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Aflutter- (uh-fluht-er): beating quickly

Ambling- (am-buh-ling): walking easily

Amphora (am-fer-uh): two-handed vase

Broadcast- (brawd-kast): to spread over an area

Chockablock- (chok-uh-blok): crowded

Chum- (chuhm): friend, pal

Clambered- (klam-ber-ed): climb

Cobbled- (kob-uh-led): put together

Crook- (krook): a bend or curve

Disburse- (dis-burs): distribute or pass out

Djinn- (jin): magical person that grants wishes

Dusk- (duhsk): dark part of night, twilight

Emporium- (em-pawr-ee-uhm): large store

Encountered- (en-koun-ter-ed): met

Exultant- (ig-zuhl-tnt): full of joy

Gusto- (ghus-toh): great enjoyment

Harmony- (hahr-muh-nee): a feeling of agreement

Hesitated- (hez-i-teyt): waited, unsure

Hubbub- (huhb-uhb): loud, noise

Jiber-Jaber: nonsense talk

Jot- (jot): write quickly

Legions- (duhsk): large numbers

Lickety-Split- (lik-i-tee-split): very fast

Limber- (lim-ber): able to bend easily

Lozenge- (loz-inj): small candy, medicine

Luscious- (luhsh-uhs): rich and delicious

lute- (loot): a guitar like instrument

Macaroon- (mak-uh-room): chewy almond flavor cookie

Mellifluous- (muh-lif-loo-uhs): sweet sounding

Myth- (mith): legend, story of a hero

Oddball- (od-bawl): strange person

Percolated- (pur-kuh-leyt): pass through

Periphery- (puh-rif-uh-ee): outside edge

Predilection- (pred-ek-shun): fondness for, liking

Proclaimed-(proh-kleym): fancy announcement

Pulsing- (puhls-ing): beating like a heart

Rambling- (ram-bling): taking time to wander

Rhapsody- (rap-suh-dee): enthusiastic feeling

Rucksack- (ruhk-sak): knapsack

Savory- (sey-vuh-ree): flavorful

Scrumptious- (skrump-shus): delicious

shambling- (sham-buh-ling): walking unsteady

Shuffling- (shuhf-ling): sliding feet while walking

Slumber- (sluhm-ber): sleep

Snug- (snuhg): cozy

Solo- (soh-loh): alone

Spry- (sprahy): lively, full of energy

Swagger- (swag-er): moving proudly

swarthy- (swawr-th-ee): dark-skinned

Tantalizing- (tan-tl-ahy-zing): making you want more

Tintinnabulating- (tin-ti-nab-yuh-leyting): sound of bells

Toddle- (tod-l): wobbling

tremulously- (trem-yuh-luh-sly): nervous shaking

voracious- (vaw-reh-shuhs): extremely hungry