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Science Preparatory Course

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (lecture)
Wednesday (lab/video lecture)

Instructor: Kevin J. McFadgen

Location: Library Auditorium (lecture) Lab location TBA

Office hours:

Required text: Essential Biology, 2nd Edition

Essential Biology Study Guide

Course Description: This course is intended to be a survey course,

which introduces students to the breadth of biological sciences and
prepares them for higher-level courses in biology or other science
courses. In addition, this course will help students develop the skills
necessary for academic success. This means more than earning a
sufficient grade to gain admittance to Bowie State University. It is also
developing confidence and competence as a student, developing time
management skills, learning to take useful notes, establishing
relationships with fellow students, becoming a critical thinker and
lifelong learner.

Course Outline

Week 1

 Introduction: Biology Today (Chapter 1)

 Essential Chemistry for Biology (Chapter 2)

Week 2

 The Molecules of Life (Chapter 3)

 A Tour of the Cell (Chapter 4)

Week 3

 The Working Cell (Chapter 5)

 Cellular Respiration: Harvesting Chemical Energy (Chapter 6)

Week 4
 Cellular Respiration: Harvesting Chemical Energy (Chapter 6)…
 Photosynthesis: Converting Light Energy to Chemical Energy
(Chapter 7)

Week 5

 The Cellular Basis of Reproduction and Inheritance (Chapter 8)

 Patterns of Inheritance (Chapter 9)

Week 6

 Review for Final Exam


Attendance to every session, whether it is lab or lecture, is

MANDATORY. In the event that you are absent, you are still responsible
for ALL material covered in class.

Grades and Evaluation

Assignment Points

Lab Reports (4/50pts) 200

Lecture Exams (4/100pts) 400
Lab Exams (4/50pts) 200
Quizzes (5/20pts) 100
Final Exam 300

Total: 1200 pts.

Bits and Pieces

 Late work will NOT be accepted.

 It is expected that you read all required material before coming
to class.
 Cell phones should be turned off or set on vibrate. Cell phones
should not be visible in class at all.
 Exams will be given the last hour of class while quizzes will be
given the first 15 minutes of lecture or lab.
 Proper attire is necessary for admittance to class.
 Bring the textbook and any other necessary materials to class
 Disruptive students will be removed from class immediately.