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Published by Ana Canino-Fluit

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Published by: Ana Canino-Fluit on Oct 19, 2011
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I am very excited to announce that I have received $1,500 in minigrant funding from the Monroe #1 BOCES School Library

One of the very first things I did as RCS’s new librarian was to contact the Jen McLaughlin, Director of our regional school library system to ask her what resources we as a non-public school were entitled to access. Ms. McLaughlin (formerly a librarian in the Fairport school system) was incredibly supportive and excited about doing whatever she can to support Non-public school libraries. She will be helping us access the inter-library loan system, asked me to join the School Library System Council as the NonPublic school representative and most importantly strongly encouraged me to apply for their annual mini-grant program. Even thought the deadline was less than 2 weeks away at the time, and l like the other teachers at RCS was swamped trying to get the library and computer lab ready for another school year, I couldn’t ignore such an encouraging invitation to apply. Last Saturday I was notified that we were awarded the 1,500 (the maximum awarded per school) requested! $900.00 for Digital Expression: Reading, Creating and Sharing: This is a collaborative Instructional project targeted at middle students. Mrs. Selvaggio and I are co-teaching trimester long units that focus on digital citizenship, creation and participation. Students will read and review books in creative ways through blogging, podcasting and the creation of digital booktalks. The grant provides $600 toward new Young adult (6-8th grade) books for the library and $300 toward the purchase of podcasting and video gear (recording headsets and flipcameras). $400.00 for Game Days in the Library: Did you know that games are a great interdisciplinary way to reinforce classroom learning? They help students develop problem solving and communication skills, along with perseverance and good-sportsmanship. This grant will help us develop a game library at RCS, and launch a series of family game night activities that will double as family outreach events. $198.00 for registration for NYLA’s annual conference (Nov 2-5): This portion of the grant will help me continue my professional development. I am particularly interested in the attending sessions that focus on revamping summer reading programs and collection development.

Let’s Thank the Lord for His provision!
Additionally students and teachers will now have easy access to Gale, Grolier and Teachingbooks.net databases at school, through NY State’s NOVEL NY program. Password and login information for will be available in the library and computer Lab! Contact me if you want to know more or have any questions: acanino-fluit@rochesterchrsitianschool.org

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