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YOU’ RE STILL YOU Words and Music by LINDA THOMPSON and ENNIO MORRICONE Slowly, with expression J=76 Dwr Es? Ds As tt " Verse 1: And you will al - ways shine, and Youre uveu-S-1 12201 WARIER-TAMEALANE PUBLISHING COPE, prance 1 i fr Bpancol BASEY MUN aren WARER TAN I puRLSHING CORP BEARS Bektnde T6705, NE arncerad by GreaLe Sons TR igh Reserved Ww Goma pnt Your face I've mem + o- rized. i do-tize just pe Ge Ae De GuD> De co Ab Db AL De o o cums Bim Gim6/A DYAS DF bm? ag i In my eyes you do Tve loved you for so long and Youre Sarvou- 5-2 Pree Ds Gmnaj7 EnT/as Bm a AS Db GBS ym? Ab you're stil you. De que oO A Dy ub Ae Pt ‘Time chang-es ev - ‘ry-thing. su Peace