Flame within

An exhilarating tale of two heart broken children who instantly sense a compelling pull to one another’s soul. Tears of an angel 9 crimes memorise of days gone by or alone in the dark sad violin (make you emotional cry) forget her,lover you shouldve come over(buckley) or even vermillion pt 2 Amelia Johnson has a perfect idyllic life, while Zachary Brown (Zach) had to endure a miserable life in unconditional shadows, making them experience inconsistent lives. After both suffer a catastrophic fate losing their family in dissimilar yet identical ways they gather in the erratic foster home for young children. There they encounter and instantly connect, and develop into an inseparable relationship. Together they tackle their future in the world of darkness, all forces in the planet desperate to part them. Trust will be judged more hearts will be shattered. And love will grow to an infinite strength.

A bird’s flight
APOV 2000 16th of February I feel as if I could fly. Birds sing in a chorusing song equally entertaining one another in their wholesome beauty. Showing every aspect in who they are, each celebrating one another’s movements since their to content to do nothing else. My entire life I’ve felt like I was a bird. You could be free to spread your wings and reveal you’re over baring beauty to the world by one flap. You fly far above the ground with other birds soaring beneath you. You’re able to express yourself because when you’re a bird there are no rules to criticize you, or hold you down and chain you in monotony. Even if you do look diverse from all the other birds you still never are placed in a pile of judgement. Birds are too wholesome to do anything like that. Many species of birds join together to protect one another and fight for their freedom. They have no barriers. I relate to birds only for the reason that I live so much like one. Well let’s just make it obvious that I don’t eat worms and scraps. But I am not troubled to be

judged, exactly like a bird. And I have over baring confidence, just like a bird. And I’m a fighter, just like a bird. Every day I awake I do not regret the day before it begins because I know today is a good one. How can it not when the sun is blistering in the large mounting town of Ocean Grove. On the odd occasion it rains here, mainly because you have the ocean surrounding you. Kids are always riding bikes up and down their streets. Mothers gossip amongst them selves as they drink their luxurious champagne. The dads scoff their nachos at home as they drink cheap beer cheering along with their friends as they watch football. Life can’t get any better than that. “Amelia! Keep your head in the game!” I looked around swiftly for the sound of my name, only to see the one and only Lucinda my best friend. My friends and I are scurrying around Sapphire Park, trying to seize the rugby ball off one another. These are a habit for the gang and I. Wake up in the early hours on a Saturday and meet each other at our particular spot in Sapphire Park and play some bizarre game. All of my friends are like a firm string; you’ll always see us walking in a streak line together. Even when we were young we were inseparable. My beloved friends contain Lucinda my best friend who’s always up to something mischief. Hope, Tyler, Hayden, Mitchell and Ella who are finally starting a relationship. The joy’s and wonders you undergo with friends are so exhilarating its better than ecstasy. I looked around on the small football field all of us were spread around on. Hope, Tyler and Mitch are on one team while I, Hayden and Ella on the other. And much to our protest Lucinda didn’t join since she became too fascinated in her magazine,

Vogue. My mother happens to work for that magazine and frankly I think that’s the key reason she enjoys it since she knows a person who wrote articles on it. On the distant end of the field I could see our legendary love birds to hectic sucking face with another. “Ella stop fraternizing with the enemy!” I shouted getting there attention. Ever since those two became an item you had no alternative but to depart them out of the conversations since their to busy giving each other a hickey. Ella turns away from Mitch and glares in my path. If looks could kill I’d be on the ground dead right now. Ella was a very attractive girl, her eyes were a profound golden brown that melted with her Jamaican skin. And she has black braded hair that in my judgment should be let free. “For your information Amelia, we did suggest we be on the same team! And who suggested not hmm?” Ella shouted back in her heavy accent. She gave me a mischief grin before leaning up to seize Mitch’s lips. Mitchell had hazel eyes that could soften a girl’s heart in a second. His build was sturdy and he was gradually developing abs as he grew. And his dirty blonde hair that a girl would kill to touch was in a cluttered condition. I sighed in dissatisfaction but still couldn’t help but smile. Turning away from the appalling scene I ran over to Hayden who was snickering at me. I just rolled my eyes in return. “Having some difficulty’s?” he questioned with an amused expression. Hayden was Lucinda’s brother, and they were so much alike in their mischief. Except Hayden is darker than Lucinda. She’s just excessively energetic. “Slightly” I replied. On the other side of us at the far field Tyler and Hope were looking infinitely puzzled as to what was going on.

“Are we playing or not!” Tyler shouted as he came running over to us with Hope on his heels carrying the rugby. Once they reached over to us Hayden and I sighed in frustration. “It seems were each a player down” he motioned his finger to the far end of the field to the still engrossed couple. I never got why they were so addicted to each other all the time. They’ve acknowledged each other for five years, they practically know each other like the back of their hand. Yet still there inseparable. I could her Lucinda shouting at the love birds, sneering and telling them to join the game when she wasn’t even doing so herself. Hope giggled in the same endearing way she does. Hope was a very petite girl that you’d think she was a six year old rather than twelve like the rest of us. And her appearance coordinated her personality too well. She was so sweet and adorable I felt the need to put her in my pocket and take her home. Tyler was the typical guy, passionate about sports and fascinated with girls. Except when you first meet him his incredibly shy, but once he opens up to you he’s a great guy. “Well I don’t know about you, but I’m playing rugby” with that I reached over frantically and suddenly grasped the ball out of Hope’s taken aback hands and took off running. “Go Amelia! You show them your skills!” I could hear Lucinda shout as I sprinted my way towards the goal. Laughing in pleasure I looked behind me to see Hayden not too far behind me with a wide grin planted on his face. Tightening my grip on the ball I threw the ball into Hayden’s waiting hands. I allowed him to take the lead as I try to prevent Tyler’s way from getting toward him. Tyler gave

me a wicked look before quickly grabbing me and placing me on his shoulder. “What are you doing!” I shouted as I smacked on his back between my quivering laughter. All he gave in return was an evil laugh that you pick up in the movies and dash directly toward the filthy mud. “No!” I shouted as I heard Hope laughing on the floor hysterically. During my protest Tyler didn’t stop and without a minute indecision tossed my light frame into the sloppy mud. “Ew!” I shouted. The gang were now literally laughing on the floor, and I could see Hayden on the floor by the goal rugby securely on the ground. Well at least we got the goal. I knew once I got home mother would kill me and dad would most likely have to avenge my murder. But I’m sure he wouldn’t kill mother. My mothers kinda became preoccupied with making sure I was always presentable out in public. But unfortunately for my mother, dad rubbed off on me and I became more like him than she considered. Every one I meet always assumed me to be precisely like my mother, legend in the magazine and obsessed with fashion. That just wasn’t me; I loved sports without doubt. I loved to communicate my ecstatic emotions through music. I get pleasure from reading. And to me family always came first. I didn’t look like that brand of girl though. I looked a lot similar to my mother. I had pale creamy skin that I was never able to get bronzed. I had very long sleek light auburn hair that reached to my elbows. My frame was slender and I was an average height for a twelve year old. And I have a very unique eye colour of rich blue. I

wouldn’t call myself beautiful, just different from other girls my age. “I never realised a girl could look sexy in mud” Tyler thought out loud with a defiant expression. But in return I gave him one. I shot out my hand to grip his black polo shirt and I pulled his startled form into the mud. “How do you like it?” I questioned as I muffled my laughter watching him strain to stand up. I looked up to see Hayden, Mitchell, Ella, Hope and Lucinda had all assembled around with amused expressions planted on their faces as they watched our unintelligent moment. Then I noticed they all looked at one another with knowing and penetrating looks, eventually they shrugged and then they all dived into the mud splashing it everywhere. All but Lucinda, she just watched with an appalled expression. “Oh come on Lu Lu” I begged using her loathed nick name on purpose. When she didn’t budge I used my pout and puppy dog eyes I knew she couldn’t resist. The rest of the gang went along with me, putting on their finest pout and puppy dog eyes. A group is better than one. Lucinda moaned. “Seriously guys, and in my best dress!” she gestured to her expensive yellow flower dress. “What is with girls and their clothes?” Mitchell spoke only to be smacked on the back of the head by Ella. I laughed at them; you can positively tell who has the higher hand in their relationship. “Come on!” I shouted. It was so fun enticing Lucinda with her clothes, Lucinda was an absolute girly girl. It takes her over an hour to just go down to the shops.

Lucinda moaned but with a disturbed face took off her silver ballet shoes. Everyone applauded her on, knowing this is going to be a big triumph for her. The gang can effortlessly get excited over every insignificant thing. It was just us, we cherished every moment we had together making sure we rejoice the new moment. Lucinda let out a small squeal acting like she was about to jump off a cliff instead of into mud. I know I’ve already said this but she really is a total girly girl. Very gradually and dramatically she bent her knees and then with one more squeal she leaped into the mud. “Ewwww!” she screamed bloody murder. We just laughed at her preposterous scene. For another hour we messed around in the mud, chatting or mocking Lucinda about her latest event. Things like this for us became so expected since we’re practically a family. Every little tenderness we have turns into something so physically and mentally powerful not even god could stop it. I am so blessed to be able to have friends like them, and a family. My 2 year old brother Neil who is a bundle of joy that never actually cries or demolishes my stuff. My father Owen who’s a minor basketball player that always finds times to hear about my day. And my mother Caitlin who works for Vogue magazine, she educates me the entire do’s and don’ts in life. I never criticize primarily because there’s no motive to. This is why I can relate to a bird so much, because they have such a heavenly life and there’s no complaint in there pleasant songs. They just justify how happy they are to be free in the wind. You fly far above the ground and have no require facing the darkness in life if you’re a bird, since you can basically fly away. What further is there to life if

you have everything? Life can’t get any better than that.

Say hello to my demons

ZPOV Can life get any worse than this?

Pain pounded in my skull like an erratic boil, my pulse was hastening by the adrenalin my body suffered. I looked above into the face of a demon from hell the one who always continuously wounds me and drains me from any happiness I have. The demons constantly oblivious to what he makes me experience he obviously doesn’t feel concerned about what he affects me on. I never take pleasure in calling this demon my father because how can this pitiless, heartless essence be my father anyone’s father at that point. If loathe could kill a person the demon would be lifeless at my feet. But his not, in its place here he is undertaking the same expected beating that the alcohol he drinks senseless drives to develop into an unqualified monster. Every disfigurement he gives me throbs and hurts like torture. He pretends as if my distress is of no value to him. Even whilst I scurry from this vile beast he somehow discovers me and hauls me back to the pits of hell he expects me to call home. Life sucks, and all you can accomplish is endure the feel of the endless agony. “I’ve had enough with you, now leave!” spoke the demon. My back was aching and I felt like my spine had been cracked in two and possibly it had. Scars from the table knife he used to graze his initials on my leg blaze like a bees sting. Blood runs down my face from my feeble endeavour to fight. My gasps were hysterical and my chest throbbed and ached for more air. My life has never truly changed only when my mother died when giving birth to my brother. Besides that change was never something I expected. The demon would give me a first-class bashing after school daily, I always reviled coming

from school which is strange since other thirteen year old boys worship leaving school. But they don’t have to suffer like me. I get physically abused by my drunken father 5 times a week. And mentally when he’s to tired to do the physical incidents. Always increasing his hostility as I grow. It all happened when I was seven years old a few months after my mother and brother past. Dad was sitting in his arm chair bottle in hand and in conflict with something I couldn’t observe. I made the mistake of walking in front of him and that’s when he took the swing. He beat me down until I had no innocence left at my young age. When I was almost unconscious that’s when he grabbed his pocket knife. I screamed and pleaded for him to let me be. But still he was a heartless demon and he carved his initials into my thigh. S.A.B/Steven Anthony Brown. I expect this to happen on rare occasions but like a day today it hurts so much I can’t help but scream in sheer agony. To be exact this has happened seven times including today’s one. He leaves a reminder of the painful times I went through. Life seriously sucks. Taking note to the demons instructions I stagger my way to my room leg in tow and hand demanding to prevent more bleeding. My bedroom wasn’t anything extraordinary, bed in interior few clothes in an cheap bag and rocking chair in corner with a small amount of books resting on it. That’s reasonably it. I’m not wealthy still if we were the demon wouldn’t give me anything I required. The demons a gambler and on Saturday nights goes to a particular pub with his companions where he loses or gains money. I recklessly grasped one of my grey singlets and sat on the bed. As I gently

cleanse his initials it stings severely. Oh how I desire for someone to salvage me. But as much as I plead god to free me from hell, he never responds to my pleas. Why would anyone be bothered to salvage a valueless essence like me? I’m not exceptional or remarkably attractive. I have genuine free flowing brown hair with ruffled layers. Bottomless dark brown eyes. I have an expected round face and a strapping jawbone with a cut lip and discoloration on my face. I feel and appear pitiable just like the demon. My life was normal and happy when mother lived, the demon even smiled when he got mother pregnant. I had a domestic family and I didn’t have a frequent frown on my face. Life was good. But then when mother went into labour everything altered. I memorize the day well, primarily since it was the day my life became chaotic. Mother was screaming in the wheelchair as father hysterically rushed through the swarm of individuals in the hospital. People gave my mother sympathetic looks as they saw her endure. I felt eager and petrified, mother looked like a ghost she was so pale. Father was rubbing soothing circles onto mothers pale skin. “Hurry up Zachary!” my father shouted as he took a corner to the main counter for expecting women. I pursue his command and started running on my tiny legs. We arrived at the counter and father started speaking to the youthful receptionist as I tenderly held mothers frail hands. “You be a good boy Zach?” mother requested as she looked into my eyes. Her radiant brown eyes shine in delight at the coming events but with a twinge of pain.

“I promise mummy.” I replied giving her a sad smile. Mother gave me a brief kiss on the cheek and gave me a loving embrace. I loved my mother she was so engaging and compassionate, I hope my brother will be like her. Other wise I believe I won’t be fond of him. Father came back from talking to the lady and strolled toward mother with an excited smile on his face. He knelt alongside her and looked intently into her eyes as if he could see a glimpse of her soul. It wasn’t the cheesy stuff you witness in the movies, it was sincere love. That’s what mother told me, she said that father was her soul mate and she loved him more than her own life. I hoped in the future I’d discover my one. “You ready?” father asked lightly sweeping some drenched hair behind her ear. Mother nodded and took numerous deep breathes before turning away from father and to me. Mother leaned in and gave me a calming hug that I needed. “I love you Zach” she whispered in her velvet tone. “I love you mummy” I whispered back. The doctor men took mothers wheelchair and directed her toward the restricted double door I knew I wasn’t authorized to go into. Father gazed after mother and turned toward me with a faint smile on his face. “Now son you’re going to have to wait here for Grandma she’ll be here soon. Can you be good and wait?” father asked as he knelt next to me. I nodded my head guaranteeing him that he could rely on me. Father smiled and dishevelled my already wild hair before turning on his heel and sprinting down the frenzied hall after mother. Grandma arrived not to long afterwards and we remained together in anticipation. Hours past and I

was starting to get really fed up just sitting in the awkward chairs until something happened. Screaming, not just any screaming it sounded like a person was being scorched by the stake. The sound was like a lingering vibration in my mind and it would always. The screaming came closer and I grasped grandma’s dress out of dread. The doors lashed open to expose two security guards dragging a kicking body. It was father and he looked in immense torture. Tears flowed down his face and his eyes looked bewildered and as if he were seeing things that weren’t there. That’s when I knew. Mother was gone and so was my brother I never had the chance to meet. From then on life was a hell created by the devil. I don’t have any friends because I know if I get to devoted to a person and care for them they’ll be frightened away from my father. I did have one friend once his name was Daniel and I brought him home only to have my father literally kick him out of the house and earning me to have him cut his initials. If I brought another person into my life in the shadows then they’ll most likely be brought into the shadows too. I use to be known by my peers and I use to involve myself into childish games. But they lost interest once I became a depressed child. I don’t blame them; I’m not fun to be around. Once I had completed cleansing the initials I covered the drenched shirt over my face to stop the constant bleeding. The most recent initials on my thigh were a bright pink with black scabs from dried blood. And the oldest ones look like a faded white which I am very grateful for. I hate reminders of the agony. Since my room was directly next to

the lounge room I could hear the demon rummaging around the room blindly and knocking things over. I looked at my watch for the time and realised he’d be leaving for the pub soon so then I’d be free to clean the wound properly. I cherished the moments he went to the pub since then I am free to walk in my own home without fearing to be killed. I’m vastly uncomfortable in this home, dread, sorrow, rage. That’s what radiates off this hollow house and the cause of this isn’t the demon but me. I’m not the type of person who tries to convince themselves their perfect or beautiful. Because I know I’m not. My heart aches to believe that I am but the logical is that I’m not. When you have a chance of living life to the full you can take it if you desire too or you could ignore it and wallow in misery for the rest of your life. I choose to ignore the chance of living, even though there isn’t much of an offer for me. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if mother lived. What if father would be the same happy man he once was? What if I came to have a little brother? And above all, what if I was still happy? I ask these questions because I desire them to a great extent. What if seems to be the only thing keeping me going, what if is the cause that I hope. What if are the words that make life seem superior, and not only that. What if also makes life increasingly inferior, because it proves to you what you possibly could have had.

Blue Sapphire

APOV It was a dark frosty night as me and my friends left Sapphire Park exhausted. Mother and father didn’t like me being out in the night so I gave the gang a farewell and dashed home avoiding any indication of threat. It was always the way I was brought up, to never engage myself in trouble or there would be lethal concrescences. My house was reasonably large, its rich and vibrant with a seaside view double story home. I loved it since it wasn’t a too far walk to the beach and Sapphire Park. I grew up in this home, it had all of my childhood memorise. It was truthfully a hospitable home. I made my way up the porch steps in a slight urgency to see my little brother. You’d think it was absurd for a young girl keen to see her little brother. But Neil and I were infinitely close, he was a enjoyable little brother. I opened the wide doubled door to our home and entered the house. Following mothers policy about keeping the house neat, I brushed my feet against the welcome mat. “Who’s there!?” I heard my mother’s gentle voice from the kitchen. I rolled my eyes at my mother’s lack of common sense, if I were an intruder you don’t ask who I am. “Jack Dawson!” I shouted back. My mother had an abnormal fascination with the movie titanic and grew immensely fond of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack Dawson. Dad and I always taunt her about it since she put a picture of him on the fridge. It should seem terrifying but to us it just appears amusing. “Well hello daughter come in here and give me a hug!” she shouted again. I laughed at my mother and the

detail that she is so direct. I made my way down the narrow hall toward our vast kitchen. Mother was flawlessly moving around the kitchen making dinner with her “kiss the cook” apron. It was a peculiar sight, mainly by the reality that mother rarely cooks, it was either Dad or I. Mother was very artistic women for her age at 34. But she had her flaws and that was making a meal without extinguishing everything in her path. Mother was a very beautiful woman that she had thousands of men at her knees, that’s probably how she won dad over. She was tall and lean with long creamy legs that seemed to go for miles to no end. And silky light auburn hair that rested to the middle of her back. She had a small amount of freckles on her noes and she had dark hazel eyes. Her and I looked very much alike. As she moved around I could tell she was tired by the large black bags under her droopy eyes. Poor mother. “If you’re making dinner I’m getting take out” I said scrunching up my nose in disgust. Mother turned around with a smile but let it fall once she took in my appearance. “Look at you!” she shouted with an appalled expression. I knew she would react like this, she reminded me like Lucinda in the ways she expresses her feminine attitude. I looked down at myself to see there was dry mud plastid all over my body. Truthfully I hadn’t even noticed. “Calm down Mother the gang and I had a little incident in the mud” I said with a faint smile remembering our humorous moment. “Yes well I figured” she said with a frustrated sigh. Mother left the pot she was stirring and made her way toward one of the kitchen towels. Being the caring mother she is, she cleared forcibly against my current red cheek. This was another thing I loved about my mother; she was just a biological

mother. She had that feminine motherly stance, she was compassionate and her personality was soothing. She was born to be a mother and a good one at that. “Amelia this isn’t going to work, go have a shower dear.” Mother ordered with an irritable sigh. I complied and made my way up the spiral stairs that guide to the next level. Once I stripped my mud-spattered clothes I entered the inviting water that immediately relaxed my muscles. When I had entered the house I had become aware of dad wasn’t here, he was to be expected getting groceries or something that was necessary. It was odd as to this, generally since dad seemed to be the one to collect certain items or buy the things Neil and I request. It had merely always been my father’s role. Even though he was the increasing basket ball player with the bulky muscles and abs. He was a real softy inside and an absolute cuddly bear. After I had been in the shower long enough I made my way toward my room with a towel wrapped around my soaking form. My room was a standard size I presume and was basically bordered by books and music. Obviously it was also surrounded by bird posters and pictures admiring their beauty. And my furniture was mostly white. I changed into my sleek white pyjama shorts with a blue flower pattern and a matching top. “Amelia!” I heard my mothers voice shout from down stairs. I walked to the edge of the stairs and shouted “yeah?”. “Could you please get Neil for me?” “Sure” I made my way swiftly toward my brothers room that was directly across from mine. It was as large as mine and had the simple brown furniture and decorated with Neil’s adorable toys he would

spend all his time playing with. And there in all his glory way my brother jumping up and down in his crib eager to escape. I laughed quietly knowing how much he hated his crib, he thought he was a big boy now and shouldn’t sleep in a crib. I made my way to him and he started clapping his hands with a content smile plastered on his round face. Neil looked a lot like my dad just like I looked a lot like mother. His skin was a creamy white that constantly had his crimson blush. He had little arms and little legs and messy black hair that always got tangled into a pile of mess. And his eyes were a profound hazel full of mischief and innocence. I grasped the bottom half of his body and threw him gently over my shoulder earning a delighted scream from Neil. “Come on my little monster lets get some yummy vegetables” I said with an evil laugh. I stomped out of his room growling and enjoying listen to his adorable giggles. “No! vegies yuck yuck!” he shouted as he squirmed in my grasp I just laughed at my little brother. Once we arrived in the kitchen I saw mother sitting on the antique table with her head in her hands. She looked awfully tired. “Hey! Old woman!” I shouted trying to catch her attention. She looked up at me with an annoyed expression and all I could show in return was an innocent smile. “I’m not old” she stated. Mother got out of her seat and took Neil from me locking him in his old high chair. “Of course your not” I replied. Mother just shook her head at me and walked over to the food while rubbing her eyes tiredly. “Mother maybe you should lye down for a while I’ll cook you just relax.” I said frowning at mother for over working herself. Mother hadn’t been at work lately since she still has time off looking after Neil. Mother isn’t use to not working her work was like

her third child. So instead she’s gone into over drive taking care of everyone to have something to do. This has only made her infinitely exhausted. “Are you sure?” Mother asked as she turned toward me. I nodded my head and started pushing her out of the kitchen which was really hard considering she was much heavier than me. “Get out of here old woman.” “I’m not old!” mother told me and with one annoyed humph she left to go to her bedroom. I smiled happily and turned to Neil who had a cheeky grin on his face. “Give me a high five for getting the old woman out of here” I raised my hand at him and he complied smacking his dirty hand with mine. “I told you I’m not old!” I heard my mother’s voice shout from upstairs. I started from where my mother left off with dinner content to take my time. I didn’t object cooking for my family since recently dad hadn’t been home to do it frequently. I liked the idea of taking care of other people. Sometimes I couldn’t help being overly cooperative as well. It was just in my nature. Everyone had a certain role in their family it’s a step closer to discovering yourself. Some have minor or major roles some even have the most significant. Mine I would say was the caretaker. Of course my mother did her part in the chores and cleaning, but just because she was the mother didn’t mean she had to do it. Mother never obligated me into this role I just grew into it. Mother was never one to follow the ordinary rules she made her own. Mother was the earnest one in a way, she balanced out all the bills and work. But yet at the same time her role didn’t match her personality because mother was infinitely lighthearted. Dad was the humorous one he made our household a monotony free zone. Neil didn’t have

a role quite yet. Our family was well balanced, ideal. Just the way I like it. “Caitlin! Amelia I’m home!” I heard my dads voice shout. I smiled content to have my dad home. I had always been a daddy’s girl in a way, my father was here more than mother so I had grown immensely attached to him. “In here dad!” I shouted. Dinner was now finished so I hurriedly took it off the stove, which knocked something over during my haste. And placed it on the plates. Dad came in with an excited smile on his face and his hands behind his back, hiding something from me. “What are you hiding?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow. His grin just grew wider and he took away one of his hands to ruffle Neil’s hair earning him a squeal. “How’s my boy?” Dad asked as he kissed Neil’s cheek. “Ami said I had to have yucky vegetables” Neil said but it came out as “Ami sid I had to hov yucky vegetoble.” Dad smiled at Neil adoringly like any dad would to his son. Dad then walked over to me and kissed my cheek smiling at me. I smiled back content with having my father home. “And hows my girl?” he asked. This was in a way a routine when dad arrived home, he’d ask how our day was and then find mother and greet her. We would all sit down for dinner happy and content with our lives. “I’m good” I replied. Dad nodded his head but I knew he was eager to show me something and it had something to do with what he was hiding. “What have you got behind your back?” I asked again. Seeming un able to wait dad pulled out the small wrapped present behind his back. “Dad you really didn’t need to do

this” I said. But of course it would do no use, my dad was like mother he would spoil me and Neil with gifts. Its not that we asked for them they just seemed to take joy in showering us with presents. “Nonsense this is my gift to you sweetheart” dad said giving me a kiss on the cheek and handing me the little box. I sighed but could help but smile at my loving dad. I unwrapped the plain violet wrapping paper. Once un covered there was a small blue velvet box. I looked up at my dad who waved his hand encouragingly toward the box. I gently opened the velvet box and gasped at what I saw. I immediately knew what it was because I had been secretly desiring for one. It was an Edwardian necklace in a circular design with small white diamonds on the outer layer and a sapphire with the exact colour matching my royal blue eyes. It was so beautiful and something I had wanted for months now. I squealed in joy and jumped into my fathers arms. I couldn’t stop myself from jumping up and down. “Thank you so much dad!” I said cheerfully. Dad just smiled down at me. “I’m glad you like it honey, I know you’ve wanted it for some time now.” I had no idea how he knew, but right now I couldn’t have cared less. My dad was the greatest and I owed him a lot for what his done for me. As well as my mother. I knew I was much more fortunate than other people, I don’t deserve it but yet I’m still glad. About how the things are in my life. “I’m just going to say hello to your mother, honey” dad said before he turned and made his way up the stairs. I looked down at the royal blue necklace in my hands and smiled before I gently clasped it around my neck. I absolutely loved it as well as the design. All of a sudden a loud sparking sounded through

the eerily quite kitchen, that only included Neil and I. I looked around curious as to what the sound was. It sounded like small fireworks were sounding off. I looked toward Neil, who seemed oblivious to the sound and was to fascinated by his fingers. I followed the sound only to find it led to the stove. Confused, I looked behind the stove were the wires for the electrical stove was hidden. Only to realise the wires were the cause of the loud sparking sound. I quickly moved away from it aware it could catch fire. I quickly went to get Neil, so I could get us safely away and tell mother and dad. Only I slipped on some liquid and fell onto my back. It hurt a lot slamming onto the hard tile floors. I moaned in pain and looked to my side searching for the culprit to my fall. Only to find more bad news to my day. There splashed all over the tile floor was oil. And then as if dramatically slow a large spark flew right onto the oil. And a burning flame rose and started to make its way over to me, were I lay vulnerable covered in flammable oil.

APOV The world has been told there are four essential elements all different in their meanings and destructions. Yet all connected like the human race. Earth, Water, Air and of course Fire the

elements that surround us. These elements are told to interact to influence all things in the world, harmony, movement, balance and prosperity in life. Fire is told to include heat and flaring movements. It represents red and the season summer. But to me at this very moment, it is not, Fire, the bringer of fear, the symbolism of chaos and war. And of course destruction. It can burn you and leave its mark on you, always reminding and taunting you. I couldn’t move in time, the fierce fire was to quick and it reached me before I could even move. The pain was agonizing that I was afraid I’d pass out from the pain. I could feel my skin peeling and burning and all I could do was scream. I could have been there for hours or days perhaps. I just want the pain to stop. “AMELIA! Honey its alright, it’s gone” “OWEN! The halls on fire I can’t get to the door!” “GET NEIL! Take him to the basement!” I could hear my parents shouting at each other and my little brother crying and screaming. Oh god I hoped his alright. “Amelia, can you hear me?” I looked around, trying to ignore the searing pain. Above me I saw my dad with frantic and worried eyes staring down at me. My back was screaming in pain and aching, everything felt like it had been peeled and torn forcefully. “Dad?” my voice sounded so weak and strangled. “It’s alright honey, the fires out we need to go” my dad told me, in a shaky voice. I had never seen my dad like this, all fearful and afraid. He had always been the brave one and the fearless. I tried to get up by myself, but I only ended up screaming in pain. My back felt like my bone was going to crack or burn to dust. Dad had tears in his eyes as he

looked at me and he helped me up. I bit my lip to stop from screaming. Dad kept his hands clear from my back and only held onto my arms, which I think hadn’t been burnt. “I need you to go to the basement” dad told me. But I barley heard him, because I was to busy taking in the ghastly scene before me. Fire surrounded almost every corner of the kitchen, lounge room and the hall. The wallpaper Mother and I had put up when I was only six had melted and caught onto flame. My home was burning down. Mother had moved Neil’s old highchair away from the now burning table and was trying to get his belt unbuckled, only it wouldn’t. I had always hated that thing. “OWEN! Oh god it won’t open! I can’t get him out!” My mother shouted in a panicky voice. “Caitlin calm down!” Dad shouted back. I was scared out of my mind, everything is chaotic and frantic. When I tried to think clearly I’d just start panicking again. “Amelia go to the basement!” my dad shouted at me. I turned toward him to see tears running down his face and frightened eyes staring at me. Mother was the same staring at me pleadingly as was Neil as he kept on sobbing. They all seemed to know I didn’t want to leave them, while I run to safety. My family knew me to well. Tears run down my cheek as I wobbled my way biting my lip, not only from screaming out in pain. I looked over my shoulder to see dad trying to get out the fires in the kitchen and mother panicking to get Neil out. I didn’t want to leave my family, but there wasn’t much I could do for them. I knew though later I would regret this. I quickly turned away and made my way into the flaming hall. I coughed as the flaming gas

clouded my air. My back was still burning and aching in pain, but I wobbled my way toward the basement. I tried my best to avoid the flaring flames, but some reached me and burnt my skin, but it was nothing compared to the throbbing in my back. The fire must have gotten some of my hair as well since as it swayed it looked slightly uneven. When I reached the basement I opened the door only to pull back as the metal burnt my hand. I grabbed my hand and bit my lip from screaming. Blood ran down my chin as I realised I had bitten my lip hard. I closed my eyes as the pain eased yet the red mark still stayed. Determine I tried again and quickly opened the metal handle. I quickly closed the door behind me. Dad had made sure there was a concrete basement in the house when we brought it. He had always been thoughtful about keeping Mother, Neil and I safe. And now I saw his point. There were only a few things in here were mother kept Christmas and Halloween decorations and dad kept his old tools. There were only few things here and there. As the recent events pushed its toll onto me, I became overwhelmed and frightened. So I did the only thing that seemed sane at the moment. I cried, and I cried and I cried a little more. Until I was exhausted and my face was wet and my nose was runny. I must have been a sight, a red face and red eyes. UN even hair and several burn marks on my skin. It had been a quite some time, and I started to panic when my family hadn’t come in during my breakdown. They should have been here by now. I wiped my hands roughly against my eyes and stood up only to fall back down screaming. My joints ache vastly and my skin felt like it was being licked by fire. I whimpered as my back throbbed continuously, never stopping never slowing. I

breathed heavily trying to keep my breathing even, but it didn’t help. I suddenly felt very tired and faint. The next thing I knew everything was blank, like the word around me just disappeared. My mother had always told me I had beautiful skin. She’d always said her mother was English and that’s how I inherited my creamy pale skin. I’d always wanted to meet my grandmother but she had died when I was only little. Yet her she was. In a white creamy dress, resembling her skin, much like me. I was also wearing a creamy dress. The white that surrounded us was like a small box. Towering over us, with no sky above, just more white. I didn’t know how I knew this elderly woman was my grandmother, maybe it was her skin or the fact she had the same eyes as my mother. Grandma smiled at me, with her pearly white teeth. I smiled back, glad to finally meet her. I took a step toward her only to have her put out her hand. A gesture for me to stop. I frowned wondering why she wouldn’t let me come toward her. “It’s not your time dear” she spoke in her scratchy voice. “What do you mean?” I asked as I tried to step forward only to find, Grandma had moved. I tried again only to find grandma started moving further away. I ran trying to catch up with her, only she was moving to fast. “GRANDMA!” I shouted. A large light surrounded grandma’s slim figure, like it was absorbing her. And in a flash grandma was gone, and I was alone in the white box. “NO! Grandma come back!” I shouted, looking around the blank never ending space.

I don’t know how long I lay there in pitch black, sounds would come and go, I would feel warm then cold. On and off was all I really felt for however long I was in that state. My mind was in a haze and everything was hard to comprehend. All I knew though was, that I was always alone. I was alone in the dark even though I knew behind my closed eyelids there was a light. I refused to open my eyes, unconsciously knowing that if I opened them… Everything I knew and love would be gone. My heart beat was echoing through my ears reminding me I was still alive, even though I didn’t want to be. I don’t know when it started but slowly I began to hear more, as if the fog had finally lifted. I could hear the sound of machines and a breeze coming through a slightly opened window. And even more slowly feeling came back into my body, reminding me again that I was still alive. I hadn’t even realised that my body had been numb for god only knows how long.

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