142 ----MAMETesters Bugs Fixed ---------------------- 04286: [Sound] deadang and clones: Missing ADPCM Audio (Aaron Giles) - 04288: [Crash/Freeze] goodejan, goodejana, totmejan, sengokmi: Crash after OK (Aaron Giles) - 04290: [Crash/Freeze] honeydol: Crash after OK (Aaron Giles) - 04291: [Crash/Freeze] Many sets in 8080bw.c: [debug] Assert before OK (Aaron Giles) - 04289: [Crash/Freeze] twinadv, twinadvk: Crash after OK (Aaron Giles) - 04287: [Graphics] wintbob: Video missing (Aaron Giles) - 04295: [Documentation] stdragon: The game description is "Saint Dragon". (Fujix) - 04285: [Misc.] tenkaid: Missing NO_DUMP label for rom tydg002.u8 (hap) - 04294: [Graphics] jrpacman, jrpacmbl: pac-man and the ghosts are not visable. (hap)

Source Changes -------------Converted Super Shanghai Dragon's Eye to use the common deco video files functions, fixing a rowscroll bug in it [David Haywood] Fix font loading in sdlmame. BDF files are just loaded as TTF by TTF_OpenFont. Load is now protected by a magic check. Also fixed a bug in SDL1.3 keyboard mapping and changed SDL1.3 code to be compatible with recent 1.3 API changes. [Couriersud] sdl-config flags are now separated into INCFLAGS and COMFLAGS in sdl.mak. This fixes "make depend". [Couriersud] softlist.c: split the <info> field (added some time ago to handle compatibility requirements) into <info> and <sharedfeat>. the former stays tied to the whole software entry, the latter gets inherited by each part. [Fabio Priuli] Added device_t::memory() to fetch a reference to the memory interface, or assert if not present. [Aaron Giles] Split address_space::install_[legacy_]handler into install_[legacy_]read_handler, install_[legacy_]write_handler, and install_[legacy_]readwrite_handler. [Aaron Giles] Added variants of address_space handler installers which don't take mirror or mask parameters, since this is by far the most common case. [Aaron Giles] Deprecated API cleanup. [Aaron Giles] cpu_suspend ==> device_suspend cpu_resume ==> device_resume cpu_yield ==> device_yield cpu_spin ==> device_spin cpu_spinuntil_trigger ==> device_spin_until_trigger cpu_spinuntil_time ==> device_spin_until_time cpu_spinuntil_int ==> device_spin_until_interrupt cpu_eat_cycles ==> device_eat_cycles

cpu_adjust_icount cpu_triggerint cpu_set_input_line cpu_set_input_line_vector cpu_set_input_line_and_vector cpu_set_irq_callback

==> ==> ==> ==> ==> ==>

device_adjust_icount device_triggerint device_set_input_line device_set_input_line_vector device_set_input_line_and_vector device_set_irq_callback

device_memory(device) ==> device->memory() device_get_space(device, spacenum) ==> device->memory().space(spacenum) cpu_get_address_space(cpu, spacenum) ==> cpu->memory().space(spacenum) cputag_get_address_space(mach, tag, spacenum) ==> mach->device("tag")->memory ().space(spacenum) cputag_get_clock(mach, tag) ==> mach->device("tag")->unscaled_clock( ) cputag_set_clock(mach, tag, hz) ==> mach->device("tag")->set_unscaled_cl ock(hz) Created new enum type address_spacenum for specifying an address space by index. Update functions and methods that accepted an address space index to take an address_spacenum instead. Note that this means you can't use a raw integer in ADDRESS_SPACE macros, so instead of 0 use the enumerated AS_0. [Aaron Giles] Standardized the project on the shortened constants AS_* over the older ADDRESS_SPACE_*. Removed the latter to prevent confusion. Also centralized the location of these definitions to memory.h. [Aaron Giles] Converted DECO BAC06 tilemap (used by dec0.c) to be a device, reducing code duplication [David Haywood] Deprecate the old memory_install_* macros. Dynamic installation is now handled directly by calling methods on the address_space, which have been expanded with aliases to cover all previous situations. In addition, variants with no mirror or mask value are provided to cover the common cases: [Aaron Giles] memory_install_read*_handler(space, begin, end, mirror, mask, handler) ==> space->install_legacy_read_handler(begin, end [, mirror, mask], FUNC(ha ndler)) memory_install_write*_handler(space, begin, end, mirror, mask, handler) ==> space->install_legacy_write_handler(begin, end [, mirror, mask], FUNC(h andler)) memory_install_readwrite*_handler(space, begin, end, mirror, mask, rhandler, whandler) ==> space->install_legacy_readwrite_handler(begin, end [, mirror, mask], FU NC(rhandler), FUNC(whandler)) memory_install_read*_device_handler(space, device, begin, end, mirror, mask, handler) ==> space->install_legacy_read_handler(*device, begin, end [, mirror, mask] , FUNC(handler)) memory_install_write*_device_handler(space, device, begin, end, mirror, mask, handler) ==> space->install_legacy_write_handler(*device, begin, end [, mirror, mask ], FUNC(handler)) memory_install_readwrite*_device_handler(space, device, begin, end, mirror, m

ask, rhandler, whandler) ==> space->install_legacy_readwrite_handler(*device, begin, end [, mirror, mask], FUNC(rhandler), FUNC(whandler)) memory_install_read_port(space, begin, end, mirror, mask, port) ==> space->install_read_port(begin, end [, mirror, mask], port) memory_install_read_bank(space, begin, end, mirror, mask, bank) ==> space->install_read_bank(begin, end [, mirror, mask], bank) memory_install_rom(space, begin, end, mirror, mask, ptr) ==> space->install_rom(begin, end [, mirror, mask], ptr) memory_install_ram(space, begin, end, mirror, mask, ptr) ==> space->install_ram(begin, end [, mirror, mask], ptr) memory_unmap_read(space, begin, end, mirror, mask) ==> space->unmap_read(begin, end [, mirror, mask]) memory_nop_read(space, begin, end, mirror, mask) ==> space->nop_read(begin, end [, mirror, mask]) uiimage.c: Improved File Manager usage (in the internal UI) by catching char inputs and searching for matching names among files and directories [Fabio Priuli] some work on the 3 games in dec8.c which use the bac06 tilemaps[David Haywood] Converted Act Fancer, Trio the Punch and Mad Motor to use the common deco video functions [David Haywood] Converted Stadium Hero driver to use the common Deco video functions [David Haywood] Cleanup of machine.h. Shuffled some fields around, and moved several to private member variables with accessors: [Aaron Giles] machine->m_respool machine->config machine->gamedrv machine->m_regionlist machine->sample_rate ==> ==> ==> ==> ==> machine->respool() machine->config() machine->system() machine->first_region() machine->sample_rate()

Converted Pocket Gal to use the common deco video routines [David Haywood] Started moving common deco MXC06 sprite controller code to it's own device files, reducing code duplication [David Haywood] Converted Act Fancer to use common deco sprite code [David Haywood] Converted Vapor Trail to use the common deco sprite functions [David Haywood] Converted Stadium Hero, Cobra-Command, Psycho-Nics Oscar to use the common deco sprite functions [David Haywood] Removed redundant machine items from address_space and device_t. Neither machine nor m_machine are directly accessible anymore. Instead

[Aaron Giles] Implemented karnov style sprites in its own file. [Aaron Giles] Two hash_collections can only match if they have at least one matching hash. but it does mean a very large bulk change across the project.c games which require an _8080bw_state.yyy Globally changed all running_machine pointers to running_machine references. alien_mame] BiKiNikko . Being consistent here gets rid of a lot of odd &machine or *machine. shared with karnov and dec8 drivers [David Haywood] Fixed multiwidth sprites in decmxc06.Manatsu no First Kiss [The Dumping Union. alien_mame] .c [David Haywood] Added new macro MACHINE_CONFIG_DERIVED_CLASS() which works just like MACHINE_CONFIG_DERIVED() except you can specify an alternate driver_device class. Added non-virtual wrappers around them.a new getter machine() is available which returns a machine reference: [Aaron Giles] space->machine->xxx ==> space->machine(). see if there was no command and what looks like an invalid system name. provide suggestions for the system name instead of reporting the options error. Used this in the 8080bw. [Aaron Giles] If we get an error parsing options. [Aaron Giles] lordgun.c: Corrected Dipswitch names and locations for Choky! Choky! [Brian Troha] New clones added ---------------Fashion Gambler (Set 2) [Team Europe] AAcrobatic Dog-Fight (USA) [Tirino73] New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING -----------------------------------Jyunai . and device->input_ports() to protected methods. [Aaron Giles] Remove redundant item cpu from address_space.xxx device->machine->yyy ==> device->machine(). Any function/method that takes a running_machine takes it as a required parameter (1 or 2 exceptions). In that case. in favor of space->device(). removed code which appeared to serve no purpose other than to break the birdtry gfxdecode in machine/dec0. device->machine_config_additions().Okinawa de Ippai Shityaimashita [The Dumping Union. [Aaron Giles] Move overridable device->rom_region().c: Corrected Dipswitch names and added dipswitch locations to Lord of Gun & Alien Challenge [Brian Troha] tumbleb.c. but derive from mw8080bw_root which has the base class mw8080bw_state.

gryzor: Game freeze after the 2nd 3d stage's boss.03821: [Crash/Freeze] contra. gtrfrk4m.01665: [Graphics] zigzag. kuniokunb: PCM sound base line gets shifted little by little. contraj. pacnpal2.0.04269: [Graphics] All sets in bagman.c: Vertical screen offsets (hap) .03225: [Misc.c: Severe graphic corruption (hap) . pickin: Screen is shifted 1 pixel left (hap) . anteateruk: Underground background color is incorrect (hap) . zigzag2: Animation of hose does not show properly when attempting to pump enemies. [hap] Fix OS/2 compile [K.03745: [Color/Palette] anteaterg. sbagman.] razmataz: Unable to enter Service Mode (hap) .03206: [Color/Palette] sshangha: Tile colors are wrong when you select them (David Haywood) . amspdwya: Audio quality regression (hap) .04270: [Graphics] commsega.04263: [Crash/Freeze] pf2012: Crash after OK (hap) Source Changes -------------Decreased color saturation and alpha of internal fake shifter layout to make it less distracting.04267: [Interface] -verifyroms list nonexistent roms as bad (Aaron Giles) .02807: [Documentation] dogyuunk: Description is wrong (Alex Jackson) .04029: [Graphics] All sets in murogem. Myung-Hun] Various Aristocrat Mk4 / Mk5 fixes [Palindrome] . gtrfrk3m. xeviousb. . (hap) .01555: [Graphics] vanvan. pcnfrk3m: Crash just before NVRAM format (Olivier Galibert) .03870: [Graphics] battlex: Wrong title highlighting (hap) . (hap) .04264: [Crash/Freeze] gtfrk3ma. vanvanb.O.03670: [Save/Restore] Many sets in toaplan2. pacnchmp: Monster's eyes are not displayed. vanvank: Graphics are corrupted. before the level with horizontal scroll.04271: [Misc.02175: [Graphics] drgnbstr: Priority problems (hap) . xeviousc: Xevious set information . (hap) .c: Graphic corruption when using -autosave/save state (Alex Jackson) .03454: [Documentation] xeviousa.04093: [Sound] spiders and clones: High tone never stop playing (hap) . botanic.03764: [Sound] kuniokun.02509: [Graphics] bagmans: Glitches missing during scene change.] Wrong merge data in -listxml output for some sets (Aaron Giles) .141u4 ------MAMETesters Bugs Fixed ---------------------.02841: [Graphics] pacnpal.03172: [Sound] amspdwy. (hap) . locomotn and clones: Vertical screen offsets (hap) . (hap) .04002: [Graphics] bagman.

Also added read accessors for all the options. [Aaron Giles] Created emu_options class dervied from core_options which wraps core emulator options. Command behavior has changed so that only one command is permitted. [Atari Ace] Updated sigma/stern/subsino/tatsumi/tch/tecfri/technos/tehkan to driver_devices.c) [stephh] : . etc). [Curt Coder] Removed unnecessary machine parameter from device-specific input_port_read. float. string. integer. Updated clifront code to leverage the new class and the new core behaviors. versus the old way using callbacks. Errors are now reported via an astring rather than via callbacks. [Roberto Fresca] Exposed the M68000 supervisor flag for external MMUs to determine the current address space.Documented Aristocrat Mk4 init procedure [Heihachi_73] Implemented proper vblank read-back on Aristocrat Mk-4 HW [Angelo Salese] naomi: Reorganized the driver to put games in order by type and put similar functionality together [f205v] New driver for Winners Circle (Corona). Also changed machine->options() to return emu_options. [Curt Coder] Exposed the complete Function Code of the M68000 (instead of just FC2 as previously). [Aaron Giles] Changed fileio system to accept just a raw searchpath instead of an options/option name combination. boolean. to ensure consistency in how parameters are handled. Also fixed visible screen area and rotate properly the RE-800 sets. Minor clean-ups. Added accessors for all the options so that queries are strongly typed and simplified. cli_execute() now accepts a cli_options object when called. [Roberto Fresca] Converted core_options to a class. Added mechanisms to cleanly change the system name and add/remove system-specific options. Removed a bunch of marginal functionality in favor of alternate mechanisms. [Aaron Giles] Updated both SDL and Windows to have their own options classes. [Curt Coder] Corona. dual CPU hardware.c: Fixed the visible screen area to improve the Winners Circle aspect. which add the OSD-specific options on top of everything else. [Aaron Giles] Updated nmk/olympia/pacific/pce/phoenix/rare/seibu/seta to driver_devices. [Atari Ace] roul (roul. Every option must now specify a type (command. Changed most core systems to access emu_options instead of core_options. derived from cli_options. [Aaron Giles] Created cli_options class derived from emu_options which adds the command-line specific options.

Reparented the sets. . [Tomasz Slanina] Lot of improvements/changes to corona.c driver. carjmbre: [hap] * use 4 bit clut instead * calculate palette with company. [Curt Coder] Make shift/alt+right work on channel volume sliders (fractions between 0 and 1 were always rounded down) [hap] splash. R.Fixed the ay8910 clock for winners circle 82 type to match the other hardware. same hardware) more logical Use correct roms for the Japanese 1941 set [Brian Troha] Fixed sound regression with Mission 660 [Angelo Salese] .Added new technical notes. [Roberto Fresca] SDL: Fix uimodekey for MESS [Barry Rodewald. inptport: Add existence and used bits interface for automatic controller adaptation [O.Cleaned up and improved memory maps . [Tomasz Slanina] * The Return of Lady Frog : added sound * Funny Strip : added sound. Belmont] More work on corona. patched few more protection checks. DIP switches.* Fixed Dip Switches and Inputs (after verification of the Z80 code) ksys573: Fix some wrong machine driver selections [O.Added NVRAM to all winners circle sets . A lot of input/output work. Redumped the winner82 sound program. . . Also added NVRAM and inverted blitter [Roberto Fresca] Implemented MC6845 row/column addressing mode.Fixed a blitter buffer to bitmap problem. and complete multiplexed inputs/outputs for Lucky Roulette type games. accurate periodic interrupt timing for sound CPU. [Roberto Fresca] More improvements to corona. We got Winners Circle 82 playable. very similar * make bgcolor emulation * small cleanups of 3 bit resnet info from Popper (same year.c driver improvements. meters. Galibert] Allow serial receive without ES enabled. Splitted new machine. and other minor things. [Couriersud] sgnascar: Added dump of mask ROMs [Guru.c driver improvements. R.c driver.c driver. Belmont] Added correct bitswap for point blank 3 [smf]. memory map. [Roberto Fresca] . Input/output work and new set supported. fixed sprite ram access Added inputs to Tetris Fighters . Galibert] Converted psx cpu core to c++ [smf] Corona.game now boots.

but preliminary. Moved fixeight EEPROM handling into the input ports instead of using READ/WRITE_HANDLERs. thanks to information from Charles MacDonald. * Dead code cleanup: Removed old hacks and some no-longer-used used member variables from the driver class. Incidentally. * Removed some unneeded timing code. * Loaded bbakraid default EEPROM as a ROM rather than hardcoding the contents into the driver. * Removed IPT_VBLANK input ports (no longer used since the video rewrite) * Removed Truxton 2 player 2 "button 4" (after confirming that the game never reads it) and changed player 1 "button 4" to an IPT_OTHER not bound to any key by default. * Added a #define to optionally make Truxton 2 stereo (commented out by default). It's a full auto fire button like Cave games have. * BwB support is here. Technical changes to reel games. [Atari Ace] . * Fixed region jumpers and dipswitches in many sets. * Completely removed audio/toaplan2.c. * Corrected kbash ROM names. based on analysis of the program code and strings in the ROMs.Major toaplan2. The service mode input test doesn't show it. this makes toaplan2. * Address map cleanup: Unified 8-bit shared RAM handling between the Z80-based and the V25-based games. since it's clearly some kind of test/debug input not meant to be hooked up in a regular cabinet (for one thing. [James Wallace] * Fixed lamp timing in MPU4 and laid groundwork for MPU3 support in the steppers (I've also cleared up the reel code in drivers). Stopped misusing the bank system for memory that isn't actually bankswitched (fixeightbl again) Simplified the Z80 ROM banking (and loading) in the Raizing games. Also fixed inconsistent ROM naming between some of the batrider clones. [Aaron Giles] Converted namco/thepit/toaplan/unico/upl/valadon/veltmjr/venture/ vsystem/zaccaria to driver_device. it's mainly to show people how the CHR chip might work in those games. shippumd (clone) The set formerly known as "sstrikera" is now "sstriker" and is now the parent of mahoudai (clone). presumably because Toaplan didn't bother to update the service mode code from the original version of the game.c the very first MAME driver to use the AM_READWRITE_PORT macro. it works whether you're actually playing or in attract mode) * Added button 3 to Batsugun Special Version. Fixed enormous memory consumption when iterating through all drivers like -romident does. Replaced lots of pointless READ_HANDLERs with AM_RAM_WRITE. leaving DRIVER_INITs only for games that actually need unique initialization. * Put common init code into MACHINE_START. which isn't needed any more now that all the V25s are decrypted and hooked up.c updates [Alex Jackson] * Some sets reparented and renamed as well as a cleanup of source comments: grindstm (parent). Also simplified unico and disentangled gridlee from balsente. * ROM banking cleanup: Added a device address map for the OKI in fixeightbl. Reverted batrid to batrider and bkraid to bbakraid. See the comments at the top of the driver and in the MACHINE_CONFIG. vfive (clone) kingdmgp (parent).

* namcos2 uses of namcos21 are eliminated by introducing namcos2_kickstart. added new support for Ruleta RCI. [Aaron Giles] Added M48T37 variant to timekpr.c: Added background color split to Anteater. Move non-buffered spriteram drivers away from using the generic spriteram in favor of using spriteram in their own driver_device classes. making midyunit independent of midtunit. * arcadecl is separated from rampart by duplicating the bitmap rendering code.Breaks some driver entanglements to simplify future driver_device conversion efforts: [Atari Ace] * taito_f3 is disentangled from a number of other drivers by using an AM_SHARE tag instead of a common variable. and the running_machine inherits it now. * toypop is separated from mappy by duplicating some video code.c. todo: still needs CLEAR behind a 1 cycle callback [Lord Nightmare] Fixed parsing of uimodekey from . * contants in namconb1 are duplicated/renamed in namcofl. * midtunit gfx_rom variables are made distinct from midyunit variables. Fixed some bugs that caused registers to be initialized to 0xff and caused odd behavior.c is split into wunit and xunit files with some code duplication.c. [Roberto Fresca] model3: add protection data for oceanhun (game still doesn't boot) [Ville Linde] galdrvr. * machine/midwunit. Updated to modern device timers. missb2 from bublbobl. taito_x from seta. * Several drivers are made into explicit subclasses of other drivers: 8080bw from mw8080bw. Only drivers needing buffered spriteram should use the shared generic version for now. [Aaron Giles] Attached emu_options to the machine_config. quasar from cvs. * mcr3 is partly separated from mcr. [Christophe Jaillet] Removed some legacy NVRAM_HANDLERs in favor of NVRAM devices. [Aaron Giles] Mapped KEYCODE_BACKSLASH2 to the OEM_102 key (located between LShift and Z on international keyboard layouts). [Curt Coder] Fix micro3d 8051 serial RX. [Atari Ace] Fix long-standing bug in ABS flags in ADSP21xx core. [Aaron Giles] Converted vegas to use M48T37 instead of its own implementation. [hap] Convert a number of drivers to use their own private spriteram instead of the generic one. * cischeat is separated from megasys1 by duplicating some video code. [Atari Ace] . * jaleco decryption code is moved to jalcrpt. Also.ini on SDL [Fabio Priuli] Improved inputs and complete DIP switches to Lucky Roulette Plus.

c.c [hap] Added possibility of altering default input port setting for devices. and some drivers recently which had dependencies removed. [Aaron Giles] Fix pleiades colours (high/low palette bits exchanged). Mostly drivers from misc. mshuttle decryption code is moved into galaxian. [Atari Ace] Further decoupled some driver files to help driver_device conversions.h to their own file. xevious/bosco/digdug subclass from galaga and vmetal subclasses from metro. use proms from another game and mark sets as bad dump/wrong colors [hap] contra. [Aaron Giles] Dedicated galxwars cabs are not b/w but have color maps For now. [Atari Ace] .c. for consistency (and future development).c: Changed main CPU to HD6309 as seen on PCB. galpani2 video declarations are moved from kaneko16. one for ms32. [Curt Coder] Decouple memory_region parameters from the ROMREGION flags. and get rid of explicit const_casts in memory. Converted asteroid/bzone/funworld/itech8/kongambl/legionna/leland/quakeat/ quizpun2/segas24/twincobr/warpwarp to driver_device. This fixes the case where dynamically unmapping memory could lead to incorrectly reported offsets. cchance and champbwl subclass from tnzs. [hap] Add driver_device classes for drivers that don't have any variables. [Miodrag Milanovic] Galaxian driver: Fixed sprite X offset. ettrivia duplicates the palette code from naughtyb 6. [Curt Coder] Moved anteateruk/anteaterg to galdrvr. [Aaron Giles] Remove some straggling const address_space references. [Atari Ace] Fixed Z80-DART transmit word length. tetrisp2_draw_sprites is split into two versions.h. [Aaron Giles] path_iterator::next() now takes an optional filename to append to the path. [Couriersud] Added DEVICE_SELF_OWNER support for device callbacks. [Atari Ace] 1.a. 4. 7.Continued eliminating global/static variables by moving them to the driver_device classes. 3. yvg608 is made independent of namcond1 5. cclimber and galaxian audio code and seibuspi decryption code get their own includes. 2. Also ensure that subsequent mapping/ unmapping of static memory types does not change the memory parameters. [hap] Continued moving global/static variables to the driver_device classes. [Atari Ace] Remove unused static handler entries. and set interrupt source to k007121. one for tetrisp2.

Augusto Garcia. [Tafoid / Tomasz Slanina] Fixed decrementing transfers in z80dma core [Angelo Salese] Converted Tattoo Assassins (and Night Slashers) to use deco16ic.3.07) (En. Rob Ragon] Super Twenty One [Siftware. Team CPS-1] Simpsons Pinball Party (4.04) (En. 1.Sp) [destruk. gregf.2.It.c. Rob Ragon] Winners Circle (81.01.It.00.40. Rob Ragon] New clones added ---------------Big Twin (No Girls Conversion) [Andrew Welburn. Augusto Garcia.Sp.04. for manual mixing [David Haywood] battlex. Grull Osgo] Galactica (Marcello Mancini. [Atari Ace] Convert cclimber/galpani2/gticlub/namcond1/pacman/seibuspi/tetrisp2/ vicdual to driver_device.3.01) (En. Silvio Finotti. 2. Miodrag Milanovic] Sopranos (3.Sp.Ger) [Miodrag Milanovic] Grand Prix (4. [Atari Ace] New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status --------------------------------------------------Ruleta RE-800 (earlier) [Roberto Fresca] Ruleta RE-800 (v1.40.Moved Kaneko Super Nova sprite chip emulation inside its own file [David Haywood] Put Deco 56 video sprite chip inside its own file [David Haywood] Deco 56: Allow rendering to a bitmap. 18*22 PCB) [Roberto Fresca.00. Spanish) [Roberto Fresca.3.2. 3. hap] 1941: Counter Attack (USA 900227) [Kevin Eshbach. Rob Ragon] Winners Circle (81. hap] Lucky Roulette (6-players.Fr.50. Audio changed to AY8912 as well.0) [Roberto Fresca.00. hap] Ruleta RCI (6-players.It.Ger) [destruk] .01) (En.3.Sp. with priority data intact.Ger) [Miodrag Milanovic] Nascar (4. Pierpaolo Prazzoli] Super Star Crest [Marcello Mancini.Fr. fixing some corrupt graphics in Tattoo Assassins (which have been there since it was first added) [David Haywood] Removed globals from a number of device-like shared systems and made them either statics or actual device variables.Sp. Spanish) [Roberto Fresca.0) [Roberto Fresca] Ruleta RE-800 (v3.Fr. Angelo Salese.It.10) [destruk] Playboy (4.Fr. 28*28 PCB) [Roberto Fresca.00.c: Some driver cleanups. most importantly: [hap] * made interrupt generation more logical (assert/clear instead of hold) * removed hacky hardcoded palette for background tiles. Rob Ragon] Winners Circle 82 [Roberto Fresca. Silvio Finotti.03) (En.Ger) [Miodrag Milanovic] High Roller Casino (2. let it use palette ram Changed clocks based on confirmed XTAL and dumper's notes for Ambush and clones.

04224: [Graphics] All sets in snk6502. B (Japan) (GDX-0016A) [Guru.03660: [Graphics] pengo and clones: Player 2 cocktail graphics are offset.c: Cocktail (2P) view offset (hap) .Fr.03428: [Sound] sfx: Sound missing.04257: [Documentation] ewf: Misdescription of the game. Tormod. roadburn.00939: [Graphics] rjammer: Various graphic errors (hap) .02997: [Sound] hotsmash: Inconsistant audio during demonstration play (hap) . The Dumping Union] Zing Zing Zip (bootleg) [ANY] (not working) Empire City: 1931 (Italy) [ANY] Thunder & Lightning (bootleg with Tetris sound) [ANY] The Pit (US. R.A. The Dumping Union] ATV Track (Set 2) [Guru] (not working) Ropeman (bootleg of Roc'n Rope) [Tafoid] New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING -----------------------------------Catch (prototype) [Siftware.It) [destruk] Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Hispanic 980904) [Layne. Marsaud.03486: [Sound] hitme and clones: Sound tones never stop playing (hap) . set 2) [Siftware] Terra Cresta (newer PCB) [Siftware] Speak & Rescue (bootleg) [Siftware] Heavy Unit -U. sf2049 + clones: Crash before OK (Atari Ace) . .Roller Coaster Tycoon (6. N.c: Cocktail screen offset (hap) . (hap) . ambusht.04260: [Graphics] nyny and clones: Starfield is missing (hap) .02856: [Color/Palette] comotion.04114: [Documentation] thepit and clones: The parent/clone relationship needs fixing (hap) .03907: [Graphics] All sets in xain.03617: [Sound] barricad: Collision sound is missing (hap) .01122: [Graphics] circus: [possible] When you first time run a game your jumper float to the upper edge of screen. ranger_lennier. hap] Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 Ver. hustle: Overlay color looks wrong compared to game flyers.00) (En. Dna Disturber.03785: [Sound] pbillian: Samples played incorrectly (hap) . Francfort. hotaru.141u3 ------MAMETesters Bugs Fixed ---------------------.04243: [Crash/Freeze] ddrsbm: Crash just before NVRAM format (Olivier Galibert) . F.03686: [Sound] superbug: Extended play sound hangs (hap) . Belmont] 0.S.03766: [Crash/Freeze] cartfury. Smitdogg.03945: [Color/Palette] cosmica and clones: Sprite colors for alien formations are incorrect (hap) . (hap) .03789: [Graphics] ambush. (hap) . ambushv: Incorrect colors (hap) .03194: [Documentation] tsamuraih: Samurai nihon-ichi (set 3 harder) comes from a bootleg board (f205v) . Spankenstein.Sp. Dr. Smitdogg. Version[Hurray Banana. (hap) .

04226: [Documentation] sfiii2: Typing errors for SFIII2_970204 used instead of the right SFIII2_970930 (David Haywood) Source Changes -------------Rewrote IOX key matrix device implementation. * Added preliminary ADPCM2 support. (hap) . (Angelo Salese) . dumped by Siftware Added shortname to devices in order to make ROM loading per device .f4 * added version O1 romset. Belmont) . destroyr.] circus: During the game and demo. [Aaron Giles] Added a new sound device: Oki MSM9810: [Andrew Gardner] * Added and hooked up volume table.c: Sound effects are cut abruptly/clipped (R.k4 rom. Updated the cosmac CPU core to do this for its mode and state enums. which were previously failing.04227: [Misc. [Alex Jackson] Removed ROM patch in Super Real Mahjong Part 2 [Angelo Salese] Cleaned up iox implementation in Speed Attack [Angelo Salese] Rewritten Speed Attack video routines from scratch.6 prerelease [Belegdol] Added information screen output for any game known to have bad or missing data in order to better inform the user as to the reason their emulation may not work as expected. there seem to be invisible walls lined up with the edges of the platforms where the guy (hap) . . * Implemented on-chip interpolation & status read. Belmont) .03279: [Sound] psyvaria.04240: [Crash/Freeze] All sets using TLCS90 CPU.00313: [Graphics] speedatk: When you activate the flip screen the graphics are moved over to one side. used by Super Real Mahjong Part 2/3 [Angelo Salese] Removed ROM patches and added working player 2 inputs in Super Real Mahjong Part 3 [Angelo Salese] Fix compiling on GCC 4. also fixed screen flipping in it [Angelo Salese] Define new macro ALLOW_SAVE_TYPE which can be used to declare enums as valid save types on a case-by-case basis.04241: [Crash/Freeze] egghunt: Crash: "Called save_item on a pointer with no count!" before OK screen.03107: [Sound] Drivers using emu/sound/psx.c driver minor improvements [hap]: * proper addressmap masks * added 30132-01.00391: [Misc.] Multiple Typos with Receive spelled Recieve . * Implemented PAN command and stereo mixing. psyvarrv: sound effect loops infinitely (R. duplicate of 30132-01.. all sets using MultiPCM: Crash: "Called save_item on a non-fundamental type!" before OK screen. * Added OPT command. * Added sub-table lookups.

Belmont] First (small) step towards driver class for megadrive-based drivers [Fabio Priuli] Fixed LLDT [reg]. and a lot of core code cleaned up nicely as things were converted to them. [Miodrag Milanovic] ksys573. [Aaron Giles] Removed mame_options() calls. emu_files can be reused over multiple open/close sessions. R.c: Rewritten SegaCD/MegaCD emulation [David Haywood] cdrom. This replaces the old mame_openpath functions. Belmont] Eliminated global/static variables in a number of Konami/Sega drivers by introducing/using driver_device classes. [Aaron Giles] Created a file_enumerator class for iterating over files in a searchpath. Galibert] Fix the interpolation coefficient shifts for the tms5xxx chips based on results of simulating the circuit from the patent. Fixes streaming audio in Simpsons Bowling. [O.nrg disc image import [R. [R.h: Added alt lba_to_msf conversion needed by SegaCD/MegaCD [David Haywood] Replaced PSX SPU with a much more complete implementation. options can only be queried from the running_machine. LTR and LMSW instructions. [Atari Ace] Correct SPU IRQ notification in all drivers. [Lord Nightmare] mame_file is now emu_file and is a class. naomi: Device-ify the security flashes and the dallas id chip. [Atari Ace] Converted atarirle to a device. It is required to pass a core_options object to the constructor. This required pushing either a running_machine or a core_options through some code that wasn't previously ready to handle it. [Aaron Giles] Added core_options to device_validity_check() so they can be used to validate things. [Aaron Giles] Changed machine->options() to return a reference. [Aaron Giles] chdman: experimental incomplete .possible. along with a search path. [Barry Rodewald] megadriv. and added preliminary implementations of VERR. Belmont] Implemented address readback position registers in rf5c68 sound core [Angelo Salese] . [pSXAuthor. [Atari Ace] Eliminated global/static variables in a aristocr/atlus/bfm/bmc/ capcom/cinemat/dataeast drivers by introducing/using driver_device classes. [Aaron Giles] Removed public nvram_open() and fixed jchan/kaneko16 to stop directly saving NVRAM. or by passing them along. VERW and LAR in the i386 CPU core.

c) . [Dirk Best] Input ports can now be added to device. Lord Nightmare] PSX: add DMA mode used for CD transfers on home system.c: Improved interrupt handling: circus generates them the same way as ripcord (based on sprite-bg collision). [Curt Coder] Delete symbols file if defined when invoking clean target.[ch] opwolf.c galaxold. [hap] Updated DIPS and Dip Locations based on documents posted by Laschek at KLOV. [Atari Ace] Decoupled some entagled drivers: [Atari Ace] * Removed unneeded #include lines (gal3. [Curt Coder] salarymc: CD redumped [Roberto Malone. [Atari Ace] Convert dooyong/edevices/eolith/exidy/gaelco/gottlieb/igs/ itech/jaleco drivers to driver_device. Also compacted the form of the hash strings used for ROMs.h machine/segag80.c asic65.c: Fixed colors in multicolor mode [Michael Zapf] i386: Changed READ/WRITEPORT macros to inline functions to properly support aligned vs. The Dumping Union] sigmab98: added preliminary sound to the Sammy medal games [Andrew Gardner] tms9928a. and fixed verification/hashing of non-ZIPped files.h audio/exidy440. [Tafoid] SDL: GLSL now works for all pixel formats. [Andrew Gardner. Fixes regressions in MESS for all drivers using the PCI bus and possibly others. Belmont] Hash generation and general cleanup. [Curt Coder] Used the common MC68901 device in micro3d. [Aaron Giles] snes_snd. robotbwl doesn't generate interrupts at all. Harmony.Added HD6301 subtype to the M6800 CPU core. unaligned writes.h audio/wiping. [pSXAuthor. [Miodrag Milanovic] OKI MSM9810 : Added preliminary ADPCM2 support. R. New class hash_collection holds and manages a collection of hashes.c rainbow.h) * Moved code to a new file/include to be referenced in multiple drivers (ms32crpt. and can be built from an internal format string which is stored with each ROM.c) * Split part of the driver include into a separate multi-driver include file (audio/exidy. Yohji. fixed memory leak on textures [cgwg] Eliminate statics/globals in drivers jpm/kaneko/maygay/meadows/merit/ metro/midcoin/midw8080/midway/msx/namco. fix DMA bug that caused home system to freeze. Smitdogg.c.c: fixed save state error [Fabio Priuli] circus. names are formed as sub tags from parent device tag.

* Duplicated some code (palette related) between drivers (mainsnk rollrace sslam) * Moved a driver specific routine to a generic device file (atarimo) * Cleaned up a few include files (cubocd32 cidelsa metalmx seicross thoop2). Belmont] Amiga fixes: [Roberto Zandona] * removed additional 2 cycles. Fixed sound issues in Pollux. * Ignore root counter stop when reset is also set. Galibert] Add specific support for the fact that setting frequency to 0 does not behave as if frequency was set to 0x400 on the Sega-manufactured PSG clone chips.Fix for exceptions that require the return address to point to the instruction at fault. fsglmul. [Barry Rodewald] Fix disassembler override hook [Aaron Giles] Fix reads for 32-bit handlers on 64-bit CPUs too. * Removed custom root counters in Konami 573 driver. [O. * Fixed the flags in the ROL/ROR/SHL/SHR opcodes. Enik] Modified video update system: [Miodrag Milanovic] * Screen update function is now per screen device (it was before but was attached to machine driver) MCFG_VIDEO_UPDATE -> MCFG_SCREEN_UPDATE . * Removed non existant root counter 3 IRQ. for non-Agnus registers * set to #0 the start cycle in the copper operation PSX updates: [smf] * Fixed DICR handling. * Fixed decimal add/sub opcodes. * Implemented interrupts. and fscc FPU instructions * Fixed fault address in stack frame * Fixed supervisor violation bit in MMU status register * Add fmovem modes 1 and 3 * Various other MMU fixes Fixed ROM name and driver description for blkdrgon [Team Japump] Make DEVICE_SELF work in ports. Fixes Sega Master System 'Vigilante' music [Lord Nightmare. in move operation. Gulf Storm and The Last Day [Tomasz Slanina] Updated LH5801 CPU core [Sandro Ronco] * Added IO_SPACE and updated all access in ME1 memory for use it. whereas it does on the original TI-made ones. DS2401: Fixed timer intervals. [R. [smf] Correct background color in Rougien [Angelo Salese] M680x0 updates [Hans Ostermeyer] * Instruction cache emulated on '020 and later * Fixed interaction between MMU and bfextu/bfexts/bfins * Added fsgldiv. i386 .

so for all existing it is defined just for one screen. TrevEB. Belmont] Naomi: DMA on-the-fly decompression+XOR support [Deunan Knute. john666. Deunan Knute. The Dumping Union] Tetris Fighters (not working) [Kevin Eshbach. The Dumping Union] Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix . Belmont] Converted nichibut/nintendo/nix drivers to use a driver_device.Link Ver (GE885 VER. JAB) [smf] Guilty Gear X 1.c update: [Luca Elia] * Horizontal clipping of "tilemap" sprites * Shadows emulation sigmab98: added sammymdl BIOS and hardware info [Smitdogg. [R. This part will be updated in future. The Dumping Union] Pye-nage Taikai [Luca Elia.5 [gamerfan. Olivier Galibert. Gnoppi. Streaming sounds now advance in e. Viste. Belmont] softlist wip code to add more info nodes [Fabio Priuli] seta2. Fixes several regressions in the scheduler after the recent attotime object conversion. [hap] Naomi: implemented live M2/M3 decryption and decompression & removed trojaned data from more games. Smitdogg.g. Cah4e3. The Dumping Union] Updated pangofun. john666. [Curt Coder] fix global flipscreen. R. [Atari Ace] Fixed attotime max() function to not be a copy of min(). [Andreas Naive. Smitdogg. [Aaron Giles] New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status --------------------------------------------------Hae Hae Ka Ka Ka [Luca Elia.MCFG_VIDEO_EOF -> MCFG_SCREEN_EOF * EOF is now executed for all screens. Cah4e3.c to use common PC emulation [Mariusz Wojcieszek] AICA: Correct slotmon readback. Gnoppi. R. john666. Refactored the CD32 code base to eliminate duplicate code between MAME and MESS [David Haywood] Added overloaded input_port_read() for reading device owned input ports. M. john666. Rob Ragon] . Falcone. Gerald (COY). Gnoppi. Gerald (COY). Smitdogg. The Dumping Union] Brasil 86 [Roberto Fresca. capsnk. The Dumping Union] Taihou de Doboon [Luca Elia. Smitdogg.c and pcat_dyn. Smitdogg. Gerald (COY).

00) [Miodrag Milanovic] Austin Powers (2.Fr. The Dumping Union] Wild West C. JAB.-Boys of Moo Mesa (ver UA.03.Ger) [Miodrag Milanovic] Magic Train (Clear NVRAM ROM?) (not working) [Grull Osgo. 14) [destruk] Lord Of The Rings. 100HK) [tafoid] Monopoly (3. The Dumping Union] Pigskin 621AD (rev 2.Sp. JAA) [smf] DrumMania 5th Mix (G*B05 VER.It.00) [destruk] Cut The Cheese (Redemption)[destruk] Cut The Cheese Deluxe (Redemption)[destruk] Night Rider (rev. 101. Miodrag Milanovic] Ripley's Believe It or Not! (3.7.Sp.Sp.00) (En.1.02. JAB) [smf] Punch Mania: Hokuto No Ken (GQ918 VER.2 (BET version of Super Real Mahjong Part 3) [Chackn.3.Ger. 101.It. ALT CD) [smf] Fighting Mania (QG918 VER. Rob Ragon] Quake [Luca Elia.0 7/06/90) [Smitdogg. EAA) [smf] Fighting Mania (QG918 VER.8.O. Roberto Fresca] New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING -----------------------------------GunMania (GL906 VER. Rob Ragon] 89 (set 2) [Roberto Fresca. KAA) [smf] Fighting Mania (QG918 VER.00) (En.Ger.401)(En. The Dumping Union] New clones added ---------------Whirlwind (LG-3) [destruk] Real Mahjong Gold Yumehai / Super Real Mahjong GOLD part. Miodrag Milanovic] Sharkey's Shootout (2.W.It) [Miodrag Milanovic] Playboy (3.3. Germany) [Smitdogg.51) [destruk] Monopoly (2.33) [destruk] Austin Powers (3.10. Rob Ragon] 93 [Roberto Fresca.It) [destruk.Fr.01) [destruk] Austin Powers (3.Sp. JAA) [smf] .It) [Miodrag Milanovic] Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2. 21) [destruk] Eight Ball Deluxe (rev.Fr.05) (En. The Dumping Union] Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2 (ver. UAA) [smf] Punch Mania 2: Hokuto No Ken (GQA09 JAA) [smf] DrumMania 4th Mix (G*A25 VER.Fr.01. set 1) [Irongiant] Bubble Pong Pong (clone of Miss Bubble 2) [David Haywood.Sp.Fr.Fr.3.Fr.01) [Miodrag Milanovic] Monopoly (2. Smitdogg.3.Ger) [Miodrag Milanovic] Roller Coaster Tycoon (7. JAA) [smf] Fighting Mania (QG918 VER.Brasil Brasil Brasil Reel'N 87 [Roberto Fresca.4. Miodrag Milanovic] Elvis (4.Sp. Smitdogg.Ger) [destruk.3. The (9. 4.07) (En.01) [Miodrag Milanovic] Maverick (Display Rev.It.Ger) [destruk.00.02) (En.00) (En.It. AAA) [smf] Punch Mania: Hokuto No Ken (GQ918 VER. Angelo Salese] Video Hustler (Dynamo Games) [TrevEB] Hot Memory (V1.03.

llander and clones (+ others): Discrete sound missing/broken (Derrick Renaud) Source Changes -------------arm7: Fix for "MOV LR. motos. JAA) [smf] Martial Beat (Martial Beat (G*B47 VER. Edwardson.Guitar Freaks 7th Mix (G*B17 VER. phozon: No directional controls available for second player (Tafoid) . T. Smitdogg. B) (GDS-0026B) [The Dumping Union] Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. JAA) [smf] Guitar Freaks 9th Mix (G*C39 VER. D. The Dumping Union] Uchuu Daisakusen: Chocovader Contactee (CVC1 Ver. Belmont] [mysticrib] added one opcode and fixed music and sound [Roberto Zandona'] Fixed DISCRETE_WAVLOG & DISCRETE_RCFILTER fixing dkongjr and likely . (G*C08 VER. Yohji. JAA) [smf] Guitar Freaks 10th Mix (G*D10 VER. JAA) [smf] Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.141u2 ------MAMETesters Bugs Fixed ---------------------. . Roberto Malone.c: Unable to write save state (Fabio Priuli) . JAA) [smf] Guitar Freaks 8th Mix power-up ver. The Dumping Union] Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. JAA) [smf] DrumMania 8th Mix (G*C38 VER.04107: [Save/Restore] All sets in aristmk4. JBA) [smf] DrumMania 7th Mix (G*C07 VER.04202: [Sound] asteroid. Belk. hap. R.04215: [Graphics] quizf1: missing graphics in a startup screen (robiza) . Paratech.] chryangl: Incorrect sizes listed in source. The Dumping Union] 0. [Tim Schuerewegen] SSV: Hook up uPD96050 (ST-010) math/protection DSP [R. This fixes the lockup in GBA "Golden Sun: The Lost Age". JAB) [smf] Guitar Freaks 10th Mix (G*D10 VER. C) (GDS-0032C) [f205v. 2 (Export) (GDS-0027) [Gerald. JBA) [smf] DrumMania 10th Mix (G*D40 VER. The Dumping Union] The Rumble Fish 2 [Guru. 2 (Japan) (Rev. Petersen. Ponweiser. (G*C07 VER. JAA) [smf] Guitar Freaks 10th Mix eAmusement (G*D10 VER.04225: [Sound] gangwars: Samples incorrectly played (Tafoid) . Belmont] Point Blank 3 (GNN2 Ver. JBA) [smf] DrumMania 7th Mix power-up ver. A) [R.04214: [DIP/Input] grobda. 3 (Japan) (Rev. JAA) [smf] DrumMania 9th Mix (G*D09 VER. A) [Kevin Eshbach. ranger_lennier. Rx" (where Rx bit 0 = 1) + "F800" situation. W. M. Smitdogg.04221: [Misc. Mucciarelli. JBA) [smf] Guitar Freaks 8th Mix (G*C08 VER.

. The luminance normalization now converts r..b. Generalized the concept of dynamically assigned inputs and re-wired the speaker to work this way. Combined sound.c into one file. [Lord Nightmare] quizf1: added opcodes [Roberto Zandona'] C++-ified the sound and streams interfaces.u.g. [Aaron Giles] Rewrote video routines and fixed partial updates in the Dottori Kun driver [Angelo Salese] Added all CPU and sound devices in emu folder to the MAME build. that allows multi-cart support. radarscp.other sounds. game is fully playable [Cah4e3] Fix a bug in palette_normalize_range which caused color distortion. [Curt Coder] arm7: [Tim Schuerewegen] . Added methods to the device_sound_interface for controlling output gain and mapping device inputs/outputs to stream inputs/outputs. [Atari Ace] Eliminated static/global variables in a number of Atari drivers by moving them into a driver_device. -cart8 mt_shar2 SMS games have issues when moving between games. This affects e. so all modern sound devices must use the new mechanism for stream updates. [Lord Nightmare] Improved beezer volume DAC handling to be accurate to hardware. sound should now be more or less correct. dkong and mario drivers. [Atari Ace] Fixed Metal Slug 6 ROM mirror. so stick to only a single SMS game for now or the z80 will crash.c and streams. A couple of CROMs checksum as bad.b to y.Improved LDM/STM unaligned word access in THUMB mode. Also made the sound_stream_update() method pure virtual. [Fabio Priuli.v and normalizes y prior to converting back to r. [Andrew Gardner] Added a preliminary Softlist support for Sega Megatech. but the noise source still isn't accurate yet. [Aaron Giles] Clean up megatech.g. [Aaron Giles] A new WE DSP16A cpu disassembler. [Derrick Renaud] intelfsh: Support flash ROMs that have a bankswitch command [Tim Schuerewegen] Fixed banking in daytona2 by adding a second aperture to CROM at 0xc3000000. so it is now treated just like any other sound device. but most come out good. David Haywood] Clean up natural keyboard support. and separated the speaker device into its own file.xml. [David Haywood] Fix missing sound channel in beezer.. [Couriersud] Modernized the DSP32 core. syntax is (similar to the MESS one) mame megatech -cart1 mt_beast -cart2 mt_soni2 .g.

[Curt Coder] ksys573: Hook up part of the i2c communication with the mas3507d. NetBSD support [Thomas Klausner] pollux: fixed sprite flip x and y and removed old comments [Roberto Zandona'] Converted attotime to a class. * Complete DIP Switches and DIP locations for Music Sort. [Aaron Giles] Removed redundant m_machine from the state and execute interfaces to fix ambiguity when using m_machine from within a device that inherits from these. * Added a new button-lamps layout for Music Sort. [The Dumping Union] Fixed interrupt vector in F8 CPU core [Sandro Ronco] namcops2: Added dumped key for Ridge Racer V RRV3 Ver. Removed old global functions which are now superceded by the operators and methods on the class. [Lord Nightmare] Improvements to Magic's 10 driver.c to subsino2. Galibert] Renamed bishjan.Fixed LDM unaligned read in THUMB mode. and now has mm5837 properly hooked to audio via. [O. * Created a default NVRAM that allow Music Sort work properly. [Aaron Giles] beezer now uses correct mm5837 noise source (clock may be a bit off though). Imported the MC68901 device from MESS so it can be shared with micro3d. [Roberto Fresca] * New inputs from the scratch for Music Sort. [Tim Schuerewegen] Added correct LA revision levels to the Pigskin 621AD rom set as well as including the date in the game titles of Arch Rivals and Pigskin 621AD sets. [Atari Ace] Cleaned up shared implementation of CDi [David Haywood] * merged MESS CDi driver file with the MAME CDi driver file (used for Quizard) * the cdimono1 system is now the parent / bios of Quizard.c. the Quizard games run on a retail CDi unit with Jamma adapter / dongle for protection so this is a logical step. A [Guru] Converted TMS3203X to a modern device. [Aaron Giles] Eliminated global/static variables in a number of Taito/Irem drivers by introducing/using driver_device classes. May still be some issues with intermittent noise updating which need fixing.c [Luca Elia] * Implemented reel layer * Fixed rogue tiles in xplan * Hopper emulation in bishjan m90: fixed line scroll [Roberto Zandona] ARM7: Fix an LDM base register write-back bug. with proper operators.. .

[Curt Coder] Convert emu_timers to objects.c. [Alex Jackson] Updates to cave. Moved implementation and management of timers into the scheduler.. If someone wants to try to convert nmk112.c and wardner.c with allocated timers. * Removed excessive CPU interleaving from batsugun.. which I converted to an allocated timer. more leftovers from the process of hooking up the V25.c games except the nmk112-based games. The format is the same as the SAVE function with the exception that the <length> can be handled differently. Also refactored it a little (if you can talk about refactoring a source file that almost fits on one screen) * Fixed bgaregga's nmk112 interface to work with the refactored nmk112.c and drivers/segaxbd. Belmont] Reimplemented fruit-machine mechanical meters to use timers [AGEMAME] Various MPU4 changes [AGEMAME]: * Revised timing/input system to stop flickering * Tidied up the LED drawing code to remove flicker * Support for all known extenders and reel multiplex boards used in MPU4 H/W * Partial support for OKI sampled sound card. Retain TIMER devices as a separate wrapper in timer. * Changed OKI sample banking to use device address maps instead of memcpy() in all cave. and another macro MSTUB() can be used to output a stub-wrapped class member as a callback. [Aaron Giles] . the new methods require passing both a function pointer plus a name string. * Removed a useless printf and some obsolete comments. drivers/segaorun.c. making it possible to add save state support to these drivers. left over from when I was initially hooking up the V25. * Fixed description of the Japanese Air Gallet set--the game's Japanese title is "Akuu Gallet".c and toaplan2.c to use device address maps and bank pointers. It allows you to load a binary file straight into writeable memory. be my guest--you'll need 8 banks of varying sizes per OKI chip. Added MCFG_SCREEN_RAW_PARAMS to twincobr. * Made machine/nmk112.c/. A new macro FUNC() can be used to output both. correcting their refresh rates.c: [Alex Jackson] * Added savestate support to all games in cave. need for some titles * Fixed Old Timer characteriser * Some general tidying up to allow better study of the BwB titles Implemented proper mouse wheel event handling in the Windows debugger.c.h. the blocker was a perpetually-running anonymous timer.Replaced anonymous timers used in video/segaic16. [Pugsy] 68681 patch to fix dectalk's startup test in MESS [Hans Ostermeyer] drcuml: fix compile on systems that use the C backend [R. Most of the work was already done by someone else. [Alex Jackson] Add basic LOAD function to the debugger to complement the existing SAVE function.c.c actually restore its state properly. Rather than using macros which hide generation of a string-ified name for callback functions.

Bulk updated existing devices and drivers with driver_device classes to use these methods. making for a cleaner interface. [Aaron Giles] Added methods in the device_t class that implicitly register state against the current device.c: CPS-1 update [Team CPS-1]: * Added Tenchi wo Kurau (Japan Resale Ver.Added a time() method on the machine. cpuexec_trigger. and cpuexec_triggertime in favor of calls to the scheduler. [Aaron Giles] cps1.c * Fixed sf2uk labels and added pcb infos * Identified and documented willowje as an early and genuine USA release.h. added priorities and flipping [Luca Elia] Moved the state saving system to C++. [Aaron Giles] sigmab98: fixed zooming. [Curt Coder] Made changes to the PORT_ADJUSTER values for MSM5232 clocks in all games in drivers to best match PCB recordings. they all use DASH A-Boards * Minor cleanups and fixes . The new state_manager class has templatized methods for saving the various types. added a note and renamed willowje -> willowo * Verified and fixed XTALs of Japan Resale Versions to work at 12MHz. cpuexec_boost_interleave. Belmont. [Aaron Giles] Added new mechanism to detect proper state save types. billb] Move generic templates from emucore. Tafoid] Removed cpuexec_describe_context. Normalize the tagged_list template to wrap a regular standard_list and have similar semantics. Belmont] G65816: fixed operation on PowerPC Linux where char is unsigned [R. Updated a few direct callers to handle the changes. For now the registration macros are still intact.) * Confirmed B-Board # for chikij. [Aaron Giles] Ensured that the debugger disassembly PC cursor is visible on startup. added ROMs positions. Modern devices were updated to use these.h to emutempl. [Fujix. Spot checking has caught the more common situations. PALs and some pcb infos to video\cps1. [Aaron Giles] Added methods to the device_t class that make creating and managing device timers much simpler. [Aaron Giles] tms57002: significantly improved build speed on lower-end h/w [R. so that machine->time() gives the current emulated time. Added NAME() macro which is a generalization of FUNC() and can be used to wrap variables that are registered when directly using the new methods as opposed to the previous macros. This is much more strict and there will likely be some games/devices that fatalerror at startup until they are remedied. and through template specialization can save more complex system types cleanly (like bitmaps and attotimes).

Gnoppi. The Dumping Union] California Games (Mega-Tech) [f205v.) [J. The Dumping Union. Gerald (COY). Francfort.1) [Yohji. David Haywood. R. The Dumping Union] Reno Reels (20p/10GBP Cash. The Dumping Union] Hae Hae Ka Ka Ka [Gnoppi. [Aaron Giles] Made "run to next CPU" more reliable. Smitdogg. john666. Cah4e3.2 [AGEMAME] Red Hot Poker (20p/10GBP Cash. V2. incog. incog. The Dumping Union. Luca Elia] X-Train [Smitdogg.02. italie. Finney. The Dumping Union] Double Dribble (prototype?) [Smitdogg. [Aaron Giles] Fix memory manager bug when calling 32-bit handlers on a 64-bit address space. john666. Yohji. release A) [AGEMAME] BwB Tetris v 2. Smitdogg. The Dumping Union] Funky Ball [krick. The Dumping Union] Taihou de Doboon . Smitdogg. The Dumping Union] Top Skater (Japan) [Pat Daderko] Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (Korea) [Artemio Urbina] Zero Hour (set 2) [Andrew Welburn. john666.00) (Kor/Eng/Jpn/Chi) [Yohji. Siftware] Animal Catch [Luca Elia. English) [Roberto Fresca. The Dumping Union] New clones added ---------------Space Bomber [hap. The Dumping Union] Tenchi wo Kurau (Japan Resale Ver. Mucciarelli. Smitdogg. john666. Kevin Eshbach. Smitdogg. Guru. The Dumping Union] Itazura Monkey [Luca Elia. Gerald (COY). Gerald (COY). Smitdogg.Migrated allocated buffers to arrays in the driver_data classes of several drivers. Luca Elia] Music Sort (ver 2. Smitdogg. Smitdogg. The Dumping Union] Violent Storm (ver AAB) [Denis Lechevalier] Black Tiger (older) [David Raingeard] New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING -----------------------------------Metal Slug 6 [Guru] Evil Night (ver UBA) [Guru] Oinori-daimyoujin Matsuri [Yohji. Smitdogg. Gerald (COY). Luca Elia] Magic Train [Grull Osgo. The Dumping Union] Tetris Plus 2 (Japan. Roberto Fresca. Gnoppi. The Dumping Union] Hidden Catch 2 (pcb ver 1. [Aaron Giles] New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status --------------------------------------------------Express Card / Top Card [Smitdogg. release 3) [AGEMAME] Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden [Guru] Pye-nage Taikai [Gnoppi. john666. Team Europe] 18 Wheeler [hap. The Dumping Union] Red Earth / Warzard (961023) [Smitdogg. N. Smitdogg.

vivdolls: Garbled screen (MooglyGuy) .00992: [Sound] hangon: The pitch of the engine sound is wrong (hap) . arabiana: After several cycles of the attact mode.141u1 ------MAMETesters Bugs Fixed ---------------------. the game halts (Phil Bennett) Source Changes -------------Added Rockwell PPS4 CPU core (not finished) [Miodrag Milanovic] Added GAME_MECHANICAL flag to mark games having mechanical interface (such as pinball. the whole bottom of the screen is filled with solid gray.04190: [Color/Palette] heiankyo: wrong colors (hap) . (Tafoid) .04180: [Crash/Freeze] dunkmniaj: To key press "OK" the game has only a blue screen. starfirea: Incorrect color at bottom of screen .02041: [Sound] smgp and clones: Voice samples incorrectly played (hap) .02111: [Graphics] madalien. john666. bowling games . batsugunsp: Missing music and some sound effects (Alex Jackson) . The Dumping Union] 0. Smitdogg. Smitdogg. The Dumping Union] NeopriSP Retro Collection [Yohji.00865: [Graphics] blandia: In Jurane stage. (Pierpaolo Prazzoli) .04199: [Documentation] barbball: Typo in title .02883: [Debugger] debugger: Pressing F10 (Step Over) occasionally causes Debug menu to light up (hap) .04166: [Crash/Freeze] arabian. madaliena: Missing lightup when enemies explode in dark . batsuguna..03460: [Color/Palette] starfire. Smitdogg. fixes monaural and poppy audio.04178: [Documentation] cmmb162: Year should be 2002 .04079: [Crash/Freeze] mtrain: Access Violation before OK (Luca Elia) . [Harmony] Changed DMADAC interleave in the Aleck 64 driver from 2 to 1.03501: [Sound] batsugun. Gerald (COY). The Dumping Union] Dream Fruit [Yohji.04147: [Crash/Freeze] raiden: crashes if you use -debug switch (Alex Jackson) .02080: [Sound] armedf: DAC Chip playing Orchestra Hit Sample too low (hap) . The Dumping Union] Last Bank [Yohji.) Imported games from PinMAME as skeletons.01004: [Graphics] chinhero. [Miodrag Milanovic] Removed fast IMEM and DMEM handlers from the RSP DRC in favor of the core memory system.03808: [Graphics] starsldr.04165: [Crash/Freeze] vbowl.[Gnoppi.. (Pierpaolo Prazzoli) . chinherot: There is a bad sprite on level 7 of the game.c: Cocktail mode (Player 2) has no background images (David Haywood) . [Harmony] . vbowlj: Crash after OK . redemption. chinhero2. Smitdogg. fixes RSP DRC on 32-bit targets.01879: [Graphics] All sets in toaplan2.

This improves Soukyugurentai shadows [Mariusz Wojcieszek] Fixed RSP core VRSQL implementation. Belmont] Added support for MSB shadows in STV VDP2. Aleck 64 games can now run under the MIPS III interpreter. [Couriersud] Add uPD7725 16-bit DSP core and hookups for SNES hardware [byuu. [Harmony] spaceg. [Angelo Salese] Implemented program bank read-back in Raiden 2. used by Raiden DX fg video banking [Angelo Salese] osd/sdl again compiles against latest SDL 1. Dig [Pierpaolo Prazzoli] Implemented "-watchdog" option for SDLMame. Belmont] Removed no longer needed SNES HLE code [R. [Harmony] cb2001: some gfx improvements [David Haywood] Fixed Seibu COP command 0x7e05. [Couriersud] Enabled flipscreen in Mr. used on X Se Dae and Zero Team. allowing it to not crash anymore during attract / gameplay [Angelo Salese] Fixed Compare interrupts in the MIPS III interpreter core. [Harmony] Implemented proper TLB handling in the MIPS III interpreter. giving correct sprite tables for X Se Dae and Zero Team [Angelo Salese] Fixed start-up banking in Raiden DX [O. used on SD Gundam Rainbow Tairiku Senki for the Homing weapon [Angelo Salese] ARM7+: Various cycle timing fixups [Tim Schuerewegen] 39in1: Fix to work with newer ARM7 cores [Tim Schuerewegen] MIPS: make DRC selectable by #ifdef [R.3 svn. Galibert] Implemented Seibu COP macro command 0x904 (variant of 0x905). R.c improvements: [hap] * less garbage trails. though it's not completely good yet * fixed jerky x-movement * fixed crash on loadstate . Belmont] Fixed BADCOP exception handling in the MIPS III interpreter. [Couriersud] "Copy-and-Paste" the "-bench" option from win32 to sdl.ARM7: fix for "39in1" (MAME) and removed a duplicate line [Tim Schuerewegen] Hooked up preliminary Seibu COP macro command 0x6200. [MooglyGuy] Fixed midground banking in Raiden 2 [Angelo Salese] Implemented DMA slot concept to the Raiden 2 driver.

mystston. [Aaron Giles] Correct Coin Mode & Coinage for Heavy Unit (World) [Brian Troha. Guru] makedep now ignores "-include" which is used by sdlmame to include sdlprefix. [Aaron Giles] . Added COMP and CONS macros in driver. we re-dispatch to previously compiled code instead of always recompiling the target. Also split sdl-config output between INCPATH and CCOMFLAGS for linux targets.c. Belmont] Improve TLB mismatch handling in PPC DRC. [Dr. This improves some sprites in Soukyugurentai [Mariusz Wojcieszek] Start moving the discrete subsystem towards C++. This greatly reduces the DRC overhead on 603-based games.* marked color proms as undumped New Namco 62xx device with internal ROM.c and pushman. Phil Bennett.c driver [Brian Troha] MIPS3 DRC: Include delay slots in checksum calculations.mak now that the core supports it.c. You now create a frontend by deriving from drc_frontend and implementing the describe method. prehisle. [Couriersud] Fixed rendering of not rotated RBG layer in STV VDP2. Decapitator. [Aaron Giles] Moved MESS RAM device into emu core. This fixes garbage on level 4 of Soukyugurentai [Mariusz Wojcieszek] Added dipswitch locations to moo. Changed some structs to classes and most of the list processing now uses a linked list template which is type-safe. mystwarr.c drivers [Brian Troha] Added dipswitch locations to jchan.h [Miodrag Milanovic] Marking mechanical games as such in XML [Miodrag Milanovic] Moved image devices implementation and related UI functions to emu section from MESS [Miodrag Milanovic] Converted drccache to C++. [Aaron Giles] C++-ified drcfe and the associated frontends. so that if we fill from an empty entry. [Couriersud] Improved sprite-tile priorities in SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki [David Haywood] V25: fix false warnings from some GCC versions [R. makedepend now works.c.h before all other includes. [Aaron Giles] Added support for MSB enabled color calculation for sprites in STV. [Couriersud] Remove "makedep" stuff from sdl. Andrew Gardner] MIPS3 DRC: Fix case where branch delay slot straddles a page boundary and the page check confirms that the block is paged in.

Flagged a number of existing gamesi n MAME with GAME_MECHANICAL to indicate the presence of un-emulatable mechanical parts.c Fixed BCD score display bug in Raiden 2 and Zero Team [Angelo Salese] naomi.c: Documentation additions [f205v] Added dipswitch locations for Zodiack [Brian Troha] Corrected play speed on Mr. Add missing extern "C" to intrinsic definitions. This fixes colors in boss gfx in Soukyugurentai level 4 & 5 [Mariusz Wojcieszek] . [Curt Coder] Implemented Seibu Audio variant with a single YM2151 sound chip.c / raiden2. Tomasz Slanina] Fixed sprite flickering and stage 5 crash in Raiden 2 [Angelo Salese] Build vconv in all circumstances as part of win32 build.O. The Dumping Union] Added HD61700 CPU core used for emulate Casio PB-1000/PB-2000c in MESS [Sandro Ronco] Work around for Seibu COP command 0x8100 / 0x8900. Fixes many sync bugs in all legionna.c games [Angelo Salese.c: Allow daisy chain functionality to be used in a situation where there are more interrupt sources besides the daisy chain devices. [Wilbert Pol] Redumped sprite roms in Rushing Heroes [Smitdogg.exe instead of lib. Kicker. used by Denjin Makai fade in/out effects [Angelo Salese] Redumped PSAC2 rom in Rushing Heroes [Smitdogg. Myung-Hun] naomi: support texture stride selection [O. [Tafoid] Preliminary implementation of the Seibu COP palette brightness mode 4. Galibert] Corrected bitmap palette number for RBG0 in STV VDP2. used in all games for direction of objects. Always use gcc to build vconv. The Dumping Union] z80.c update [Luca Elia] * Implemented dynamic tile sizes * Generalized video routines to support more layers * Moved mtrain in from subsino. giving working sound to Air Raid [Angelo Salese] bishjan. Change vconv to call link. [Aaron Giles] Fixed background gfx issues in later levels of Raiden 2 [Angelo Salese] Added SBY line read to SP0256 interface. [David Haywood] Added CHD support in softlists [Miodrag Milanovic] Fixed handling 80186 instructions [Phill Harvey-Smith] SDL OS/2 fixes [K.exe for libraries.

bin BAD_DUMP in Golden Par Golf [MASH] Discrete sound system: * all nodes are now class based * removed all support for "legacy".c) [Tafoid] Correct grom01. limit the scan for best match to the devices with the same interface and fixed a corner case with shortname=listname [Miodrag Milanovic] romload.c: added "-lsoft" option as short version of "-listsoftware" . [Tim Schuerewegen] softlist. features & diskdata) and by fixing size and offset formats [Fabio Priuli] clifront. Galibert] SSV: improvements to flipscreen support [Roberto Zandona'] H8: Fix unterminated string buffer [R. Belmont.c: added support for split set to softlist for cass and flop too [Fabio Priuli] allow software lists to look for files in the rompath too [Fabio Priuli] Figured out and made comments of math tables in roms 14/15 of Seibu Cup Soccer bootleg inside machine/seicop. vasara.c: added support for cheats with software list shortnames [Fabio Priuli] video. * Custom modules are now just implemented like "normal" nodes. There is no separation of node vs. Belegdol] clifront. vasara2 and twineag2 (ssv.e.c: added best match suggestions to software lists [Fabio Priuli] softlist. * nodes are created using a class factory whose instances are set up in discrete blocks.Context variables can now be migrated to be private class members. [Couriersud] cheat. * Converted all custom modules.c: improved the behavior of -listsoftware by updating DTD.Fixed some input issues in meosism. i. by adding output of most missing elements and attributes (softlist description. it is now possible to use %d_XXXX to prescribe usage of the image mounted in the device XXXX. cd and hd) [Fabio Priuli] devimage. fixes Lupin the Third: the Typing ARM crashing when you coin it up. .c: added support for a new template to -snapname so that it is possible to use the name of images mounted in the devices (for MESS). [Fabio Priuli] clifront.c: added support for split set to softlist (for cart.c: only output best match if a list is present. procedural node functions. Namely.c: added remaining loadflags to -listsoftware output [Fabio Priuli] Fixed an ARM7 R15 bit ignoring behaviour while in ARM state. module any longer.c [O.

* Documented the DUART and PTM better in MPU4 to allow for sampled sound changes later. O.c: prevented -lsoft from output DTD if no list is found [Fabio Priuli] Placed full megadrive code in MAME section [David Haywood] softlists: added WARNING if loading a software with supported="partial" or "no" [Fabio Priuli] model3: redumped Daytona 2 Battle on the Edge CROMs [Guru] Added FSAVE mode 2 support to the M68040 FPU.c: implemented handling of parent-clone CHDs in software lists [Fabio Priuli] bfm_sc2. * Fixed layout typo that caused the wrong piece to be displayed in Connect 4. [Barry Rodewald] ssv: improvements to the sprite position [Roberto Zandona'] SH4: cleanup and better common/interpreter separation [R.c: Removed old-style NVRAM handlers in preparation for mechanical game support [AGEMAME] MPU4 Changes: [AGEMAME] * Added fix for lamp 'open circuit' errors which in turn make Connect 4 work better. Belmont] Documentation update to beezer driver for facilitating future sound work [Lord Nightmare] Add missing XYZ latch readback on beezer. dogyuun: decrypted some opcodes [Roberto Zandona'] raiden2: Command 0205 changes data at +1c too [dox. Galibert] . Belmont] Discrete subsystem: [couriersud] * all list handling now based on dynamic_array_t (discrete.[Fabio Priuli] clifront. * performance about the same as 0. as it is the jumper on the ROM card that changes the IRQ priority. * Changed 'serial_card_connected_ to link 7a. [R.140 Added a mostly complete NEC V25/V35 CPU core. added working sound to Batsugun and hooked up proper V35-controlled interrupts in Cosmic Cop / Gallop and Kengo [Alex Jackson] Implemented proper RNG mechanism in Seibu COP emulation [Tomasz Slanina. Galibert] raiden2: First stab at a cop "disassembler" [trap15. not the serial interface itself. gets sound closer to working [Lord Nightmare] SH4: Port preliminary SH3 support from DRC. O. Angelo Salese] romload.h) * more code rewrite to get rid of fixed allocations.

I2.I1. this should improve music speed and DAC audio pitch a bit. New file uml. [hap] romload. no IMM() wrapper required (and it's gone now) * fixed integer registers now use constants I0. Also included documentation in source of known register functions. [Couriersud] Added working sound to Dogyuun and V-Five [Roberto Zandona'.. * same for float registers F0. separating out several concepts from drcuml. [hap] madalien.h now uses namespaces so that the x86/x64 emitters can co-exist. makes BGMs to work in mysticrib [Angelo Salese] Added sound reset line for Irem M92 HW.h to be ignored. as follows: [Aaron Giles] * immediates can be passed raw.Redo most of the DRC/backend support as C++.h/uml. and safely removed GAME_IMPEFECT_SOUND flag to Perfect Soldiers [Angelo Salese] Fix a bug in makedep which will caused includes on the first line of the file like in skyraid.freg() * MEM macro is now a lower-case inline function mem() Fixed a trivial boot vector program init bug in Lethal Thunder / Thunder Blaster [Angelo Salese] Added an opcode in Mystic Riders decryption table.c. Yes.F2.c: Fixed highlighting in tunnel.c actually describes the UML language. hangon engine sounds better now. Backends are now derived from drcbe_interface and implement several required overrides.F1..c: made -bios option case insensitive [Fabio Priuli] starfire. it is intentional that the x86/x64 backends compile everywhere. Alex Jackson] toaplan2 improvements [Alex Jackson] * Figured out which bit controls V25 RESET in each game by comparing the 68000 code * Added a comment about fixeight's I/O map. Though not completely accurate yet. [Qwi Jibo] ..c: Fixed loop address. [Aaron Giles] Cleaned up clocks of mid to late 80s Nichibutsu non-Mahjong games. which we'll have to determine once we start decrypting it * Put #ifndef USE_ENCRYPTED_V25S around some simulation crap that was hiding in fixeight's DRIVER_INIT segapcm. x86emit.etc instead of IREG(0).c: Improved color emulation and added driver data [Qwi Jibo] toaplan2: * found a lot more kbash opcodes by matching code with batsugun's [Alex Jackson] * correct m68k and v25 address maps for kbash [Alex Jackson] * corrected truxton2 program ROM [Alex Jackson] fixeight: added several opcodes [Roberto Zandona'] Simplified UML parameters.etc instead of FREG(0) * dynamic integer/float regs use inline functions ireg().

74A). Aaron Giles] M6801 changes: [Curt Coder] * added operating mode enum * fixed port writes * implemented SCI status follower bits toaplan2: * Found a few more fixeight opcodes. * New video hardware and machine driver for Video Klein's extended tiles games. * Added technical and game notes. * Added Wild Witch (Export. Andrew Gardner. Lord Nightmare. Peter Grounds. Quench.." into "set_output(0. Added the game selector switch. The purpose is to decouple nodes from the discrete infrastructure implementation. * For "standard nodes". * Custom modules are now just another node class.)" calls. . Nice improvement. * Added Dallas DS1210 + battery backed RAM support to the Video Klein CPU boxed games. [Couriersud] . Rewrote modules using "output[0]" as a latch as well.57D). 6T/12T ver 1.Fixed regressed flip screen support in Toaplan 2 games [David Haywood] Changed the discrete sound system to be class based: [Couriersud] * Former modules are now classes being derived from discrete_base_node * Moved all context variables to be private class members. An example is dss_inverter_osc. * All information around a node (additional info struct. * Fixed a bug which would not buffer secondary outputs. [Dr.. Guru. * All lists in sound/disc_* are now based on dynamic_array_t (discrete. Improvements to goldnpkr. DISCRETE_CLASS_STEP_RESET provides a simple way to implement a node. 6T/12T ver 1. * No performance hit observed due to these changes.h) * Changed all drivers to reflect the changes. m90: modified interrupt [Alex Jackson] Replaced BSMT2000 HLE emulator with emulation of the original TMS32015. * Significantly simplified the task handling. * Renamed witchcde to witchjol --> Jolly Witch (Export. * Cleaned up some witch card sets. Decapitator.. by matching code in the interrupt routines with batsugun [Alex Jackson] * Corrected fixeight V25 address map (the YM2151 and OKI6295 are at a different location than the other games) [Alex Jackson] * Preliminary implementation of V25/V35 port output [Alex Jackson] Optimized RC_INTEGRATE and TRANSFORM.c [Roberto Fresca] * Lots of changes to get working the Video Klein games. Ernesto Corvi. [Couriersud] Changed all "output[0] = . * Improved inputs for Jolli Witch and Wild Witch. constants and input mappings may be defined on a class level centralizing all information.

Updated BSMT2000 and OKIM6295 to use the new interface for their streams. [Lord Nightmare] M6801 changes: [Curt Coder] * implemented port 3 strobed mode * fixed port writes some more Discrete subsystem now uses the sound_device stream_update function. This will *limit* the game speed to the video refresh rate and works in -mt mode as well. R15. chinhero2. [Aaron Giles] fixeight: hooked up EEPROM [David Haywood] Added preliminary working sound to beezer. [Couriersud] i8085.c helifire and spacelnc.added Driver Configuration option to allow the controls to be set to Real 720 Controller Input. [Corrado Tomaselli. It defaults to fake spinner for mouse/spinner use. [Derrick Renaud] Changed the Analog Controls menu to only list controls selected in the Driver Configuration. [Couriersud.Added a virtual stream update function to the device sound interface. Chris Kennedy] Fixed 01004: chinhero. fake joystick. Added a new stream_create that takes fewer parameters and calls the device's stream update. Galibert] Added "-syncrefresh" option to osd/sdl. now the sound works [Andrew Jackson. LSL #y" form as tested by ARMWrestler * Added unimplemented Thumb MOV variant used by GBA Moto GP . Pierpaolo Prazzoli] Added sprites wrap around-y in Chinese Hero to fix gorilla sprites entering from the left [Pierpaolo Prazzoli] fixeight: decrypted all used opcodes and added EEPROMS for all countries. Roberto Zandona'] fixeight: cleaned up the inputport for fixeight (no dips) [David Haywood] ARM7 updates [Tim Schuerewegen]: * Disable 26-bit back compatibility for ARM7 variants other than ARM7500 * Fix carry flag issue on add/subtract in ARM mode cb2001: reworked interrupt [Alex Jackson] 720 . [Derrick Renaud] ARM7 updates [Tim Schuerewegen]: * Fixed "MOV x. [Couriersud] Improve nmi handling in mouser. chinherot: There is a bad sprite on level 7 of the game. This fixes interrupts in n8080.c: Fixed inte callback not being called when the IE flag was cleared after the CPU received an interrupt. O. David Haywood. Removed the stream update stub template. or fake spinner. The option has an effect only if "-waitsync" is specified. [Qwi Jibo] raiden2: Write down the rather weird results of a series of tests [dox.

bootleg) [Clawgrip] (not working) Gekirindan (Ver 2. Decapitator]: * Now supports uPD7725 and uPD96050 * Hooked up SNES common code to use uPD96050 for ST-010/011 * Removed ST-010 HLE simulation Display suggestions in case commands that require game name are called and there were no matching games [Miodrag Milanovic] Carved out a discrete_sound_device from discrete_device. The Dumping Union] Road Riot 4WD (set 1.Reorganized megadrive/sms sourcefiles for better sharing between MAME/MESS. CW) [ranger_lennier. This now has all the stream related code. 6T/12T ver 1. Smitdogg. SMS based) [Ace] Brave Fire Fighters [Guru] . Team Europe] New clones added ---------------Sega Touring Car Championship (Newer) [briantro] Sega Touring Car Championship (Unknown Revision) [Brian Troha] Mahjong Man Guan Da Heng (Taiwan. Sparks.57D) [Roberto Fresca] Wild Witch (Export. Kicker [Pierpaolo Prazzoli] X-Plan [Bicycle Repair Man. discrete_device thus now contains all the generic code and may be used going forward to implement not sound related use cases. Francfort. The Dumping Union] Football Champ (World. The Dumping Union] Scramble (bootleg?) [Roberto Fresca. byuu. Dr. Bijl. Kevin Eshbach. Smitdogg.30 1995/09/21) [Corrado Tomaselli. The Dumping Union] Witch Card (Video Klein CPU box) [Roberto Fresca] Jolli Witch (Export. The Dumping Union] New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING -----------------------------------Fantasy Zone (Mega-Tech. Layne. Team Europe & Hal9k] Zero Target (World.74A) [Roberto Fresca. B. 6T/12T ver 1. Smitdogg. The Dumping Union] 1943: Battle of Midway (bootleg. David Haywood. Smitdogg. [Fabio Priuli] NEC DSP updates [R. hack of Japan set) [Smitdogg. V125T1) [Luca Elia] Zero Team Suicide Revival Kit [Angelo Salese] Bombjack Twin (prototype? with adult pictures) [ranger_lennier. [Couriersud] New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status --------------------------------------------------Mr. The Dumping Union] Sexy Parodius (ver AAA) [Tormod] Ring of Destruction: Slammasters II (Asia 940831) [john666. Smitdogg. N. The Dumping Union] Street Fighter Alpha 2 (USA 960430) [Ricky74. Luca Elia] Penfan Girls [hap. Belmont. J. 13 Nov 1991) (not working) [Smitdogg.

NASCAR Racing [Guru] Lucky Lady (Wing. Francfort. Smitdogg. gatt9. encrypted) [Roberto Fresca. ANY. Team Europe & Willi. dopefishjustin.O] ATV Track [hap. ranger_lennier. gamerfan. The Dumping Union. N. David Haywood] .

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