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Have you ever woken up at seven-thirty in the morning and you’re in a mad rush to be at work on time? You swear that by time you get ready you will have to wait until lunch to eat your first meal of the day. For some people lunch times vary, so by early afternoon you’re dying of starvation. Even though it is a known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, who really has the time in the morning? This makes breakfast to go an amazing option. But breakfast is not the only meal that we seem to be scrounging for time to make. Families are always looking for anyway to save on time in the kitchen and make more time to spend with each other. Fast food is the perfect solution to many peoples needs either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Because of this growing need of extra time fast food restaurants have blown up.

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Dine in restaurants existed before fast food joints did. In my opinion, people no longer had the time to sit and wait an hour or more for a meal depending on their schedule. And for this reason, fast food restaurants were born. As each year passes the variety of fast food establishments have improved to satisfy their customers. For example, din in was our only option and then we were given a choice, din in, drive thru, or carry out. These choices have made the fast food businesses extremely popular. The different chains now strive to the one who can fulfill a customers order in a matter of minutes. Another reason why fast food restaurants are so popular is that they are so conveniently located. Whataburger is the most common fast food restaurant in the valley. They are practically on every corner and they have a menu for both adults and children. They list each combo by numbers making the ordering process as simple as possible. Each combo has different types of hamburgers, chicken burgers, salads, breakfast items and desserts all paired up and they include fries and a coke. And now at almost any fast food place you can “Whatasize”, “Supersize”, or “Biggiesize” your meal from small to medium to large. Quality and convenience is what attracts us to these fast food places. The most popular fast food restaurants for children are McDonalds, Burger King, and Sonic. Children love to go to any one of these fast food restaurants because they have a playground area just for the kids and a toy is included in their kids meal. Parents also love the chains with the jungle gyms for the kids because they can sit and eat in peace while their children are playing in a controlled and safe environment. Fast food restaurants are very reasonably priced. You can get a meal for less than five dollars. Take college students for instance, they don’t have a lot of money for food so the ninety-nine cent menu is a life saver. I think a remote cause why fast food became so popular is because there was nothing out

Marketing Research Process “Marketing research is defined as the systematic and objective process of generating information to aid in making marketing decisions. sandwiches. and open from dusk till dawn. This process includes specifying what information is required. 2. 3. so it is pretty hard not to dine in or pick something up at one time or another and depending on where you choose to stop they have something for everyone. and communicating the . affordable. This report has indicated the problems that SEAFOOD TAKEAWY store currently facing by using secondary data searches and providing a marketing research process to improve on their quality of the products and service. hamburgers. analyzing the results. you can dine in. blue-collar workers. designing the method for collecting information. managing and implementing the collection of data. or have home delivery. According to the staff MR. usually deep fried or re-heated in a microwave. cheaper price and within the shortest period of time. you can get in out and still save a buck or two. They are very convenient. All these methods keep the overheads down and the preparation costs to a minimum.there like it. 1. You can’t beat a hot meal in a matter of minutes. Take Pizza Hut for example. You can also order food for delivery right to you own house. However.0 Introduction Fast food restaurants are playing an important role for people who are seeking for great value. ensuring that the food can be sold at rock bottom prices. salads and soft drinks which located in Pineland shopping center. All that was available to us was more expensive. Lin says that the store was established in year 2008 and their main customers are always from office workers. while the outlets still manage to make a hefty profit. Why are fast food restaurants so popular? There is not a town or city that does not contain a fast food restaurant. SEAFOOD TAKEAWAY Background SEAFOOD TAKEAWY provides fish & chips. Can you imagine if there weren’t any fast food places? I can’t. students and people who live in a size of big families. carry out. And the service doesn’t end at the drive thru window. The mission for SEAFOOD TAKEAWY is to provide good quality food to the customers with low cost. Brisbane. Sunnybank Hills. The range of the food on their menu is variety and the price is reasonable for the customers. crowded restaurants where you needed to be dressed up and sometimes even have a reservation. Once fast food places were invented more and more people loved the idea of eating fast and cheap. ingredients for fast food are usually cooked by using cheap industrial oils.

It not only needs an innovative mind and lot of advertisement money but has become a difficult task to cater the needs of so many different type of consumers like some are health conscious and needs low fat diet or low sodium diet while other prefers combo offers .There are chances that most of the people who may have come to have a sweet corn may change their food coice and have a soup in double quantity.. Read more: .Another problem is the availability of substitute fast food at cheaper price for instance A fast food shop in a Food court has to compete its competitor who may perhaps has a different food menu to offer but his rates are cheep and people my often switch to buy that cheaper product. 1. Availability of substitute at cheaper price.findings and their implications. Sort of like opening a wine and cheese store in an industrial section of town.Regular promotion in a fixed interval keeping in view consumer taste and preference is a biggest problem.So when these promotional offer are launched only the expectations of few consumers are met. the store should establish the need for marketing research to find out what the customers want and what they are expecting on the take away. Misunderstanding your target consumer and selling items that just don't fit in certain areas.For instance a steemed sweet corn corner outlet selles a cup of sweet corn say Rs 20 and it is near by a soup corner outlet and the cost of a soup is less than a cup of sweet corn sy Rs food_marketer_could_be_faced_with Two types of marketing problems that a fast food marketer could be faced with 1. Although you may find a few customers you'd lose out on reaching your target. There are way more than 2 . 2007) As the mission for SEAFOOD TAKEAWAY is to provide good quality food. Lowe & Winzar.. Regular promotion . Convincing your potential clientele that fast food is not always bad food. Ward. But these 2 would definitely be in the top ten. 2. 2.answers.” (Zikmund.Most of them also want that half plate and even quarter plate must be introduce in the menu . http://wiki.

com/Q/Two_types_of_marketing_problems_that_a_fast_food_market er_could_be_faced_with In our paper. and convenient. This issue is relevant because it affects the health and well-being of America. For example. even in America. or even healthy. the obesity rate in America has grown. fat. This issue is interesting and thought-provoking because Americans eat fast food daily and seem to not care about its consequences. In addition. and sodium content in one fast food meal can equal that of three meals eaten at home. 43 percent of Americans will eat fast food. Fast food has become such a huge part of American life. The McDonald’s website lists more than 35 ingredients contained in their McNuggets. cheap. Most people eat these foods without knowing the exact ingredients or nutrition content. diabetes. For this reason. Every day. many overseas countries have allowed McDonald’s and other . the parents may quickly find that they have overweight children. heart attacks. Fast food has been attributed to be the cause of many diseases and health issues including obesity. First. The most publicized of these is obesity. Even very young children can recognize the McDonald’s logo. The calorie. Today. But fast food isn’t just quick. A person who is obese has a much higher risk for serious diseases and health conditions than an average-weighing person. they try to copy our examples. The success of McDonald’s has been astounding and has made a huge impact on the American food industry. We believe this issue is important because everyone should know what they are putting into their bodies and the long-term consequences of unhealthy diets. McDonald’s brags about 31. but also dangerous to one’s health. high blood pressure.http://wiki. As the habit builds.answers. we want to address the health consequences of eating fast food and how fast food has become a part of American culture. a family might choose a drive-through meal rather than a healthier dine-in meal. Consequently.000 restaurants worldwide. And chicken is not the only ingredient in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. find themselves with little money to spend on food. and about 8 million children under the age of five are overweight. let alone how they are harming their bodies. and even cancers. there are more than 300 million adults worldwide that are considered clinically obese. or a TV dinner over an organic home-cooked dinner. many families are very busy with their children’s extracurricular activities and have little time in between school and the time they need to be at those activities. nor is it one of just a few ingredients. These extra ingredients can cause serious health problems in the long run. which means almost all Americans have quick access to a restaurant. So many countries look up to America as the prosperous nation of freedom and opportunity. There are numerous facets surrounding the issue of fast food. For example. Parents find it easier and less time consuming to run by a drive through for a quick snack or dinner. many families. Just because french fries are made from potatoes doesn’t mean that they are a vegetable. with the need for quickly prepareable foods in America’s fast-pace lifestyle. which in turn influences the choices of foreign countries.

fast food chains build restaurants in their cities. We plan to conduct and observation at the JCCC cafeteria by observing customers. for many Americans. counterarguments. “Our Overweight Children. such as taking a shower or driving a Another source. consequently proving how fast food is effecting America. We will divide the available foods into categories based on the health content and record how many of what food product is purchased by each customer. fast food is just a part of daily life. This book talks about how the fast food industry has directed their advertising towards children. One source that counters our position is the article "Eating Healthy Foods May Be Too Expensive for the Poor. We have located several sources that support our position. We will use quotes and refer to our sources and correctly cite our sources. Another source. in-field research will be conducted.” talks about how American’s life style of eating fast food is gradually producing obese children and will affect the next generation unless a solution is implemented." which suggests that eating fruits and vegetables are too expensive for low-income families and it would be better for them to eat affordable fast food than go to bed hungry.html .” discusses the experiment of Morgan Spurlock to eat only McDonald’s food for one month to see how his health and behavior changes. Our final collaborative research paper will be presented to the class orally with a PowerPoint presentation consisting of support of our data. A third source. For this essay. concessions and refutations. Emily and Brittani will be responsible collaboratively for presenting the information." discusses the history of how fast food came about and how. It also describes the competitiveness of fast food chains and we discover that there are many more ingredients in these foods than the American people are led to believe. We will be conducting the research based on our schedules and the due date of the assignment. "Fast Food Should Not Be Blamed for Obesity. and showing opposing views. "Fast Food Nation. One source. This opens the door for obesity and other ill effects to follow for their people. We will structure our argument by clearly stating a thesis. http://ivythesis. the article "Fast-Food Franchises Are Unfairly Targeted for Serving Unhealthy Food" argues that obesity rates in American were on the rise long before fast food came onto the scene and fast food franchises aren't honestly trying to make America fat. Our essay will be laid out in a logical order including our arguments. “Don’t Eat This Book. They are just wanting to provide good food for a good value. In addition. making arguments." claims that Americans are getting fatter because they are snacking on sweet and salty foods throughout the day rather than fast food.

Analyze the opportunities in the fast food industry of South Africa. They do not really have to eat out. Too many business travelers have had the unpleasant experience of eating at these places while on the road and then slowly realizing that they have gained unwanted pounds (McCraw 2000). could easily move the dining experience from the restaurant back to the home again (Talwar 2002). The most powerful form of marketing is marketing to the children. but not nearly the effect that they will have upon the mid-levels of dining. Determine the opportunities in the fast food industry. which really is convenient and is focused at only one motivational component: physical survival. Fine dining is more of an experience than a meal. McDonald's has revolutionized the fast food business at the motivational level by shifting the reason for dining out from physical survival to spiritual survival: kids. but it is powerful and strong. 3. One big problem with fast food is that it is positioned at the level of physical survival. Methodology Sample collection . This is direct marketing to the level of spiritual survival. The other side of the restaurant experience is fine dining. Determine the trends in the fast food industry of South Africa 5. love. 2. Know how the fast food industry works. The fast food industry has shown considerable resistance and reluctance to change or adapt to what is known about physical survival. It does not always work. who in turn market to the adults. Analyze the fast food industry of South Africa 4. compassion.Aims and objectives 1. The exception may be fast food. However. After all. people can eat at home since most homes are well equipped for serving food. concern. perhaps in candlelight and in a romantic atmosphere. family values. family fun. Home-served entrees will have an effect upon fine dining. Consumers' eating habits are undergoing a revolution. Literature review Actually people eat out for irrational reasons. Within the last years the Physical Survival Motive has been strongly emphasized and brought into focus. This is because home served entrees will create an experience also. This is a solid example of targeting at the level of spiritual survival and love. which will survive because of the motives that it serves. Showing a couple enjoying a fine dining experience dressed in casual clothing.

the paper will be divided into the demographic profiles of the respondents and the ideas of respondents. The data that will be acquired will be put into graphs and Internet surveys would also require less time for the researchers and the respondents. Data Analysis In analyzing the collected data. Internet surveys have been both hyped for their capabilities and criticized for the security issues it brings. Read more: http://ivythesis. Convenience sampling will focus on individuals that experienced diabetes mellitus or has someone in the family that experienced such disease.To determine the number of respondents that will be asked to participate and give information regarding the study convenience sampling will be used. Internet surveys require less finances since there would be no printing of paper and there would be no need to travel just to gather data. Internet surveys would be used. Convenience sampling means to collect or interview individuals who actually experience the phenomenon.typepad.html#ixzz1al4tGYqJ . Methodology/Data Collection Surveys will the primary method of data collection.

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