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BRAND HISTORY Minute Maid in Pakistan PRODUCT EVALUATION 5 Swot analysis SEGMENTATION demographics geographic: psychograhics. behavioural POSITIONING CREATIVE STRATEGY COMPETITOR competitive analysis MEDIA STRATEGY media objectives target market traditional media non traditional media 5 6 6 6 6 6 7 9 12 12 16 16 16 17 17 3


" Minute Maid has a long history of product innovation and 'firsts' including: • • • • • • • The first frozen orange juice concentrate which allowed consumers to enjoy the taste of freshly squeezed juice all year The first nationally available ready-to-drink chilled orange juice. Here they have used the same advertising concept as they have used in India i. the Minute Maid brand is widely available in supermarkets. "where is the pulp?" This is a brilliant move as both countries market are similar to each other. Minute Maid in Pakistan Minute Maid entered Pakistani market in 2008. Minute Maid introduced its Enhanced Juice & Juice Drink line with products fortified to provide key nutrients to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers.CONCLUSION 20 BRAND HISTORY History of Minute Maid The Coca-Cola Company acquired The Minute Maid Company in 1960. Minute Maid's newest offering is Minute Maid Enhanced Strawberry Kiwi flavored juice drink. With over 100 different flavors and varieties of juices and juice drinks. Minute Maid was originally founded as the Florida Foods Corporation by John (Jack) M. mass merchandisers. and foodservice. Minute Maid is the leading brand within The Coca-Cola Company's juice portfolio. The name "Minute Maid" was selected as a brand name because the juice concentrate product was easily prepared and could be "made in a minute. When the CocaCola Company purchased Minute Maid. 3 . The new product combines yerba mate extract with real fruit juice to provide consumers with a delicious and natural energy boost. Fox in 1945. convenience retail. The first orange juice fortified with calcium The first to nationally launch orange juice fortified with calcium plus vitamin D The first to offer a low-acid orange juice The first to introduce orange juice fortified with vitamins C and E plus zinc The first to offer orange juice fortified with naturally sourced plant sterols In 2007. it was The Company's first venture outside of traditional soft drinks.e. Launched in September 2009 and available nationwide.

Thus. the entry of Minute Maid is seen by many as late as a lot of beverages companies are already there and the market is not really growing. Minute Market has a lot of competition to deal wit 4 .However.

The presences of low priced competitors in Pakistan’s market serve as a great threat. 2. Opportunities: 1. The management of the Coca-Cola Company is experienced and entrepreneurial. 6. Weaknesses: 1. No one in the market has positioned itself on the basis of origin of the fruit pulp in the drink. 2. 5. Minute Maid is a drink made of pulpy orange and such kind of drink has never been introduced in Pakistan before. 2. People in Pakistan are more conscious about the freshness and as Minute Maid offers them a drink with pulpy oranges they might be hesitant to purchase the drink. 3. Minute Maid can be promoted as a healthy drink and this will be advantageous to the company because today the people are becoming more health conscious. High demand of juices and drinks in the market in Pakistan. 5 . For drinks and fruit juices. Although the competitors can duplicate the product.PRODUCT EVALUATION “SWOT ANALYSIS” Strengths: 1. and convenience. 4. Pakistan is a fast growing market and the major concerns of the people are health. Coca-cola is a strong brand and can easily incur expenditures of marketing programs planned. nutrition. it would be very costly for them to meet the quality and to be compatible to this drink manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company is well known worldwide because of which it has contracts with the big restaurants such as McDonald’s and this gives them the advantage to link the drink with the food industry that will increase the consumption of Minute Maid and this will further help in boosting sales and thus increasing profits for the company. new taste will be introduced into the market. 4. therefore. The target market heartily welcomed the distinctive name and packaging used. 3.

their attitudes and lifestyles Indentify consumer prefrences MARKET SEGMENTATION Demographics Age: 10-40+ Gender: Male & Female Income: RS. Lifestyle: For young and health conscience people. ADVERTISING OBJECTIVE • • • • • To create awareness of the brand To define target Audience Defining the product and its main purpose Defining the social class. 2. Behavioural 6 . 5000 and above Geographic : All urban areas and some suburbs of Pakistan.Threats: 1. The premium price charged for Minute Maid may limit the mass markets to purchase the drink. Many new competitors have come up in the market leading to market saturation and so the Coca Cola Company should have innovative ideas to retain the current customers and also to encourage the others to prefer Minute Maid over other drinks. Psychographics Social class: middle class to upper class.

surprisingly pulpy! Positioning FAQ’s of Minute Maid WHAT IS THAT MARKET'S MOST IMPORTANT MARKET NEED? 7 . It not a drink that is boring but it has an upbeat outlook to life. Enthusiastic. Young & health conscious people normally prefer to have drinks that are 100% pure and Minute Maid has made its mark by providing its target market with color . positive POSITIONING Everybody feels the need to have healthy beverages due to which the advertising that has previously been done by companies that manufacture juices tend to focus more on the natural and high quality product features. 'consumable' advertising. Key Insight: Refreshingly orange. and fun promising the consumer not just for the drink itself but as an rate: Daily Brand Loyalty: High Attitude : By benefits • The youth and health conscious people can easily maintain their health by consuming Minute Maid while fulfilling their desire to get hold of something quick and healthy. It is young and fresh. • People have a perception that juices are meant for boring health reasons because of which they don't feel good about brands but Minute Maid is reinforcing something that is not just emotional but full of nutrition and fun as well. Minute Maid positions itself as:• • • Minute Maid is a 100% pure orange drink with pulp that provides 100% natural energy.

HOW IS YOUR PRODUCT BETTER THAN THAT OF THE COMPETITION?  There is no competitor in the market in Pakistan that is manufacturing a drink like Minute Maid which is 100% pure orange juice with pulp and this makes it not just taste different from other drinks but it is also healthy and it helps in boosting energy. The most important need was to target all age group including childrens. WHO ARE THE MAIN COMPETITORS?  Rani Juice . HOW DOES YOUR PRODUCT MEET THAT NEED?  Minute Maid is an orange flavored drink with orange pulp. etc. young youth and old people. Nestle .Tropicana. COMPETITOR'S ANALYSIS Direct competitors • Rani Juice • Tropicana • Snapple • Lacnor • Nestle • Shezan 8 . it is a non-carbonated drink which is healthy.

Lemon for exertion due large amount of carbohyderate Weaknesses: • very little awareness 9 .• Real Juice Indirect competitors • Carbonated drinks •Tea/Coffee • Water DIRECT COMPETITOR : SWOT OF RANI JUICE Strengths: • Rani juice offers 6 distinct flavours 1) Rani Orange 2) Rani Lemon 3) Rani Pineapple 4) Rani Peach 5) Rani Mango 6) Rani Mixed juice • each flavor caters a different need like orange is for relaxing in hot wheather . mango for mental effort.

refreshing and wonderfully delicious. and the business has now reached over 2.• • caters to high income earners no tv commercial aired about the product Opportunities: • • health consious trend in life styles high growth rate of food industry Threats: • it is not well. purity NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS have experienced strong growth. 100% pure NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS RANGE OF Juice has no sugar and is a good source of Vitamin C. NESTLÉ is the market leader with over 60% share of the juices and nectars segment despite the entry of various local and foreign competitors.promoted SWOT OF NESTLE JUICE STRENGTHS: Squeezed from the finest handpicked fruits. WEAKNESSES: 10 . Moreover. • • • They are nutritious.0 billion rupees in sales. In the last few years because of its great taste.

as today packaging is one of the most important element in making a product a successful product. • Increase in foreign imports of beverage. 11 .  Company has a very established name and a good reputation. THREATS: • There are many competitors in the market so the competition is getting intense day by day. artificial flavouring and nestle is a no added sugar juices because of which it has a chance to grab more market share.• Its packaging as compared to other competitors juices are not very catchy. pure fruit juices are difficult to find because majority of the juices in the market uses added sugars. INDIRECT COMPETITOR: Mountain dew STRENGTH  Demand of Mountain Dew is more than its competitors. OPPORTUNITY: • As now adays. But NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS have an excellent image in the market.

 Mountain Dew is not considering many potential outlets like hotels.  Cola drinks are not good for the health so the awareness level of the people is in creasing which is a big threat to the company. cultural shows and sports has provided an opportunity for Mountain Dew to increase its sales through them.  Increased interest of people in musical groups. Mountain market share is increasing with great rate than its competitors. college canteens etc.  Demand of disposal bottle is declining. The Distribution Channel used is same for Pepsi WEAKNESSES  Mountain Dew does not offer any sort of incentive or discount to its retailers.  The company may also diversify its business in some other potential business.  Mountain Dew spends a lot of budget on its advertising.  Mountain Dew target only young customers in their promotions.  As the target customers of Mountain Dew is young generation. so Mountain Dew has more brand loyal customers.  Crown of the disposable bottle is not good. 12 . OPPORTUNITIES  Company may start entering rural areas also.  Mountain Dew has a very vast distribution channel and it is easily available everywhere.  Mountain Dew tin pack is not available in far off rural areas.

THREATS  The main competitor of the company is the Sprite and Sprite 3G.  Sprite has started its advertisements more effectively to increase their demand and it is a very strong threat for Mountain Dew. The marketing strategy’s should executed according to marketing plans and on time execution. we have concluded at the end of the analysis that when any company want to enter in a new market and extend its product portfolio. Mountain Dew has a very strong competition with different type of cola and non cola products. Conclusion of swot analysis.  At the local level. it should consider different aspects of the society and the taints which a society has and should manufacture the products according to the needs wants and demands of the consumers of the society. 13 . To survive for a new product in a market where the it introduce for the first time is very difficulty to built his positive word of mouth and image.

in the sense that the entire logistics becomes two fold for the distributor. shop keeper and the company.Distribution strategy : One of the complexities of distribution in their business whether it be the sparkling business or the juice drink business is the returnable nature of the glass bottles. The next challenge of MM management is to go deep into the rural areas. The added complexity is that every partner in the distribution chain has to invest in the glass bottles and plastic crates. 14 . which is different from conventional FMCG distribution. and they used it effectively to broaden the distribution base for Minute Maid. they have done well to distribute the product especially in the urban areas. besides the product itself. In spite of this challenge. They hope to establish that in the next 12 months. MM already had a country wide distribution network for their sparkling brands.

CREATIVE STRATEGY Primary aim:To create awareness and increase the consumption.. Key objectives: Focusing on the fact that minute maid can be consumed by any age group. Theme of ad: 15 . Secondary objective: To increment Sales.

KDA. and suprised when they see minute maids Pulpy Orange. SEC: Middle-middle above(A and above) • Emotional: 1. GENDER: Both male and female 2. Rational proposition Platform: All age group Tone and manner: Energetic and rejoicing. North Nazimabad. PECHS. Tariq Road. AGE GROUP: All ages (not for diabetic) 3. Target audience: • Physical: GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Urban and metropolitan cities (Defence. fun 16 .The ad is based on Slice of Life of the brand. 1. Bahadarabad and Clifton). energy& freshness seeker individuals USP: The Minute Maid Pulpy Orange juice drink comes with real orange pulp. It has a whole family breakfast theme that they are bored. SPECIFIC HABITS: Health conscious.

ABOVE-THE-LINE (ATL) AS ADVERTISING TECHNIQUE Television Satellite channels like GEO. IMAGES. DAWN NEWS. and AAJ TV. MASLA TV. HOME EXPRESS. YOUNG WORLD. old • Physical element: Minute maid pulpy orange logo in black and orange color • Emotional: Family members enjoying drinking minute maid pulpy orange. THE NEWS. HUM TV. middle age.EQUITIES: • Platform: Youth.traditional media as advertising technique 17 . Radio Non. THE REVIEW. FASHION COLLECTION. Print DAWN. AURORA.

of Age: 10-40+ .e. UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION: 18 .  It is extracted from real oranges  It is less in price which doesn’t depict its compromise on quality. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES :  To generate more sales and to maximize the profit. TARGET AUDIENCE:  Have targeted people of all age groups i. males as well as females who belong to middle class and upper class.• • Internet Event sponsorship KEY OBJECTIVES:  Creating awareness among people of the importance of juice especially in an age where they pay little attention to their diet due to study load and due to carelessness.  Minute maid contains the pulp of orange which has enhases its taste.

people nowadays have become very careless about their health and its important to take care about health’s in this era of competitiveness so minute maid as extracted form the real oranges contain vitamin C which will protect them. CREATIVE CONSIDERATION:  TONE OF THE ADVERTISEMENT: Soft cell. EMOTIONAL PROPOSITION: All members of a family sitting together but not satisfied with the food and stuff because its not refreshing and after minute maid they start enjoying as it contains real orange pulp full of energy.touchy . tagline of minute maid “Refreshing orange and Suprisingly pulpy”. RATIONAL PROPOSITION :  Physical elements of the advertisement will include the logo of minute maid . BRAND IMAGE : Consistent in delivering safe and hygienic juice without compromising on quality and consumer health. 19 . positive and emotional. corporate slogan of minute maid “Here is the Pulp ”. for the whole family. The unique shape of the bottle and the only product working to provide instant energy and long-term health with pulp of orange in it to all age groups at the same time saving the precious youth that are the only hope of our country today.

. Conclusion: Minute Maid pulpy Orange refeshingly orange suprisingly pulpy is a 100% pure orange juice which is made from the best oranges available year round.The basic pupose of the product is to increase its market share through increase in consumption by letting its audience know that is not just a youth drink but it is also a family drink and can be enjoyed by all 20 .Tagline : Refreshing Orange & Surprisingly pulpy .

This is the perfect choice for the whole family as it captures the flavor of the orange and its actual smell. 21 .ages. Folate and Potassium so that they dont only taste good but are actually good. with a complete blend of vitamen C .

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