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Gene Interactions

Gene Interactions

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Published by Raji Ratheesh

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Published by: Raji Ratheesh on Oct 18, 2011
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Gene ¡nLerucLIons

While one gene may make only one protein, the eIIects oI those proteins usually
interact. Novel phenotypes oIten result Irom the interactions oI two genes.WILI LIe
IeIp oI IoL oI experImenLs IL wus Iound LIuL mosL oI LIe cIurucLers oI IIvIng orgunIsms
ure conLroIIed or InIIuenced or governed by u coIIuboruLIon oI severuI dIIIerenL genes.
TIIs condILIon wIere u sIngIe cIurucLer Is governed by Lwo or more genes und every
gene uIIecL LIe expressIon oI oLIer genes InvoIved (meuns LIese genes uIIecL eucI oLIers
expressIon) Is known us gene InLerucLIon. ¡n sImpIe wuy we couId suy LIuL, In gene
InLerucLIon, expressIon oI one gene depends on expressIon (presence or ubsence) oI
unoLIer gene.
¨The phenomenon oj tuo or more çenes cjjectinç the expression oj ecch other in
tcrious ucçs in the detelopment oj c sinçle chcrccter oj cn orçcnism is cclled çene

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