Film Review: ‘The Fly’ (1958


Fig1. Film Poster

‘It’s a terrible crime!’ A wife kills her husband by crushing his head. The husband is a scientist who is fascinated by teleportation, and the wife admits that she killed him- but the police isn’t satisfied enough. There has to be something else behind this case. Its true there is. The murderer tells the whole story when the police knocks to her door to put her in prison.

Fig2. The theme of the film is about a human crossing a line which leads to serious consequences. The main lead is a man who is obsessed about his work, he’s completely committed to it forgetting about the role of being a husband and a father. He starts experimenting on the matter and later on living things. But that’s not the end, he has to do a major examination, experiment on himself. Unfortunately the outcome is tragic not just for him but also for his family. In the teleporting machine wasn’t just him, there was another form of life.


The film is a typical science fiction. The scenario is full of secrets: there’s a mysterious death, turns in action and the whole film has a good climate. The special effect might make us laugh but it’s worth to remember that the film was made in the 50’s. The film starts with scene where a woman kills a man, and then there’s a turn in action and everything goes backwards to show why it happened, it makes the audience ask questions and lives them in suspense.
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