The Indian Ocean Maritime System

Tiffany Frohwein

What was it? • A trade network across the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. .

What did they trade? • Spices. exotic animals. pottery. . wood. and ivory were some of the goods traded among these regions. pearls. copper.

Innovations of Trade • They used square sails and long banks of oars to maneuver among the sea’s many islands and small harbors. .

Where was it? • The trade took place in three distinct regions: .

Chinese and Malays dominated trade. .1) The South China Sea.

Indians and Malays dominated trade. .2) From the east coast of India to the islands of Southeast Asia.

3) From the west coast of India to the Persian Gulf and the east coast of AfricaPersians and Arabs dominated trade. .

the islands of the Persian Gulf. and the Indus Valley. Oman.Origins of Contact and Trade • Sumerian records indicate regular trade between Mesopotamia. . This eventually broke off and later Mesopotamian trade references mention East Africa more often than India.

The Impact of Indian Ocean Trade • Items were distributed to countries where they had never existed before. .

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