I'm In Love

Tim Reimherr

Emaj7 E/G# Emaj7 E/G#

Amaj7 F#m7 Amaj7 F#m7

You are good, I adore As I should, I want more You are king, I bow All my life, I pour out Pre-Chorus:

I've never known another
G#m7 C#m A A B G#m7 B

As kind in this life, as You All the others cross the road And pass me by, but not You Chorus:

I'm in love, From the moment that I saw Your face

I'm in love, You never turn away Your gaze

I'm in love, Now the reason for the rest of my days

Is to love You, I will love You Tag:
A E B C#m

La, la, la ....

Chords Used Emaj7 4 Amaj7 E/G# 4 C#m A B E 4 C#m7

Copyright © 2005 Tim Reimherr/Forerunner Music

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