Not Sure If Many People Use This Site, however heres A Few Steps To getting In. .

And Getting The Latest Games.. Right 1st You Need mIRC (Download Below) Once Downloaded And Installed.. Next Step Is To Get Yourself Connected To The Da tavault Network.. Step 1 :- Open irc, Goto Tools,Options. Then Servers, Click Add Under Description Type : DataVault Under IRC Server Type : Under Port(S) Type : 6667-6669 Now Click Ok.. Step 2 : Connecting To Irc.Addictz.Net Goto Tools/Options/Servers Select Datavault From Drop Down Menu Tick "New Server Window" Then Click Connect A New Window Will Open Telling You That You Are Connecting To Step 3 : Now You Have To Register YourSelf. In The Window Type /msg nickserv register "your Password" "Your Valid Email" Next Type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY "The Password You Just Entered" It Should Now Say Your Registered! Now Type /J #Datavault Step 4 : The Bots In DataVault Spam What They Host Every 1 Hour, Becareful Not T o Spam These Or Else You Will Be Banned.. Every Hour You Will See What Looks Like Below :** To request a file type: "/msg slut02 BITCH send #x #1 392x [0.7G] Torque.DVDRiP.XviD-BRUTUS #2 1509x [0.7G] The.Butterfly.Effect.DVDRip.XviD-DMT It's Simple To Request A Download Now.. There Are Different Bots With Different Names, Ie Slut02 Is Just One Bot, There Are More Called Dv44, Dv33 Slut03 Etc.. However The Trigger Principle Is The Sa, e Now If For Example You Wanted To Download "The ButterFly Effect", In The Main Ch at Window You Would Type or Copy /msg slut02 BITCH send #2 Let Me Explaine.. /msg Is The Trigger, Slut02 Is The Bot BITCH and Send Are Both Triggers #2 Is The File Number You Want. Each Bot Can Host Numerouse Files, Ie #1 Being Another Film, #3 Also Being Another Film. Once You Have Done That And Press Return, Just Sit Back And Wait.. Either The Do wnload Will Start Straight Away, Or You Will Be Qued (*Cough Dodgy Spelling*)

. 1: The Latest Release Of Most Films And Games. NN Peeps. Or A T1/OC3 Connec tion)) I Hope Someone Finds This HelpFull... If It's In The Wrong Place/ Or Inappropriate Then Plz Delete And Serve Me The Warning I Deserve. .99% The Time You Get To Download At You Max BandWidth No Matter Your Conne ction (Either 56k (Omg Dont Download A 3 Gig File On That!!).. Generally Even If Your 20th In Que And It Says 3 Ho urs Wait... Any Problems Please Let Me Know. 2: 99. Your Prolly Looking At Around 30 Mins Waiting Slot..Right Now To The Benifits Of #Datavault. Incase Your Away When You Co me InLine For Your Download. Edit : It's A Good Idea To Have Auto Accept Dcc On.

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