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Published by: Tony Tam Tdk on Oct 18, 2011
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Do you always receive leaflets on the street?

How many of you will keep the leaflet and read it completely? Leaflet distribution is a field marketing technique which consists of one or more people delivering pamphlets to targeted areas. It is very popular as a marketing technique as it can be directly targeted to specific demographics. However, people started to be disgusted with these flooding advertisements. The leaflets are called in question its efficiency. Moreover, some conservationists are concerning the wasted flyers causing the environmental problems. The first thing I want to talk about is that the pollution brought by the paper leaflet. As we know that all paper are mainly produced by the trees. According to an investigation, one A4 size of flyer required 2 of 5year trees to produce. Every day the whole Earth spends about one billion papers for leafleting! That means 2 billions of the trees are cutting off each day! Despite the paper, the carbon emission is also very serious because of the printing materials. You can imagine how leafleting damage our environment seriously. The effectiveness of the leafleting is also a critical point. Most of the leafleting is held on the streets. Usually the streets have a high flow of people, so that more flyers can be distributed to the pedestrians. But for the pedestrians on such very crowd road, they just want to pass it quickly. At that time if they receive the flyer, what will they do next? I believe most of you will just look an eye on the flyer and throw it in the rubbish bin. You may still remember what kind of the products or services promoting on the leaflet, but it is a bit difficult for they to memory all its details.

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