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Spring/Summer 2012 Frontlist Catalog

Spring/Summer 2012 Frontlist Catalog

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Consortium Book Sales and Distribution's Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog. Visit us online at http://www.cbsd.com!
Consortium Book Sales and Distribution's Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog. Visit us online at http://www.cbsd.com!

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Published by: Consortium Book Sales & Distribution on Oct 19, 2011
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Hong Kong, China

From MCCM Creations’ entry into the world of book publishing in 2001, its aspirations have
remained consistent—to bring readers original and inspiring books from authors and designers who
share a passion for books as objects, as well as a strong desire to explore hybrid concepts. Many of our
collaborators are local Hong Kong Chinese citizens or long-time foreign residents who have strong
connections with Hong Kong and Asia.
MCCM titles are concerned with the visualization of experiences, stories, and perceptions through
the printed word, images, and sound. In today’s world people move freely across boundaries and
inhabit areas of virtual space that intertwine to create new concepts and ways of living. These cross-
disciplinary realities are at the core of MCCM—fusing illustration, visual art, design, architecture,
photography, sociocultural criticism, and literature. As a result, our published titles do not ft neatly
into any single book category, but refect the growing presence of a reader profle that is both
sophisticated and progressive.
Our titles fall into two broad categories: visual culture books related to architecture, art, and
design in Hong Kong and neighboring regions of East Asia, and illustrated fction and picture books
for children and young adults to nurture intellectual and aesthetic development beyond traditional
school syllabi. As part of this educational goal, most of our titles are published in English or in
bilingual (Chinese–English) editions.


MCCM Creations

MCCM Creations

A celebration of the devotion
of grandparents to their families,
and their contribution to the cultural
history of foodways.

Marketing Plans

Interview with editor on RTHK radio in Hong Kong
Outreach to Cantonese immigrant communities and cultural organizations in San
Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver
Sunday “cook offs” will be scheduled in these communities where individuals will
come together to cook recipes from the book and retell stories from their previous
lives in Hong Kong and their adopted homes

A Paperback Original
6¾ x 9½ | 284 pp
80 color photographs
Trade Paper US $24.95 | CAN $27.50
978-988-18583-9-9 USC

A collection of over forty recipes and stories recounted by grandparents who
came to Hong Kong from China before World War II, Grandma Grandpa Cook is a
celebration of the selfess devotion of grandparents to their families, and their
contribution to the cultural history of foodways in Hong Kong. Filled with
vivid accounts of everyday life during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong
and the riots of 1967, all of this history fades into insignifcance when food
comes into the picture—traditional Cantonese dishes like carrot and green
turnip soup, taro in ginger and brown sugar, and sticky rice dumplings.

Colorful portraits of the burgeoning,
cutting-edge Tokyo hat culture.

Marketing Plans

Advance reader copies
Social media campaign
Outreach to design and lifestyle publications
Hat “workshops” run in Tokyo and Hong Kong with the artist
Promotion through: http://shlomityaish.blogspot.com and www.mccmcreations.com

A Paperback Original
6⅜ x 7⅝ | 294 pp
240 color photographs
Trade Paper US $33.50 | CAN $36.95
978-988-18583-3-7 USC

Over 240 full-color portraits of the cutting-edge hat culture at the heart of
the fashion capital, these images document people in Shibuya, one of the
youth-oriented districts in Tokyo popular for eating, shopping, and enter-
tainment. Embraced by trendsetters as an essential item in their wardrobes,
the innovations in shape, materials, and hat color reveal an attitude, a life-
style, and an individual.

Born in Israel, Shlomit Yaish is a fashion designer and milliner. She began
her career apprenticed to the head designer of Elie Tahari in New York, and
arrived in Japan in 2003 to join the team at Grace Hats, where she designed
for their biannual collections.

Hats on the Streets of Tokyo

Shlomit Yaish

Photographs by Konishi Katsujii, Hiromitsu Ogata, and Meg Suko

Grandma Grandpa Cook

Evelyna Liang

Photographs by Michael Wolf
Edited by Yeung Yang


MCCM Creations

The Urban Design of Impermanence

exudes Hong Kong’s high density urban
values through hundreds of sketches
and many essays.

A Paperback Original
9 x 9¾ | 192 pp
200 B&W illustrations
Trade Paper US $39.50 | CAN $43.50
978-988-98653-7-5 USC

A companion to The Urban Design of Concession, this volume collects sketches
and essays that refect the evolving character and personality of Hong Kong.
Impermanence underlies the urban design language of Hong Kong. Arguably
this is a refection of the embedded philosophy of change inherent in Chinese
culture, which tends to impart rather transient values that promote a strong
link between the spiritual and the human condition. The idea of using
sketches to illustrate the array of street attributes and their collective impact
on urban design emerged through a perceived need to add some visual life to
a research project on urban regeneration.

The Urban Design of Concession

charts the evolution of twelve Chinese
treaty ports from the mid-nineteenth
century to the present.

A Paperback Original
7⅝ x 7⅝ | 420 pp
230 color illustrations
Trade Paper US $45.00 | CAN $49.50
978-988-18584-7-4 USC

A critical examination of the evolving changes in Chinese treaty ports over the
past 150 years, this study illustrates, through essays and over 230 sketches, the
imprints on modernizing cities of older urban spaces which have left physical
traces through city plans, streets, and buildings.

Noted architect and urban planner Peter Cookson Smith was one of the
frst specialists involved in planning, urban design, and landscape consul-
tancies in Southeast Asia. He is currently a visiting scholar at the Centre of
Asian Studies, the University of Hong Kong, and is vice president of the Hong
Kong Institute of Planners and the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design.

The Urban Design of Concession

Tradition and Transformation in the Chinese Treaty Ports

Peter Cookson Smith

The Urban Design of Impermanence

Streets, Places and Spaces in Hong Kong

Peter Cookson Smith


MCCM Creations

MCCM Creations

Documents the island’s indigenous people,
plants, animals, and visitors, reconstructing
the various perspectives of Lantau through
photographs, text, and video.

6 x 8½ | 416 pp
310 color photographs
Trade Cloth & DVD US $39.50 | CAN $43.50
978-988-18584-4-3 USC

The largest of the islands that make up the greater Hong Kong area, Lantau
remains decidedly separate from the urban sprawl of Hong Kong island and
the Kowloon peninsula, boasting a wide array of native animals and plants
as well as numerous longterm “visitors,” such as a monk born in Fujian in
1897, an artisan guitar maker, traditional Chinese medical practitioners, and
English botanists and graphic designers. Driving Lantau documents these lives
and reconstructs various perspectives of the island over the past half century,
from the efect of wars and waves of immigrants to marauding pirates and the
introduction of Disneyland.

A review of the architecture
biennale “Bring Your Own Biennale”
(BYOB) held in Hong Kong and Shenzhen
December 2009–February 2010.

9⅞ x 6¼ | 680 pp
300 color photographs
Trade Cloth US $45.00 | CAN $49.50
978-988-18584-8-1 USC

A dialogue between two cities in the Pearl River Delta—Shenzhen and Hong
Kong—the Bi-City Biennale (BYOB) questioned the past to aspire for a
unique future. Instant Culture documents and evaluates the biennale and envi-
sions possibilities for the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong and
its neighboring communities. The expansive forty-hectare site of the future
West Kowloon Cultural District not only provides a green open space for art,
culture, and leisure, but also creates a paradigm shift towards a new urban
strategy for Hong Kong, possibly becoming a model city by emphasizing low-
density planning with a low-carbon footprint.

Instant Culture

Architecture and Urbanism as a Collective Process

Edited by Eric Schuldenfrei and Marisa Yiu

Driving Lantau

Whisper of an Island

Lo Yin Shan and Anthony McHugh


MCCM Creations

A whimsical children’s tale focused on
real environmental concerns.

12⅜ x 8⅞ | 32 pp
Color illustrations throughout
Trade Cloth US $18.00 | CAN $22.00
978-988-18583-4-4 USC
Ages 3 to 7

Marie the mermaid is bored with life and longs to play with the children on
the shore until one day she meets a pink dolphin in the ocean. This single en-
counter transforms her, just as this story will young readers, helping them to
reconsider the natural world all around.

Theadora Whittington began to paint and draw in the 1990s while travelling
extensively in China. She has exhibited in London and Beijing, and has de-
grees in law, theology, and illustration. Theadora also worked with Yi minor-
ity children to paint a traditional story on the wall of their school deep in the
mountains of Sichuan.

A fve-month journey in Guizhou
took the illustrator Kuen Kuen Liu behind
the legends of Miao batik.

A Paperback Original
11¾ x 9½ | 20 pp
Trade Paper US $20.00 | CAN $22.00
978-988-18583-0-6 USC

In an ancient time, ten old men went to work creating the sky and the land. Yet the sky was not strong
enough, and it collapsed. . . . They needed an umbrella under the sky instead and asked Goddess
Washuang to make one. Clever and good with her hands, Washuang gathered pure white clouds from
the sky to weave a very long cloth umbrella.

In 2010, Kuen Kuen Liu made a fve month trip to Guizhou, China.
Fascinated by the batik works of the Miao, she lived with the villagers, learn-
ing their batik process.

Illustrator and designer Kuen Kuen Liu is working on her PhD in art edu-
cation at Penn State.

Bee Umbrella Sky

The Miao Legend of Batik in Guizhou, China

Kuen Kuen Liu

The Mermaid and the Pink Dolphin

Theadora Whittington


MCCM Creations Backlist

Are You My Mummy? Es-tu Mon papa?

Sophie Paine
Trade Cloth US $16.50 | CAN $18.50
978-988-98653-4-4 USC

The Black Book of Falling:
A Tik and Tok Strip Cartoon

Peter Suart
Trade Paper US $18.50 | CAN $20.95
978-988-99266-7-0 USC

The Box Book: The Beauty and the
Beast of Hong Kong Culture

Edited by Kung Chi Shing, Peter Suart,
Lo Yin Shan, and Valerie Doran
Boxed Set US $49.50 | CAN $55.50
978-988-99843-9-7 USC

Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong

Barbara Ward and Joan Law
Trade Paper US $26.00 | CAN $28.95
978-962-86816-6-2 USC


Creative Journey on Shinnoske’s Works

Hung Lam
Saddle-Stitched US $24.00 | CAN $26.95
978-962-86816-4-8 USC

Flatness Folded—A Collection of
23 Contemporary Chinese Garments

Miranda Tsui
Trade Paper US $38.50 | CAN $42.95
978-988-99266-9-4 USC

Foodscape—A Swiss-Chinese Intercultural
Encounter About the Culture of Food

Edited by Margrit Manz and Martin Zeller
Trade Cloth US $38.50 | CAN $42.95
978-988-98653-8-2 USC

Hong Kong Apothecary: A Visual History of
Chinese Medicine Packaging

Simon Go
Trade Paper US $38.50 | CAN $42.95
978-962-86816-2-4 USC

Hong Kong Toy Story—A Sociological Observation

Lui Tai-lok and Yiu Wai-hung
Trade Paper US $28.50 | CAN $31.95
978-988-97610-7-3 USC

Into the Lantern

William Lim
Trade Paper US $18.00 | CAN $19.95
978-962-86816-0-0 USC

Le Songe Creux-Codex

Frank Vigneron
Trade Paper US $29.50 | CAN $32.95
978-988-99843-1-1 USC

Legends from the Swiss Alps

Edited by Leung Ping Kwan and
Andrea Riemenschnitter
Trade Paper US $35.00 | CAN $39.95
978-988-18583-1-3 USC

The Love of Learning

Peter Suart
Trade Cloth US $14.50 | CAN $16.50
978-962-86132-5-0 USC

My 32m2

Apartment—A 30-Year Transformation

Gary Chang
Trade Paper US $36.00 | CAN $40.50
978-988-99842-6-7 USC


Peter Suart
Trade Cloth US $16.50 | CAN $18.50
978-988-98653-9-9 USC

Odd One In—Invisible Travel

Pak Sheung-Chuen
Trade Paper US $29.50 | CAN $32.95
978-988-99266-5-6 USC

Oliver the Quiet Firefghter

Text by Sophie Paine; Illustrated by Maxim Lo
Trade Cloth US $16.50 | CAN $18.50
978-988-99843-3-5 USC

One Couple Two Cultures

Dan Waters and Peter Suart
Trade Paper US $24.00 | CAN $26.95
978-988-97610-0-4 USC

One Square Foot—Photography by John Fung

John Fung
Flexibound US $40.00 | CAN $44.95
978-988-99266-1-8 USC

Our Home, Shek Kip Mei 1954–2006

Vincent Yu
Trade Paper US $33.00 | CAN $36.95
978-988-99266-3-2 USC

Peek-a-Boo Street

Karmel Schreyer and Sindy Lau
Trade Cloth US $15.50 | CAN $17.00
978-988-98653-6-8 USC

Persistence of Vision—Shanghai Architects
in Dialogue

Lyndon Heri and Rossana Hu
Trade Paper US $39.50 | CAN $44.50
978-988-99842-5-0 USC

Portraits from Above—Hong Kong’s Informal
Rooftop Communities

Rufna Wu and Stefan Canham
Trade Paper US $38.00 | CAN $42.50
978-988-99843-8-0 USC


Trade Paper US $85.00 | CAN $95.50
978-988-97610-6-6 USC

The Sand Turtle

Theadora Whittington
Trade Cloth US $17.50 | CAN $19.95
978-988-99843-2-8 USC

The Secret of the Universe

Peter Suart
Trade Cloth US $15.50 | CAN $17.95
978-962-86816-1-7 USC


Peter Suart
Trade Cloth US $15.50 | CAN $17.95
978-962-86816-8-6 USC


Peter Suart
Trade Cloth US $16.50 | CAN $18.50
978-988-97610-8-0 USC

Socks Heaven

Pauline Young
Trade Cloth US $15.50 | CAN $17.95
978-962-86816-5-5 USC

Sweet Words

Sophie Paine
Trade Cloth US $22.00 | CAN $24.50
978-988-99843-4-2 USC

Threads of Luminosity

Carol Lee Mei-kuen
Trade Paper US $34.00 | CAN $37.95
978-988-18584-3-6 USC

UK>HK Farrells Placemaking From London To
Hong Kong and Beyond

TFP Farrells
Trade Cloth US $85.00 | CAN $95.50
978-988-99842-9-8 USC


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