Blind Scrapping Night #2

Supplies You will need:
12x12 paper or cardstock for a base. 2-3 assorted/coordinating papers and/or cardstock. 1 large and 1 small embellishment that will work well together/coordinate 4 matching photo corners Photo(s) this works best with a 6x4 portrait photo, and 2 2x3 portrait photos (but you can add as many or little as you like!) *letters for title (to add later) *own selection of embellishments (to add later if you wish)

Paper trimmer/scissors. Ruler Adhesive eg, tape/glue STEP #1. From your pp#1 cut a piece that is 6x5 inches. STEP #2. Adhere pp#1 to your base sheet. 3 inches from the top 3 inches from the bottom With the longest side (6 inch) flush against the left hand side STEP# 3. Cut your pp#2 to measure 8x8 inches Attach one photo corner to each of the 4 corners. STEP #4. Adhere pp#2 1 inch from the top 3 inches from the bottom and flush against the right hand side of your base sheet. STEP #5. Using pp#3 Matte your 6x4 photo with a 1/2 inch border. adhere 1/2 inch from the left hand side of pp#2 STEP #6. Adhere your 2 small remaining photos along side the 6x4 photo, one above the other. (Right of the 6x4 photo) Leave a gap of aprox 1/2 inch in between.

STEP #7. Again Using pp #3 ( or a different piece if you wish) Cut a strip 1 inch wide, and 12 inches long. Adhere this across the page, aprox 1 inch down from pp#2. STEP #8. Add your large embellishment to the bottom left hand corner of pp#2 . Then add your smaller embellishment slightly overlapping the large one. Add title on the right hand side along your strip of paper. The End

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