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1. Explain work flow of your current working project? 2. What is SOA? What are the Business benefits of SOA? 3. Difference between BPEL and Mediator? 4. What are the components of Oracle SOA 10g? 5. Difference between Mediator and ESB? 6. Difference between Assign and Transform Activity? 7. Difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous Process with example? 8. What is Pick, Scope, Switch activities? 9. Difference between XA Data Source and Non-XA Data Source? 10. Difference between DVM’s and XRef? 11. Difference between Schema and DTD? 12. What is Dehydration and what is the use? 13. Difference between Email and Notifications? 14. Difference between Oracle SOA 10g and Oracle SOA 11g? 15. At what stage fault handling is used in your project. How do u handle the Faults? 16. What is Fault handling framework? 17. What is DB Polling? 18. What is the configuration of DB, File, FTP and JMS adapters? 19. Difference between Read and Sync Read in file adapter? 20. What is Business Rules? When business rules are used? 21. What is B2B and BAM? 22. Difference between Mediator and OSB?

These are the Questions where I faced in interviews………..All the Best.

Explain WSDL structure? What is the use of SOA in IT industry and how it resolves the problem? Why we use BPEL and ESB in SOA? What is the main concept behind ESB? What builds up Oracle Fusion Middleware? What are various parts of Oracle SOA Suite? What is the main function of Business Rules? Why we use Web service Manager? How can we secure our web services using Oracle SOA Suite? Project Question 11. How can you call a web service or BPEL process in an ESB? 20. Explain about your project Architecture? 12. Explain SOA architecture? Services 2. 9. 8. How you are using SOA in your architecture (Flow of BPEL--> ESB)? BPEL Technical Questions 13. 14. 10. What is the use of Work Item table? 18. 15. How can we clear the instances using dehydration database? ESB Technical Questions 19. What is the use of PICK activity in BPEL PM? Why we use Decision service? How can we improve the performance of an XSL file? – How to deploy an XSL file without deployment of BPEL Process? Questions on Dehydration Database 17. 3. 4. 16. What is end point virtualization? .SOA/BPEL basic questions 1. 5. 7. 6. What are DVM's and how are they helpful in SOA? 21.