The house of Geert Nys

Studio: Mix-use Handicap Centre in Het Dorp KULeuven / ASRO/ 1MIRA/ Architecture Design Tutor: E. Karanastasi, Consultant: A. Heylighen Pauline Hermant / joranmarijsse/ Javier Ortiz Temprado


no distinction

The house

First impressions

the front door

the front door

Open and larger doors

the plan

Important aspects

Adapted heights Space

the kitchen

Adapted shower and bath and toilet Spacial To be renovated

the bathroom

the living room

the living room

the terrace

the relationship with nature

the flexibilty


Barcelon Pavillion, Mies Van Der Rohe, 1929

“Dreams are important, but if you can’t realize them. So be it! Life comes as it comes. You have to accept it with all its possibilities and restrictions.” G.N.

Things we should keep in mind

+ eyelevel

+ experiences from a height

“ I fly through a building!”

Movement and approach
+ surfaces + architectural experience

Think beforehand
+ think for everybody

“ details give more value to a place”

“The restriction is the challenge!” G.N.

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