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“Total No. of Questions : 8] { Total No. of Printed Ps 476/2004 Time B. E. (Third Semester) EXAMINATION, May, 2004 (Computer Engg) MATHEMATICS — IIT M—201-0) Three Hours | [ Maximun Marks - 100 [Note : Attempt any five questions out of the eigbt set; taking at L (@) Define an analytic function, (0) Eapand $= stout least two questions from each Section Section—A, ate the necessary and sufficient conditions for 2 function to be ‘analytic. ‘Show that every analytic function (2) = u + iv defines to iamilies of curves u (x,y) =e and ¥ (=) » ‘hich form an orthogonal system, (b) Determine the analytic function whose real past is osx coshy. (@) Evaluate : fie where C is the circle [2] = 2 PTO. [2] 476/208 (© ete fa wee Ca ent ca ‘sing Cauchy’s integral formula, 3. Evaluate red ge fo 4 sing complex integration 4 (@) Analyse harmonically the data given below and express yin Fourier series upto the second harmonic o 10 a 1a 2/3 | 19 x 17 4a/3 1s 5x3 12 2x 10 () Express sin x as a cosine series in 0 <2 < x. Section—B 5. (a) Form the differential equation of all planes which are at a constant distance ‘a" from the crigin, ®) Solve Fi reo where atx = O.¢ m0 ana 2 iy (©) Solve 20-2 +y@-24q-z6-y)=0 6 (@) Soke @ PrParty @ pa-P-ae-m-@)=p9 (0) Solve Br, Pe ae or yay 7 The ends A and B ofa rod 20 em long have the tempers a °C and BIC untill steady state prevails, temperature of the ends are charged to 40°C and ¢ respectively. Find the temperature distribution in ther time t, 8. Ifthe inal temperature of an infinite bar is given by lip for Is} <7 © for jz] >0 . by using the appropriate Fourier transform, determine temperature at any point x and at any instant umf ® soydvaumad enymarmya