PDF to my youtube video “Caffenol C and Agfa APX 100” Dissolve 6tsp coffee,3tsp washing soda and

1/4 tsp. vitamin c separately in water. All in all it has to be 350ml/12fl ounce of water @ ~20° C/68° F. Let it stand to clear microbubbles. Make sure the mixture has a temperature of about 20° C/68° F Depending on the film used, set on of your stopwatches to one minute and the other according to the recommended developing time. Using Agfa APX 100- it needs 20 mins. For other developing times check: http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.html Pour in the developer and start your stopwatches. Agitate throughout for the first minute. Slowly! Then, agitate 3 times each minute. Always stomp the tank after each agitation procedure onto e.g. the table to get rid of bubbles on the film. After the developing time pour in 20° C/68° warm water- same temperature F like the developer, agitate 5-6 times. Pour out the water and repeat another two times. Now get your fixer ready. Pour out the water put the fixer into your tank. Fresh fixer needs about 5 minutes. Agitate again about 3 times a minute and also stomp the tank. Now pour back your fixer into a bottle as you can re-use it a couple of times. Final Washing, Ilford Style: Water 3 x agitation, pour out Water 6 x agitation, pour out Water 12 x agitation, pour out destilled water with some drops liquid soap 24 x agitation Now let it dry in your bathroom over night. Have FUN :-) yours, Danish My thanks go to richard, stallkerl and dave of the homemade soup group at flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/53495661@N00/

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