8est Þ|ck Up L|nes

The best pick up lines (and the worst pick up lines) Irom a range oI " readers - men and women. See the
20 best and worst pick up lines below.
1. That dress is very becoming on you. II I were on you I`d be coming too.¨ Andre
2. rab your coat love, you`ve scored!¨ Jared
3. I used to do gymnastics - I`m super bendy.¨ Tawna
4. ow do you like your eggs?¨ reg
5. ice shoes, wanna Iuck?¨ ayla
6. Year 8 trigonometry, the captain oI the Dungeons and Dragons club said to me, "Look. I spelled your
name on a calculator." elen
7. There`s a nice little chair over there, want to come and sit with me?¨ Charlotte
8. Does this rag smell like chloroIorm to you?¨ Simon
9. e and my roommate spent all oI the other night drinking wine and ordering lingerie Irom
Victoria`s Secret. You should come and see what we bought.¨ Sabrina
10.I`m a necrophiliac, how good are you at playing dead?¨ Anonymous.
11.i, the voices in my head told me to come over and talk to you.¨ - Sally
12.ow much?¨ David
13.here do you live?¨ (Regardless oI geographical response), e too, we should share a cab.¨
14.Did it hurt when you Iell Irom heaven?¨ Blair
15.Are you Irom Jamaica? Because you`re Jamaican me crazy!¨ Darren
16.akes a beeline Ior a man with business card in hand and raises sunglasses, I think you`re really
attractive.¨ Asha
17.ello.¨ Paul
18.Do you sleep on your stomach?¨ (ait Ior a response), Do you mind iI I do?¨ Danielle
19.Do you want to play house? You can be the screen door and I`ll slam you all night long.¨ Daniel
20.Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Because I can totally see myselI in your pants.¨ Tom

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