chp 19

___ refers to a speciation pattern that exhibits branching of populations. - cladogenesis Mules are ___ and are an example of ___ hybrids; postzygotic reproductive isolation The accuracy of cladograms depends on the correct choice of
- functional charactristics

The type of reproductive isolation exhibited by 13-year and 17-year cicadas is - temporal Two individuals are members of the same species if they can mate and produce fertile offspring The traditional evolutionary diagrams are in the form of - tree Complete reproductive isolation is evidence that what has occurred? - gene flow - speciation - hybidization Which of the following is the correct order of taxa from most inclusive to least inclusive? - Kingdom -- Phylum -- Class -- Order -- Family -- Genus -species

the ways in which individuals within a species are unable to produce fertile offspring Allopatric speciation requires .behavioral diversity .Reproductive isolating mechanisms are .physical seperation .all of the above .

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