Load shedding

Electricity now days have become almost necessity of every industry. Current energy crises in the country produced great uncertainty among the labor as well as industrialists. On the other hand alternative of electricity are very expensive and use of them result in increase in the production cost which eventually result in high prices of the goods. Residents of the country are also suffering a lot because of load shedding especially in the rural areas where they get only 5 to 6 hours electricity. This poor situation of energy crises produced high uncertainty in the country.

Food prices:
Food is one of the basic needs of human being and it is also states responsibility to provide food at cheaper rates all over the country. Current situation about the food item is also much poor which result in uncertainty. Also some time shortage of flour and sugar produce high uncertainty. The other harmful factor is recent flood in Sindh which highly damaged the crops which may result in shortage of that specific item in the coming season.

Population growth:
I personally feel very certain about population growth rate in the country. With the help of literacy rate our country is able control the population growth. Now even in the rural areas people are very aware about the population rate and know they have to control population.

Law and order situation:
Law and order situation is very alarming again in the country. Suicide attacks are one of the major weapons of terrorists which they are currently using in almost every city for the country. This poor condition of law and order result in great uncertainty among the people of Pakistan and they are afraid to come out of house and going to the markets and other rush places. They main target of terrorists is Pakistan army and police who is for the safety of people of Pakistan but attacks on them produce more uncertainty among the civilians.

Petrol prices:
Petrol prices directly or indirectly must affect the items of almost every kind. Currently in the country there is fluctuation in the petrol prices which again produce uncertainty and raising prices of oil result in increase in the prices of many related products. On the other hand oil is also used in the industry and energy crises and high oil prices result in great uncertainty in the country.

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