This form must be completed for all officer positions, including returning officers. Chapter: Utah State      Officer Position: New Member      

Full Name: Julie Anna Mazeika       Birthday: 05/24/1992       Major: Dietetics/Nutrition Science      Graduation Year: 2015      

Preferred E-mail Address: mazeika.julie.a@gmail.com      Preferred Phone Number: 801/669-6403       Are you a new or returning officer? New Will you serve for the entire school year? Yes Will you attend the 2011 NSCS Leadership Summit & Convention on June 16-19 in San Juan, Puerto Rico?
*According to the NSCS Constitution, the President of each chapter is required to attend the annual Leadership Summit that is held at the NSCS Convention. If the President cannot attend, then another officer of member may be so designated. HYPERLINK "http://www.nscs.org/convention" www.nscs.org/convention

Are you new to this position? Yes

No Are you an officer with other organizations on campus? No I am part of the SNAC organization working with two other people to put together a "community education" program. 1. FORMTEXT       2. FORMTEXT       3. FORMTEXT       Permanent Mailing Address Street Number, Street Name, Direction (NW,SW, SE,NE) FORMTEXT       Apartment or Suite Number FORMTEXT       City, State, Zip Code FORMTEXT      

1400 E. 250 N. Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

I. Mazeika  .Integrity Pledge The NLC defines integrity as the embodiment of honor in all academic and personal endeavors. pledge to stand for these values for a lifetime. Date: 05/19/2011      ALL FIELDS ARE MANDATORY . Julie A.

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