.By 4000 BC. Eridu. Made out of mud bricks

When archaeologists excavate platforms like the one at Eridu they find foundations of buildings underneath each other going back through time.

The homes of the gods to be higher than their own houses.

The remains of mud-brick temples at Uruk.

Some of the buildings excavated at Uruk date to around 3200 B.C. Some buildings had foundations of stone: a rare and expensive material in Sumer.

The Sumerians believed the gods came from the mountains. Some people think that the temples were built on platforms to look like mountains.

A brick stamped with the titles of King UrNammu. (A dog walked across the damp brick)

Ur-Nammu, ruler of Ur, ca.3000 BC New Ziggurates!

All that remains of the towering ziggurat at Babylon is a muddy ditch full of reeds.

The Kassite ziggurat at Dur Kurigalzu (14th century B.C.) with the lower platform restored.

A Mesopotamian Myth why( about how and
humans were )created




The epic of Gilgamesh on clay stone, in Cuneiform