickets you buy should bring you a fortune. to send back any evil spell cast on you. Keep in cupboard to bring good luck to your home. H0651 – ORANGE POWDER Place in shoes to give you power and control over anyone you meet. H0702 – PSYLLIUM SEED Sprinkle around the person you want to get rid of and move that person away. H0621 – MOJO BEANS Place in mojo bags to give you money. H0726 – ROSE HIPS Place some in bath water. You can win big with this root. number games. For protection against harm from ex-lovers. H0663 – PATCHOULY Sprinkle in corners of bedroom. Controls overeating. H0615 – MINT Sprinkle in all rooms in your house. Spread on forehead. sprinkle around your home. H0636 – MYRTLE Pour in a cup of water. H0528 – LICORICE ROOT Sprinkle behind your stove and you will LOSE WEIGHT. Or carry to WIN at ANYTHING YOU TRY! 46 CHURCH GOODS CO. to ease ARTHRITIS PAIN in bones and joints.96 H0684 – PIGEON BERRY Sprinkle around the house to keep away people you wish would not come over. H0642 – NUTMEG The most powerful gambling amulet. Very powerful. H0657 – PALMA CHRISTI BEANS Place under rugs for protection from enemies and for fast luck. sprinkle in bath water for three weeks. luck.

and to stop confusion. Use to get rid of evil spirits and evil doers and give you peace of mind. and then on that same day. H0735 – RUE Sprinkle in bath. JOHNSWORT For protection against witchcraft. H0931 – WINTERGREEN Mix with Compelling Incense (No. Used for any condition. Sprinkle around homes. This will bring happiness to an empty. H0774 – SEA PARSLEY Sprinkle around home. D1015). H0933 – WITCH HAZEL Stop that mate from wandering. Carry for good luck. Destroys any evil headed your way. Put under your bed. Said to help you hold your job and/or get a raise. businesses or churches to bring peace and money blessings. This is mixed with many herbs to give power to a spell. sprinkle in bath water. If you need to WIN. and the answers to your problems will come to you or be solved within three days.96 H0825 – STAR ROOT Want to be truly blessed? Hold in left hand while repeating Psalm 23. Watch it change! H0819 – SQUAW ROOT FOR MEN ONLY! Place near the foot of your bed so that special woman you love. H0786 – SHAME WEED Sprinkle all around your house.1634 47 . nasty talk and gossip.00 each 3 for $12.332. to control people and command respect. and burn to have others obey you and do as you say. H0798 – SMART WEED Carry in pocket or purse to draw lots of money and wisdom to you. CONTROL. to calm yourself and your family members. to DRAW FAST MONEY and BIG WINNINGS your way. this can CHANGE YOUR LUCK. $5 . For those who need or have never had spiritual help! H0792 – SHEPHERD’S PURSE Carry to draw money. to keep their men faithful to them. H0777 – SEA SALT Place on a mirror with a picture of your mate. H0765 – SASSAFRAS To be put in a mojo bag. Sprinkle around your home or place of business. H0921 – WILD CHERRY Mix with lovers incense. Crush outside with your left foot and call their names three times. friends and luck. to calm a mad person down and to stop confusion. H0756 – SAMPSON SNAKE ROOT Pour in bath water to regain your nature and sexual vigor. too. to remove hexes and curses. H0771 – SEA LETTUCE Keep near any sink in your house. causing men to be more vital and women more sexual. Also. burn three times a week. good for reverends when trying to draw large crowds of people. H0738 – RUMEX Carry to guard you from jealousy. H0768 – SCULLCAP Women carry this herb. carry on you or bury near home. touch your loved one for magically good times and strong love. H0801 – SNAKE ROOT For CONTROL and DOMINATION in all matters.Herbs & Roots H0732 – ROSEMARY Sprinkle in bath water. to make him return to you. DO NOT USE ON YOUR BODY. for quick results to your problems or situation. H0855 – THYME Sprinkle around home. H0942 – WOOD BETONY Burn with any incense. Do this nine days in a row. H0906 – WAX MYRTLE Carry. H0750 – ST. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Dept. will desire you badly! H0822 – STAR ANISE Sprinkle some underneath your bed. too. H0753 – SALT PETER If you are nervous or upset. H0837 – SULPHUR Not an herb. H0936 – WITCHES GRASS Sprinkle in corners of every room. They will be doomed. from you and your household. H0945 – WOODRUFF Protects from harm. and your enemies will be secretly jinxed. Pour in bath water. H0783 – SENEGA SNAKE Mix with scullcap (H0768) to make your mate do as you say. H0744 – SACRED BARK Burn to bless your home and altar. H0759 – SANDALWOOD To obtain success and luck in whatever you desire. and have eyes for only you. and POWER for any condition or problem. H0804 – SOUTHERN JOHN the CONQUEROR Carry as a charm to bring you LUCK. H0780 – SEA WRACK To break-up two people. H0957 – YERBA MATE Rub the herb on your hands. H0888 – VERBENA Passion and true love is assured when this is placed under couch or bed before love making. H0882 – VALERIAN Sprinkle around home. evil and jealousy when carried in a red bag. H0741 – RHUBARB Sprinkle in closet to conquer those who have made you suffer. H0747 – SAGE Wards off misfortune. for FAST MONEY DRAWING and QUICK LUCK. lonely house. H0954 – YELLOW DOCK Sprinkle in bath water. H0762 – SASPARILLA This dried root is alleged to keep you looking and feeling young for a long time. People say this really works! H0795 – SLIPPERY ELM Carry with you to stop gossip and jealous talk. to destroy witchcraft and voodoo. to conquer and bring victory over enemies. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. This will keep your lover true. H0948 – WORM WOOD Burn. H0810 – SPEARMINT Place under bed when your love is jinxed and you can’t keep or hold a lover or friend. Sprinkle a little of this herb in their dresser drawers or closets. Works fast. H0789 – SHAVE GRASS Sprinkle around home to keep away any harm. Burn for 7 nights in a row.

98 each.95 each.98 H1005 – Lucky Lotus Root This Miracle wishing root. Only $7.50 each To Carry Herbs. enemies and difficult situations. Also.® • P. Jewelry or any Lucky item. H1007 – Quick Money Herb Powder Sprinkle in corners of rooms or in your car or at your workplace to Draw Money fast — any old way — from gambling to having people pay you what they owe. H0996 – Swallow’s Eye – Gives you peace of mind.00 each. when carried or buried. tonic or tea. Black – Stop Evil.95 each. Blue – Peace & Protection. pocket to find a job or to win lawsuits or court cases. Box 718 • Glenview.95 each. Opens hearts. Love me only. Kills jinx and makes devil run and brings luck in a . Brings lots of money to your door. Drives away evil spirits. Jesus was blessed with this powder by the Three Wisemen. Helps you win and hit the jackpots. good health. Conquering Power. Run devil run.98 each.98 each. H1004 – Frank & Myrrh Powder Sprinkle in home or leave in a bowl to bring peace and happiness to your home and family. Only $9. Only $12. helps send back evil spells. Control any situation. H0997 – Swallow’s Heart – Un-blocks anything holding and keeping you down. Orange – Control others.95 each. sprinkle in corners of rooms. Red – Love me. Drawing Chamois – Good Health/Peace Green – Draw Money. H0994 – Black Cat Bone – Draws Money & Luck in a hurry.95 each. bite it and spit out juice. Only $9. purse or bedroom to Conquer and Control any difficult problems or enemies. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY H1003 – Big John Chew Root Powder Sprinkle in corners of rooms or in yourcar or workplace to Conquer all evil. to win court cases and lawsuits. Fast luck. Purple – Conquer w/Power.00 each.O. wealth and many blessing thru the Grace of God — to your loved ones. LUCKY CARRYING BAGS Only $2. Only $5. Brings health. H0998 – Wolf’s Eye – Protects and Un-crosses you from all harm. LUCKSHOP.98 each. Stops confusion. Keeps jinx and bad luck away. H0995 – Black Cat Eye – Sees all the winning numbers. Only $5. Only $9. M1056 M1057 M1058 M1060 M1061 Yellow – All purpose. Hit jackpot. Pink – Attraction. H0993 – Bat’s Heart – Brings your lover back. Only $5. moves out evil and cleanses the body. Opens all roads. Only $5. Makes the devil run. draws money fast. Only $5. Only $9. Curios. Removes jinx. job or family. evil and brings good luck. Only $5. Come to me. Or carry in purse or Larger Quantities are Available Please Inquire for Pricing 48 CHURCH GOODS CO. ™ H0999 – Wolf’s Heart – Gives you High H0992 – Bat’s Head Root – Good for winning courtcases/lawsuits and to get a good job or conquer problems on the job.New • Powerful • Rare TRIPLE (XXX) STRENGTH LUCKY CURIOS H0991 – Bat’s Eye – Keeps all evil and enemies away. H1002 – Big John Chew Root Carry or store in pocket. Only $12. Brings money in any old way and quick – from gambling winnings to getting money from people who owe you.98 each. IL 60025-0718 • www. enemies and jealousy. Helps you stay in good health. M1051 M1052 M1053 M1054 M1055 New • Powerful • Rare TRIPLE (XXX) STRENGTH LUCKY HERBS H1001 – All Heal Herb Powder This amazing herb has healing properties when used as an astringent. shoes or pockets to keep away aches and pains.95 each. Clean your root.95 each. and brings good luck fast — for any situation or problem — love.98 each. Only $12. H1006 – Quick Money Herb Carry in purse or pocket or Sprinkle near doorways or Outside your home to Draw Money fast. Also good for finding a good job or getting a raise. Only $5. Only $7. White – Jinx killer. Go Devil. evil.

. . . . Good for men or women. . . . . . . . your home. now! Brings FAST LUCK and stops bad luck. . . . . . . . .00 A1619 – NOTRE DAME WATER Sprinkle this special water on your body if you’re jinxed or crossed up by evil. . . .00 each A1612 – KANANGA WATER Triple Fast Action. $6. .332. . . . $7. . . . . . . . . Chase your enemies away! . . . . . . . . Use it in the bath or on the body. . bath or sprinkle in home. Bottles $7. $7. . . . . . . . TRIPLE STRENGTH! . . . . .00 each A1623 – WAR WATER Conquer with Power! Sprinkle where your enemy walks or touches. . $7. . . . . . . .98 each A1616 – LUCKY HAND RUB Double Lucky Mixture! Rub on hands or body to be lucky in all games of chance. This Triple Strength Water will protect you from evil and enemies. . . . $7. . . . . . . . . . . . .98 each Dept. .00 each A1605 – GLORY WATER Triple Strength for ALL PURPOSES – Stop Love Affairs. . Triple Strength! . . . . . $7. Draw TRUE LOVE and make your lover come to you. . Triple Strength! . . . . . . . . . . . Brings Good Luck when used in laundry.00 each A1603 – FOLLOW ME COLOGNE Is your lover not staying at home? Are you mistreated or disrespected? If so. jangled nerves. $6.98 each A1610 – INDIAN LUCK COLOGNE This “lucky” special blend gives gamblers something extra. and head colds. . . . . . . . to cross them. . . . . . . . . .00 each A1614 – LOURDES WATER Use on any part of your body that hurts. . . . . .98 each A1618 – MR. . . . . . . . .00 A1604 – FOUR THIEVES VINEGAR Good for MOVING ENEMIES OUT and away from you. . . . . . . . . . .00 each A1613 – LAVENDER WATER Powerful love potion. . church and family. . . Draws money fast. . . $7. . . . . clothes to make your lover want only you! And to respect you and give you money. . bedsheets. . . . .98 A1622 – STRONG LOVE COLOGNE A few drops behind the ears or in the bath will do the job. . $7. . . . . . also. $7. . . . . .00 each A1620 – PEACE WATER TRIPLE STRENGTH ! To bring calm. $6. . Sprinkle in home to stop confusion.98 each A1606 – GOOD LUCK COLOGNE Use as a cologne to turn your luck around. $6. . . . Use in bath or on body. . complexion care. . . . . . This special blessed water will ease the pain and make you feel good.00 each A1621 – ROSE WATER Use in bath water or on body and in the home to TURN BACK EVIL. . . . . . . . . . Extra Strong Formula. . . . . . . . . . . . . .00 A1600 – BLACK WATER Destroys all evil around you. . . . use this on neck and wrists and watch your lover follow you quick. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Remove Evil. Comes with lucky numbers. . . . . or perfume. . $6. . $6. Helps move the devil out and make Satan be gone — for good! . .00 A1601 – CLEAR WATER (Old Indian) Use to reunite 2 loved ones. . . $6. . Use on the body. tired. . . . . . Use in laundry. . Home. . For Men and Women. . . $6.98 each or 3 for $19. . . . aching feet. .98 each A1608 – HOUSE & MONEY BLESSING COLOGNE Wear this and watch it bring luck to the home and money to the pocket. . . . .1634 49 . . $6. . . . . . . . . . . . . $7. . . . on clothes or sheets. . .98 each A1611 – JOCKEY CLUB COLOGNE Sweet Smelling. . .95 HIGHEST POWER BLESSED WATERS For Bath.00 each or 3 for $15. . . . . . evil and bring peace. . . . . . body & soul. . . . . . . . . . . Wear as a perfume or after-shave. . . Triple Strength! . Use in mop or bath water. $7. . . . . $7. . . Be Lucky and Much More! . . . . . . . . . . Instructions included. . . . . Many uses. . . . . . $6. . . . . Many other uses. happiness and peace to you. . . . .98 each A1624 – GO AWAY EVIL COLOGNE Use this TRIPLE STRENGTH Cologne to Stop All Evil and Turn Back your enemies. . . . . cologne. Draws like a magnet. .98 each A1325 – LUCKY BLUING This old-time liquid removes jinx and evil spirits. . Money and Luck will be yours – big time! Use as aftershave. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7. . . . . . $7. .98 each A1617 – LUCKY NUMBERS COLOGNE Hit that winning number when you use this cologne for any game of chance. .HIGHEST POWER BLESSED COLOGNES Comes in Large 4oz.98 each ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY A1602 – FLORIDA WATER Use as a rubdown for the sick. or for protection from suffering and enemies. Makes the devil run. . . . . . . . . . $6. . . . 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. . . . . . . . . .00 each A1607 – HOLY WATER Sprinkle on body or in home to RECEIVE HOLY BLESSINGS – Peace. . . . . . and for healing. Many rub it on their palms before playing any game. $6. MONEY COLOGNE Love. . . . . . Body. . . . . . . . Heals mind. . . . happiness and prosperity. . move them and make them suffer like you have. And for headaches. and Sprinkling $6.98 each SPECIAL WATERS $7. . .98 each A1615 – LOVE ME COLOGNE This nice smell will drive the opposite sex crazy! It’s red for extra power! . . . . .

. . . Protects you from all harm. .50 for each Large 12 oz. . . or your home. $7. . . Love & Fertility. . . All sprays come with directions. witchcraft and bad luck. Be protected. $7. . . . . . . . . . lottery. . . . . . . . . . . . $7. . . St.50 each D4133 – MONEY HOUSE BLESSING Spray in home. . . . . . hurting with aches and pains. . or the government. . . . . . Hope and Strength in all matters. . . all the time. . Satan be gone. . . . . . . . . . .50 each D4139 – ST. Draw Money to you and your home! . . . . . . . . $7. . . . . BARBARA Keeps away all enemies. . . $7. . . . Get the money you deserve. . fast. . . . . . .50 each D4136 – QUICK MONEY DRAWING SPRAY Draw money quick. . . . . Peace & Health. .50 each D4137 – ST. . . . . . . $7. These sweet-smelling sprays will create a peaceful. . . .50 each D4154 – DRAGON’S BLOOD Drive away evil from your home or car. . . . . . . . . . . . . like Adam & Eve. Grants Money. . . . . . . . . . . Draws your lover close to you. . . for any problem or situation. . . . . . . . . . . . . $7. prosperity. . . . . Get control now! . . . . . . . $7. . . . . . . this will help uncross you. Can (3 for $19. . . . to Conquer all problems. . spells or curses. $7. . . . . . . Conquer. . . . fast. . $7. . Michael will defend and protect you and run Satan and his evil spirits away from you. . .50 each D4125 – GO AWAY EVIL Drive away all evil spirits and odors. . Courage. . . . . .50 each D4124 – DRAWING POWER (Three Kings) Contains genuine Frank & Myrrh Oil to give you the Power to Draw whatever it is that you need and want.50 D4134 – MOST POWERFUL HELPING HAND If you’re down. . . .50 each D4138 – ST. . . . . . .50 each 50 CHURCH GOODS CO.50 each D4130 – LOVE DRAWING (with Patchouli Oil) Use this spray to make your lover come to you and love you. . . . . . . . . . Son and Holy Ghost. . . . . job. . . . . . .50 each Try these Powerful Deodorant Room Sprays to get what you want. . . . . . . . . . .50 each D4132 – MILLION DOLLAR Contains Millionaires Oil to Bring you lots of money and the riches you need. . . casinos. $7. . . . . . .50 each D4122 – CROSS OF CARAVACA Gives divine power from the Father. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . your family. . . . . grants justice to you in all legal/court matters. . . . . . . . $7. . . . . Removes jinxes. . . . . St. . $7. . . . . . . . . .® • P. . . . success and good fortune. . in your life. . . . . . . . . . . . .50 each D4128 – JINX REMOVING ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Good for getting rid of bad luck or jinx that’s on you. . . . . .50 each D4120 – ALL PURPOSE Good for everything and to remove all conditions. . . . . gives peace and conjures up divine powers inside you. . . . . . evil-doers and people plotting against you. . . Also. . and makes them stay close. . .50 each D4135 – OUR LADY of GUADALUPE Gives you Help. any old way. . . . . . . . has for years attracted wealth. Box 718 • Glenview. . . . . . Strength & Protection. fast! . . . . . . LUCKSHOP. . $7. . . . . . . . Control and bring fast luck to all situations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . compassionate saint. . Brings Wealth and Prosperity. . . . $7. only. . . .50 each D4126 – GOLD and SILVER Contains Gold and Silver Oil to Draw all Spirits of Good Luck and Riches to you. . . . . . . . $7. . . . . . . . . . . . . Helps bring good luck to you. . spiritual atmosphere so you can get results. . . . . . . . . . . . .50 each D4141 – 7 AFRICAN POWERS These 7 Powerful African Saints help give you power over anyone or anything troubling you. . . $7. . . . . .50 each D4140 – ST. . . . . . . . JUDE Use this spray when all else has failed for you – and you’re feeling hopeless and desperate. Helps Dominate. . . Courage. . . . . Brings God’s richest blessings to you and your family. . for good. Make the devil run! Stop satan. .com . . . . so you can afford the things you want and get out of debt. . She is a loving. . . . . . . . . . . $7. Draws Money. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D4131 – LUCKY GAMBLERS Spray in home to bring those lucky vibrations to you and you’re home – so that you’ll win big money. . . MICHAEL Spray to be protected against all evil and the devil. . . . . . . . . lonely. . . . . . . lawsuits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Good Luck & Success. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Comfort. . . . . . Gives Divine Power to the suffering. . . . . . $7. . . . . . . . . . or suffering. . . . $7. . you need the heavenly helping hand of Jesus to bring you a miracle. . . . . If you’re hexed or crossed. . . .O STR NG Powerful House Blessing Sprays B LE SS E D 22 Titles in All $ 7. . . . . . . . Jude will work miracles for you. bingo. . . . . $7. . . . $7. . . from people that owe you. . . . . . CLARA Grants Love. . . . . .50 each D4127 – HIGH JOHN the CONQUEROR Use this spray to conquer and control any bad situation – with power! Get good results and fast. IL 60025-0718 • www. . .50 each D4123 – DOUBLE FAST LUCK Use for fast luck in anything you’re trying to do. .O. . .95) D4022 – MR. . car or place of work to get the Money you have been praying for. . . . . MONEY Legend has it that Mr. . . . . Money. Health and Prosperity to all the poor and needy. . . . . .

Itchy cracked skin. Win the lottery. Also great if you work Outdoors. Treats Psoriasis. Michael – Fights the devil for you and wins. . and power to know the truth. . only. you need this soap to get some Luck in a Hurry. A1307 – Hi John the Conqueror – Conquer any problem. friend or lover close to you. . . A truly Wonderful Soap! Powerful Indian MONEY DRAWING SOAP It’s your turn to hit that JACKPOT. A1301 – Attraction – Attract a lover. A1304 – Gamblers – Win big at any game. Jude – Use in hopeless. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. $6. A1328 – Money House Blessing – Showers you.50/ 3 for $12. A1320 . $6. . . Use daily so you can win at any Casino game. too. have Insect Bites or Poison Ivy and even works great for Pets.00 A1310 – Money Drawing/Lottery – Draw money. voodoo and the devil. A1326 – Fortune Teller – Gives you lucky dreams. A1306 – Helping Hand – Powerful Help from God to control bad situations. A1309 – Love Me – Powerful Patchouli Oil inside draws and keeps your lover close. quick.50 pair Dept. . witchcraft. A1330 – St. . and obey you. Makes devil go away. A1317 . . EXTRA SPECIAL DEAL! Bonus 2-Pak Use in bath or shower daily or for general washing to: • Draw Money Quick • Be Lucky Use everyday and money comes your way — it is said. A1336 – Deliverance – Draws and Brings to you what you want and need. A1350 – Uncrossing – Removes all cross and hex conditions. Dandruff. Deodorizes rooms. Brings good fortune. showering. . A1356 – Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap – Sm. . A1339 – Hummingbird – Your lover will desire. Kills germs and dirt and Makes you Feel real Clean! Washes well in both hard and soft water. Eczema and Dry. Relaxes nerves. A1342 – Reversible – Turns and sends back evil. A1329 – St.98 each No. A1315 – 7 African Powers – The 7 Gods will help control any problem or person. A1346 – Spell Breaker – Breaks any spell and kills any curse or jinx on you. A1349 – Sulphur – Destroys evil. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY No. A1312 – Protection from Harm – Be safe from evil. A1313 – St. friend or anything you desire. your home and family with money. . respect. favor or desire that you ask for. A1348 – Success – Be Lucky in money. court.TRIPLE STRENGTH SOAPS A1300 – All Purpose – For luck.50 each 3 for $12. $4. A1334 – Clearance – Makes the devil run. A1356 – Smaller Trial size $4. . . A1302 – Fast Money Blessing – Be blessed with money.1634 51 . Good if you have Sensitive Skin or Allergies. A1322 – Rue – Pulls money to you fast to pay bills and buy what you want. Barbara – Protects you from evil. Keeps away evil enemies. fast! A1303 – Fast Luck (Double) – Brings luck. now! If your luck is down and you’re missing by one number all the time. A1316 – Go Away Evil – Gets rid of evil around or inside you. no-good people. money. fast! A1318 – Florida Water – Heals aches & pains. . A1324 – Road Opener – Bust thru any block holding or keeping you down. Clara – Grants any wish.95 each No. .00 One of the World’s Greatest All-Purpose Soaps! Excellent for bathing. A1305 – Jinx Remover – Stop jinx and bad luck. . . job or school matters. fast! Good for court. A1355 . Size JACKPOT MONEY SOAP GRANDPA’S PINE TAR SOAP No. A1332 – Come to Me – Draws any person. Conquers any problem with super power. $4. love. Be cleansed.332. Spiritual cleansing. love — good for any problem. shaving and shampooing. A1308 – Keep Away Enemies – Enemies will leave you alone and stay away for good. A1314 – St. A1311 – Protection from Envy – Be safe from jealous people and gossipers. A1338 – Garlic – For good luck and prosperity. Stops evil and protects you. desperate cases when all else fails.

Box 718 • Glenview. IL 60025-0718 • www.95 each 52 3 for $15. LUCKSHOP. REV. many other uses also.® • P.00 each 1/2 lb. MOSES “3 in 1” HOUSE BLESSER No. mind and soul. D2300 • For Sprinkling or Carrying • No one will know it’s working for you • Sweet. This Graveyard Dirt will help Remove and Kill any/all Spells and Jinx that have been placed on you.98 pound $8.95 For Fast Luck in Drawing Money to You.REv. Husbands. Thank You!” A. GOOD for: Winning Bingo. for protection from any and all Evil placed on you by any Enemies. Use to put a Spell or Curse on your Enemy. D2500 D2504 D2505 1 oz. for $8. Carry it with you. MOSES STOP EVIL PROTECTION BLEND No. • Removes all negative forces from you and your loved ones. It helped get rid of my blister sores.95 1/ 2 pound $12.00 each 1/2 lb. • Protects you from all harm. MOSES BLESSED HEALING CLOTH ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY • Comes with Oil.95 • Moves the devil and all evil out of your home. Rooms. and offers relief from: • Joint & Muscle Pain and Stiffness • Aching Feet • Skin Irritation and Wounds • Cold Symptoms • Other Minor Inflammations Look at what our customers say about Eucamint: “I have suffered from sinus congestion for over 30 years and Eucamint Ointment is the only salve that ever did me any good. Hex or Curse put on you by the Dead. D2100 $5. Pleasant Smell! Comes with Instructions $5. Jar! No. No. Closets. 1) Draws Luck and Money 2) Stops Evil and Protects You 3) Keeps Peace in Home $5. Wives or Relatives who are now dead. jealousy and evil people. Graveyard Dirt insures an easy birth and a Healthy baby. “Eucamint-Camphorated Ointment is one thing I won’t be without. When carried by a Pregnant woman. Black Carrying bags are available for $2.00 CHURCH GOODS CO. Lottery.O. D2200 – Only $6.00 each 1/2 lb. REV. Carpets or Furniture.M. Casinos.Day QUICK MONEY DUST No. Sprinkle outside your home to turn away Evil. pleasant to apply. Prayer and Cloth • Are your bones and body aching? Is your spirit down? • Get relief fast! Heal your body. D2000 Gets RID of BAD ODORS fast! Smells good! Comes with instructions. $3. soothing pain relief! Our most popular remedy is delicately .95 each The Amazing Emergency Kit in a 2 oz.” E. pkg.K.95 FRESHENS! DEODORIZES! Rugs. Comes with instructions for many. for $8. MOSES GRAvEYARd dIRT Legends abound surrounding Graveyard Dirt. for $8.50 each (Order No. C07EUCA $9. cooling. M1051). Also. or any gambling game.95 1/ 4 EUCAMINT All-Purpose Ointment This incredible ointment can’t be beat for fast. 3 . good for getting money from people that owe you. REV. MOSES Special Products REV.

oils. Remove and destroy all harm & evil sent by your enemies. B1582 – SECRETS OF THE PSALMS – $7. and many other spiritual and enlightening topics. and wisdom. breaking addictions. obtaining great power.00 – Candles types. B1630 – SUCCESS & POWER THRU PSALMS – $8. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. successful. rituals. Pure and Simple Intention. win court cases. Over 400 simple rituals to help you get what you want. prayers and psalms.00 – A treasury of meditations.00 – Revised version – The magical uses of the Psalms. joy.00 – Spells & Rituals for every condition and purpose to help you achieve your desires and goals – To conquer. and much more. Easy instructions to find love. devotions. Search and find the truth and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! B1114 – CHARMS. how to pray. blessings.00 – Magic Formula For Successful Prayer When to pray. Achieve anything once you use the secret techniques discovered by the Prophet Moses. love.300 spells (We carry every one of them!) For your every need and want.00 – This book is truly the most popular book on candle burning ever published. and many more! B1084 – CANDLE BURNING MAGIC – $8. stop domestic violence. Love. B1426 – MASTER BOOK CANDLE BURNING – $10. breaking a hex. 9TH. Knowing Ourselves. Religious Life. happy and strong. This is the best love spell book around! B1360 – THE MAGIC CANDLE – $9. justice.00 – The magical uses of the psalms. SPELLS & FORMULAS – $11. Power. attraction. Protection. health. overcome addictions. B1570 – SECRETS OF MAGICAL SEALS – $7. B1522 – POWERS OF THE PSALMS – $8. B1606 – 6TH AND 7TH BOOK OF MOSES – $7. protection.00 – Get Rid of Evil. Money. Suffer no more confusion. A guide on everything you need to know about candles B1420 – MAGIC WITH INCENSE & POWDERS – $8. B1607 – REVISED 6TH AND 7TH BOOK OF MOSES – $10. Put their power to work for you! B1618 – SPIRITUAL CLEANSING – $10.00 – Covers over 550 oils and over 1. Many solutions to many conditions. charms.00 – A book of easy to do spells to obtain good luck and money. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY B1186 – 8TH. Achieve anything once you use the secret techniques discovered by the Prophet Moses. Read about Christ from the ages of 12–30. keeping a lover faithful.00 – A Study of the Use of Candles in the Search for the Truth.00 – Gain power and control with these ancient Egyptian secrets.332. 1 – $9. peace.00 – A spell book of rituals for good and evil. money and success. their symbolism and how to use them. It lists your patron saint for any condition! B1246 – HELPING YOURSELF W/SELECT PRAYERS Vol.00 – Learn about prayer and how it works.00 – A powerful guide on how to live a Christian life-following the path of Jesus-against all evil. potions and recipes for love. B2139 – MAGIC RITUALS FOR MONEY – $7. B1180 – EIGHTEEN ABSENT YEARS OF CHRIST – $6. 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quick. . Be protected from all harm. package Any 3 packages for $10. if your nights are lonely and if you want the feelings a good faithful man can give you. is your man running wild in the streets? Is he spending all his money on Drinking. Triple Strength Love Me Always Powder and a bag of Open Your Heart Blessed Bath Balls. . . Or if you are having trouble finding the right Man.98 each for 1⁄4 lb. fast and often. Blessed Love Seal. . E1308 – Peace & Happiness May you feel healthy and spiritually cleansed. and spells to those who sent it. CHURCH GOODS CO. now! E1310 – Stop Evil/Enemies Send back all evil. . E1309 – Road Opener Unblock all problems. You be the big winner. . K3000 . It also includes Reverend Moses Triple Strength Love Potion Oil. Works fast.® • P. $29. It can put that Old Spark back in your Relationship. joy and calm. Others will obey you. or your special request on the Seal. Dove’s Blood Ink Pen to write his name. When . Save your Love-Life or start a new one Today. E1304 – Gamblers Lucky Hit the jackpot at any gambling or casino game. jinx or evil. E1306 – Love Drawing Power Come to me and Love me only.95 $12. Instructions included. money. Box 718 • Glenview. Make love strong and true. IL 60025-0718 • www.Tasty and Powerful LUCKY ROCK CANdY Sweet Taste – Extra Good & Strong – Quick Results Make your wish and Eat several pieces daily to achieve what you desire.00 E1301 – All Purpose Brings good luck to you for any problem or bad situation you find yourself in. Clear the path to better luck. as you see fit. love. Drugs and other women? Do you want him to Love you and Only you? This Kit was specially designed with you in mind. $3. .95 each 54 LADIES. this kit can keep him home. Attract luck in a hurry. then you need this Kit now! Included in this Kit is a Blessed Lovers Candle. E1307 – Money Drawing Pull Money like a magnet—super fast! Draw from anyone or anywhere—lots of it. . . E1305 – Jinx Killer/Uncrossing Destroy all jinx and curses on or near you. LUCKSHOP. Draw your lover closer— quick. .95 each per pound 2 pounds for $20. . voodoo.O. E1303 – Conquer & Control You will be the one in power—to command and master. Be filled with peace. Please Specify Size Please Specify Size XXX Triple Power Love Potion Kit Keep your Man from Running the Streets Make Him Love only You Keep the Romance Alive Find that Perfect Man Get your Man to come back to You Bring that Special Spark back into Your Love-Life Make Him Do As You Say ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Make Him Treat You Right/ Respect You Make Him Pay You/Give You Money that You Deserve No. job. Stops bad luck and confusion if you’re crossed up. witchcraft. . E1302 – Attraction Find someone new or Draw the one you want closer to you.

Pray for me now. JUDE Oh St. . ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY Dept. MICHAEL Oh Glorious Archangel St.1634 55 . J2406 ST. please bestow your perpetual gift. House. . Protect me from death and danger from my enemies. Help me now to Protect and Defend me from Evil Spirits. who has said.00 ALL POWERFUL SAINTS Only $ 6 . the Possessor! YOU CAN: Finally un-block your money to pay off all of your bills and your rent or mortgage. You will receive this Original Money Tree amulet with a 24” chain for wearing. J2403 ST. you are the Champion of Righteousness and a Powerful Helper in Every Need. alone. Health of the Sick. soon! $ $ $ The Green Money Bags attached to the tree branches act as Money Magnets and form a Powerful Un-broken Chain of Luck and Money directly to you . Only $10. I also pray dearly to you because I know you are the special Patron Saint of Finance for the Poor and Needy. Anthony.$$ $ MONEY TREE Let the “Lucky Me” Money Tree make you Richer – Happier – Luckier than you have ever been in your whole life. . you are no different than millions of other people. Carry or wear and Feel the Power of the Saints! J2401 BLESSED MOTHER MARY Oh most Virgin Mary. and Mother of Sorrows. . upon me.95 each or Get 2 for $19. and Enemies. Hope of the Troubled. Joseph. J2404 ST. Wonder Worker of Miracles. Other wise carry it or keep it close to your body or personal belongings. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. ANTHONY Oh dear St. “Ask and you shall receive: Seek and you shall find. and Hope to the Sick. as you have done for others. Oh Heavenly Lord and Master. your devoted servant. Demons. if you so desire. Knock and it shall be opened unto you”— Help me now! Give me Strength. . . because you are the Dispenser of Immortal Riches and Patron Saint of the Dying. JOSEPH Oh St. Protection and Light where there is darkness. Apartment or Vacation that you’ve always wanted. . Fight my daily battles and drive away all that is bad in my life. However. Order No. . invoke your powers to give me Speedy Help and Relief from my problems.00 Pewter necklaces come boxed with 24” chain. given to you by Christ Our Lord. exhibit the Wealth of Love of your Sacred Heart. This original design is highlighted with Green antiquing – for Triple Strength! Comes with prayer and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! So Order Now! For the possibility of your very own “Money Miracle. . Jude. as well as Restorer of things lost. J4240 . . My situation in life has become a Hopeless and Desperate Case—That is why I call on you to pray for me now. Help of the Needy. Support to Troubled Families.” Supplies may be limited. now. J2405 ST. Finally start thinking about that New Car. A Huge Money Blessing could be yours. J2402 SACRED HEART OF JESUS Oh Divine Jesus. .95 each 3 for $15. Bless me with your prayers and ease my troubles. most Holy Apostle and friend of Jesus. Lady of Grace. Have you ever dreamed of Hitting it Big and Winning the Lottery? or Getting Rich Quick? If you have. You give Comfort to the Suffering.332. Pray for me. Michael. Great Protector on Earth. . please come to my aid. a little known fact is that the Money Tree is said to be the secret emblem of over 400 Millionaires in the United States. You are the Mother of Mercy. .

95 (120 Caps) E3182 – DETOX: Max Strength Toxin Cleanser Flushes out any toxins or evil conditions in your body.Royal Korean The Original “Wonder Herb” These 500 mg. $24. skin and nails. Box 718 • Glenview. arthritis. cleanses the bloodstream. now! $29. as well as being Balanced and Relaxed. Like cells help like cells. Formula is so powerful. If high blood pressure. Mental Alertness and Help suppress your appetite. Trim and Sexually Healthy. IL 60025-0718 • www. a whopping 1000 mg.95 (100 Caps) E3349 – QUICK ENERGY GUARANA This complex of vitamins.95 (60 Caps) E3490 – MEMORY BOOSTER Contains Raw Brain and spinal cord Concentrate to help Improve your Memory and Make you and your Mind Clear & Sharp. $29. Do not take with alcohol. Don’t be confused anymore! $24.O. Contents include a potent mix of Aphrodisiacs including Guarana. if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure. lung problems. will give you Fast Energy. E3623 – BODYMAN BOOSTER with POWER A most Potent Formula for Men that can help build up Testosterone…The Men’s hormone. E3629 – YOHIMBE BARK EXTRACT “Natural Aphrodisiac” The Natural source of Testosterone & Sexual Energy! Each tablet is 500 mg. caps will act as a Natural Stimulant.95 (100 Tabs) E3637 – FIRE-UP Helps put the Passion back in your life! For Men Only. consult a physician.95 (100 Tabs) ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY 56 CHURCH GOODS CO.95 (30 Tabs) E3396 – DAMIANA the FEMALE “Aphrodisiac” For Women! – This Female Stimulant Arouses. It is believed to assist in Detoxifying the body on a cellular level. Promote gastrointestinal health. Contents and Directions are included on all bottles. If you have Any Questions. Makes it pass and un-cross you. so these concentrates contain a variety of factors that support sexual functions in the recipient. LUCKSHOP. a Clear.95 (100 Caps) E3435 – GREEN TEA CAPSULES Green Tea Concentrate is Caffeine Free and is a proven Nerve Relaxer as well as Antioxidant – which helps prevent ageing and disease. heart disease. $39.® • P. Nourish the hair. capsules. aphrodisiac and they enhance your immune system so you stay very healthy. A new.95 (60 Tabs) E3437 – ARTHRITIS CURE: MSM 1000 This natural form of organic Sulfur (MSM) is known to have remarkable healing properties. voice depth.95 (100 Caps) Warning: Do not exceed the recommended dose. including body hair. by cleansing you of all toxins. and Increases your sexual pleasure. and urine of carcinogens and other toxins. too.95 (100 Tabs) E3617 – HOLDEN-REX “Viagra Alternative” Our #1 Formula on the market contains the most powerful ingredients today for naturally increasing your testosterone levels. Relieve pain & inflammation. 500 mg.95 (30 Tabs) QUICK ENERGY/ GOOd HEALTH/ TOXIN CLEANSERS These items below are Special Formulas made to Give You High Energy.95 (100 Caps) E3387 – GOLDEN SEAL This Natural Herbal Formula is a mild antibiotic that clears toxins. $24. Important biochemical and physiological changes in the body can be triggered by our special formulas. $33.ALL NATURAL SEX POWER TABLETS ***Glandulars are the Secret to Our Special Formulas*** Glandular Therapy uses raw concentrates of organ tissue.95 (50 Tabs) E3181 – GLAN BOOSTER These Super-Nature tablets add Sexual Excitement to your life. aid the immune system and be of benefit to sufferers of heartburn. Please call your . $24. E3429 – GINSENG. improved stimulant that can help impotent men. sharp Mind and a Healthy Body So you stay Fit. Stop the suffering.. $29. migraines and muscle pain. Zinc. as well. Enhances your immune system. $24. Contents and Directions are included on each bottle. of Yohimbe Bark extract. diabetes or thyroid problems – then consult a physician. $34. good. bone thickening and broadening of the skeletal frame. $24. Damiana and many more sex vitamins. Safest and most popular plant tablet claiming to be an aphrodisiac. $29. Satisfies. Cleans your system.

hot sex. bottle. FREE: Sex Magic Oil & Parchment Paper for Ritual C1051 – BLACK MALE GENDER . so you can be a happier and more sexually fulfilled woman. Works as an aphrodisiac when rubbed into your partner’s skin.95 each Ultra Max cream improves sexual capability and helps promote heavy.$7. D4009 $14. SEX POWER CANdLE This Powerful New Candle is Super-Charged and Fixed – So you can have hot. Emotion Lotion No. — Easy Directions Included — X1799 – ROMAN ORGY LOVE OIL – $12.95 each . FLAVORS UNITY CANDLE C1068 – $12. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. UNCROSSING dOUCHE Cleanse and Uncross yourself with this Unique Powder Removes any jinx or hex that was put on your sex life. • To Work on aWoman – Use Female Gender (Vagina) candle. Comes in 2 oz.98 each Inspire a Hot & Passionate Mood in Your Partner. hard. . . . Use the Red Candle. .95 each with instructions. . Admiration. Get the Honey Love Necklace J2325 for only $9.95 No. The Delay (Ejaculation) Spray for Men. Respect and Desire with the person of your dreams. Draws & Attracts your lover.95 each Use after shower or before love for hot sex. • To Have Good. . . now! CRAZY GIRL SPRAY Order No. C1054 – RED FEMALE GENDER .98 each E2013 – CHERRY E2014 – CINNAMON E2015 – RASPBERRY E2016 – STRAWBERRY E2017 – VANILLA C1067 – HONEY OF LOVE CANDLE – $9. .95 each (8 oz.95 each . . Sex Organ Exciter used to bring erotic pleasure & stimulate sexual response.95 each Achieve Total Admiration and Desire from the person you want! Add Honey Love Oil (X1230. Can be used on Any part of the body.95 each . $7. passionate.. Flirty scent inspires lust. . .95 per pill Take before Lovemaking. E3170 $14.) CHERRY 1 oz. Draws your lover close. . hard sex with your lover. Be satisfied! Candle burns 100 hours. P1152 – 1/2 lb. $11. . have them want hot sex with you & you only. Tastes great! E2012 – $12. . E3175 $12. . . Sweet & mild. package. . . $14. . bottle) Sexy Body Mist w/Pheromones to help Seduce your lover. Enjoyable Sex (often) and to have Joy & Happiness (in Bed) with your partner. . . . . Stop Your Partner from Bed Jumping and Running the Streets. $13. . HONEY LOvE OIL Achieve the Total Affection. This African preparation is said to put a “Hold” on your lover. Try it now. $13. . . .) Use as after-bath splash or perfume to Tame (Control) your lover and Keep him/her faithful to you! Stop their running around. . Use it with your lover. $13. Makes you Irresistible. . E3175 … $12. E2005 – TAME LOTION – $9.. Be tight and together – no one else will interfere..95 each Male Genital Desensitizer. . .95 (2oz. $13. . More Products to Help You! SPANISH FLY LIQUID Hot. Rub on your body to Draw your lover close. . $7. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY No. $13. Hard. so that he or she will want to be with you and have sex with you — only! Wear as a perfume whenever you are around the person you desire. Use the Black Candle. X1230 . . . D4057 . . . Help him/her Overcome Any Addiction.98) for Extra sex power. .95 each E2125 – INSPIRE FIRE SEX LOTION – $7.332. .95 each Gets warm when you rub it.98 each No. . passion & crazy sex.95 (4 oz. P1151 – 2oz. 4 oz. pkg . Directions & Warnings included.SEX PROdUCTS FOR YOUR LOvE/NATURE SEX “MAGIC” CANdLES SHAPED LIKE MALE & FEMALE GENDER • To Work on a Man – Use Male Gender (Penis) candle. . . C1052 – BLACK FEMALE GENDER C1053 – RED MALE GENDER .. Use in a drink.95 each 57 Dept. . $7. . Hot when you blow on it. C3315 $12. . X-ROCK (3 Day Pill for Men) Order No.1634 .98 No. .95 a bottle – Choose flavor > M1016 – COCONUT M1017 – COFFEE M1018 – CHERRY M1019 – STRAWBERRY M2026 – CHOCOLATE ERECTION CREAM No. fast.95 each Comes with powerful prayer. • To Drive the Meanness (Evil) Out of Your Lover. STUd 100 No. pkg . or 1/2 lb.

X3640 Honeysuckle – Un-blocks your money. Calms and eases tension. and thinking. Box 718 • Glenview. X3608 Fresh Spring Rain – Draws and gets you a boyfriend or husband. X3516 Anise – Gives psychic power and lucky dreams. and wealth. X3652 Joy – Brings happiness. The oil may also be added to bath or mop water for a powerful effect. neck. X3588 Eucalyptus – Strong oil heals body. X3584 English Garden – Pass tests and exams. LUCKSHOP. or promotion.® • P. X3540 Bouquet – Brings quick action and power to any situation. X3636 Honeydew Melon – Stops confusion. obey and do as you say. Apply a few drops of the oil to your wrists. feet or chest area to achieve desired results. X3632 Herbal Power – Cleanses your body from all bad. and evil. X3504 Almond – Attracts money and good fortune. X3668 Lemon – Breaks any spell or curse on you or family.00 X3622 Ginger Snap – Gives you will power to stop any addiction. Directions included. X3564 Cinnamon – Brings Gambling luck and winnings. voodoo. X3580 Cranberry – Removes all jinx and crossed conditions. X3616 Gardenia – Drives away the devil and all evil. hate. X3620 Geranium – Shuts up jealous people. Makes them calm.100% Pure Essential Oils and their Various Magickal Uses Only $6. Be a good student. Conquer w/power. X3508 Amber – Protects against evil and curses. concentration. X3520 Apple – Relaxes nerves.O.95 per Bottle 58 CHURCH GOODS CO. Breaks any jinx. X3512 Angel Heart – Binds lover stronger and closer to you. X3576 Coconut – Hold your man. Get the person you want. Also Available — Larger 4 oz. Gives peace of mind. X3524 Banana – Busts thru blocks. X3532 Bergamot – Draws money and destroys hexes on you. X3672 Lilac – Improves memory. raise. health and wealth to you. trouble. Gives strength. 3 for $15. lying to you. IL 60025-0718 • www. X3612 Fruit of Life – Get a good job. X3536 Blue Sonata – Brings success in business and love matters. X3680 Lime – Gives you commanding power over others. X3592 Floral Spice – Reverses all evil. Opens roads. evil enemies or neighbors. X3684 Lotus – Makes a woman irresistible to any man and his money. X3624 Goldleaf & Hydrangea – Pulls money and luck. Breaks up any two people. X3600 Frankincense – Brings good health. X3568 Citronella – Gets rid of nosy. X3544 Carnation – Helps heal the sick and give you energy.95 each X3500 All Spice – All-purpose good luck oil. size — Only $19. X3560 Chocolate – Get what you want in all court/legal cases. X3548 Cedarleaf – Nature stimulant for men. very fast. wisdom and power. X3676 Lily of the Valley – Quiets anyone. Protects you. Releases it fast. X3656 Juniper – Keeps away enemies. X3572 Clove – Stops your mate from cheating on you. X3528 Bayberry – Brings money and luck to you & your home. X3688 Magnolia – Crosses up and confuses your enemies. X3628 Grape – Draws wealth. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY All of the oils listed below can be used for anointing or scenting ritual candles. witchcraft. Stops unhealthy habits. X3604 Freesia – Helps you hit big at the slot machines and casinos. X3596 Frank & Myrrh – Brings . X3664 Lavender – Other people/ enemies will leave you alone. soul and spirit. X3660 Kiwi – Brings back a lost or stolen lover/mate. X3644 Hyacinth – Be lucky in love. happiness. X3648 Jasmine – Brings good spirits. X3552 Chamomile – Attracts attention and incites sexual passion. for freshening potpourri or simply worn as a perfume. X3556 Cherry – Makes others listen.

hard. Spices up love/sex. X3764 Plum – Helps you stop eating and lose weight. Get good judge.00 X3808 Spearmint – Destroys an enemy’s power. pains and disease. X3816 Sugar Sugar – Attracts. X3800 Sassafras – Protects and reverses spells sent by dead enemies/relatives. X3708 Musk (Egyptian) – Draws love. X3724 Opium – Releases money. X3806 Sex on the Beach – Gives you good.332. X3840 Verbena – Conquers those who have made you suffer. Stimulates nature. seals or bath. X3692 Mimosa – Answers. Gives you secret. passionate sex and love. X3812 Strawberry – For all purposes. strong love. X3728 Orange – Keeps job secure and makes children successful. confident and powerful.1634 59 . X3736 Papaya Mango – Fights aches.100% Pure Essential Oils $6. Makes mind sharp. Get good luck. Stops trouble. invisible power. hot hand. Be healthy. X3744 Peach – Gives you revenge against enemies. Helps you win a lot. Makes them nervous. X3780 Rose – Gives you Spiritual help. X3772 Rain – Helps hit that winning number at lottery or bingo. X3832 Van Van – Removes jinx on your money. X3860 Ylang Ylang – Finds lost/stolen items. Removes evil from home. size — Only $19. X3856 Wisteria – Protects you and your family from danger. X3742 Passion Flower – A potent love oil. incense. X3828 Tutti Fruity – Use to “cast a spell” on someone who did you wrong.Get even. X3752 Peppermint – Gives your body energy & pep. Makes you closer. X3784 Rosemary – Cleans your body out. X3704 Musk (Ebony) – Dominate or control any situation or problem. X3700 Mulberry – Win and be lucky at all games of chance.95 each 3 for $15. X3836 Vanilla – Helps you influence and control people to your favor. X3696 Mistletoe – Attracts strong love and money whichever you desire. X3848 Watermelon – A strong wishing oil that will grant you three wishes. X3844 Violet – Turns your lover to your way of thinking and do as you say. X3788 Rue – Draws money. anywhere. X3734 Oriental – Makes one brave. draws and keeps a mate for you. X3716 Myrrh – Sends back the worst spells or any evil forces. Gets you out of debt. Drives away evil. affection. or a good job. Easy life. X3756 Pine – Moves away any unwanted persons from your life. X3712 Musk Natural – Makes a man come to you. X3760 Pineapple – Wear to hold and keep your man. X3776 Raspberry Sun – Breaks losing streaks. X3820 Summer Nights – Hot. X3824 Sweet Pea – Gives you or your family will power to stop any addiction. Never be broke. Soothes hearts. want and follow you. guidance and power. X3804 Seabreeze – Stops arguing and fighting. Draw him to you. conquers problems when used before sleeping. X3768 Potpourri – Removes any evil inside you or placed on you. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. X3740 Patchouli – Calms anger. quick. X3748 Pearberry – Blessing oil for candles. in a hurry. Moves out evil and the devil. X3720 Narcissus (Black) – Protects any relationship or marriage. X3852 Wintergreen – Stops and turns back spells. X3792 Sage – Weaken your enemies.95 per Bottle Dept. X3732 Orange Blossom – Get out of jail or reduce sentence. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY SAVE MONEY! — Larger 4 oz. X3796 Sandalwood – Helps you hold and draw money. Gives you a lucky. pleasurable sex. and sexual desire.

love. IL 60025-0718 • www. D1020 CONTROLLING Control all problems and situations. D1003 BLACK ART Use “to cast a spell” on someone or when you have a special condition or request that must be done. Make the devil run and chase away all witchcraft or curses. D1005 COME TO ME Make your lover come to you and stay close! D1010 COMMANDING Make other people respect & obey you. and health. soon. lovers. D1084 MAGNET Draw whatever you want and get it. and money and good things your way. D1065 HOT FOOT Burn or sprinkle to drive away evil from you and your home. D1087 MILLIONAIRES Draw lots of money from any source and be wealthy so you can live the easy life. money. D1030 DO AS I SAY Burn daily to make others do as you say! (Children. $6. D1080 LOVE ME ONLY Burn to draw and hold your loved one and be the ONLY woman on his mind. D1140 DRAGON’S BLOOD Destroy and Conquer all evil and jinx. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY D1145 FIRE OF LOVE Brings strong.“HIGHEST QUALITY” INCENSE POWDERED – INSTANT LIGHTING Medium Size Tubes .00 D1000 ADAM & EVE Keeps two lovers close and makes bond tighter.00 One Pound Bags . good luck. evil people and all enemies go away and stay away. D1050 GAMBLERS (LUCKY) Burn this to WIN at any game of chance! Be lucky and win! D1051 GOOD LUCK Draws Luck in a Hurry – for any and all purposes. D1025 COURT/JUST JUDGE Burn to win your case! And have the judge rule the way you want! D1027 CROSSING Send back evil or jinx to whoever sent it. D1073 JOB Helps you find work. D1015 COMPELLING Be irresistible and influence others. Let Satan be gone forever.50 each 3 for $12.00 The use of incense is believed to change conditions. Let the wisdom. holy blessing incense for the home. D1007 CASINO JACKPOT Be a winner at any casino or gambling game. get a raise. knowledge and understanding of King Solomon guide you. MEDIUM SIZE TUBES $4. by burning this. blessed home. D1035 FAST LUCK Change your luck from bad to good! Good for any problem or if you feel jinxed. job – anything! D1031 DRIVE AWAY EVIL Make evil spirits. true love to you. lonely or confused – burn this and pray to Jesus. LUCKSHOP. forever. true love. Bust through your money problems. D1040 FOLLOW ME Trap your lover into wanting you only. D1075 KEEP AWAY ENEMIES Protect you. Make satan be gone.95 each 3 for $ . D1045 FRANK & MYRRH Pure. for good. Hit that winning number.O. D1060 HI JOHN THE CONQUEROR Powerful! Solves all problems and conquers all things. D1077 KING SOLOMON Use to achieve power and control in all situations and problems. Good for conquering and controlling situations. D1055 HELPING HAND If you’re down.. luck. when wishing for anything – Fast luck. Be master of all things. like you used to.50 each 3 for $12. D1053 HEALING Ease your pain and suffering. D1095 PEACEFUL HOME Burn this for a peaceful.. $4. happiness. Move that evil mess. your home. Feel good and healthy.95 3 Pounds for $18.. now. bingo. Good for making a marriage occur or strengthening it! D1001 ATTRACTION Draw lovers. D1032 DRAWING Draws anything you desire – money. D1081 LOVERS Make that special person love and desire you. Have a strong relationship. Makes love hot and sexy.® • P. Gets rid of confusion. Don’t suffer anymore. slots or any casino game. no one else. D1085 MASTER All purpose incense for money. Or from any gambling game – lottery.00 ONE POUND BAGS $6. or stop any problems on the job or other workers from bothering you. friendship. bring many blessings – even make “miracles” in the lives of those who believe. D1017 CONCENTRATION Helps you focus to pass any test. friends. D1090 MONEY DRAWING Burn to DRAW BIG MONEY your way. 60 CHURCH GOODS CO. health or peace of mind. and your loved ones from evil enemies. fast.. Makes devil run! D1070 JINX REMOVING Removes “spells” and bad luck from you. or workmates). D1091 MONEY HOUSE BLESSING Brings money into your house and to you and your family. Get your money blessing and get rich quick! D1092 PAY ME NOW Get paid money that is owed to you by anyone. Box 718 • Glenview. Un-blocks your money. D1004 BREAK-UP Separate and Break-Up any two people.

98 1/2 D1320 – LOVE POTION Burn to draw a lover.95 3 Pounds for $18.00 per / lb 1 4 . now! D1345 – STOP EVIL/RUN DEVIL RUN Burn to Stop. $6. D1117 STOP DRINK/DRUGS Burn for yourself or a loved one and pray to God that this terrible addiction be stopped as soon as possible.“HIGHEST QUALITY” INCENSE POWDERED – INSTANT LIGHTING Medium Size Tubes . now! D1310 – JINX REMOVING Burn to remove ALL jinxes. job. 1/4 pound for $7. family. D1123 SURE TO WIN Hit that jackpot and win again and again to pay off your bills and get some quick money! D1125 UNCROSSING Burn to get rid of all jinxes and crossed conditions on you or your home. JUDE If hopeless and desperate. or just to make your love stronger and be TRUE! D1330 – MONEY DRAWING Burn to DRAW BIG MONEY – from any source. family.. This works! You need this now! D1305 – FAST LUCK Burn to bring GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING – personal. D1118 STOP EVIL Stop all evil from bothering you. MOSES TRIPLE XXX STRENGTH $7. Lose sleep no more as those evil demons and spirits will be destroyed.00 D1093 POWER Have power and control over any type of situation.98 per / lb INCENSE $12. D1115 SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS Call on the African Gods to give you power to dominate your enemies.00 One Pound Bags .. or lovers. Makes Satan be gone and all enemies and the devil go away. Pay off all of your bills and finally be able to afford the things you really need and desire. He fights the devil for you. D1120 SUCCESS Burn for SUCCESS in anything you try! D1121 SUCCESS FOR CHILDREN Protects children/grandchildren. D1096 PROTECTION Be protected from all harm. in life! Keeps them on the straight and narrow path. $4.. D1099 ROAD OPENER Bust through any blocks or obstacles in your way. evil. D1097 QUICK MONEY Get a hold of some money. Bring success in school. D1098 REVERSIBLE Turn back and send back all evil. Destroy and Keep Away All Evil. or jealous people or so-called friends will ever be able to hurt you or work on you. Send it back.00 PLEASE SPECIFY HOW MUCH YOU WANT Dept.332. With faith. ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY pound for $12. pray to St. D1150 SPELL BREAKER Breaks any spell that’s on or inside you from: voodoo. or crossed conditions that are on you or in your home! Drives away all evil and enemies! . family. D1105 ST.1634 61 . love. prosperous and find the path to wealth and riches. bingo. Open roads to a richer.. Reverse your bad luck and be lucky all the time. hexes. hold a lover. at work. ® REV. Stop all confusion and evil spirits from entering your head. Conquers any problems and makes things go your way. friends. Jude. From any gambling game — lottery. and envy. No enemies. jinxes. witchcraft. luckier.50 each 3 for $12. harm and enemies. Keeps away enemies. Break that jinx on you and turn you luck around. Be protected from all enemies and from satan and all of his works. MARTHA Protects and provides for you and your family. Drives away all evil and enemies. jinx or evil. D1130 VAN VAN • NEW ORLEANS Use to drive away evil. number or any casino game. 1 2 D1300 – CONTROLLING Burn to control ANY problem. D1135 WEALTHY WAY Be lucky. Un-block all problems! Money. condition or situation – no matter how bad. D1100 ST. He is a good helper and gives needed relief. happier life. this awful addiction can be beat. 211 Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. From gambling (any game). D1116 STAY AT HOME Makes anyone stop running the streets with the wrong crowd. MICHAEL Burn for protection against evil. church or job-related matters and in any numbers game. break-up someone and make them come to you. D1101 RUN DEVIL RUN Make the devil and all his evil deeds disappear and go away from you and your house forever. D1110 ST. the devil or satan. You deserve to have it. quick. danger. ANTHONY Burn for financial blessings and to return lost/stolen items. D1107 ST. hexes and curses to where it came from. Get out of debt in a hurry. Others will listen and do as you say. run the devil away and protect you from Black Magic.

We need a street address. we will ship your order.P. M2507 – SPELL BREAKER/UNCROSSING Break any curse. Just add $26. FUNDS ONLY – PLEASE. Comes with Easy Instructions.95. Postage Rates have increased greatly and they vary widely according to the country you live in. LUCKSHOP. We can not ship Express Orders C.P. 62 CHURCH GOODS CO. M2508 – STOP EVIL/PROTECTION Turns back evil and makes the devil run. it probably WILL cost More Than $10. Unless your order is being shipped to Canada.P. Kills evil spirits or any evil witchcraft. The Balance Due owed must be paid immediately after receiving your package.P. We can accept Credit Card Orders Only 24 hours a day! Please write your card number and expiration date clearly. This minimum charge is being applied to all orders shipped outside United States. cannot ship to P.95 to your merchandise total for Postage & Handling.D. Remove any jinx. For orders heavier than 3 pounds.95 to your merchandise total for postage for orders up to 3 lbs. 2 Day Air Orders C.O. A truly Secret Treasure that will enhance your home. Recently.95 to your merchandise total for postage. EXPRESS. M2502 – GOOD HEALTH / CLEANSING Be free from pain and suffering. $24.S.O. You may be asked to send more money for postage. U. These Trees are 4 ½” tall and come with Genuine Gemstones strung with Copper wire and they sit in a sturdy.O.O. We will bill you for the difference. Just add $59. However. 2 DAY AIR (United Parcel Service) After we receive your order. if you so desire.P. You may “water” your tree with a few drops of oil. WAYS TO GET YOUR ORDERS FASTER! FAX SERVICE OUR FAX NUMBER is 312/332-3012. you will receive your package within 1 or 2 days. boxes. (Saturdays & Sundays not included) U. If your package weighs more than 3 lbs. M2503 – HI CONQUERING/POWER Conquer and control all situations & . Please Note.S. 2 DAY AND NEXT DAY AIR ORDERS MUST BE PRE-PAID WITH CHECK.P. Next Day Air Orders C. Box 718 • Glenview. (Saturdays & Sundays not included) U. We can not ship U. Heavier packages will require additional charges.00 deposit.00. before we can ship your order.S. IL 60025-0718 • www. you will receive your package in 2 days.P. M2505 – LUCKY GAMBLERS Be Lucky & Hit the Winning Number or Jackpot! M2506 – MONEY DRAWING Get a hold of some money – and fast – any old way.D. orders must have a $20. U.S.S. and sign your name. we will ship your order.S. Legend says that these trees Bring Prosperity and Fortune to the home. The Balance Due owed must be paid immediately after receiving your package. shipping charges will be more than $36. but shipping charges will be more than $26. No Care is necessary. U. (Sundays not included) Just add $36. M2504 – LOVE ME/COME TO ME Draw and Attract the object of your desire.S. POST OFFICE EXPRESS After we receive your order. We need a street address. C. but shipping charges will be more than $59. boxes. We can not ship U.D. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY SEND U. hex or spell.95. MONEY ORDER OR CREDIT CARD. NEXT DAY AIR – NEW SERVICE! After we receive your order.S. Add $10.Prosperity Trees Beautiful Powerful Trees possess STRENGTH & POWER To get what you want and need.O.® • P. M2501 – ALL PURPOSE Good Luck in a Hurry – for Any Condition.95 each Place in your home and their Aura and Positive Energy field will fill your home and surroundings with Good Luck Vibrations. For orders heavier than 3 pounds.95. for Extra Power.O. gemstone 3” base. cannot ship to P. quick.00 to your merchandise total for postage for orders up to 3 lbs. you will receive your package the next day.D.

. . .CHURCH GOODS CO. Without this information your order will take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. . . . .95 . . . _____________________________ CITY _________________________________________________________________ _ ___ STATE ZIP _______________________________________ Item Number FCAT Item Name and Description New 128 Page Full Catalog Price Each $4. . . . Boxes • IF PAYING BY CHECK. . .D.95 . .1634 63 . . . . . . Page No.s Only: MINUS DEPOSIT EXPRESS DELIVERY: See pg.m. .P. packages can not be sent to P. . . 211 One P&H option above must be chosen Prices are Subject to Change • For CREDIT CARD ORDERS CALL: 312. . . Box 718 Glenview.O.95 for regular delivery Add $11. . 211 P. orders TOTAL + + + For additional catalogs send $1.P.S. Total $8. . .00 Deposit is required for any order under $40. IL 60025-0718 Call 312/332-1634 with Credit Card Orders Only $20 Minimum Orders MONDAY through FRIDAY Central Time Hours are 9:00 a. .O. . . . . . to 5:30 p.50 for RUSH orders Add $14. .00 • A 1/2 Deposit is required for any order over $40. . . Moses to pray for you? 1 Month – $15 3 Months – $30 6 Months – $50 1 Year – $100 TOTAL OF MERCHANDISE C. . Total $14. along with your name. . Box Numbers). Send us Your E-mail Address and Get a $1 Discount Off Postage & Handling E-MAIL ____________________________________________________________________________________ CHECK & CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS Please fill out below for CREDIT CARD Payments ACCOUNT NO.O. Dept. . . .S. Ship by POST OFFICE – RUSH! – . 62 for Details C. . . .00 each. . .® Dept. your street address or rural route address (not P. How to Make an Order. . (you pay postage. .O. . . . .D.O. .* (United Parcel Service) * someone must be home to sign for U. .O.50 .332. 3 Digit Security Code at End of Acct# on Credit Card Back SIGNATURE _____________________________________________ Surprise FREE GIFT comes with every order All items are sold as curios only.P. . . .P. How Many EXPIRATION DATE: _____________________________ PHONE # _________________________________________ Check and Credit Card Orders will not be sent without phone number. .95 for U. . zipcode AND your full phone number (area code first) must be on your check.D. NAME ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ ________ ______ Do you want Rev. .S. apartment number. . Ship by POST OFFICE (Parcel Post) . . packages and U. . . PRE-PAID ORDERS For the Fastest Service use the following methods. . PLEASE PRINT Money Orders Get Faster Service than Checks! NAME ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ________ ______ STREET APT NO. Orders will not be shipped without a deposit! Ship by C. .m. state. . . . fees & handling charge) .O. . .00 C. . ORDERS • A $10. . Ship by U. ZIP ____________________ CITY __________________________ ___ STATE ______________________________ Add $8. Total $11.D.00 Total —— —— 1 Surprise! FREE GIFT (with order) FREE! FREE! A FREE CATALOG FOR YOUR FRIENDS Just send us their name and address. . EXPRESS ORDERS: See pg. .S. . . city. . 62 for Details ALL ITEMS SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY STREET APT NO. .

“The Original” SAGE CLEANSING STICK No. E1163 – Liquid 8oz.. STOP EVIL No. Turning Back Evil. Protection. IL PERMIT 7210 POSTMASTER: PLEASE DELIVER TO CURRENT RESIDENT New Orleans “7 Knots” UNBINDING SPRAY Order No. No.O. .. M1075 . Illinois 60025 PRESORTED STANDARD U. car or wherever evil exists. Be safe from all harm and have peace of mind. .S. Suffer no more! Feel right again – and soon! Spray in home. Your Body.98 each (3 for $19.95 per pound Visit Our Online Store at www. drawers. E1160 – Gel 1oz. Sprains. Powders & Meanings of Candle Colors.. A1240 . • Sprinkle in your yard or all around the outside of your house to remove all cross conditions and jinx on your family and home. Breaking Curses. $7. D4232 …. B1568 …. Box 718 Glenview . Full Instructions and Sand (to extinguish your bundle so it can be saved and used again) are included. 211 P. . You must have this book of Spiritual Power! Rev. Only $2. . .95 (4 per pack) For Use in Car. . Bruises and Jangled Nerves. Place one block wherever needed. Makes the devil run and Satan be gone. Extra Strong STOP EVIL with Camphor Blocks! Order No. Ideal to place one in each corner of a room. with smoke from the Sacred Herbs – Sage and Cedar. – $5. .95 Also Comes in a Greaseless Non-Staining GEL form. Mind & Soul will feel pure and free from all evil and negativity. . or Business Blocks all jinx and evil coming your way. corners of rooms. as well as Formulas for Baths.50 No. Backaches. Stop all enemies and turn back evil. . since there are four pieces per pack. POSTAGE PAID CHICAGO.95 No. and Money Spells are included – just to name a few.. . $5. Sprinkle in closets. E1162 – Liquid 4oz. Loosen up any of that Money of yours that’s tied up and Open Roads to Peace and Prosperity. No. Sprinkle inside and outside. – $9.00 No. Kill that jinx. to stop evil inside. $ . A1241 . . – $12.LUCKSHOP. . .95) Are you tied up in knots? Do you need to loosen up the ties that bind you? Break Free! Use this Spray to Conquer All Bad Luck. • For DOUBLE PROTECTION. – $16..00 Many Powerful spells and recipes for ALL kinds of conditions are included in this book. This Stick is good for at least 3 cleansings. Home.CHURCH GOODS CO .95 STOP EVIL! Sprinkling Salts & Yard/House Dressing • • • • This Powerful Black Salt works triple fast! Moves out all evil and enemies. $14. Bust through any blocks holding and keeping you down. Moses Triple Strength LINIMENTS For Relief of Aches and Pains in muscles and joints such as Arthritis. REVERSIBLE SPELLS & RITUALS No.95 per stick This 100% Pure. . E1161 – Gel 4oz. . . . You will feel cleansed. ® Dept . . Its Healing and Cleansing Powers are legendary. Only $9. . Soothes and Relaxes your body. Evil & Enemies. D1830 …. Spells for Good Luck. Strains.00 / 3 for $13. Natural “Smudge Stick Bundle” Purifies and Cleanses your home and surroundings. A rare combination of natural ingredients and petrolatum.