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Critical Thomisim

Critical Thomisim

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Published by: enemesio on Oct 18, 2011
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Unified Quantum Field Theory


Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

The “modern” view of reality which prevailed in the West for quite some time was that we lived

in a materialistic world and universe where the building block of reality is and was the Atom. Because

of this we developed to some extent what can be described as an Atomistic World View. This idea was

that the ultimate nature of reality was characterized by inanimate, material, atoms.

After awhile, though, some scientists and philosophers started wondering if in fact the Atom

itself was composed of even smaller particles which they called subatomic particles. Soon, scientific

experiments started “proving” the existence of such subatomic particles as the electron, the positron, the

photon, the quark, and finally, the Quanta.

About the time that subatomic particles started being talked about, Einstein developed

Relativity Theory and other scientists developed Quantum Theory. Interestingly, these scientists could

not account for a Unitary nature of Reality anymore. Thus, the search began for Unified Quantum Field

Theory. It was thought that if Unified Quantum Field Theory was found, this would once again argue

that there is a unitary nature to reality itself, not just a probabilistic nature manifesting


While the search for Unified Quantum Field Theory was still well under way, some scientists

decided to take another approach. This new approach to reality was called String Theory. String

Theory argued that the ultimate nature of reality is composed of “strings” which mask themselves as

subatomic particles. Thus, the ultimate nature of reality is the chameleon string. The problem was,

however, how to reconcile string theory with Quantum Theory? Well, the answer which I came up

with, even prior to reading about string theory, is this: The ultimate building block of the universe is

the Quanta subatomic particle. Thus, there is a Unitary Quantum Field, of sorts, and Unitary Quantum

Field Theory exists as science.

I argue that the Quanta subatomic particle, like string theory, is a chameleon particle. The

Quanta masks itself as other subatomic particles by reason of meaning and/or natural law. While the

Quanta can certainly display itself as a Quanta, it can also display as an electron, a positron, a quark,


Now, how is all of this reconciled with the old Atomistic theory? Most scientists would argue, I

suspect, that Atomism was merely a mistaken theory. I, on the other hand, have a more subtle argument

to be made. I argue that the transpersonal meaning reality of Western culture was so strong that the

Quanta particles all masked themselves as Atoms, without any subatomic particles at all. This also

accounts for the idea that medieval and ancient classical physics or metaphysics was, as still could be

valid. Perhaps in the ancient world where everyone believed in Form, Cause, and Accident, there really

were no atoms. The Quantum Field and individual Quanta Particles simply played the parts necessary

for ancient and medieval metaphysics to work. Food for thought.

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