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Decreased Cardiac Output R/T ventricular damage AEB: - decreased peripheral pulses - medical hx of CAD, MI, PVD - diagnosis of prerenal azotemia - BUN 24mg/dl Expected Outcome The client will maintain adequate cardiac output aeb: - BP WNL - apical pulse b/w 60 100 bpm - absence of fatigue and weakness - clear audible lung sounds - usual mental status - palpable peripheral pulses - urine output at least 30cc/hr - absence of edema

Client: C.G. 67yr old Caucasian female Room 204B Admitted 3/6/06 Chief Medical Diagnosis: vomiting, Hyponatremia, prerenal azotemia Medical hx: CAD, MI x5, DM type 2, PVD, HTN and cholecystectomy

#2. Altered Nutrition, Less than body requirements R/T insufficient intake of balanced diet AEB: - constipation - BUN 24mg/dl - RBC 3.20 - Hgb 9.5g/dl - Hct 24.4% - Albumin 2.8g/dl - Hyponatremia dx on admission Expected Outcome The client will maintain an adequate nutritional status aeb: - normal BUN, Hgb, Hct and Albumin, and Na+ levels - verbalization of proper nutritional intake - verbalization of readiness to learn nutritional teachings - absence of constipation

#3. Constipation R/T insufficient fiber and fluid intake AEB: - change in bowel pattern - inability to pass stool (no bowel movement 4 days) - small amt diarrhea (oozing liquid stool) - abdominal pain Expected Outcome The client will maintain usual bowel elimination pattern aeb: - usual frequency of bowel movements - passage of soft formed stool - absence of abdominal pain - absence of straining during defecation