Stepwise Plan For IITJEE



 IITJEE is the easiest competition. Certainly not!  Guys your problem ends now. Here I provide you a systematic and a stepwise approach for IITJEE which is made by an IITian and I am presenting it here just for helping the IITJEE aspirants.

1st Stage The chief problem with some students is that they directly jump to tough Brilliants or FIITJEE.This method won’t work. First your basic concepts should be clear. In order to clear the concepts follow these books.

PHYSICS: - NCERT XI and XII ---- If you sit back and analyze previous 5 years question papers of IITJEE you will find that most of the problems are of NCERT level. This has been proved by many top coaching institutes
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Stepwise Plan For IITJEE

and even by those who topped JEE.One of my friend was able to get into top 2000 just by studying NCERT books.

CHEMISTRY: - NCERT XI and XII ---- The most important and highly recommended book for IITJEE.

MATHS: - NCERT XI and XII Stage 1 is over. If possible try to repeat it 3 times .Power of repetition is
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Stepwise Plan For IITJEE

unlimited. Before jumping to the next stage ask yourself “Are my basic concepts clear” If yes then go to the next stage which involves application of concepts.

2nd Stage (For atleast surety of JEE clearance .For AIR For AIR 1000-3000)

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Stepwise Plan For IITJEE

- HC VERMA I and II ---This book is called the god of physics. After completing NCERT you will find this book really enjoyable to study. The solutions of HC Verma are availablehere. But I recommend better having a deep discussion with your friends or teachers, This will clear your concepts.

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Dr.O.C.K.Agrawaal and RC Mukerjee Physical chemistry MATHEMATICS: .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE CHEMISTRY: .P.Sinha Algebra & Calculus & Probability 5 / 41 .

Loney Trigonometry & Co-ordin ates (at least thrice.Must solve S.S.Loney Trigonometry 206 miscellaneous sums 6 / 41 . If possible 4 times) .L.Stepwise Plan For IITJEE .L.

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE .Questions behind the KCSINHA algebra 3rd Stage (For AIR 500-1000)  Now as your concepts are cleared its time to raise your problem 7 / 41 .

if 8 / 41 . Gu ys trust my words.Stepwise Plan For IITJEE solving capacity. You will be able to build yourself with time and practice. Have patience at the start since you might face difficulties to solve tough problems.

9 / 41 .But if you want to get a good JEE rank then you should go for 3rd stage .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE you have completed the 1st and 2nd stage then nothing can stop you from clearing JEE.

10 / 41 .Problems in Physics by I.Stepwise Plan For IITJEE PHYSICS: .E Irodov---the book is of JEE+ level so you can award yourself if you are able to solve the book successfully.

Assimilate it.don't try to study them as it will unnecessarily waste your time. 11 / 41 .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE Try solving the book again and again 3 times. Although some parts are out of syllabus.

Organic and Inorganic) Now no need to study any more 12 / 41 .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE CHEMISTRY: .Arihant publications books (Physical.

13 / 41 . Just move on to solving problems fearlessly.Stepwise Plan For IITJEE theories. Your concepts are already cleared in 1st and 2nd stage.

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE MATHEMATICS: .Time for TMH After solving KC sinha and SL Loney I don’t 14 / 41 .TMH --.

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE think you will find it tough as it is in reality 4th STAGE For getting a top 15 / 41 .

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE 100 rank  Congrats for successfully completing the first 3 stages!!! Now comes the  marathon 16 / 41 .

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE problem solving   practice . This stage will hone and test your skills as an IITian. 17 / 41 .

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE 1) Brilliant Tutorials material and YG files 2) FIITJEE GMPs  3) Question gained form 18 / 41 .

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE coaching and friends 4) Questions from APEX materials 5) Exercises at the end of IL Finar(solution 19 / 41 .

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE available) Have you noticed that I have placed the brilliant tutorials and FIITJEE in the last stage while many coaching 20 / 41 .

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE classes lay undue stress on solving these hefty books first   "Aree bhai let 21 / 41 .

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE them grow first" Hot Tips For Success.. Study all the 22 / 41 ..

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE three subjects together without laying stress on one subject.  23 / 41 . It might be dangerous.

Wednesday for Math’s and 24 / 41 . Tuesday for Chemistry.Stepwise Plan For IITJEE Better spend Monday for Physics.

On Sunday.Stepwise Plan For IITJEE repeat the cycle for Thurs. Friday and Saturday. you  MUST  revise 25 / 41 .

REVISION IS A MUST.   26 / 41 .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE whatever you studied in last 6 days.

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE one thing I feel I should add is that IITJEE isn’t that easy. You require sweating out all your power to 27 / 41 .

But if you follow the above stepwise approach then no one can stop you from getting into IITs 28 / 41 .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE clear it.

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE   And do not panic either while preparing A Small 29 / 41 .

.. Request to those who are reading the article 30 / 41 .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE Request.

  31 / 41 .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE I request you to distribute the article to all the aspirants ofJEE as this will help them.

32 / 41 .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE Never be Selfish. God will take extra care of you as he has always done to me.

33 / 41 .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE Selflessness is a virtue. by your little carefulness someone’s life may change. Who  Knows.

I will rather Sa y: Do well even when 34 / 41 .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE Do well whenever you can.

  Copy it in a word-documen t in the 35 / 41 .Stepwise Plan For IITJEE you aren’t in position of doing good.

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE computer. save it and take the printout. Ask the Internet Café 36 / 41 .

It is too difficult to 37 / 41 . The Rs. 10 invested will make a huge return.Stepwise Plan For IITJEE Operator for the help.

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE come to net each time you   need it. Better DO IT NOW. Procrastination is NOT an 38 / 41 .

Please note:-the Following tips are given by 39 / 41 . Be Quick and Swift in Your Actions.Stepwise Plan For IITJEE IITian Virtue.

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE Raj Malhotra (AIR 712 in JEE 2002)   40 / 41 .

Stepwise Plan For IITJEE     41 / 41 .

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