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October 2011 Dear Editor/Producer: The mysticism and religious fanaticism of the Dust Bowl era has had a profound impact on the arts. Popular TV shows like HBO’s Carnivale have brought this strange time period into the mainstream. These were years marked by war, a global depression, racial hostility, and a collective search for salvation. In author Lyn LeJeune’s new book, Elijah Rising (inGroup Press, October 2011), a man’s descent into madness begins as the world goes to war. Disillusioned with his boring life in New York City, a wealthy white heir to a railroad fortune follows a black tent-fundamentalist preacher out west. Their goal is to bring God to those uncivilized and uncharted parts of America. But as they venture deeper into the unknown, it is they who may most require the grace of God. Elijah Rising, written by the author of The Beatitudes, is a love story filled with captivating descriptive writing, profound characters, and a learned sense of history. LeJeune has written timeless, high-end fiction for even the most discerning tastes. For more information about the author, or to schedule an interview with Lyn LeJeune, please contact her publisher, inGroup Press, or her publicist, JP Souza. Sincerely, JP Souza Publicity, inGroup Press

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Elijah Rising
Fiction (Gay/Historical) Paperback Pages: 186 ISBN: 978-1935725084 Price: $14.95 E-Book Price: $7.99

Available from:
Distributors: Ingram, Bella Distribution, Smashwords, TLA Also available at Barnes & Noble,, and Apple iBooks

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